Barn Wood Kitchen Islands

New Year is just around the corner and people are beginning to put interest to natural things, such as reclaimed wood for furniture.

There are many reasons to start utilizing reclaimed wood, for example: (a) it’s more affordable and (b) it has a sense of warm welcome.

Due to that reasons alone, we believe you want to take a look around these popular reclaimed barn wood ideas for kitchen islands.

Let’s go!

Reclaimed Pine Wood Basic Kitchen Island

barnwood kitchen island plans

“Why do you choose pine wood?” You may asked.

In case you haven’t been told by anyone, pine wood is popular for its durability. Its capability of staying young is amazing. That’s why we chose pine.

Moreover, if you’re going with a simple design for a minimalist kitchen island, this is the most basic design of a kitchen island.

It is a rectangular shaped island. The frame is painted in white, while the pine wood is left natural.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island on Wheels

barnwood kitchen island top

An island is mostly permanently fixed onto the floor. This design is clearly an exception.

With wheels, it allows the island to be portable. Later on, when you entertain neighbors, friends or family in the yard, you can bring this with you!

In addition, the reclaimed wood gives you a rustic appearance which appeals to anyone.

Rustic Kitchen Design with Refurnished Old Wood

barnwood kitchen island top

The island isn’t the only furniture in the kitchen that you can transform using a refurnished old wood.

Go all out by transforming the entire kitchen with rustic design, which means the refurnished old wood is utilized for cabinetry, islands and ceilings.

As you see, to balance the rustic atmosphere, use stone backsplash and wood island countertop.

Recovered Oak Kitchen Island with Granite Countertop

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

You may wonder, “Is a farmhouse-style kitchen with a recovered wood island appropriate for a modern apartment?”

Well, yes!

This is a totally modern house or apartment, as seen from the layout of the kitchen which is open to the living room, the lighting and the stainless steel appliances.

But the rustic appearance of the recovered oak wood blends well to the surrounding, especially the pattern which balances black color used in cabinetry and sofa.

Darken Reclaimed Old Pine Island

salvaged wood kitchen island

Pine wood stands out among other types of woods because of its durability and natural color. If its natural color is too bright, you can darken it as you like.

Usually, it depends on the specific theme used for the kitchen or the entire house, for that matter.

This kitchen chooses to go with natural theme. Take a look at the darken recovered pine wood used for the island, cabinet, wall frames and ceiling trims!

Not only that, the wall is made of natural cut-stone which perfect the natural-theme look!

Recovered Barnwood Island for A Rustic Kitchen Style

reclaimed barnwood kitchen island

Rustic countertop or kitchen in general, is considered as attractive. It has its own charm, for example, it has rustic appearance which gives us a warm feeling; it feels like we’re welcomed dearly in this kitchen.

Moreover, using recovered barn wood for a kitchen is a great idea to save some money.

The natural color of recovered barn wood is caramel brown and you can combine brown with light colors, such as white.

Reclaimed Logs Kitchen Island

reclaimed wood island flip or flop

To make a beautiful kitchen island—whether the frame or the top, you need to process the log, transforming its form from a solid log to a wooden plank.

However, this idea introduces us to the elimination of that process. The logs are used to support the table top.

The natural caramel look of the logs is charming, making you feel like you’re in a tree house.

Reclaimed Old Pine Kitchen Counter

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

A kitchen island often works double as a breakfast bar—or any time you eat-bar. As seen, this is an example of a simple bar. It has a simple rectangular shape.

The pattern on the wood is a natural wood pattern which gives the island/bar a strong character. Such color needs a granite countertop with similar hue.

To emphasize the wood’s rustic appearance, choose white cabinetry to provide a clear background.

White Recovered Wood Kitchen Cabinetry

barn wood islands

People are wondering if a recovered old wood can sit together with a modern kitchen style.

Of course, they can get along very well!

In this design, the old wood planks are implemented on the back of the desk and the drawer.

To strengthen the natural element, you can also utilize the old recovered wood to the wall extended to the floor.

