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15 English Countryside Kitchen Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

English countryside style is making a strong comeback in the interior design industry. Dating back its roots to the features of traditional Farmhouse, this new modern face has a slight twist. A twist when it comes to the practicality and feasibility of the homes. Hence, this English cottage-style majorly retains the traditional features while adding modern updates and renovations without losing the authentic charm.

So, if you’re looking for some authentic English country decor – you’re at the right spot! Here is a list of 15 English Countryside kitchens that will totally sweep you away. So, let’s have a look!

Floating Shelves

Talk about aesthetics and practicality when incorporating open and floating shelves. In general, English kitchens embrace the feeling of openness and airiness. And what better way to infuse functionality, if not for floating shelves, right?

You have the opportunity to style some fancy China collections for your guests to see. Moreover, styling with the kettles, vases, glassware and indoor planters will further imbibe a refreshing vibe!

Wood Kitchen Island

English cottage-style kitchen amalgamates functionality with practicality and authenticity. Hence, a wooden kitchen island is a must element where you can prepare meals and carry on other equivalent daily cooking tasks. This dedicated island table allows additional space for storing your cookware, flatware, and table napkins.

When not in need, this additional piece can be adjusted or removed completely. Also, not to forget, this table works as a great breakfast bar! So, you can all sit together and spend that great quality time together.

Goodman Pendant

This vintage pendant light is enclosed in polished brass to offer simplicity and a charming warm glow. You can place it over the kitchen island table to highlight the function and add a sense of visual interest and balance.

This piece of lighting would totally complement your white and blue upper and lower cabinets. And since they have an authentic vintage and rustic look – you must not hold back from them!

Rustic Counter Stool

Infuse an industrial appeal to your kitchen island table with these vintage metal bar stools on board. This antique sky blue color tends to splash a sense of joy and creativity while contradicting the warm and earthy tones of the English Country decor.

Yes! Apart from play fundamentally focal – the stools provide a comfortable platform to sit and enjoy the meals. The weathered and distressed look is what reminices the 19th Century English Cottage castles!

Striped Sheer Curtain Panel

Looking for the window treatments of your English farmhouse kitchen? Well, let’s skip to the striped curtain panels that feel countryside and cottage core. Using a warmer tone in the striped patterns of your curtain will further enhance a vintage and farmhouse-like feel.

And the cherry on the top, these woven window panels are machine washable and very easy to take care of. Of course, they’re prone to stains and dirt – which is why it proves a great investment.

Paneled Barn Door

A barn door will truly add an authentic farmhouse and country-like feel to your kitchen. So, in case you have a dedicated pantry or a hallway to dining – you can add this manufactured wood-paneled door to separate the two functions – with a notable country character.

When observed closely, you must take care of the intriguing pattern created on the door that further aligns with your existing style. Yes, such details are to be embraced!

Minorca Placemat

With your existing English Countryside kitchen setup, it’s important to focus on the details. Yes, the details such as table mats, table runners, cloth napkins, and placemats. Generally, it’s better to pick something natural and organic – well, something like this braided abaca or jute that complements the overall vibe.

This detail will add textural depth to the room while grabbing the attention from glass and metals to something more ‘woody’ and ‘countryside’!

Candle Style Geometric Chandelier

Whether you pick antique white, black, or a neutral tone – this English country chic chandelier will elevate the look and feel of your kitchen island table. This lantern design is crafted from wood and metal to align and sub-align with your interior design style and material palette.

The vintage design takes into consideration the little C-shaped accents that fan out from the pendant light. Hence, isn’t that totally Farmhouse-worthy?

Wall Mounted Glass Cabinet

Your vintage English cottage kitchen would embrace a stylish wall cabinet that has glass shutters to create a spacious and airy vibe. And do you know the best part? Well, you can beautifully create an eye-catchy palette by flaunting your favorite China collection and planters to go.

The proportion and scale of these cabinets allow a perfect English character to indulge in. Choosing colors would further pop a sense of vibrancy! 

Sunwashed Riviera Counter Stool

Taking inspiration from the classic Parisian bistro chairs, these counter stools will give your English cottage-style kitchen new heights. Apart from how trendy and countryside these stools appear, they also offer an exclusive and versatile design that can be incorporated into coastal design styles as well.

Crafted in a sustainable rattan frame with a handwoven rattan seat, the exclusive design exhibits a chic and eye-catchy appeal. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

A typical farmhouse sink will give your kitchen a perfectly cozy attire. Also called apron-front sinks, they are noted to be used in vintage, country, and Farmhouse style kitchens. The main feature is that they’re sculpted elegantly with a clean and sleek appearance. 

Embedded underneath the surface of the marble countertop, the sink tends to stick out of the cabinets by about an inch. Generally, it’s recommended to align the sink with the color of your cabinet! 

Seagrass Serving Tray

Even though cabinets, backsplash, and lighting fixtures play a major role in defining the style of the palette – you must not forget the nitty gritty. Yes, let’s talk about the serving trays, tableware, and cookware.

You can either pick a distressed metal finish collection or something absolutely natural and organic. Generally, rattan, wicker, or seagrass is the way to create a textural and detailed experience in your kitchen. 

Vintage Furniture

English country homes have a wide array of vintage furniture to flaunt. They’re either passed on from generations or have been grabbed from local fairs and antique stores. And when it comes to styling, the kitchen remains one of the trendiest places to flaunt.

Whether you have an old-school bench or an iconic retro-style stool, incorporating this vintage furniture in amalgamation with some newer pieces is a great way to complete the English countryside look.

Ceramic Vase

This floor vase displays a beautifully neutral and muted color palette in your English farmhouse kitchen. Offering a flair of floral and a crisp and clean silhouette, the beautiful home decor element adds an equally stunning effect.

You can either choose to place it in a cluster with other planters and vases, or make it stand out individually. Spraying blooming flowers is the way to further enhance the environment!

Oversized Wall Clock and Copper Cookware

Copper is the material when it comes to choosing pots, kettles, and pans. Not only does it add character and accent to your kitchen but also reminisces the old and traditional features of the English Countryside kitchen.

Not to forget the oversized wall clock! It can be used to add an antique and cottage look to the kitchen – meanwhile, playing functional and versatile.

Summing It Up

So, are you impressed with these stunning 15 English Countryside Kitchen ideas? It’s a given that they will add an authentic, vintage, and eye-catchy appeal. You just have to think rustic and functional – with a tinge of color and textural interest!