Barn Wood Kitchen Islands

A lot of homeowners desire a kitchen with modern updates here and there. That sleek stainless steel appliances are admirable, indeed, but there is no wrong in adding a touch of natural element into it.

In fact, natural elements like recovered woods give the kitchen a welcoming atmosphere. Who would’ve refused to have such beauty in the kitchen?

Well, we believe it’s not you! There are hundreds of choices of reclaimed barnwood for kitchen island, and we have put together the top 31 ideas just for you! Check ‘em out!


1. Basic White Kitchen Island Made of Old Pine

barnwood kitchen island plans

Pine is known for its durability. That’s why people love it! Even an old pine can be recovered nicely.

This is an example of a recovered old pine which is now used as a kitchen island. The island in this one is simple.

It has the most basic design of an island which is a rectangle old pine countertop supported by white, open counter. The result is amazing. It looks simple, yet it’s intriguing!

2. Custom Portable Kitchen Island Made of Reclaimed Wood

barnwood kitchen island top

Are you the kind of home owners who love entertains neighbors? Well, this right here is gold!

This is a reclaimed wood kitchen island with wheels so it’s portable. When your barbeque party needs an island to prepare the spice, you can easily move it outside.

How brilliant is that!

The island cabinet is also equipped with a wine drawer which is perfect for a party.

3. Old Wood Kitchen Island Refurnished into Modern Style

barnwood kitchen island top

The example of using barn wood for Kitchen Island is to build a farmhouse-style kitchen. This one is an extraordinary kitchen made of reclaimed old wood.

Not only that you can feel the natural touch from the island, but you can also absorb it from the entire design of the room.

Take a look at the old wood cabinetry and the stone backsplash!

To balance the nature-feeling of the old wood, you can use a modern head lamp and stainless steel appliances.

4. Rustic Recovered Oak Kitchen Island

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

You would assume that barn wood or reclaimed wood can only be used for a farmhouse-style kitchen.

Truthfully, it isn’t true. This kitchen island idea mixes rustic recovered oak wood with marble countertop in a modern kitchen design. The oak’s rustic appearance is overpowered by the marble, but it’s still stood out nicely.

Moreover, the recovered product is repainted in a black and gray-ish color to match the one-wall black cabinets.

5. Granite Countertop with Reclaimed Old Pine Island

salvaged wood kitchen island

An island is a kitchen’s centerpiece. That’s why it has to be perfect, at least eye-pleasing. One of many woods used for kitchen is Pine.

Other than its durability, Pine wood is also admired for its brown, caramel color. This color would make a great contemporary-style.

To modernize the look, you can add granite countertop and stainless steel appliances. But the centerpiece of this kitchen isn’t only the old pine recovered island, but also the amazing cross-bracing wood ceiling.

6. Rustic Recovered Barnwood Kitchen Island

reclaimed barnwood kitchen island

Are you a fan of a farmhouse-style kitchen?

You don’t have to be out in the farmland to own a farmhouse-styled kitchen. You can build one using recovered barn wood.

To recover barn woods is a grand idea to spend less money. It’s also a great idea to have that rustic, warm feeling in the kitchen.

This idea shows you that a recovered barn wood makes an excellent L-shaped island. Displaying the cutlery through a crystal clear glass makes it more interesting. Also, the white countertop really softens the caramel color of the wood.

7. Natural Color Barnwood Kitchen Island with Reclaimed Logs

reclaimed wood island flip or flop

When you were kids, did you have a tree house?

This idea lets your imagination runs wild by using reclaimed logs as a kitchen island—it’s more of a kitchen counter, actually. The logs were cut into halves to support the up-cycled barn wood countertop.

To complement this design, paint the entire space, except the floors and ceiling trim, with white color to give a clean background, so the natural, caramel color of the logs pop up greatly.

8. Reclaimed Kitchen Counter from Old Pine

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

A spacious kitchen area is a blessing, because you can have an extra space for a nice kitchen island.

This island is made of recovered or reclaimed old pine wood, which is clearly seen from its natural, vertical lines pattern.

Obviously, the pattern becomes the centerpiece of the area. To keep it this way, you need a white background which is shown from the all-white cabinetry at the back.

9. Modern White Kitchen Cabinet from Recovered Wood

barn wood islands

Using old wood is not an excuse to neglect a modern style kitchen idea. We all know that old wood is capable of being mixed together with a totally different style.

This is a proper example that shows you why. The recovered wood is left as it is as the floor, part of the walls and the cabinet, and a little bit of the work desk.

Since the owner keeps the original color, the rest of the room has to be painted in a rather neutral color to balance it out.

10. Luxurious White Recovered Wood Kitchen Island

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

An old wood can be recovered maximally to fit in to a luxurious kitchen style.

