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18 Refreshing Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

By: Allan Bryce

The bathroom has to be designed carefully. It has to offer a certain level of comfort, because, at times, we need to take a dip in the bathtub or a refreshing shower to relax.

One of the hottest designs is the rustic bathroom.

The rustic bathroom is a concept of combining modern living which prioritizes simplicity and vintage old style which is represented by rustic furniture.

A lot of these ideas make you feel like living in a cabin or cottage in the woods due to the number of logs used in the bathroom. To help you visualize, here is the list of our recommendations:

Modern Rustic Bathroom

The modern atmosphere can be felt through the open floor plan and the dual-function of the sidewall.

Moreover, black on the tiles and a few touches of white go together with the natural brown from the open wooden shelf and the wooden log sink.

The sink can be the centerpiece, too. Because of its composing material, it looks artistic. The sink is built upon 6 re-varnished wooden logs that are stacked unevenly.

Traditional Country Style Rustic Bathroom

Even though the majority of people like to combine modernity and rustic theme together, some choose to go all out with the rustic atmosphere.

This rustic bathroom equips wooden furniture. From the vanity, sink, handles, wall accent, beam, and headlamps.

The rustiness of these pieces is seen through the fading of the colors. Even if this looks intriguing, you need to prevent them from fungi.

Rustic Cabin in the Wood Bathroom

This bathroom is furnished with all wooden furniture. With the yellowish lighting, the ambiance in this room becomes warm and welcoming.

However, what catches the most attention is the vanity. The original pattern of the wood is still visible. With a centered open shelf, you can store bathroom necessities there.

Moreover, the bathroom mirror is gorgeous and antique. Not to forget the washbasin which embodies a golden bowl. This rustic bathroom idea seems interesting, isn’t it?

Rustic Bathroom with Stone Wall

It’s such a blessing to have a wonderful view from the bathroom, so, don’t let it go to waste!

Install large windows to enjoy the tranquility. To balance the atmosphere, use stone material to complete the touch. You can adjust the target, but we recommend using it in the shower area and the sink area.

Rustic Bathroom on White

Rustic bathroom idea is always dominated by the natural brown color of the woods. One can get tired of it. To soften it, mix white and a darker shade of wood. This concept will work in a limited space bathroom.

As seen, white gives the impression that the room is airy. It’s not cramped. Moreover, the vanity which has a darker shade of wood gives an eye-pleasing view of comparison with the light-colored hardwood floor.

Rustic Sauna Bathroom with Wooden Lodges

This rustic bathroom is dominated by the natural wood logs transforming into pillars that built the sauna spot. The wooden pillars are built upon a concrete stone which cut to resemble its natural shape.

To add the value of rustiness, you can place a vintage pattern rug. The mixture of calm and natural feelings create an awesome atmosphere inside, with a touch of modern see-through glass.

Cottage Bathroom with Vintage Hardware

This bathroom is a good resemblance to a rustic bathroom style. It has all these vintage hardware, such as the stool, faucet, washbasin, simple rectangle cupboard, and the most noticeable is the bathtub.

To top the vintage bathtub, the lamp above has a traditional and unique presence. It’s a bowl lamp because it looks like a huge bowl. The use of wood in this rustic bathroom strengthens the natural feeling.

Hunter’s Bathroom with Rustic Ornament

Brown isn’t the only color that’s commonly found in a rustic bathroom. Other than brown, the other natural colors are grey or pastel colors. In this bathroom, the cupboards are hanging a few inches above the floor.

Meanwhile, the circle mirror becomes the centerpiece of the bathroom. One of the rustic ornaments that decorate the wall is the deer head wall decoration against the mirror. The combination of all this hardware creates a rustic themed bathroom with a modern touch.

Rustic Bathroom with Buddha Statue

To some people, the state of being relaxed can be achieved if a statue that resembles it appears near the person.

Buddha comes with great philosophy, so maybe his appearance in the form of a stone statue will help you to cope with after-work stress.

Moreover, this rustic bathroom has a dark hardwood floor similar to the beams. Then, the choice of light fixtures complement the square mirrors warmly, accentuates the warmth.

Narrow Rustic Bathroom Vanity


Limited space isn’t a problem for creative-minded people. A narrow space can give a wild inspiration, such as to be transformed into a gorgeous sink area.

The bottom is hollow which then repurposed to store two rattan bags either for storing clean towels or dirty laundry.

Then, the hanging cabinet is purposely left looking rough on the surface. With a flower decoration, the unique shape mirror looks beautiful between mounted light fixtures.

The Meeting of Modern and Rustic

This bathroom is looking awesome with the monochrome color. The floor tiles are black, while the back tiles are white.

Moreover, the prism shape of the tile looks more futuristic than rustic.

However, those futuristic feels are hampered by the simple wood hardware, such as the counter which has an opening for towels and a couple of drawers. The countertop is white which matches the tiles.

Double Sink Rustic Bathroom Vanity

This bathroom combines modernity and rustiness through the materials.

First of all, the light hardwood floor goes together with plant ornaments, especially about the color.

Moreover, the presence of an organic toilet shows the owner’s concern about nature.

Then, the design of the vanity is intriguing, because it looks like it’s hovering above the floor.

On top of it, there are double sinks for each person. With two unique circle mirrors, the bathroom feels so unique and modern, but still rustic on a few hardware.

Rustic Cabin Bathroom Design

This rustic bathroom design employs a cabin in the woods kind of style. The wall is built using logs all around it. The material for the cupboards and the bathtub stage also made of the same logs.

Moreover, a strong chestnut color creates a warm and relaxing feeling. The presence of a unique circle mirror with upside-down flowery light fixtures gives a strong character to this rustic bathroom as well.

Mint Green in A Rustic Bathroom

Some may think that light color won’t match the rustic atmosphere. In this case, some of the hardware is mint green colored: vanity, bathroom mats, some wall accent, and the drawers.

The use of mint green is well balanced by the presence of white color. Both of them combined don’t collapse with the strong brown from the logs.

Hunter’s Rustic Bathroom Style

This one is another rustic bathroom design with a hunter feel. The vanity space isn’t that much which refers to a single-use bathroom, meaning one person is enough; two people…?

Well, it may get too crowded. The hardware is mostly made of wood which embodies the rustic values.

Moreover, the light fixtures above the mirror which resemble the deer’s horn truly bring the warmth of a rustic, hunter bathroom.

Another bathroom style to try:

Concrete Shower and Rough Organizer Racks


What’s more interesting than a conventional rustic bathroom? Well, this one chooses to employ concrete for the shower area, which appears similar to the tiles.

Meanwhile, on the right side, the vanity and the organizer racks are made of recycled wood which is left old, rough, and antique.

The surface isn’t re-varnished, too. This type of style creates the impression of manly, so the presence of white color helps to soften it a little bit.

Cottage Style Bathroom with Log Beam

Combining rustic with modern touches may not be for everyone. Some people choose to go full rustic on the decoration–sophisticated hardware is important.

Here, the wall is accented with wooden logs similar to a cabin in the woods.

The lighting helps the warm, yellowy feeling to strengthen, so the appearance of white, modern hardware becomes necessary. This design matches you who want to experience true nature.

Classy Vintage Rustic Bathroom

For those who don’t like strong wood color can try to implement this rustic bathroom idea. In this one, the rustiness is shown in a simpler manner.

For example, the rattan boxes inside the cupboard, the beams on the ceiling, and the vintage bathtub which has wooden edges.

However, the combination of those rustic elements and the white hardware is perfect for those who live in the suburbs and yearn to combine the two styles.