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Grey Kitchen Cabinets

By: Jennifer Bailey
Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Beautiful Kitchen Design With Dark Grey Cabinet 18

Grey is such a versatile color. It can be applied to any furniture in your home; tables, cabinets, racks, kitchen islands, you name it. In other side, the color still matches to almost any color, even with light color such as red and yellow!

So, you won’t need much time to mix and match color when deciding to paint your kitchen cabinet with grey.

Some people may consider using grey to paint their kitchen cabinet to avoid the dirty look. But at the same time, grey color also bring more warm feeling to the kitchen. That’s a double bonus!

In this list, you’ll find 21 best ideas of grey kitchen cabinets. Let’s go ahead!

Grey Kitchen Cabinet with White Countertop

Grey Stained Cabinets

Grey showcases a very clean look to the kitchen. By having grey kitchen cabinet mixed with white countertop, your kitchen will look very neat.

The combination of white and grey is also perfect to display a warm welcome to the kitchen.

Grey Stained Kitchen Cabinet

Grey Kitchen Ideas

Edgy and modern, that is what your kitchen going to look like with grey stained kitchen cabinet.

Grey stained color makes your kitchen look very professional and luxurious as if you are in a fancy restaurant. Moreover, it also displays a look of sophistication! Amazing right?

L Shaped Kitchen with Grey Cabinet

Grey Cabinets Kitchen Painted

First off, if you are wondering why you should have L shaped kitchen, it is because this layouts are the most versatile, flexible and least expensive you can choose.

Moreover, when you combine it with grey cabinet, it is going to seem more spacious and ‘homey’.

Grey Kitchen Island with Sink

Grey Cabinet Paint

In designing kitchen with grey color, you are not only limited to light grey color only, but you can pick darker grey color.

It will look great for the kitchen and provide a contract look with white color. Additionally, having grey kitchen island especially with sink makes your kitchen look very unique or in other words one of kind.

It will also make it easier for you to clean after everything. Moreover, adding kitchen sink lighting especially with unique lighting will give a different look to the kitchen. It will not only enhance your lighting in the kitchen but also great accessories for the kitchen.

Grey Kitchen Island with Lighting

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Do you know that most people spend their time in the kitchen? Why do you ask? Without realizing, you spend most of your time in the kitchen, either for cooking, eating or just having a conversation with your family or invited guest.

So, lighting is an important issue to have at the kitchen. Grey kitchen island with lighting will pop the look of your kitchen. Your kitchen will look bright and comfortable place to hang out.

Stylish Kitchen with Grey Cabinet

Grey Kitchen Walls

Who doesn’t want a stylish kitchen? Everyone must have been dreaming to have a dreamy kitchen. Grey cabinet can help you achieve the dream!

Grey cabinet will make your kitchen super stylish with its versatile color. It can even be combined with wooden floor and the contrast of the color of grey and wood will make your kitchen look classy and classic.

Refreshing Apartment Kitchen with Grey Cabinet

Grey And White Kitchen

If up to this point you don’t understand why grey works just perfectly for the kitchens, this is one the reason. The color teeters between relaxing neutrality and an exciting warmth.

It manages to provide the best of both worlds. Now, if you would like to have a refreshing apartment kitchen, grey cabinet is your best choice. Choosing the right shade of gray for kitchen could be difficult, but you can always improvise.

Take a look at the picture, combining grey cabinet with wooden floor and white countertop serves the perfect look. Moreover, you can add a little accessory of plant to refresh the look of your kitchen.

Grey and White Kitchen Cabinet

Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey and white serves the best look for kitchen indeed! The combination of grey and white make your kitchen looks super sophisticated, modern and homey.

Mixing grey and white kitchen cabinet is a smart movie since they provide a contrast look so that the combination is just perfect to be seen.

All In One Kitchen Set in Grey Color

Grey Cabinets Kitchen Painted

Who said that grey is dull color? You are wrong to think that grey is boring. You need to find the right balance and design to create a cheerful and unique look with grey color.

All in one kitchen set in grey color can be combined with furniture that is in bright colors such as yellow like in the picture. It serves a great contrast look and looks very cheerful.

Don’t be afraid to combine grey with bright and colorful colors because as you can see, grey match will almost anything!

Grey Kitchen Cabinet with Yellow Walls

Grey And White Kitchen

One thing that you should never do is having all grey color kitchens. It will create such a dull and dry look to the kitchen. Therefore, when you want to have a grey kitchen, you should be smart in combining this color with the proper choice.

Grey kitchen cabinet with yellow walls serves a classic and timeless look for the kitchen. It looks traditional and very warmth.

You are going to miss every second of your day when you are away from the kitchen if you have a homey kitchen. Grey and yellow is such a great combination because of its distinct shade.

Grey Kitchen Rack and White Cabinet

Grey And White Kitchen

Elegance is something rare to be found in the kitchen. But if you do want to have an elegant kitchen, this is one of the best choices that you can try to apply to your kitchen.

