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Kitchen Pantry Ideas

By: Evelina Nilsson
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If you are looking for some new, exciting, and beautiful kitchen pantry ideas, then you are in the right place.

We will be spending some time have a look at around 29 kitchen pantry ideas that are exciting and interesting.

It may help in giving a new look to your kitchen and also help you to use the available space more effectively.

Open Shelving Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Quite often, we miss out on making good use of the walls of our kitchen, and this open shelving pantry will help in saving space.

Additionally, it will help to store the things scientifically, and you will not be moving around in circles of identifying the right things at the right time.

One-Wall Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Many kitchens have only one blank wall.

This particular pantry design is useful in helping you to place things of daily use within your reach.

At the same time, it also will help in giving a modern and contemporary look to the entire kitchen.

Two-Door Pantry Cabinet

Kitchen Pantry Design

This is a neat looking, bright, and utility filled pantry cabinet that comes with two doors.

This kitchen pantry can also help in better planning and more efficient management of the available space.

It also looks elegant and adds to the overall sophistication of the kitchen. It helps in keeping things in the right place.

Underground Bunker

Kitchen Pantry Organization

Underground bunkers are not precisely the ones as we know it. It is not about discreetly arranging things.

Pantry Shelving Ideas

It is more about making the best use of available space and having separate storage spaces for different sizes of kitchen appliances and other such things.

It is a perfect example of good looks with intelligent use of space.

Kitchen Pantry with Laundry Room

Kitchen Pantry Organization

Is it possible to use the kitchen pantry as a laundry room?

If the answer is yes, then you have many reasons to go in for this style.

It not only looks gorgeous, but it could be one of the best examples of perfect and professional kitchen pantry organization.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Organization

If you want a removable kitchen pantry, you could try out this wall mounted kitchen pantry.

It is flexible and versatile and can help in making good use of an empty room without having to go in for fixed installations that cannot be removed.

This type of kitchen pantry is ideally suited for a small family with a small kitchen.

Rustic Pantry Style

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Are you interested in making your kitchen look a bit rustic but sophisticated at the same time?

If so, you can try this pantry arrangement with a rustic wooden cabinet.

Not only will it give you a stunning rustic look, but it will also optimize your food organization.

Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Kitchen Pantry Organization

This could be a cute little kitchen pantry, and it is made from high-quality wood with a door to boot.

It is compact and suited for a small family and helps to keep all the things quite easily. It helps to increase the overall ambience as far as the entire kitchen is concerned.

Click here for the makeover.

Sliding Door and Drawers

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

How would it be if you could keep all daily kitchen-cooking essential in a cute little storage space?

Not only that it would be a great idea to have a sliding door with drawers to open and close it as and when you want. You not only increase storage space but also give a new and sophisticated look to your kitchen.

French Door Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Organization

This pantry resembles a big-sized refrigerator, and it certainly looks cute and stunning.

It is the perfect place for keeping your beverages, soft drinks, and other things that may be required for a weekend party or to surprise guests with something unique and new as far as storage space is concerned.

Wire Basket Slide-Outs

Kitchen Pantry Design

You want storage space for keeping your fresh vegetable but would not like it strewn all over the place.

In such a case, it would be a good idea to have a look at these beautiful and ergonomically designed wire basket slide outs.

It comes with different cabins for stocking different types of vegetables.

Light Wood Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Organization

There are reasons to believe that this gorgeous looking light wood kitchen pantry could give a completely new and stunning look to your kitchen.

It comes with several shelves and could be the right place for storing your groceries, and perhaps a portion of it could be used to convert it into a stylish looking bar.

Use Baskets

Kitchen Pantry Organization

If you love nature and would like to try something environmentally safe for your kitchen, then you have many reasons to try these use baskets.

They look stylish and are easy to maintain. Moreover, they have a long life too.

Dark Wood Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

This is almost similar to the light wood kitchen pantry above, but the only difference is that it is made from dark wood.

It does go a long way in making your kitchen look bright and stunning, and the pantry has multiple uses.

Stand-Alone Kitchen Pantry

Pantry Shelving Ideas

Are you looking for one of the best kitchen pantry ideas that are a combination of style, sophistication, and great looks?

If yes, you have to have a closer look at this enormously stylish pantry that can stand on its own and can be moved around if needed.

Kitchen Pantry with Light

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Many kitchen pantries might look great from the outside, but they could be dark inside. This can be avoided should you decide to choose this well-lit kitchen pantry.

It helps the users to have a bright look at things that are kept inside and adds beauty also.

Bold Color Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Ergonomic, beautifully designed, it not only makes the best use of available space to create a mesmerizing impact as far as the kitchen is concerned.

It can be tucked into a corner of the kitchen, and it can help store almost anything that is required.

Organized Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Many of us often look around for things in our kitchen, and this is because it is not organized correctly. This could be avoided when we choose this organized kitchen pantry.

It offers a chance to organize the kitchen without having to sacrifice space and looks. It is ergonomic and durable.

Upper Kitchen Pantry

Pantry Shelving Ideas

You may want to use your upper wall to good effect and save on space and yet keep the kitchen good looking and gorgeous, then you have many reasons to choose this top kitchen pantry.

It has been made especially with space in mind and can help declutter your kitchen quite a bit.

Barn Door Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Organization

This could be the perfect solution for those who have kitchens in the countryside.

A simple kitchen pantry made from traditional wood can create magic and add that classy look to your kitchen.

It can help in keeping things in the best of condition, well arranged and also you will be able to get ideas when you need them.

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet with Labeled Drawer

Kitchen Pantry Design

Yes, this is perhaps a unique way to ensure that the items in your kitchen are perfectly arranged.

This simple looking drawer with labels ensures that you don’t beat around the bush when you need things, especially when you have guests in the home to cook and entertain.

Pantry Cabinet with Door Shelf

Kitchen Pantry Design

If you have a space in your kitchen that allows installing a shelf, then this pantry cabinet with a door shelf could be a great way forward.

The drawers and shelves make it a perfect place for keeping things and, in the process, not lose any of the good looks that your kitchen might offer.

L-Shaped Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

So you have those corners in your kitchen that are not being utilized properly.

You need not worry, and all you have to do is to go in for a tremendous L-shaped kitchen pantry, which is a perfect combination of looks and performance.

Farmhouse Style Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Organization

When space is not a constraint, you can go in for these farmhouse style pantries.

They are generous, and they are suited for big families with many members. They do go a long way in reshaping your kitchen quite a bit.

All-in-One Pantry Cabinet

Kitchen Pantry Organization

This could be called the ultimate in pantry cabinets. It is a perfect combination of good looks, the best possible use of space, and of course, at the end of it all a great looking cabinet with that stunning white-colored looks. It enhances the look of your kitchen manifold.

Small Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Pantry Shelving Ideas

This small kitchen pantry could be the best solution for a kitchen that is small in space.

Lack of space will not be a constraint because it makes the optimum use of the area that is available.

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Library-Style Pantry

Pantry Shelving Ideas

You could go back to your school days with this library-style pantry.

It could come in handy if you have quite a few things to store, but space is a significant constraint. It also is stylish in more ways than one.

Wall of Shelves

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Did you know that it is possible to create an array of shelves out of the wall space that you have?

Yes, you can do it through this intelligently designed wall of shelves pantry that offers much more than generous storage space.

Granite Countertop

Kitchen Pantry Design

You have a beautiful granite countertop and space above it. You can make great use of the area above through this granite countertop pantry idea.

It offers class, styles, and of course, storage space apart from optimal use of available space.