27 Most Hilarious One Wall Kitchen Design Ideas

A one wall kitchen or single line kitchen keeps all the cabinets and devices stick to one wall of the house to conserve area. The design is so popular that numerous brand-new building and construction houses with open flooring strategies are utilizing one wall kitchen styles with an island for extra counter area.

The white and black one-wall kitchen style in the picture above uses a tidy, uncluttered atmosphere that is truly drawn out by the option of types and products.

Clean-cut straight lines and edges embellish the area with the white and black checkered vinyl tile floor covering, the commercial pipeline drawer manages, the big farmhouse sink with the wrought-iron faucet, and the french window visual for the glass overhead cabinets.

1. One wall kitchen with green cabinets & marble counter breakfast bar

one wall kitchen plans

The kitchen uses a brilliant environment, thanks to the warm texture and visual of the wood beams, special hanging pendant light over the dining location, and the light wood color tabletop of the dining table.

Tips of white can likewise be seen on the white marble of the kitchen counter and breakfast bar and the french doors and transom windows.

2. Kitchen with one wall white shaker cabinets & grey marble backsplash

ikea one wall kitchen

This home kitchen has lots of various white shaker cabinets that decorate the kitchen’s wall. In partner with that, we have the gray marble back sprinkle along with the gray marble kitchen counter.

The walls seen in the remainder of the space are white and segmented– this truly keeps the space sensation intimate and individual yet still open and welcoming.

3. Modern dark wood cabinet one wall kitchen with white island

best one wall kitchen layout

More contemporary modern-day style is more than generous with its use of clean-cut kinds, constant smooth surface areas, and really clean-looking products and surfaces. Here we have a sleek and elegant dark wood cabinet that likewise acts as the kitchen’s accent wall.

The one-wall kitchen likewise has actually crafted wood slab floor covering, white ceilings and walls, and a white center kitchen island with a connected wood breakfast bar counter leading.

4. Blue cabinet one wall kitchen with white backsplash tile

luxury one wall kitchen

The grayish blue tones of the drawers, cabinets, and overheard cabinets of this one wall kitchen style actually combines surprisingly well with the neutrals of the area. Particularly, the whites of the ceilings and walls in addition to the various tones of tan brown of the wood board floor covering.

This wood concept is performed on the kitchen island’s counter tops and under racks too; the remainder of the island is a noticeably beautiful white. In this view, you can currently see how roomy the space is with its open design and style.

5. Contemporary one wall kitchen with white cabinets

one wall kitchen design ideas

In this example, a modern-day house usages modern style styles combined with more customized aspects to produce a terrific kitchen area. The white cabinets provide the walls an arranged and tidy appearance, the wood floorings and the wood dining table offer some good dark splashes and heat in the space.

6. Contemporary kitchen with one wall style & narrow portable island

best one wall kitchen layout

This modern-day cabin type style utilizes a sloped exposed plywood ceiling and wood rafter system to truly keep the area sensation lovely and rustic. The narrow portable kitchen island is a wise concept in making the area flexible and versatile.

7. Contemporary one wall kitchen with arctic white quartz counter tops

best one wall kitchen layout

Strong blacks are utilized in the cabinets and drawers of this modern kitchen. As a touch of heat and imagination, the flooring of the kitchen is teak wood slabs and have differing degrees of brown, which includes even more beauty.

8. Small house design one wall kitchen plus green flat panel cabinets

ikea one wall kitchen

Green flat space style painting, when carried out properly, has a success rate that is tough to disregard. As an example of how well it works, we see in this image olive green flat panel cabinets that mellow out the wood kitchen counter top, the white and likewise green flooring tiles, along with the white glass overhead cabinets of the kitchen.

9. Craftsman one wall kitchen with raised panel cabinets

one wall kitchen with island

This craftsman one-wall kitchen utilizes thoroughly crafted wood complexities on the raised panel cabinets, drawers, and surrounds. It likewise skillfully utilizes lovely African Ivory granite on the primary kitchen counter.

The back splashes utilized here are diagonally-set square tiles and go exceptionally well with the abundant brown of the formerly gone over wood kitchen cabinetry.

10. Diverse kitchen with retro cabinets & one wall style

luxury one wall kitchen

A diverse piece of strong interior decoration, this pink one-wall kitchen exhibits an unquestionably beauty and design that few other kitchen styles can manage.

With its various tones of rose and pink seen on the retro-style drawers and cabinets in addition to the stainless-steel kitchen counter leading, this mid-century modern-day area looks for to make anybody who utilizes it feel even simply a bit pleased simply by existing.

11. Mediterranean kitchen with one wall style & island

luxury one wall kitchen

Could there be anymore ideal a setting to utilize a Mediterranean design of kitchen style than in the middle of a city, in a house in a high rise structure?

The contrast of the urban spread of the city and the warm, stone-clad surfaces of the Mediterranean kitchen makes it seem like a sanctuary in a see of gray.