The rustic appearance may not fit into such style, but a recovered, polished wood combined with all-white cabinets fit in to the theme perfectly.

Even more, the island is also functioned as a bar with the addition of wine storage.


11. Diverse Kitchen With Recovered Wood Cabinets And Island

barn wood islands

This design allows you to experiment with dark wood. What can you build?

Well, a farmhouse style kitchen may cross your mind.

Looking at it, you feel the warmth and the welcoming feeling from the kitchen area. First of all, the ceiling is designed very barn-like with logs crossing each other.

Then, the kitchen cabinets, which are made of the same material, blend perfectly with the backsplash tiles.

But our attention is focused on the kitchen island slash counter. As seen, it’s a custom island with an extra storage for books.

12. Old Pine Kitchen Island with Shelves

salvaged wood kitchen island

Do you want an island that can be used as a breakfast table?

This is a custom reclaimed old pine wood. It’s built with a breakfast bar for two or three people. Additionally, you can also use the shelves for extra storage.

Now, talking about the quality of the color, the island gives a nice contrast to the whole area. It doesn’t overpower the cabinets or the beautiful tiles; instead, it balances it out. It makes the room looks so pretty.

13. Recovered Rustic Barnwood Kitchen Island

Commonly, barn wood is suitable for a farmhouse style kitchen. This is one of the examples. A lot of home owners choose to leave the ceiling blank in white.

With the recovered barn woods, you can add trims on the ceiling like this one. This won’t make the room smaller, because the ceiling is already high.

To make it contemporary, hang three or four modern lighting fixtures.

Moreover, the kitchen counter is shown off nicely with the glass countertop. Its natural pattern and dark brown color fit greatly with lighter colored flooring.

14. Contemporary Style Kitchen Counter from Recovered Wood

Oh, the warmth of this space is amazing! The mounted accents on the ceilings bring out that welcoming feeling, because the light is reflected nicely by the wood aspects in this room.

For example, the ceiling is decorated by three recovered barn wood logs. Another recovered wood can be seen on top of the counter. Due to the modern style lighting fixtures hanging upon it, it shines brightly like it has been polished a hundred times!

15. Custom Sleek Barnwood Kitchen Island

reclaimed wood island flip or flop

What’s your impression on this one? Yes! It looks so sleek.

The reclaimed wood has a mixture of dark and light brown caramel color, placing it on top of a black custom designed island cabinet give an eye-pleasing contrast. The custom island is filled with a lot of small shelves to keep spices and ingredients.

16. Modern Kitchen With Peninsula & Recovered Wood Accents

barnwood kitchen island plans

Do you feel the calm and relaxing feelings in this area?

Supposedly, they come from the contrast between the soft natural color of the recovered wood and the all-white background on the countertop, backsplash tiles and ceilings.

The combination creates a beautiful contemporary kitchen.

To strengthen the atmosphere a little bit, you can play with the hardwood on the floor. Use a darker color floor to add more value to this contemporary kitchen.

17. Custom Kitchen Island from Reclaimed Oak Wood

salvaged wood kitchen island

Take a look at this gorgeous reclaimed oak wood kitchen island! The structure looks simple, yet it’s astonishing. To complete the look, you need some stools so it can be used as a breakfast table too.

Moreover, to really combine the styles between farmhouse and modern, you can cover the vent with the left over recovered oak wood.

Now, this kitchen area becomes stylish and stunning. Who says that recovered wood can’t fit in to a modern kitchen?

18. White Farmhouse Kitchen Island with Sinkk

barnwood kitchen island top

An old wood may become too rustic that its pattern becomes invisible. By recovering and re-polishing the old, rustic wood, it becomes a brand-new material with a strong wood pattern and a dark caramel color.

Its characteristics would fit into an all-white kitchen, because white, as a bright and neutral color, would bring out the depth in the recovered wood.

Then, to serve its function as an island, you can create a sink for a better cooking experience.

19. Custom Made Kitchen Island with A Pine Recovered Wood

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

Yes, it’s understandable that sometimes you have a specific design and style in mind. When it occurs, you can make a custom kitchen island.

Take a look at this one!

The structure is extremely simple. It has four legs that support small drawers on top, and the legs are connected to an open shelf below.

On top of this structure, a recovered pine wood is used as its countertop. The contrast in this one is very strong, which makes the pine looks more beautiful.

20. Recovered Wood Kitchen With Big Island

barnwood kitchen island plans

Do you have a spacious kitchen area?

If you do have a large kitchen, then it is great news, because you can place a large kitchen island too.

But a modern kitchen island is often expensive, so you’re planning on using reclaimed barn wood like this one.

