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Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

By: Jennifer Bailey
Farmhouse Style Kitchen Design 15

Recently, the minimalist style from the late ’90s to early ’00s has made a comeback to the front page of interior design magazines. The majority of people has grown love for the style because of its simplicity, warmth and coziness.

This style becomes popular when applied to the kitchen area. People say that the mixing of classic and modern decors gives a strong character to the area.

A farmhouse kitchen decor is closely related to country style. Some people can’t see the difference, but there are some distinctions between them.

The most noticeable one is the fact that country style decor is furnished with rustic furniture. On the other hand, a farmhouse kitchen decor only use rustic or recycled barn wood minimally.

In a farmhouse kitchen, you’ll find furniture that’s made of reclaimed or barn woods with a classic or vintage character.

However, to actualize this style, you need to be careful. Remember, this style prioritizes comfort. A vintage sofa, or the other furniture for that matter, has to spoil you with warmth, too.

So, it’s not always about how it looks, but also how it makes you feel. Below, we’ve provided you with 25 brilliant ideas of farmhouse kitchen decor.

Modern Black & Gold Farmhouse Kitchen

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchens

This kitchen includes a black & gold theme where the gold is used on smaller elements, while black dominates the cabinet doors and drawers.

The countertop is a sleek white granite. There are wood elements decorate the wall as a three-stair rack.

The Exposed Wood Beams of Kitchen Farmhouse Style

Rustic Country Kitchen Decor

The exposed wood beams is inspired by the look of a barn. Other than that, they accentuate the natural element in the area. Exposed wood beams also add a grandeur architectural detail.

Butcher Block Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Butcher block is a prominent feature of a farmhouse decor. It decorates the kitchen countertop.

It has a rustic look that completes the vintage feeling created by the industrial lamps hanging above it.

Farmhouse Kitchen in Contemporary Design

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

The white background is a smart choice, because the vintage paintings which are framed on the wall are now shown clearly.

Moreover, the polished wood flooring is also a nice contrast against the black cabinets.

Classic and Modern Mixture Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Reclaimed barn wood is a trait of farmhouse decor. Here, the wood beams are exposed, giving a natural sense to the area.

Moreover, the island is using a butcher block style, elevating the rustic quality of the room.

Barn Wood Farmhouse Kitchen

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchens

Exposed wood beams are decorating the ceiling. The feeling of nature is accentuated by the rustic furniture, such as the cabinets and shelvings which paint is peeling and wood looks rough. The industrial lamps are hanging above the butcher block style island.

Classic Wood and White Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen
Molly Winn Photography

White is dominating the entire area. It paints the wooden planks used as walls and ceiling.

There’s one beam on the ceiling with a natural color and pattern, giving a calming contrast. Also, the vintage chandelier adds a vintage element to the room.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating
Molly Winn Photography

Zoomed, the open shelving is made of wood planks that are made into racks. The paint of “Supermarket” sign is peeling and it looks rustic.

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

The kitchen is dominated by wooden furniture. The cabinets and shelvings are made in a vintage style, which is practical and functional. The kitchen utensils displayed on the model are made of wood, too, which strengthen the natural elements.

Whitewashed Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen
Jeanne Oliver Design

The big black lamp gives a touch of industrial style, complementing the black vintage chairs.

Moreover, the table and the long seat are made of reclaimed barn board, which the paint seems peeling apart, accentuating the rustic feeling in the area.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchens

The country character of this kitchen can be seen from the barn boards used in almost every corner.

The ceiling and the wall are composed of barn boards painted in white. On the ceiling, there’s an exposed wood beam, giving the room a strong character.

 Honeycomb Tiles in A Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

This honeycomb-like kitchen utilizes wood for several elements: the floors, the countertops and the racks on the wall.

In addition, the kitchen utensils are made of woods, too. Finally, the room achieves a rustic, country style area with a great architectural design details.

Low Beams Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

A huge space needs bigger beams, too. On the beam, the modern transparent lamps are hanging nicely.

Moreover, the beam here seems rough, which is the goal of this style. To accentuate the woods, use white as background color.

Contemporary Monochrome Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating

This monochrome farmhouse kitchen utilizes barn board as racks to keep the utensils and cutlery on one space. The island stools are topped with recycled barn wood, too.

Moreover, the black on the cabinet doors is a modern contrast to the white on countertops and walls.

Farmhouse Kitchen Style in A Tight Space

Rustic Country Kitchen Decor

Natural, calming colors are chosen in this style: pastel blue, white and natural wood.

As usual, the barn board used as countertop strengthen the natural element of the style. In addition, the racks help you to organize kitchen utensils in a tight space.

Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Reclaimed barn woods are highlighting this kitchen.

You can clearly see that this farmhouse decor is bordering on country style, because almost all furniture are vintage.

The rustic table complements the style well, because of its peeling paint.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating

The fact that it’s lacking of natural light is replaced by the mountings on the ceiling.

Moreover, the modern chandelier also provides a view above the warm butcher block island.

All White Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic Country Kitchen Decor

White is neutral color. Moreover, it’s clear shade provides required brightness to make the area feels airy and more open. The farmhouse kitchen style can be seen from the exposed wood beam above the bar.

Sleek White Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

The exposed wood beam is accentuating the farmhouse style right away.

Then, the reclaimed woods used as racks also minimize the utensils from scattering.

Moreover, the wooden door frame matches well with the flooring.

Elegant White Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Every inch of this area is decorated with white and gray, since an all white kitchen might have been too bright.

The gray on the reclaimed barn board used on the island really strengthening the farmhouse feeling. Plus, we can’t ignore the decoration display on the wall, too!

Country-Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Emphasize your farmhouse style by installing a “Farmer’s Market” sign. Take a look at the exposed barn board used like a shield for the island.

In addition, the island comes stronger with a polished butcher block on the top.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island with Granite Countertop

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Granite represents modern detail in today’s fad, but it can work well with a farmhouse decoration, too.

This island is the result of it. It’s made of barn board and planks that have been repainted. The cross mark on the side adds a character to it.

Grey Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet

Old Farmhouse Kitchens Pictures

Grey and white is perfect mixture. Grey lessen the brightness of white, but it still gives a sense of calmness.

The cabinets are all in grey. Plus, they have a simple decor, which is one of a farmhouse decor’s characteristics.

Mid Century Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

Combining a farmhouse style with a sleek modern design results in a mid century modern layout.

The sleek stainless steel appliances work well with polished wood countertops.

In addition, white dominates the entire kitchen, which adds brightness to it.

Small Farmhouse Kitchen Idea

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

The space is limited, but the decoration is on point. All the utensils and decorations are managed on the racks made of reclaimed barn boards.

The countertop is made of polished barn board, too, and so does the table top. They maintain the sense of nature in this room.

U-Shaped White Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating

U-shaped kitchen a great solution for a tight space. Use white background to make it open and airy.

Using a farmhouse decor, of course, you need to insert the natural element; the barn wood.