All-white Luxurious White Recovered Wood

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

What a huge pantry! This is an example of a large kitchen. The counter is open to the living room and the eating area, making it the perfect spot to store wines.

To make it convenient, you can DIY one side of the island cabinet to become a creative wine storage.

Can you spot the recovered wood? It has been applied to the cabinetry, island, as well as the ceiling trims. Since this design wants to avoid rustic look, the wood has been repainted with white color.

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Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Recovered Old Wood

barn wood islands

A farmhouse style kitchen has a unique atmosphere; it’s serene. Perhaps, the old wood used for furnishing breathes out warmth.

It makes you feel closer to nature; it makes you feel welcomed. If you admire or even plan to have a farmhouse style kitchen, may us recommend you a dark recovered wood like so?

The old woods have been transformed into several furnishings here; the cabinets, ceiling trims, flooring, and the kitchen island that doubled as an eating bar.

You can add your personal touch, such as making a book shelf on the counter, so your children can eat and read book at the same time, or you can keep some cooking books neatly in there.

Customized Kitchen Island Using Pine Wood

salvaged wood kitchen island

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a gorgeous kitchen island design. When it happens, you should consider customizing.

This is one of customized island examples. It is unique, because it is divided into two sections; (a) eating table for two or three—at most and (b) the cutting and washing area above the customized shelves and drawers.

Recovered Rustic Barnwood Counter

In a lot of cases, most people feel the farmhouse style kitchen is too outdated. It can be solved by combining the unique character of farmhouse style kitchen and modern kitchen design.

The distinct character of a farmhouse is shown through the use of barn wood for ceiling trims, cabinets, island, and flooring.

Meanwhile, the modernity is seen from the furnishing, such as stainless steel vent and the contemporary lighting fixture.

Polished Recovered Wood for a Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen

One of many reasons why people choose to go with a farmhouse kitchen style is the welcoming feeling that’s felt very warm.

Perhaps, the warmth comes from the recovered wood on the island and the ceiling.

Since the recovered wood has been polished, it reflects the light from the lamps and the accents, making the room shines brightly.

Rectangular Barn wood Kitchen Countertop

reclaimed wood island flip or flop

The minimalist island has shelves to store bottles or cooking ingredients. On top of that, there are two small additional drawers.

This customized island is topped by rectangular barn wood that has been re-polished to look sleek. Moreover, the natural pattern on the wood looks amazing and unique.

Recovered Wood for an L-shaped Kitchen

barnwood kitchen island plans

Natural colors offer a relaxing feeling and a warm welcome. Let’s see, the flooring is composed of polished hardwood with color deeper than the recovered wood used for cabinetry and island.

Meanwhile, the recovered wood is left unpolished. It stays in its natural color and pattern. To create an excellent contrast, use white countertop.

Reclaimed Oak Wood Customized Island

salvaged wood kitchen island

It’s an excellent design! Oak is known for its brilliant natural color and unique pattern. Due to that reasons, the reclaimed oak wood is better left unpolished.

Here, the oak makes an astonishing breakfast bar accompanied by four wooden chairs. Another element that comes to attention is the lighting fixture.

The fixture on the ceiling is an updated, modern lamp surrounded by accents which gives the area an appropriate ambience.

Recovered Rectangular Island Countertop

barnwood kitchen island top

If it’s not damaged, it can be saved. This was an old rustic wood that was almost thrown out, but a keen eye saw the fortune and took it back to save it.

The rustic old wood is polished to make the pattern visible again after such a long time. The simplicity of the shape makes the pattern comes out stronger.

Customized Pine Recovered Wood Island

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

Sometimes, no store or catalogue can fulfill your thirst of a nice kitchen island. If that occurs, it’s highly suggested that you order a customized kitchen island.

This one is simple. It only has two drawers on each side and an open space at the bottom to store anything.

At the top, the island is topped by a pine wood countertop that has been recovered. The wood makes a strong statement over the black drawers.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Farmhouse Style Kitchen

barnwood kitchen island plans

Barn wood is mesmerizing. Ugh, you gotta agree! We all love its appearance and its rusty texture.

