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20 Gorgeous Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love

By: Shanze Ijaz

Rustic décor is all about making the most of natural elements like wood and unpolished metal. This unique aesthetic is often paired with other decorative styles, too, like antique, coastal, and modern. It is a versatile theme that can easily improve any interior space’s look within an instant – given you find the right products, of course!

So, if you’re interested in revamping your home under the influence of rustic fashion, you’re in the right place! Below is a collection of the best rustic bathroom décor ideas on the internet:

Install a Barn Door

Rustic design prioritizes the use of natural materials, especially wood. So, if you’re looking for a bathroom door that radiates strong rustic vibes, look nor further! Why not opt for this stunning, pure wood barn door?

This door’s raw, organic wooden print makes it an ideal match for any rustic-themed bathroom. And you need not worry about this door blending in with its surroundings, either. Its neutral brown color pallet will help it feel at home in any rustic interior space!  

Decorate with Steampunk Pendant Lights

These steampunk pendant lights represent the marriage of industrial design culture to traditional rustic design.

Rustic décor is all about presenting products within their most natural, unfinished state. While most bathroom light options will contain heavy ornaments or polished finishes, these lamps beg to differ.

Upon gazing at these lights, the first thing you’ll notice is each bulb’s fully-visible tungsten interior. There are no heavy lampshades or veils to cover them up. Instead, these lights have been left in an “unfinished” way so that their natural beauty can shine in its truest form!

Install a Grand Dark Wood Vanity 

If you’re looking for a rich, dark vanity that radiates an aura of unchallengeable power, look no further. This heavy, double-cabinet vanity is the perfect option for you.

Fashioned from real wood, this vanity bears a dark Maplewood finish that gives it a rich, impressive look. However, it stays true to its rustic nature by allowing the wood’s natural cambium patterns to shine through. The knobs are made from unpolished metal, which only serve to add to the vanity’s rustic vibe.

Opt for an Oversized Wooden Mirror Featuring a Metallic Finish 

Many rustic interior products will feature a plain wood finish. Though this certainly matches the theme, it doesn’t necessarily mean you always need to have a wood-only finish.

This stunning, oversized mirror may contain a wooden frame, but it’s also decked with a pretty metallic finish. This unique approach to rustic design makes this mirror stand out from amongst a thousand other pieces.

The metal finish also allows it the unique ability to match with other decorative styles, too. For example, you could pair this rustic mirror with an industrial sink, and it would still look just as good!

Opt for Barndoor Style Mirrors 

As discussed previously, barndoors are a signature element of rustic design. So, if you’re looking for a pair of mirrors that perfectly compliment the idea of rustic design, consider buying these ones.

Their brown frame will match with all the other rustic elements within your bathroom. Plus, you can even bring in a few indoor plants to dress up the area around these mirrors. Thanks to their all-natural wooden finish, they’ll simply look like an extension of the plants themselves!

Install an Antique-Looking Wooden Vanity 

This vanity already has the rustic look down thanks to its natural wood finish. However, it also pays homage to earlier antique vanity designs thanks to its old-fashioned assembly and layout. Of course, this only adds to its charm – few pieces can pull off both an antique and rustic look!

So, if you’re interested in trying out an antique or vintage-inspired rustic aesthetic for your bathroom, this vanity’s the one for you!

Optimize Your Bathroom’s Rustic Look with a Barndoor-Themed Vanity Set 

If you’re keen on employing the traditional barndoor aesthetic, why not amp up your bathroom’s look with this barndoor vanity? Made from dark-colored wood, this vanity perfectly aligns with the demands of rustic décor. Not only is it made from an organic material, it also bears an unfiltered, raw cambium pattern. This allows it to maintain a natural, rustic appeal that’s hard to beat!

Install an “Oil Rubbed” Bronze Bathroom Faucet

This sink faucet boasts a unique “oil rubbed” matte finish.

Rustic design doesn’t appreciate flashy metallic finishes with plenty of luster. Hence, this product is perfect for those who want an eye-catching decorative sink that’s in line with rustic fashion trends.

There are also two individual taps, making it easy to distinguish between hot and cold water. You can easily run both simultaneously and adjust them till you reach your desired water temperature.

Revamp Your Bathroom Walls with Rustic Porcelain “Wood Look” Tiles 

If you’re looking to make the most out of your rustic small bathroom, why not decorate with these pretty, reclaimed wood-style tiles?

They may be made from porcelain – which is not a traditional rustic material – but they look just like any wooden tile would! In fact, their porcelain finish makes them resistant to water and mites, unlike real wood.

At the end of the day, these tiles can easily qualify as “rustic” pieces because of how well they resemble natural, reclaimed wood. Their black finish also makes them excellent for rustic contemporary bathrooms that want to experiment with dark, bold colors!

Install Hexagonal “Wood Look” Tiles… 

These tiles are made up of a multitude of unique wood patterns. No two tiles are the same, making this product perfect for homeowners who appreciate innovative décor.

