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24 Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Breathe Life into Your Kitchen

By: Evelina Nilsson
Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Donpedrobrooklyn 57

For some people, using blue color for the kitchen may sound strange. Sometimes, it’s rare to see a kitchen with blue color since it’s more common to see blue as the color of the wall.

But, in the right way, you can even breathe life into your kitchen with blue accents!

The blue color has many things that it could deliver. Blue prompts the feeling of peace, relaxation, expansiveness, grandness, and quiet.

You can take a look at the blue sky and ocean, which provide a great feeling to your soul.

When used inside the house, blue also triggers the feeling of tranquility, luxury, and space.

Moreover, the blue color is also known to be a stress reliever color and helps lower blood pressure and slow down your heartbeat.

So, why don’t you try to apply a blue shade for the color of your kitchen? Browse these 24 pictures of the blue kitchen cabinet and find your favorite one!

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

When you have a spacious kitchen, you must want it to be cozy, warm, and welcoming.

Therefore, the navy blue kitchen cabinet is the perfect shade to have in a large kitchen because you will be able to see that this color stands out.

Moreover, navy blue helps to balance out the heat and light.

Dark Blue Kitchen Island

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Donpedrobrooklyn 16

A dark blue kitchen island is excellent for the base of your kitchen. Combined with white color, you will have a sophisticated yet fancy design for the kitchen.

Rustic Blue Kitchen Set

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Home Depot

Rustic style kitchen is always closely associated with the color of white or gray. Meanwhile, you can always explore with more colors, such as blue.

A rustic blue kitchen set also gives a decent and stunning look for the kitchen. When you choose a rustic style with light wooden color, you can combine it with a darker shade of blue.

Egyptian Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Midnight Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Unique and fresh, that is the idea that you will get from the picture above. Take a look at that simple yet fresh kitchen design.

You can see that what stands out the most is the blue color. Egyptian blue kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen look colorful and super unique.

Navy Blue Kitchen Island

Where To Buy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

A darker shade of blue always gives a fresh and fancy touch to the kitchen.

When helped with the right lighting, the navy blue kitchen island provides a great look for your kitchen. This shade of blue is also great to match with the white color.

Country Style Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Kitchen Cabinets For Sale

Look at this shade of light blue. It gives such as calming and soft atmosphere for your kitchen.

Mixed with subway tiles, this shade of blue, wooden floor, and country style kitchen cabinet is perfect to create a classic and traditional atmosphere.

Minimalist Kitchen Set in Blue Color

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue and white are an incredible combination to have for a minimalist kitchen. The minimalist kitchen set in blue color is simple yet stunning to be seen.

You will not need much to décor a minimalist kitchen, a combination of great color and a simple kitchen set will deliver a minimalist look.

Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Images

Like the color of the sky and the ocean, the blue kitchen cabinet serves a fresh and gorgeous design for the kitchen.

Added with a unique lamp and perfect lighting, you will have a sweet and cozy kitchen.

White and Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

White is a very versatile color and also gives a neat and clean look. The white and blue kitchen cabinet is a great pair because their contrast can be seen clearly and match perfectly.

You can read more about white kitchen design here: White Kitchen Design Ideas.

Traditional Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Where To Buy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue kitchen island mixed with wooden countertops is very classic. It also gives a sense of welcoming and traditional kitchen.

With beautiful ornaments like this, you will want to stay more and more in this cozy kitchen.

Modern Blue Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Can blue shade make the kitchen look modern? The answer is…absolutely!

A dark shade of blue mixed with a granite countertop will make your kitchen extremely modern. Especially added with a unique hanging lamp above the counter, it is just classy!

Open Kitchen Design with Blue Cabinet

Midnight Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Those who want to have a spacious kitchen design can apply an open kitchen design. The open kitchen design will make your kitchen instantly look larger. The combination of options for blue color is endless.

