30 Stunningly Clean White Kitchen Design Ideas

granite countertop and stovetop

If you desire a tidy and airy look in your kitchen, think about these quite and brilliant tones of white for your cabinets, island, or faucets. Here, you’ll discover a range of warm and cool shades, and the information you’ll have to reproduce the look in your house.

You cannot fail with white in the kitchen, so relax and let these wonderful ideas and images influence you to take your kitchen from dull to stunning.

1. European Style Kitchen

European style white kitchen

This kitchen makes you consider love with its European design decoration and information and the lovely style on the back splash. The off-white color of the cabinets mixes beautifully with the appeal of the dark counter tops.

The workmanship and information from the pillars of the range cabinets to the variety hood above the range reveal that cooking areas do not constantly need to be standard.

2. Open Shelving Cabinet

open shelving white kitchen cabinet

This cost-effective option to upper kitchen cabinetry keeps whatever within sight and reach. Plus, the farmhouse staple supplies the ideal reason to purchase stunning kitchen products in increased gold or other spectacular products and colors.

3. Mixed Materials

mixed material-white-kitchen-design-idea

Utilizing a Pearl Ash train tile in this lake home kitchen and kitchen provides the white area included measurement in a subtle method.

4. White Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Flooring

white kitchen with dark floor

Setting up a white kitchen cabinet does not need to make the kitchen all white. You can have the floor covering to be in dark warm colors. The walls and the backsplash exist in dark grey and beige color to make an accent for that pure white kitchen cabinet.

5. Patterned Tiles

patterned tiles white kitchen

Carpets, nevertheless long lasting, aren’t useful for a heavy-use kitchen. Get in declaration flooring tile. It’s a more subtle method to include effect to your white kitchen style than, state, a vibrant eye-level backsplash.

6. Gorgeous White Kitchen Cabinets

granite countertop and stovetop

From the big windows and the white cabinets, brilliant and cheerful is the very first description that enters your mind. What actually includes a wonderful touch to this currently beautiful kitchen are the light colored drapes.

While a sky blue drape might gather with the blue stool in this kitchen, these delicately draped drapes contribute to the airy atmosphere of the space.

7. Black and White Kitchen

black and white kitchen

This kitchen reveals that anything is possible with its black tiled flooring and backsplash. What could be a possibly dark setting is conserved by the light cabinets that make this kitchen stylish and captivating.

A black backsplash is an exceptional concept for concealing food splashes while cooking and is simple to tidy.

8. Monochrome Kitchen

monochrome kitchen set

In another example on how black and white can not just operate in a kitchen however boost its look, this kitchen reveals that black and white make a beautiful pairing in house designing.

The long cabinets open the kitchen making it appear large while the black counter and light tones work to include depth to this area. While the chairs operate in black, the strong colors of the cabinets and kitchen make any color chair possible.

9. Complementary Colors

white kitchen with complementary colors

Designer Mark D. Sikes matches the blue-and-white French restaurant stools and mossy-green island with white marble counter tops.

10. White and Bright

white and bright kitchen

This kitchen feels refreshingly open and airy, thanks to a white-and-gray scheme and the lack of upper cabinets.

The house owner included a collection of distinct pulley lights from Europe, and an antique meal rack going back to 1865 that was, she states, “the best weathered gray.”

11. Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse white kitchen style

A selection of old stools supplies wacky appeal in the kitchen of this Oregon farmhouse. Resilient concrete counter tops from Cement Elegance coupled with cabinets painted in simple white color. Barn wood left over from the flooring setup covers a metal Ikea hood.

12. Country Style Kitchen

country style white kitchen cabinets

This antebellum Georgia home includes a late-1800s Belgian butcher’s table, which is now a kitchen island, that still bears traces of newsprint from the table’s industrious commercial days.

The house owners left the Carrara marble counters unhoned to reveal wear. The walls are painted Nation Range White.

13. U-Shaped White Kitchen Cabinets

U shaped kitchen with white cabinet

A “U” formed kitchen is fantastic for antique white kitchen cabinets.

The great balance and percentage make it a perfect option for your kitchen style. If you’re utilized to doing the cooking in normal kitchen principle, in this one would be rather various.

14. Casual Beauty Kitchen

beautiful kitchen

In this Georgia loft, previously a raw commercial area, the owner set up counter tops and a corner kitchen sink, then hung open racks above them, producing a kitchen that mixes effortlessly with the living location and library beyond.

She got the wicker chairs at a garage sale and sewed the sink skirt from alphabet-patterned material. The wood bull’s head is African. The walls are painted Velvety by Sherwin-Williams. A couple of pieces of framed art turn open kitchen shelving into a display.

15. White One Wall Kitchen

white one wall kitchen design

The majority of people desire their home to be basic. The secret to an excellent kitchen style is simpleness and performance. The workflow would be reliable for the cooks.

This basic white kitchen cabinet actually matches to a traditional style.

As you can see, The impression of antique is likewise supported by that lighting pendant above the windows. Having those lightings in between the antique kitchen cabinets truly make a terrific look.

16. Rustic White Kitchen

rustic wooden white kitchen

The kitchen in this upstate New York City home includes a 1950s fridge. “Our moms cautioned us about thawing,” the owner jokes, “however we like the appearance.”

