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20 Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

Rustic kitchens can’t help but look homely and oh-so-beautiful. This style of interior design just feels like it was made for kitchens. Their coziness will make you feel like a child again who’s warming up next to the stove while your grandma’s famous dishes are getting prepared.

It’s a beautiful feeling to recreate. And the rustic style allows for style and elegance, to create a perfect mix. But sometimes, your rustic kitchen just doesn’t feel complete. And you can’t pinpoint the problem. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with these rustic kitchen wall decor ideas that will give your kitchen that beautiful cohesive look!

This Olive Oil Print Looks Dashing in Every Kitchen

One of the simplest, easiest ways to spruce up your kitchen space is to pick up a print. After all, art is that one thing that you can never have enough of. So don’t be afraid to put some up in your kitchen!

This beautiful olive oil print is an ideal choice for a kitchen. And the culinary theme isn’t the only reason why. The background is neutrally colored so it can work well with any color combination in your home. And the print itself creates a balance between simple and striking. Overall a great choice!

This Print Is Made for Every Coffee Lover’s Home

Are you somebody who loves coffee and wants the entire world to know that? If so, this coffee trio print is made just for you. It’s beautiful and versatile so you can hang it in corner of your choice.

The black background looks elegant against any surface. And the coffee drawings bring a chic vintage coffee shop feel to your room. Choosing this print for your kitchen will surely make a difference while looking cohesive with the rest of the room.

Metal Wall Decor Makes For a Charming Addition to Your Rustic Kitchen

Metal and wood are rustic staples. And having them combined beautifully into this wall art piece brings flair into your kitchen. Paired with a lovely message, it can’t help but create a charming atmosphere in your living space.

Its unique hexagonal shape is an eye-catcher for sure! It looks very pleasing to the eye as it makes a statement in your kitchen. But it also creates cohesion with your furniture, making it a great addition to your rustic home

Landscape Paintings Give an Exquisite Look to a Rustic Room

If you were wondering what would be the perfect rustic kitchen wall art, look no further than beautiful landscape paintings. These paintings are beautiful and very versatile, as they fit so well with many different styles. But it’s just that special energy they can’t help but bring into a rustic home.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to landscape paintings since they have been around for centuries. Look for a motif that excites you. The painting will then do its job, and make a lush, exquisite space out of your kitchen.

Embellish Your Kitchen With This Adorable Clock

Clocks are a genius way to mix decoration and functionality. They’re a perfect decor piece for a kitchen where knowing the time is incredibly important, for all the magic that happens while you’re cooking.

This round iron clock is a great option. Its size allows it to make a statement out of any bare wall. The vintage cow illustration looks adorable. And in combination with the typography, it can’t help but also bring a homely vibe to your home. 

A Barn Door Themed Clock Fits Perfectly in a Rustic Kitchen

This barn-themed clock is a great option for both rustic, and farmhouse homes. The combination of wood and metal brings beautiful countryside energy into your home. But the white wood brings a dash of clean chic style, that will look perfect in any rustic home.

Wooden Prints Look Beautiful on the Kitchen Walls

There’s something special about landscape prints that are carved in wood. They bring a certain natural serenity to a room. And they’re both intriguing and incredibly pleasing to the eye, which is always something you’d want.

If you want something classic with a dash of unusual, go for a wooden landscape print. This one, in particular, looks stunning with its colorful background. The elements of the painting are subdued and just simple enough for it to enchant the viewer without overpowering the room.

What’s a Rustic Home Without Its Wine Rack?

Having a wine rack feels almost mandatory in a rustic home. They’re yet another blend of useful and decorative. The bottles and glasses you decide to display on your wine rack create an atmosphere on their own. But it’s still important to choose the perfect wine rack for your home.

Choosing the perfect wood for the wine rack of your dream is the first step. And if you’re a fan of pine wood, this one might just be the one for you! This wine rack brings enough storage but also allows for creativity when it comes to placing your drinks. You can create many different looks with it!

Decorate Your Kitchen With The Four Elements

Water, fire, air, and earth are the four elements of nature. It is said that the entire universe can be divided into these four categories since everything that we know of is made out of these elements. And this beautiful metal wall decor is meant to represent them.

If you’re someone who’s deeply connected to this topic it’s a great way to showcase it in your house without the decor drawing too much attention. And even if you aren’t, this design and its versatility can still find their way into your home, as it’s just plain beautiful.

Word Art Fits Rustic Kitchens So Well

Words are said to hold a certain power. That’s also true when it comes to decor. Word art can have a powerful impact on the room it’s in. Depending on the size, typography, and the words themselves, they can make a huge impact.

Word art especially looks good in rustic homes. This metal lettering would fit just right inside of a rustic kitchen. The best thing about it is that it can be combined with other types of decor, but it can also be a standalone, depending on your preferences.

A Rustic Mirror Can Open Up Your Kitchen Space

Mirrors aren’t your usual kitchen decor. But that doesn’t mean they won’t look just as good in your kitchen as they would anywhere else. Mirrors are also always a good way for you to bring some extra space into a room that feels too narrow.