The owner has successfully turned old barn woods into a unique kitchen island with a strong farmhouse character. The natural fading color becomes a distinct character of this kitchen.

21. Custom Barn Wood Kitchen Island with Open Shelving

barnwood kitchen island top

Custom made island is the best option for you who want to have a unique design that no one else has.

This is the perfect example of a distinct custom barn wood kitchen island. The structure looks strong and masculine, even though it’s a bit dated.

However, the unique part is the open shelving in the middle. It can be used to store small hardware, wine bottles or others that require immediate reach.

22. Beautiful Recovered Oak Wood on an All-White Design

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

We all know that a white background works with almost any colors. We’re also aware that white makes the room more open.

To keep the openness, white has to meet colors that won’t overpower its brightness, such as silver of these stainless steel appliances.

It would also create an excellent contrast when it’s paired with oak wood’s natural color, dark caramel. What makes this room pretty is the fact that the oak is also used for flooring.

23. Simple Recovered Barnwood Kitchen Island

reclaimed wood kitchen island diy

Nothing can beat simplicity. It’s a fact that the simpler the thing, the better it looks. For those of you who hate to go overboard, this simple idea allow you to keep it simple, yet stylish at the same time.

Other than the beautiful ceiling, this kitchen is decorated with a simple kitchen island made of recovered oak wood.

As you see, the structure is simple. Mainly, it’s a table without any additional storage, but it serves its function well enough to make you happy!

24. Old Pine Kitchen Island with Granite Countertop

modern kitchen island

We bet you agree on the premise that white has the best effect for a kitchen space. It makes the area feels open, relax, comforting and chic. In an all-white kitchen, what you need is a contrast to give depth to the area.

In this example, the owner chose to utilize recovered Old Pine wood for flooring. Not only that, you can also see it on the island cabinet.

Made of a very durable pine wood, the cabinet holds several paneled doors and a small rack beneath. The contrast between the colors makes the area looks modern and updated.

25. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island With A Marble Glass

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

Using recovered woods may be the best option. Other than it is a money-wise plan, it’s also nice to have a rustic touch to your contemporary kitchen.

A contemporary kitchen commonly has modern fixtures, such as the rounded hanging lights, wall accent and mounted ceiling lamps—such lighting creates an excellent ambience for the area.

To give it a rustic character, you can utilize a recovered wood for Kitchen Island. If the natural color is fading, you can repaint it with another color that matches with the theme.

26. High-End Kitchen With Reclaimed Barnwood Island

kitchen island diy

A lot of people value a kitchen by seeing its countertop. A nice countertop would catch not only attention, but also heart.

Building on that, this example shows you an updated kitchen complete with its stainless steel hardware and a coastal colored backsplash tiles.

What’s important is the island that’s also used as a counter. Painted in white, the island looks gorgeous with a reclaimed oak countertop. It’s a nice choice considering it’s very durable and easy to clean.

27. Custom Modular Barnwood Island on Wheels

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

What do you think about this one?

At first glance, it is unique and uncommon. The open space in the middle allows you to insert the bar stools. When you’re using them, the space can be used to store some other things.

Moreover, this island has wheels, which makes it portable and highly moveable. Then, the small drawers are topped with a white countertop provides an eye-pleasing contrast to a simple design.

28. Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island from Rustic Barn Wood

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

Portable island is admirable, because you can move it anywhere you need it. Since it is made to move around, it usually has a smaller size than the common island.

In this one, the island is rather small. It can only fit two small drawers and shelves. But let’s focus on the wood.

The rustic barn wood of this island has a captivating caramel color with an excellent depth, giving you a warm feeling.

29. An Old-school Style Kitchen Island from Recovered Walnut Wood

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

A walnut wood is known for its bright caramel color. Due to the intensity of the color, it appears clean and sleek, making it a very easy-to-clean material.

The wood is also known for its durability, which is why a lot of people decided to recover it into something more useful, such as this old-school style kitchen island.

Even though the style is dated, the island looks vintage and classy.

30. Modern Kitchen With Rustic Wood Counter Island

modern kitchen island

Do you notice the different? Common kitchen islands are usually made in rectangular shapes, while this one is designed to imitate a half-moon’s shape.

The half-moon part is designed for corner to enjoy meal or beverage. The uniqueness lies below the half-moon.

There is a suspension that is made of recovered old pine. Also made of old pine wood, the island has three wood panel doors topped by a marble countertop.

31. Contemporary Kitchen Island from Old Pine

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

The first thing that you may notice is the black color of the island. It’s a strong statement, indeed. Complemented by dusty gold pins, the island looks classic-modern.

To soften the bold color, you can fix it with a natural wood colored countertop. The island is fixed with wheels, which enable it to be moved around freely for convenience.

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