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23 Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas You’ll Want to Copy

By: Allan Bryce
Rustic Kitchen Spanish Style Kevinpricedesigns

There are a lot of ideas on how to decorate a kitchen. The idea is based on homeowners’ preference, but one of the most unique and eye-catching styles is the rustic kitchen decor.

Rustic-themed kitchen is a beautiful combination of country cottage and farmhouse decoration.

The mixture of those inspirations gives birth to unique new colors, textures, and forms. If you are interested in applying the idea to your kitchen, especially the cabinets, here are 23 pictures of rustic kitchen cabinets you should definitely see:

Rustic Kitchen Table

Best Colors For Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Designing a rustic themed kitchen layout may be daunting, you have to install rustic cabinets that are well-suited to the entire design of the kitchen.

The cabinets are displayed in faded blue-ish grey and navy blue colors. The colors mix well with the wooden planks flooring, ceiling, and countertops.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

How To Make Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Simple cabinets don’t apply to large spaces.

This kitchen design uses huge cabinets made of polished wooden planks with glass doors, so homeowners and guests can see the wine, coffee, and other glasses.

Also, the white color on the backsplash and the countertop balance out the rustic brown color of the cabinets.

Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Home Depot

Since rustic is a combination of cottage and farmhouse interiors, wood planks with warm caramel color have always been homeowners’ favorite choice.

The clean white backsplash, countertop, and island cabinet are the perfect combination to bring out the warm country cottage feeling to the area.

Oak Kitchen Cabinet

White Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

The warm caramel color of pine wood may be many homeowners’ favorite, but oak wood is a strong competitor.

It has a lighter color, so owners can balance out its naturally vibrant color with a darker countertop like black granite.

Rustic Kitchen Island

Modern Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

It is complementary for a kitchen to have an island. The island can be used for washing or cutting meal ingredients.

It can also be used for eating space. The dark-brown shade of the island matches the cabinets, the flooring, and the trims on the ceiling.

The modern lighting pendants hanging above the island create a modern, industrial rustic atmosphere.

Country Kitchen Ideas

Best Colors For Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic is always associated with caramel color, but white works well too.

White is the only way homeowners can obtain an open space feeling while maintaining the rustic atmosphere in the kitchen.

The natural wood color on the chair, flooring, and backsplash balance the brightness of the white.

Rustic Kitchen Decor

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

These days, simple design is more desirable. Simplicity works like a charm in a smaller kitchen space.

This rustic kitchen décor allows homeowners to have extra storage while also displaying necessities elegantly on each wooden plank.

In addition, the white background emphasizes the rustic vibes amazingly.

Modern Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Home Depot

Rustic is indeed a combination of cottage and farmhouse interiors, but rustic kitchen ideas can be extended to a new level like adding a modern touch on the lamps.

The lighting fixtures are designed to bring out the warmth of the natural feeling from the cabinets’ woods.

Rustic Country Style Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Online

The caramel brown of pinewood matches the white color perfectly. It is no shocking that the two are often seen together because their shades balance out each other.

By using white, the rustic vibe from the pinewood is emphasized properly.

Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic design is not always brown caramel colored cabinet, sometimes, it also means cabinet which paint is fading or discoloration, creating a time-worn effect that strengthens the rustic atmosphere in the kitchen.

Decorating the cabinet with vintage kitchen necessities will add more rustic value to the whole design.

Tiny Rustic Kitchen

White Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Tiny space shouldn’t limit your creativity to apply rustic kitchen ideas.

The industrial lighting fixture style above the island blends really well with the rustic kitchen cabinets. The flooring and the ceiling use the same wood panels too, which brings out the rustic atmosphere.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Online

The rustic atmosphere in this kitchen is very strong, because not only that the cabinets made of wood planks, but also the entire ceilings and flooring are made of the same materials.

Combined with a bold red cabinet below the white countertop, this kitchen is filled with a strong farmhouse feeling.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

How To Make Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen has a strong country cottage feeling. As you walk into the kitchen, the high, wood-planks ceiling catches your attention.

The light caramel color appears brightly against the black countertop. Combining these elements into the design is shockingly a great idea for a rustic kitchen.

Vintage Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

The rustic kitchen which has a farmhouse feeling often uses exposed bricks on the walls. This idea is different because it uses stone tiles instead.

The unique tiles are combined with rustic cabinets which the paint is chipping, creating a time-worn look.

Rustic Kitchen Backsplash

Modern Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Do you want something different than the mainstream rustic kitchen design? Then, you should take a look at this one.

This rustic themed kitchen offers a bold statement. Every inch of the space is covered with a dark brown shade. Those distinguished solid wooden planks on the ceiling add more uniqueness to the theme.

Rustic Kitchen Countertop

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

The nicest thing to do with a rustic kitchen theme is to blend the old and the new.

You may not use the old, rustic, paint-chipping cabinets, but you can add more rustic value to the cabinets’ countertops.

The polished pine wood looks incredible sitting on the top of the light green shade cabinets.

Open Kitchen Cabinet with Rustic Style

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Online

The concept of an open kitchen is to have a large kitchen space where people are freely walking without bumping into each other.

The rustic style is applied to the cabinet countertops. Combined with majestic white color, the kitchen has calm and relaxing feelings.

Brown Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Online

The farmhouse feeling in this one is pretty thick. As you walk in, you can feel the openness. Then, you notice the light-brown shade of the cabinets and the flooring.

The rustic style is even emphasized by the ambiance of the lighting fixtures mounted on the upper cabinets.

Antique Kitchen Cabinet

How To Make Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

People often underestimate white color for a rustic design. They assume a rustic-themed kitchen can only be perfect with bare wood planks.

The truth is white looks great in this design. Installing white cabinets is a great way to feel luxurious while still maintaining a rustic atmosphere through the exposed bricks backsplash and wood planks chimney.

Maple Kitchen Cabinet

White Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

One of the characteristics of rustic design is its country cottage feeling.

This one strengthens that element by using maple wood planks all over the place: the flooring, ceilings, dinner table, and the walls.

The bold red color on the cabinets combined with daring black countertops is perfect for rustic kitchen design.

Another kitchen design ideas for you:

Cherry Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Other than pine and oak woods, cherry wood is as popular as those two.

If pine has a dark caramel color, cherry has a more vibrant color which makes great rustic cabinets.

Due to the size of the cabinet and the rustic style it offers, it appears to be the central attention of the area.

White Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Best Colors For Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic style kitchen often makes you feel like you are in a small cottage overlooking the mountain view or that vintage kitchen space that looks like your mother’s late 70s photographs.

Mounting a wooden cabinet that has glass doors on top of a white cabinet with a polished wood countertop makes you feel the later atmosphere. Sometimes, going simple is the best answer.

L-Shaped Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Online

Do you notice the huge stainless steel refrigerator? Even though it is the biggest appliance in the kitchen, it doesn’t steal the attention away from the L-shaped rustic cabinets.

The warm caramel color looks perfect with the flooring. It vibrates a natural feeling throughout the kitchen area. The L-shaped layout is also a great idea because it gives homeowners a lot of storage.