This beautiful rustic mirror would look beautiful in a rustic home.  The different metal choices create an interesting combination that can’t help but dominate the space. It’s a great statement piece that can revive a bland-looking kitchen. And it goes great with all kinds of rustic furniture.

Wooden Wall Plaques Look So Stylish in a Kitchen

The truth is you don’t need too much decor to have a room look chic and put together. The key is to find just the right decor for that space. And when talking about a rustic kitchen, you can’t go wrong with wooden decor. So consider getting wall plaques!

This set of three decorative wall plaques will elevate your kitchen in a matter of minutes. They bring a rustic but stylish look to the room. The geometric print is a great balance between bold and subtle. It doesn’t overpower a room and it brings a dash of style right there!

Wooden Accent Decor Is a Stunning Choice for a Rustic Kitchen

Wood is truly a rustic kitchen’s best friend. You can’t go wrong with wooden decor. Its elegance and simplicity also bring a dash of nature into your living space. So don’t shy away from accent decor.

Choosing a piece that’s made from different types of wood always looks interesting and has a rustic-chic dash to it. A wooden accent such as this one can easily become a focal point in a living space. It’s perfect for a kitchen that has other natural elements, such as plants, for a beautifully organic vibe.

Floral Decor Simply Elevates a Rustic Space

There’s something about flowers that makes them fit in with almost any kind of style. They just work. And bringing a dash of that beautiful feminine energy into your room by getting floral decor is never a bad idea.

This handcrafted set of three flowers is a way to add just that into your kitchen. They also bring some texture and color, making them just the perfect decor that can liven up a rustic kitchen. They allow you to get creative and put them in any combination you’d like, while always looking equally as dazzling.

Watercolor Paintings Look Marvelous in Any Home

There’s a certain serenity to watercolor paintings. The softness of the image makes you stop and stare. They have their own kind of magic. And watercolor paintings look beautiful in any space you put them.

Choosing a culinary theme for your kitchen, such as lemons, also brings a sort of botanical freshness. And this specific lemony print has a bit of a vintage look to it. Perfect for homes that want those little pops of retro here and there! 

Wall Art Doesn’t Need to Be Flashy to Look Good

When you’re considering rustic wall decoration, it might be hard to find the perfect kind of wall art. Especially in the world of flashy colorful designs, where you don’t want them to overpower your room. But don’t worry, there are many less flashy options to choose from that will look amazing.

For example, this minimal cutlery print can be a perfect rustic addition to your home. The cutlery motif looks good in a kitchen, and the colors don’t stand out. But see, this is just the perfect piece to tie everything in without leaving your walls blank.

Paintings Of Mountains Always Bring a Certain Calmness

Going up a mountain is an extraordinary experience. Nothing compares to the view you get from a summit, especially after you climbed the entire thing by yourself. And that’s a feeling many people want to bring inside their homes.

Surely, getting a painting of a mountain doesn’t feel the same. But these paintings are calming and look stunning in a household. This is a bit more of an unconventional one, but it fits beautifully with a rustic color palette. Definitely a great pick for a kitchen!

A Longhorn Skull Brings Unexpected Freshness to a Kitchen

Putting a longhorn skull up in a kitchen isn’t something that might come to you initially. After all, it’s more of a living room decor piece. But unconventional doesn’t mean bad at all!

A longhorn skull will make an unexpected statement in your kitchen, meeting the eyes of everyone who passes it. But it will also bring a fresh, bold look that goes just right with the rest of your rustic decor. And pairing it with wooden details will easily create a chic cohesive look.

Ornamental Decor Will Add Texture to Your Rustic Kitchen

Sometimes getting your decor right is all about creating the right texture. Rustic kitchens are a perfect starting point for that as they love wood and metal, which both give a textured look already. So playing around with different ornamental decor is already an intriguing start.

This ornamental piece made from brown iron will add a lovely antique touch to your rustic kitchen. It possesses a kind of vintage elegance that can elevate a room in a matter of seconds, making it look and feel exquisite. And the texture it adds is simply breathtaking.

Printed Wood Art Will Fit Perfectly in Your Rustic Kitchen

There are many ways to create art out of wood. But printing an image onto a piece of wood and hanging it in a room has a special charm of its own. It’s a modern way to do something so traditional, making it fit with a variety of different aesthetics.

Birds make a beautiful natural print, with a bit of a vintage look. And as the grains from the wood are visible, ever so slightly, they give some texture to this piece. This piece will bring a unique kind of charm to your rustic kitchen, bathing the room in childlike joy.


There’s a lot of importance in home decor that many people just don’t realize. Decor can make or break a room. It can create a perfect, cohesive living space or a huge cluttered mess. And not to mention how transformative it actually feels.

Don’t worry if decorating seems hard at the beginning. Starting from a blank slate is always the hardest. But don’t be afraid to let loose and just be creative. Mix and match! And try out different things. This article gave you some potential starting points. But now it’s up to you to make the magic happen!