What is it? Grey kitchen rack with white cabinet. The versatile and calm color of grey in the kitchen rack will pop out nicely especially when combined with white cabinet. It will create an elegance look to the kitchen because of its fancy and calm vibe.

Glossy Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Grey And White Kitchen

Who said that you cannot combine dark shade color with another dark shade as well? Take a look at the design above, grey kitchen cabinet is combined with dark countertop.

The kitchen gives a classic and homey atmosphere to the house, especially when added by wooden floor.

If want to combine these dark color, you could add a bit more creativity or unique design to create a contrast look with what’s around the kitchen.

U-Shaped Kitchen with Grey Cabinet

Grey Kitchen Ideas

The U-shaped kitchen is possibly one of the most practical kitchen layouts and is able to give an additional run of potential storage or appliance space in contrast to a galley kitchen or L-shaped kitchen.

This type of layout can work any size of spaces, either large or small. Nonetheless, small kitchen will benefit the most from this layout. With grey cabinet, your kitchen will look even more spacious. More importantly, it will look super fancy and neat. Aren’t you glad?

Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Grey Island

Grey Cabinets Kitchen Painted

Having farmhouse style kitchen will bring benefit to make the kitchen look cozy and very welcoming.

Additionally, if you want to make it look more fancy and neat, you can combine the design of farmhouse style with Grey Island.

Why? Wooden design and grey shade fit perfectly together. It gives a nice contrast look to the kitchen.

Moreover, you can even add unique and huge design of lamp to make the look of your kitchen better.

Minimalist Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Grey Kitchen Walls

In creating a minimalist look, grey shade should be the first thing that pop up to your mind.

Why? Because grey shade gives a neutral tone to the kitchen; therefore, it shows a minimalist appearance.

Additionally, grey shade doesn’t give you much trouble; you can always combine this color with anything. Take a look at the picture for example, it shows a very minimalist look yet sophisticated with the addition of wooden countertops.

Open Kitchen Design with Grey Island

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Designing kitchen needs to be done carefully. Why? Kitchen is one of the important places at the house because as mentioned before, it is one the place that you will spend most of your time.

Usually kitchen is located in the back area or in limited space, but if you want to try; you definitely can create an open kitchen design. Open kitchen design makes your kitchen look extremely spacious and welcome. People will be attracted to visit the kitchen.

Additionally, when you add grey island, it gives a contrast look when you combine them with white walls and wooden floor. This grey island will stood out the most from the kitchen.

One Wall Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Grey And White Kitchen

Looking for more space for the kitchen? You should have one wall grey kitchen cabinet.

This one wall kitchen cabinet will give your more space and storage. Especially by choosing grey color, it will blend it perfectly just like any regular wall.

Furthermore, by having this color, you can be creative and combine the design of your kitchen with various choices such as white countertop and also wooden kitchen island.

Rustic Style Kitchen with Grey Cabinet

Grey Cabinet Paint

Travel back in time with rustic style kitchen? You definitely can!

Rustic style kitchen never goes out of style and will always give a classic atmosphere to the kitchen. Grey cabinet can be applied as one of the choice to be combined with rustic style kitchen.

Why? Grey is a very flexible color, you can mix and match it with any color or design. Wooden design has so many pattern and mix shade of color; thus, mixing them with grey cabinet, will create an incredible design.

Another kitchen color ideas to try: 

Grey Kitchen Cabinet with Dark Countertop

Grey Stained Cabinets

Wanted to have a unique design for your kitchen? Limited space for the kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative. Simple unique design is able to make your kitchen stand out.

How? The answer is grey cabinet and subway tiles. Grey cabinet is very adjustable to any kind of environment or design. You can combine grey color with almost anything.

Moreover, if you want to have different design of wall, you can replace them with subway tiles. Besides adding more creativity to the kitchen, your kitchen will look really different and stand out. You can also add black countertops to give a decent contrast look.

Grey Kitchen Island

Grey Stained Cabinets

Grey kitchen island gives a very neat and subtle atmosphere. Especially combined with white countertops, the contrast fits perfectly together.

The shade that works better as grey kitchen island is darker shade because then, you can have lighter shade for any other are of the kitchen. You can be creative with other color for the kitchen furniture.

Grey and Red Kitchen Cabinet

Grey Cabinet Paint

Grey mixed with red? Why not! A bright red kitchen cabinet will be a nice touch to the calm color of grey.

Grey kitchen cabinet gives the atmosphere of calm and neat. So when you add red kitchen cabinet, it serves a shocking look yet still matches with one and another.

If you seek for a color to stand out at your kitchen, red definitely will be the perfect choice.

There you have it! Great ideas for grey kitchen cabinets! You can explore and experiment with your choices because grey is very versatile and adjustable with any color. So, be creative with your kitchen design!