A midcentury range, an antique butcher block, and a restored cast-iron sink amplify the space’s farmhouse beauty.

17. China Wall White Cabinet

white kitchen cabinet ideas

Wide slabs of white beadboard make a lovely background for a collection of white china, producing the ideal blend of rustic special.

The china and enamelware in this kitchen were gathered throughout the household’s journeys to Europe along with sees to a couple of all-American yard sale.

18. White Kitchen Cabinets With Edgy Shade


Whether dressed completely in white, or embellished with color, these white kitchens show to be the best of the best. This kitchen acquires its edgy feel from high-gloss functions as well as shots of fantastic shade.

Electric yellow-green stools bring energy to the timeless marble-topped island, big enough for consuming. Customized cabinets from Cardea Structure Company are painted white to bring a lot more light and open the space.

19. White Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops

white kitchen island with granite countertop

If you want to make your kitchen look like the above picture, find a replacement kitchen worktop and you will be well on your way to your dream kitchen!

20. French Style White Kitchen Table

country style kitchen in white

This country-style kitchen consists of a huge island that functions as both a dining place in addition to an office.

The white marble island leading obtains a warm lift from French bar stools painted in blue and yellow and cushioned with checks of yellow as well as white.

The blue-and-white backsplash furthermore offers soft color as well as pattern.

21. White Cabinet for Small Kitchen

small white kitchen

White belongs in almost any kitchen, however when utilized in a little kitchen it works magic. This kitchen goes to reveal that your little kitchen can still look lovely and roomy.

The wood counter tops set magnificently with the white cabinets and the tile back splash includes a touch of information to the space to highlight its other parts, such as the skillfully put racks on above the sink or the elegant bar stools set near the stunning wood island.

Think about these information when refurbishing your apartment or condo or little house kitchen.

22. Industrial White Kitchen Cabinets

industrial white kitchen

Among the very best aspects of cabinets that are white or light cream is that you can include nearly any kind of tile or color and develop a lovely impact.

The blue-green versus the white with the traffic signal shade includes life and playfulness to this commercial kitchen and makes it a far more welcoming location to be.

23. White Kitchen Island

white kitchen island with stovetop

Take advantage of being able to use the area above the island by including suspended storage, where you can show a matching pan collection or your best stemware.

You can likewise try out lighting aspects, or if you have actually decided to set up a stovetop with overhead venting you can utilize the area for the variety hood.

24. White Kitchen Island with Wood Countertop

white kitchen island with wood countertop

Include another dynamic by developing variation in the height of your island. Utilizing the island for multiple purposes, like eating and food prep, will both make the most of the utility and make it seem like 2 totally various spaces.

For example, add a home appliance to one level (like a sink or stovetop) and create a breakfast bar on a greater tier.

25. White Kitchen with Island and Seating

white kitchen island with seating

Whether your area lacks an appropriate table or you’re seeking to create a more casual bar-seating option, adding low-profile seating to the island is an easy method to increase functionality and make the environment more social for both visitors and the cook.

Produce a breakfast bar or table, and leave a counter overhang that provides adequate space to tuck the chairs or stools beneath when not in use.

26. White Kitchen Cabinet with Black Island

white kitchen with black island

Keep it simple while including value using an island to significantly increase the quantity of countertop in your kitchen.

Having more countertop adds obvious advantages: more space for meal prep, several chefs and can serve as an eating location.

Create contrast by utilizing a various material or color for the island counters than you carried out in the rest of the room. If your routine countertops are white quartz, attempt black or a dark stained wood for the island.

27. Cozy White Kitchen

white kitchen with wooden floor

This kitchen shows that comfortable can be stylish. It’s the type of kitchen that you can think of costs hours in preparing vacation meals or baking cookies with the household.

The kitchen cabinets with the light yellow background allow the natural light coming through the windows to enhance the bright feel to this kitchen.

28. Modern White Kitchen

modern white kitchen ideas

If you enjoy the idea of fresh and breezy, you would enjoy a kitchen like this one. This kitchen offers authenticity and style while keeping it cool.

The white bubble hanging lights, the kitchen cabinets, the wooden beams, and the stunning connected table combine to make a special yet beautiful area in this home. It’s an excellent use of space and the white allows the kitchen to appear more roomy than it actually is.

29. Brick White Kitchen

brick backsplash white kitchen cabinet

This kitchen reveals that brick can be an excellent choice for kitchen creating. The contrast of the kitchen storage cabinets against the red brick just boost the beauty of this style. This style is both pleasant and modern.

The integrated wine cellar is an imaginative concept that can operate in numerous kinds of kitchens. This style is an outstanding idea for people who want the illusion of more room in their kitchen while maintaining stylish storage area.

30. Minimalist White Kitchen

minimalist white kitchen

If you have been taking a look at pictures of cabinet ideas to come up with a style for your kitchen, this photo is one fantastic example of how white cabinets need to always stay a staple in kitchen design.

White enables home cooking areas to be brilliant and look spacious. The white kitchen cabinetry and setups in this kitchen enhance the grey stone wall giving the house a contemporary and clean feel.

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