Rustic Bathroom Vanities


Rustic bathroom vanity is one of the most popular bathroom vanity style nowadays. It will not only give more sweet and cozy look, but also gives warmer feeling to your bathroom.

And even if you don’t want to fully decorate your bathroom with rustic interior, you can always go partial by just adding some rustic elements to it, in this case, a rustic bathroom vanity or shelf is what you need.

When it comes to choosing style, rustic bathroom vanities can be styled with industrial, mid-century, or vintage style. Either you can make it yourself, or just repurpose a wood table, old unused cabinet, and sideboard into a cool, rustic bathroom vanity.

Now, let’s take a look at these rustic bathroom vanity designs that might inspire you.

1. Stone Wall

Look at this rustic bathroom vanity! With the combination of stones and woods, this room really enhanced to has more rustic sense.

2. Pebbles and Wood Floor

rustic bathroom vanities lowes

The wooden floor combined with pebbles and stones gives the room more dramatic and rustic feel.

3. Wooden Wall

reclaimed wood bathroom vanities

One accessory that should be on the bathroom is mirror. Having a mirror like this plus the wooden wall would bring a striking effect to your rustic bathroom design.

4. Modern Rustic Design

The main idea of making this twinkling-yet-rustic bathroom interior lies behind with this modern lighting fixture that hung on the ceiling.

5. Instant Rustic Look

To add instant rustic look to your bathroom vanity, just add wooden elements, steel faucets and pipes, and straw basket.

6. Raw Wood

rustic bathroom vanities lowes

For those who prefer raw wood material for bathroom vanity, this picture shows you the finest way to go rustic.

7. Reclaimed Wood

Change the appeal of your ordinary bathroom with this reclaimed wooden chest drawer.

You can convert any old drawers into a tiny rustic bathroom vanity. To add more dramatic look, paint it according to the surrounding.

8. Repurposed Wood

western bathroom vanities

Do you have old cabinets or drawers? Try to repurpose them and apply some polish and lacquer to its surface. The result will make you stunned.

9. Mix ‘n Match

Going rustic is not always to use full wood material. In addition, you can use any materials that you think will go with timber. Like those metal buckets.

10. Matching Color

There is one simple rule to make your rustic room looks beautiful; make sure that all the accessories you put in the room has the same tone or color.

11. Modern Rustic Vanity

diy rustic bathroom vanity

If you don’t want to go all rustic, you can try combine rustic style with modern touch such as minimalist mirror frame or metal towel hanger.

12. Big Vanity

If you have a big bathroom, you can put triple vanity into it. Having a triple vanity requires a larger space to build into, but it will give a grand look to your bathroom.

13. Great Point Lodge

western bathroom vanities

Vanity is never always made with doors it can be open as long as it provides an ample storage for your stuff.

14. Mountain Lodge

custom rustic bathroom vanities

Granite countertop can be a perfect partner for custom made vanity which is made up off woods.

15. Rustic Bathroom

The countertop looks very solid which is made from colored concrete to make it more stylish.

16. White and Small

If you have limited space then for sure this would be an ideal design.

17. Stone Wall

diy rustic bathroom vanity

The bathroom is designed with wood elements and enhance by a pendant lighting that adds interest.

18. Double Sink

For any vanity you should always choose the good quality of lighting fixture to enhance the beauty of bathroom.

19. Rustic Brentwood

diy rustic bathroom vanity

There are things in your house that would still serve a purpose even if it is not what it is suppose to be.

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20. Great Camp Court

farmhouse bathroom vanities

The wall sconces are very attractive that matches perfectly with the stain of the vanity.

21. Repurposed Cabinet

diy rustic bathroom vanity

Your antique drawers would be a good choice of furniture when you want to achieve a rustic appeal.

22. Antique Drawer

custom rustic bathroom vanities

The secret behind rustic appeal lies behind on the antique furniture that is being used to adorn.

23. PGA West

You need not to buy expensive vanity, you can have it by customizing it using those salvage woods.

24. Metal Works

custom rustic bathroom vanities

Choosing the perfect stain for woods must be considered to have a unified style of the bathroom.

25. Burned Effect Wood

Instead of putting away your old stuff try to reuse it as a new furniture in your other rooms.

26. Wooden Master Bathroom

farmhouse bathroom vanities

Though woods can be classified as an old fashioned material still its beauty can be enhance on how you decorate the place.

27. Rustic Bathroom Cabinets

If you desire closed, concealed storage, then a cabinet or a vanity is your option, it assists to aesthetically declutter the area. It might be a recovered wood vanity with drawers and racks, or a stained wood cabinet. You can take an old sideboard or table and repurpose it into a cool vanity with drawers altering deals with.

29. Shabby Chic Rustic Bathroom Vanity

western bathroom vanities

If you have actually picked shoddy elegant design, it will be specifically real, and you might whitewash the piece.

28. Open Vanities And Shelves

An open vanity is another terrific concept, it’s specifically terrific due to the fact that it looks more light-weight, and this is important for a little bathroom, though it can be jumbled a little however you can manage it.

30. Reclaimed Floating Vanity

rustic bathroom vanity plans

If you desire a contemporary taste, then you can make a recovered drifting vanity, which will still include a comfortable touch. Open shelving works for keeping towels, soaps and other things.

31. Double Vanity for Small Bathroom

If you have a little bathroom, do not opt for a double vanity, make a little recovered wood cabinet with a sink on the top and simply some storage area or a drawer.

33. Vintage Bathroom Vanity

rustic bathroom vanity plans

An open vanity can have two or three surface areas for keeping, and you might position there whatever you desire. For a shoddy stylish feel, you can cover the vanity with patina paint, or provide it a used appearance.

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32. Industrial Bathroom Vanity

farmhouse bathroom vanities

For a commercial taste, you can utilize pipelines for legs or deals with, and a stone or a concrete counter top will make the vanity modern. If you wish to make your storage comfier, you can likewise put some baskets for storage on these racks.


We know that some people would have their own taste of style. Then it’s not a big issue. You just need to find your own style and then decorate according to it.

And also, rustic bathroom vanity is a big thing in your bathroom. So, never forget to adorn it as well. Remember that you need to lighten it up to boost its beauty giving you a blast decoration.


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