The products utilized in this kitchen are dark, abundant tones of brown wood seen on the kitchen cabinetry and the moldings, generous quantities of raw and rough white stone wall surfaces, and thunder wave granite utilized on the counter tops along with the flooring.

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12. One wall modern kitchen with marble clothed island

luxury one wall kitchen

The long and big flooring location of this space is utilized to it maximum prospective with the usage of a single-wall kitchen design.

This modern kitchen likewise utilizes contemporary and spick-and-span style components such as the dark wood board flooring, the commercial appearance of the raw concrete wall, and good and tidy neutral patterns in the marble-clad island and back splash.

13. One wall kitchen with white shaker cabinets & farmhouse sink

one wall kitchen layout measurements

The white shaker cabinets of this homey and rustic example go exceptionally well with the charming and basic stainless-steel kitchen devices, the commercial looking farmhouse design kitchen sink, the polished wood floorings, and the streamlined Arabian Black granite utilized as a counter top.

14. One wall rustic design kitchen with glass door cabinets

luxury one wall kitchen

Rustic design is far from running out design as seen in this modern-day and trendy one-wall kitchen. The raw grains and textures of the wood utilized on the cabinets and drawers can be extremely well translucented the varnish applied to them.

The frosted glass door kitchen cabinetry applied to the overhead cabinet panels offer you helpful views of the kept plates and mugs while keeping the location feel open.

15. Modern light color cabinet in one wall kitchen with island

one wall kitchen plans

Minimalism was the primary owning design and theme for this open-planned kitchen design. The island and the primary kitchen wall both utilize cabinets that are flushed, doing not have in deals with, and made from stunning tan spruce wood.

16. Rustic one wall kitchen with brick surround and white cabinets

one wall kitchen with large island

As a sort of tribute to the brick oven cooking areas of yore, this kitchen style screams rustic, warm, and homey. One wall kitchen styles that do not have a lot of space can benefit from textures to include depth of viewpoint.

17. Rustic one wall kitchen with viking variety wood flooring

one wall kitchen design ideas

Gray weathered wood is the very first thing that captures your attention in this kitchen style. The big Viking brand name variety utilized is likewise an excellent option for a kitchen such as this one.

18. Modern black cabinet single wall kitchen with island

ikea one wall kitchen

This contemporary kitchen utilized an excellent quantity of black with tips of warm orange radiance to truly specify itself as a special area. This single-wall design uses a kitchen island for additional counter area without compromising your movement in the space.

The tidy and smooth appearance of the black matches the white of the ceiling in addition to the white drapes of the moving glass doors to the side.

19. Standard one wall kitchen with Mokoro granite

one wall kitchen with island

A more standard take on kitchen style, this one-wall kitchen utilizes dark wood cabinets with complex panel carvings and edges. The Mokoro granite utilized on the counter tops match the arbitrarily patterned limestone back splash tiles utilized.

A great quantity of under-mounted counter lighting was likewise utilized to actually brighten the work area of the kitchen in addition to likewise display the lovely ending up products utilized for the counter.

20. Conventional single line kitchen with white cabinets

one wall kitchen layout

Another traditional style of a single-line kitchen can be seen in this example. The Corian white strong surface area counter matches the white-painted drawers, cabinets, and overhead cabinets.

Almost all style aspects in the space are white. The cabinets and mill work, the counter top, the walls, the ceiling. However, the sole source of color, the Pecan crafted wood floorings, truly provides this location some much valued heat.

21. Modern single line kitchen with dark cabinets

one wall kitchen with island

Not as roomy as a few of the previous examples, this conventional kitchen style can still be called efficient, trendy, and a fantastic piece of style.

The dark cabinets actually sets the tone of the entire kitchen, which is enhanced by the solid-surface counter top, “multimedias” tiling of the kitchen back sprinkle, and the stunning wood vinyl slab tiles for the flooring.

22. Standard one wall kitchen with two tier breakfast bar island

one wall kitchen with large island

Another example of standard one-wall kitchen styles, here we have a correct kitchen island that doubles as a breakfast bar. The counter leading utilized was a speckled gray and black strong surface area product.

24. Standard single wall kitchen with stone floorings

one wall kitchen with large island

The glass door white cabinets truly make this semi-cramped kitchen style feel even more comfy and roomy. The white cabinets go exceptionally well with the speckled brown counter top, the mosaic tile back sprinkles, and the differently-colored flooring tiles utilized.

Constructing an archway in between the kitchen and the surrounding space was an excellent choice on the designer’s part considering that it truly frames the entire kitchen area truly well.

25. Modern one wall kitchen with island, high ceilings and black cabinets

best one wall kitchen layout

One wall kitchen styles with high ceilings can play with textures and colors to make the space appear bigger. The kitchen and the island counter correct both utilize the very same type of speckled strong surface area. The kitchen island created is likewise strange in such that it stands on slim legs rather of a built-up wall.

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