You don’t even have to put so much effort into making it look modern, because it looks just fine with its rustic barn wood appearance in this modern kitchen.

You can be creative and transform your old flooring into the same material as the island. To balance the soft natural color, choose color in a lighter shade, such as this silver gray.

Customized Recovered Barn Wood Island

barnwood kitchen island top

A kitchen island is used as an extended space for preparing meals. It has to have a clean, smooth surface and enough storage for spices or anything needed for ingredients.

We know, to open and close the cabinet door is a waste of time. To make it effective, get rid of the door and create an opening on each side.

The opening can be customized with two or more shelves based on your needs. However, you need a durable recovered wood to make an amazing island.

An All-White Kitchen Design with Recovered Oak Wood

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

An oak wood has a strong dark caramel color, so it is important for you to stick it out. One way to do it is to put it over a clear background, such as white.

As seen on the design above, white base gives the recovered oak wood a strong character. The wood is successfully standing out with its distinct natural black stains.

Natural made-like Recovered Oak Wood Island

reclaimed wood kitchen island diy

This island is combination of two different woods. The wood used as the top is a recovered oak wood that has not been polished.

It shows off its natural color that is light caramel, while the island cabinet at the bottom has a darker caramel color.

Moreover, the cabinet has a very simple design. To put the look together, install some interesting light fixture above.

Granite Top and A Recovered Pine Wood Cabinet

modern kitchen island

There are a lot of types of wood reusable for a cabinet, but there is only one particular wood that attracts so many people; pine wood. Pine is popular for its dark color and its durability.

Pine wood is the elven of the wood realm; it gets even more beautiful as it ages. Here, the pine is used to make an island cabinet with a shallow opening on the side, while it is topped by a granite countertop.

Recovered Wood Island Cabinet

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

Recovered wood becomes an alternative idea to spend less money, because it’s more affordable than those new cabinets.

In fact, we can obtain a great look from a thrift shop cabinet material. Here, the recovered wood has been transformed into an almond white cabinet with a granite countertop.

Reclaimed Oak Island Countertop

kitchen island diy

The kitchen area is decorated with white furniture; the kitchen cabinets, breakfast counter seats, window frames and the French door.

Even the lower cabinets are topped by white granite top. A reclaimed oak wood takes the spotlight on the island.

It is a simple rectangular design with a long stripe pattern. The oak is a smart choice because it’s very durable and easy to clean.

Customized Portable Barn Wood Island

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

Make your kitchen island more effective by extending its function. This can be an extension of an island which you can move around after attaching some wheels.

In fact, a portable island extension is a great alternative for a party or a small gathering. The island is made of recovered barn wood which has been repainted with a stronger caramel color.

Rustic Counter Made of Barn Wood

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

This rustic small extension island is made of recycled barn wood which has been re-polished. The lower part is opened to two shelves.

On top of that, there are two drawers and a handle on each.

Meanwhile, on the upper part is the rectangular-shaped countertop which is also made of barn wood with a more natural color.

Recovered Walnut Wood Vintage Island

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

We haven’t come across this wood before. This is a walnut wood, which is specifically known for its bright caramel color.

Such uniqueness makes walnut wood surface a very easy to clean surface.

Other than that, this is suitable for you who’re planning to go with a vintage style kitchen. Its semi-circle edges really pull it off.

Unique Customized Pine Wood Island

modern kitchen island

The uniqueness of this island can be spotted from the single suspension. It is meant to be an eating or drinking area. That’s why the bottom is left open with a suspension, so chairs can be put in there.

Meanwhile, this unique island is made of reclaimed pine wood. It can be seen from its distinct color.

Topped by a granite countertop, the island is made of the same material as the cabinetry, making a strong statement.

Old Pine Sleek Portable Island

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

The island holds the concept of a classic-modern. It looks sleek because of the black color. Accompanied by dusty gold pins, the island has a lot of storage spaces.

It is also complemented by some wheels, making it extremely portable. On top of the island, a polished, recovered old pine decorated it nicely.

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