Thanks to their versatile appearance, these tiles can be used for both the floor and walls. However, it’s better to stick to either one – decorating your entire bathroom with the same print may reduce its visual appeal.

Or Opt for a Blue-and-Brown Plank Combo 

If you’re looking for rustic-themed products with a slight coastal edge to them, you’re in the right place! These distressed wooden boards would look excellent inside a blue-and-brown themed bathroom that’s based off of both rustic and coastal design.

Of course, you can also use them for purely-rustic spaces, too. They’re an excellent option for when you’d like to throw in a bit of color to an otherwise monotone room.

These wooden boards are actually printed upon a high-quality wallpaper base. They’re remarkably easy to install, too! All you need to do is peel the backing off and stick them onto your bathroom’s empty wall.

Install a Hand-Hammered Copper Sink Bowl 

This sink bowl is made from 18-gauge copper. Hence, it’s bound to last you a lifetime, if not more. Copper is a popular element of rustic design and is avidly used by designers to convey the message of raw, organic charm.

In addition to being crafted from high-quality copper, this bowl was crafted solely by hand. It bears an intriguing texture that’s only found within hand-hammered products. So, if you’re looking for a rustic sink bowl that tells a story, this is the perfect product for you!

Place a Cowhide Bathroom Mat 

Real cowhide mats are not only expensive, but potentially unethical, too. A better option would be to invest in an affordable faux cowhide mat made from synthetic materials.

However, despite its synthetic roots, a faux cowhide mat can easily pull off an organic, rustic look. Remember, rustic design is all about championing raw, natural elements, which makes cowhide an excellent option that fits the theme well!

Toss Your Dirty Clothes into a Wicker Laundry Basket

You can’t go wrong with a wicker laundry basket. Not only do wicker baskets perfectly align with rustic décor rules, they’re also much better for the environment than plastic ones.

Made from organic rattan, this woven wicker basket is a great way to add some texture to your bathroom. Its large size also makes it ideal for use as a laundry basket to store your old, unwashed clothes. And, of course, thanks to its use of natural materials, this basket is a perfect fit for rustic-themed spaces.

Store Toiletries within a Rattan Basket 

These small rattan baskets are great for storing all your bathroom essentials away in. You can fit your shower towels, face towels, loofah, and shampoo in here with ease.

Having a set of 3 baskets is definitely better than having a single large one – remember, the more the merrier! You can easily divide all your products by category and store each one in a separate basket. That way, you’ll never lose or mix up your toiletries.

Install Wooden Bathroom Shelves 

These wooden shelves are the epitome of modern rustic bathroom décor. They bear a clean, eye-catching finish that makes them perfect for contemporary homes that prioritize clean-cut, chiseled furniture.

The fact that these shelves are made from pure wood makes them perfect for rustic interior spaces. They’re also lovely to look at thanks to the stunning black support hooks placed beneath each single shelf.

Store Bathroom Essentials within a Reclaimed Wood Multi-Tier Ladder Shelf 

This shelf’s reclaimed wood look makes it a perfect match for rustic-themed bathrooms. Rustic design is all about appreciating raw, organic-looking furniture – luckily, this shelf is all that, and more! It also contains three different tiers, hence allowing for enough space to cater to all your storage needs.

Or, you can even use it as a decoration piece and deck it with eye-catching, rustic ornaments. For example, you could place a pretty conch shell or even a little plant, if you like.

Decorate with a Reclaimed Wood Toiletry Rack (with Towel Bar) 

This stunning toiletry rack is made from reclaimed wood which makes it an excellent, eco-friendly choice for your rustic bathroom! Its blue finish makes it ideal for rustic bathrooms that are in dire need of some color. You can even match this product with some coastal decoration pieces, too, thanks to its pretty, nautical color scheme.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this rack is extremely practical and features an ergonomic design. It can easily accommodate multiple bathroom products and a single towel, too.

Opt for a Bamboo Ladder Towel Rack

This simple bamboo ladder makes for a fantastic towel rack! Thanks to its multiple rungs, you can easily store all of your bath towels here. There’s also enough room for your smaller face and hand towels.

It’s wooden finish gives this ladder rack an unbeatable rustic charm. It’s also made from natural bamboo wood, which makes it significantly more environmentally friendly than its unbecoming plastic counterparts.

Add Texture with a Crocheted Bathroom Mat 

Rustic design champions natural textures, including those stemming from crocheted products. So, if you’re getting wary of all the smooth, untextured surfaces within your bathroom, don’t hesitate to try something new! Use this mat to introduce some much-needed texture into your bathing space.

This mat is also a great way to add some color to the room. Its eye-catching yellow color scheme can help uplift the area under your sink and make it appear much brighter and bolder.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these rustic bathroom ideas will have given you some insight into how you’d like to decorate your new bathing area.

When choosing products, be sure to check if they complement one another, though! For example, if you’re buying a vanity made from dark wood, it’s best to stay away from bright-colored floor mats.

By taking small details like this into account, you can easily curate a flawless, rustic-themed bathroom in no time!