Take a look at this blue cabinet mixed with a black countertop. Both are dark colors, yet it doesn’t seem confusing or dirty at all. You just have to be smart in picking other furniture around the kitchen.

L-Shaped Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Donpedrobrooklyn 55
L shaped kitchen layout is flexible enough to adapt to structural needs. This layout makes the most out of a small space.

Additionally, L shaped blue kitchen cabinets make your kitchen look calm and very cozy. Just combine it with white granite countertops, and your kitchen will look simple yet great for the house.

Blue-Gray Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Donpedrobrooklyn 56

Blue has tons of shade colors, including blue-gray. A blue-gray kitchen cabinet may work in the kitchen; however, it is going to look pale.

Therefore, you can add decorative tile backsplash to add more patterns to the kitchen and to avoid looking dull.

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Bold Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Donpedrobrooklyn 58

Never be scared to be bold! Take a look at this bold blue kitchen cabinet. It gives the atmosphere as if you are on a luxurious boat.

Moreover, you can mix and match this color with almost anything. It can be a wooden pattern or even granite.

Elegant Blue Kitchen Cabinet with Sink

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Donpedrobrooklyn 60

Perhaps the word elegant is never closely associated with a kitchen. But, if you do want a sleek kitchen, say no more!

An elegant blue kitchen cabinet with a sink is here to help you realize the dream. This color is perfect because it gives you a subtle atmosphere and also looks luxurious.

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Midnight Blue Kitchen Cabinets

If you seek something that looks fun and playful, you can check this one out. The light blue kitchen cabinet serves a playful, calm, and chic vibe for the kitchen.

Moreover, you can have a unique pattern for the floor, also in light colors to make your kitchen look jolly.

Country Style Kitchen with Blue Cabinet

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Images

Do you miss the good old days? Country style kitchen has never failed to create a classic and cozy kitchen. With the addition of the blue cabinet, it gives a contrasting look to the kitchen.

Country style is usually filled with brown color or wooden pattern, so if you would like to add more color, blue cabinet, both dark and light can be your best pick!

Antique Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Kitchen Cabinets For Sale

When you heard the word antique, the first thing that will pop up in your mind is brown, black, or white. But, you can also add a blue color as your color.

An antique blue kitchen cabinet destroys the stereotype of a dull antique look. Blue color pops out better and also cheers the look of the kitchen.

Spanish Kitchen Style with Blue Color

Blue Kitchen Cabinets For Sale

We all know how cozy the Spanish kitchen style is. With unique decoration, Spanish style kitchen always stands out and hard to forget.

With the addition of a blue color, you can have more fun with the choice of shade.

Take a look at this dark shade of blue; it fits perfectly with the design and can work with almost any pattern.

Blue Stained Kitchen Cabinet

Midnight Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue stained kitchen cabinet? Why not!

You may be familiar with this color because you might have seen this color in a piece of clothing, such as blue jeans. But who said that this color could be suitable in a kitchen?

Take a look at the picture above and look at how unique the kitchen is. It also works great with many colors, like a white and wooden floor. So, don’t be afraid to try!

Rustic Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Where To Buy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

A rustic blue kitchen cabinet is a perfect choice if you want to have a classic, simple, and cozy kitchen.

This color is very calm and doesn’t overshadow other colors. Moreover, it is also able to be combined with different great colors.

Blue Kitchen Set with White Countertop

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Simple yet sophisticated. A blue kitchen set with a white countertop is the ideal combination to create a modern and sophisticated look to the kitchen.

With an additional dark shade wooden floor, it presents a nice contrast with blue and white.

Shabby Chic Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Midnight Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Stylish and chic.

Trying out the shabby chic style in the kitchen is a lot easier than in the bedroom or other spaces. With blue color, your kitchen will present a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

There you go! 24 blue kitchen ideas that you can apply to your kitchen! The blue color is closely associated with the color of the sky or ocean. So, it seems just right to have a blue kitchen decoration to earn the same atmosphere. Have fun trying!