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Mid Century Modern Bathroom

By: Evelina Nilsson

The concept of Mid Century Modern Design in house staging is now very popular due to its flexibility in combining many kinds of house design as well as different preferences in deciding the color and the room’s elements.

When it comes to home décor, every single room in the house does matter. One room that might be underestimated by many which usually out in the corner of the house is bathroom.

As probably the smallest room in the house, bathroom needs your concern in order to create impression and atmosphere of relaxing when you want to flush or shower.

Decorating bathroom in the style of Mid Century Modern must be matched to suit the concept of your house. The creativity in the interior to use any materials or elements in the furniture are going to astonish the bathroom design.

The use of marbles, ceramic, glass, granite, woods, or anything are going to affect the value and impression for your bathroom. You need to also understand the function of those elements in the bathroom.

You don’t want to have your purchased stuff end up being useless and wasting your money do you?

Therefore, you might need some guidance to do home decoration to have Mid Century Modern bathroom ideas.

Here we provide you 19 different Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas you surely need in doing bathroom décor.

Classic Mid Century Modern Bathroom

The look for Mid Century modern style always uses the elements of nature, whether it is the view or the elements form the furniture.

Having wooden vanity in the bathroom with the same one in the ceiling is surely the classic style of Mid Century modern bathroom.

Natural and Instant Rustic Bathroom

As what you expect to see from a great lodge, the use of reclaimed and common wooden elements are definite.

Wooden vanity and reclaimed wooden wall in the shower makes rustic look in this theme. Rug and living plants even enhance the natural atmosphere.

Contemporary Bathroom with Wooden Vanity

You might love this one because contemporary style is one of the most preferable one. You can really mix many things in your bathroom.

This one have unique accent on the vintage lamp above the rustic vanities and typical tiles of bathroom flooring.

Stone Wall Mid Century Modern Bathroom

If you want to make the combination between nature and luxury works its best, putting the stone wall and reclaimed wood in your bathroom is a great idea!

Glass door and huge mirror are so fine as the signature of 1950’s Modern Bathroom style

Minimalist Blue Tiles Modern Bathroom

We understand not all house have spacy room, therefore this minimalist one line full bathroom is provided.

The blue tiles and white brick for the wall brings the nuance of water in the bathroom. Wooden ceilings and vanities makes the room looks complete and Mid Century modern style still stands.

Full One Line Mid Century Modern Bathroom

Full bathroom usually comes in one line layout. The use of reclaimed oak wood in vanity with big window to let the sunlight in is recommended in this kind of style.

And look at that standing plant in the corner! What a perfect element to make natural value.

Modern and Outdoor Living Mid Century Modern Bathroom Design

Modern style of 1950 came out with the use of wooden elements in the room. One for the vanity is enough in the bathroom.

You can add other elements for the rest of the room décor such as stone wall, large mirror, and the hanging lamp as the accent.

Transitional Mid Century Modern Bathroom

Mixing the theme of American modern and traditional concept of a room will never goes wrong.

The use of vintage rug in a tiles flooring and pale white brick on the wall is a great preference for you to create such a contemporary design in your bathroom.

Light Traditional Mid Century Modern Bathroom

The idea of traditional upholds the clean line appearance and the function of each thing in the room.

We can see the reclaimed wood for the vanity with granite as its top element is the elements of traditional concept. The pops of classic chair and tower hanger are great additional.

Southwestern Modern Bathroom

This style will feature American elements alongside Southwestern style notes.

As you can see, this mixes the elements of natural woods in the vanity, rugs with an ethnic indigenous feel, and even the sweet plants above the bathtub.

Vases, baskets and patterned rug are also fine to enhance the concept.

Shabby Vintage Bathroom Look

Bored with clean lines of common themes mentioned previously? This shabby look of bathroom won’t disappoint you.

This style upholds the function and the romance color in the interior. You can see pink bathtub, pastel color on shower wall, and bold color in the vanity enhance romantic nuance in the bathroom.

Light Warm Tile Mid Century Modern Bathroom

The tiles pattern is very typical in the bathroom. Having this tiles flooring and brick tiles in the pale wall color also brings out the light and the impression of larger room in the bathroom. The additional of classic 950’s lamp in the room is a good accent for this.

Minimalist Modern Bathroom with Reclaimed Vanity and Flooring

With less spacious room, you can actually explore the room design more than you can even imagined.

The use of brick tiles and reclaimed wood in the vanity and flooring works as Mid Century kind of style. Granite countertop and white wall enhance the modern atmosphere in the bathroom.

Traditional Rustic Mid Century Modern Bathroom

Rustic look looks good in Mid Century modern style. The use of reclaimed oak wood in the mirror list and big vanity with granite top is enough to make rustic look. The stone wall and classic lamp even enhances the rustic style.

Shabby Chic Modern Bathroom Design

What a vivid and chic decoration of bathroom!

All white decoration with dark granite flooring are just so fine, but look at the red yellow patterned accent in the plain white color of the room!

This can be done using wallpaper and it looks very standing in the room.

All White Transitional Mid Century Modern Bathroom

All-white decoration is preferable for many people to create neutral, larger, and clean room.

This one looks even better using reclaimed wood as flooring and open vanity. Multi-towel hanger is also very quirky to be put in front of the ceramic brick tiles wall.

Modern Wooden Vanity in the Bathroom

You can always customize the wooden elements in your vanity.

Wooden vanity looks very mainstream, so we need to explore our creativity to make it look still fancy, like combining different wood of oak, pine, and ply, and others. The pastel color combination is not a matter.

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Rustic and Modern Mid Century

One more amazing rustic look in Mid Century modern style for bathroom.

Reclaimed wood looks very polished and the same one works for the wardrobe in the bathroom with the vanity put above the bathtub.

Those dominates the room since the light are in through that large window.