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15 Creative Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Bathroom decorative towel racks are an excellent way to not only upgrade your bathroom’s style aesthetic, but improve its practicality, too! A good rack will provide you with some storage for all your towels, including ones for your face, body, and feet. 

You can choose a rack that compliments your bathroom’s design theme. This will serve to uplift the area’s aesthetic and make it look better than ever!

Below is a handpicked collection of excellent bathroom towel hanging ideas. We’ve got small creative towel racks for compact bathrooms, and larger ones for spacious shower areas.

So, read on to discover more!

Heat It Up with an Electric Towel Rack

Ever stepped out of a warm bath and immediately fallen prey to the cold bathroom air? We feel you. 

But what if there was a way to counter the chilling winter air?

Well, you’re in luck – you can now purchase an electric towel rack that heats up your towels while you bathe! Just make sure to hang the towels upon it before showering. By the time you leave your bath, you’ll have a set of warm, fluffy towels at your service. 

Hang a Rustic, Wooden Towel Ladder

This ladder-style towel rack is perfect for farmhouse-style homes. Thanks to its rustic, bohemian design, it’ll enhance your bathroom’s farmhouse aesthetic. It also features three distinct towel bars. You can easily fit multiple towels of all sizes onto this rack. 

Mount a Towel Rope Ring 

Instead of using a rack, you can opt to use a rope ring for your towel instead. A rope ring is both economical and easy to install. It also takes up much less space than a traditional rack, leaving you with room to decorate your bathroom wall. 

Als, if you like rustic interiors, this rope ring will blend in exceptionally well!

Install a Wall Rack with Hangers and Mini Shelves

This unique towel rack features three hooks for your shower towels, plus two compact shelves for smaller face towels. 

Its light, Maplewood-style design allows it to seamlessly blend into farmhouse-style bathrooms. It is especially good for smaller bathrooms, thanks to its compact vertical layout.  

Make a Statement with a Towel Sign Hanger

Towels hung upon a “Towel” sign are hard to miss – never misplace your towels again with this one-of-a-kind towel rack. You can comfortably hang 10 towels on this rack, including smaller and larger towels. 

Thanks to its commendable size and plentiful hooks, this rack is perfect for larger families requiring ample towel hanging space.

Opt for a Double T Towel Stand

This Double T hanger can fit two large towels in one go, making it perfect for storing post-shower towels. Unlike most towel racks, this one isn’t wall-mounted. Instead, you’ll need to place it on the floor. 

Hence, it is better suited to larger bathrooms with ample floor space instead of smaller ones with limited room.

Go for a Standing Bamboo Towel Rack

If you’re looking for an organic towel rack with a farmhouse vibe, then this one’s perfect for you! Made from real bamboo wood, this rack contains 3 distinct towel bars, plus a bottom tray for additional storage. 

You’ll have to place this one on the floor, too, so make sure you have enough room to spare! 

Push Up a Ladder Towel Rack Against the Wall

This ladder-style towel rack is perfect for larger families. It can accommodate multiple towels in one go, thanks to its 6 bars. It also has a black bar complete with 3 hooks, so you can hang smaller towels on it. 

It also sports a contemporary design, making it perfect for modern bathrooms. 

Hang a Towel Rack Over the Door

This over-the-door towel rack is perfect for small bathrooms with limited wall and floor space. It contains three wide bars, so you can comfortably fit multiple towels onto it.

This towel rack is complete with a shiny metallic finish. Its charming appearance makes it best suited to modern-style bathrooms. 

Try Something New with a Bronze Lamppost Towel Rack

This bronze towel rack sports a unique, innovative design. Its bars are placed far apart, allowing each towel to dry on its own without touching neighboring towels. In addition, its pretty lamppost design makes it a fine addition to vintage-style bathrooms. 

As a handy touch, it also contains a swivel tray atop the towel bars. You can place other bathroom essentials here, like shampoo and shower gel.

Decorate with a Floral Towel Hanging Bar

This pretty floral towel bar would look brilliant in both vintage and mid-century modern bathrooms. Its golden luster gives it an edge over more mundane-looking pieces, as do its stunning floral fittings.

This towel rack is perfect for single-person bathrooms, thanks to its compact, single-bar design. 

Shop for a Golden Bumblebee Towel Bar Set

If floral designs aren’t your thing, consider this bumblebee towel rack instead. This single-bar towel rack has an eye-catching gold finish and durable fit. 

It can accommodate 2 to 3 towels in one go, depending on their size. It also has a compact design, making it an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms.

Mount a Metal Shelf with Towel Bar

Can’t decide between folding your towels and hanging them? Don’t worry – you can easily do both now, thanks to this metal shelf that’s complete with a towel bar, too. 

It has a straightforward, ergonomic design that works well in modern bathrooms. 

Install a Vintage Towel Holder

This vintage-style towel holder can easily house up to 3 towels in one go! Its compact, vertical, wall-mounted layout makes it best suited to smaller bathrooms. There’s also a handy basket at the end for you to store other bathroom products in, like scrubs and shampoo.

This bathroom rack features a charming, vintage look. Though it may be too fancy for farmhouse bathrooms, it’ll do a fine job in mid-century modern ones, instead!

Mount a Slip-In Towel Rack

This slip-in towel holder can comfortably store 3 of your largest towels or hold multiple smaller ones at a time. Its unique structure makes it perfect for contemporary bathrooms that value innovative design. 

This rack also features a compact shelf at the very top. You can decorate it with a small plant, or place some face towels up there, instead!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read through this guide, you’ve likely found a bathroom rack that’s perfect for you! This list contains a wide range of unique towel bars for bathrooms. There’s something for every bathroom, be it farmhouse-themed or designed in a more contemporary style.

Be sure to go over all your options before finalizing your new bathroom rack. The right bathroom towel hanger will complement and add to the area’s existing aesthetic. Avoid towel holder ideas that don’t match your bathroom, or else you’ll be stuck with a towel bar that looks remarkably odd!