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Mid Century Modern TV Stand

By: Jennifer Bailey
Modishstore Mid Century Modern Tv Stand

What is actually a mid-century modern design? Perhaps, a lot of you are wondering about the same question. To answer your curiosity, we’d like to give you some clues.

It’s a style—especially in interior design—that comes from America, however, inspired by the Germans who migrated to America in the earliest days.

So, the style of mid-century modern design is affected by the era when people were hungry for home furniture that made the house looked modern.

To distinguish mid-century modern design from any other designs, you can quickly recognize the classic look of mid-century modern.

Other than the classic look, this particular design will exhibit minimal ornamentation, a functional aspect that becomes a priority, geometric shape with sleek lines, and more.

These days, a lot of people are coming back to mid-century modern design.

Even so, it’s acknowledged that it’s a bit too difficult to create a perfect replica of the original mid-century modern.

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That’s why, many homeowners choose to utilize only one, two, or a couple of furniture pieces that seem to come from the era, rather than transforming the entire room.

Other than it’ll be costly, it’s going to take a longer time, too.

One of the mid-century modern furniture pieces that you should own is the TV stand. Here, we’ve provided you with 17 mid-century modern TV stand designs. Let’s have a look!

Mid-century Modern Wood TV Stand

Small Tv Stand With Mid Century Style

The mid-century modern wood TV stand is the most suitable model to show off the characteristics of a furniture piece from this era, which is the craftsmanship (appearance) and the sufficient of the storage (functionality).

The stand features 2 door cabinet and 3 closed drawers in the middle, creating the perfect spots to store any stuff related to entertainment, such as board games, DVDs, or the electronic devices for TV.

The stand also has 4 feet that make it easy for you to move it, reposition it any way you like.

Looking at the model and the natural light brown color, this mid-century modern TV stand will blend in quite nicely to the surrounding décor.

Simple Mid-century Modern Visible TV Stand

Mid Century Modern Record Player Cabinet Media Table Tv Stand

This visible mid-century modern TV stand exhibits a high quality of craftsmanship. The design is planned and executed brilliantly.

Looking at a glance, we can see that it fulfills the primary function (storage). It provides a sufficient space to store entertainment instruments, such as board games, DVDs, or console.

Looking at it at second glance, you’ll notice the legs. Those tiny legs are unique characteristics of the mid-century modern era.

Having them is a strong statement for the room. More especially, the open storages are already a distinct character of this TV stand.

In addition, the bright cherry color elevates the artistic value of the stand.

Mid-century Modern TV Stand With 5 Shelves and Solid Wood Legs

White Tv Stand In Mid Century Modern Style

As soon as you take a look at its appearance, you’ll know that it shows high-quality material and color. The model is crafted carefully, yet beautifully.

Other than it shows a gorgeous quality, it also gives us obvious hints that it serves the main purpose of a TV stand. This mid-century modern TV stand features 3 long drawers that are closed, while there are 2 more shelves with open doors.

Since the living room is commonly used for gathering, the open or closed shelves can be transformed into an entertainment center, storing games, electronic or media accessories.

About the color, it can be changed depends on the chosen theme. This one goes with a clean-cut theme, so white is chosen as a single candidate, which seems to complement the natural wood color of the legs and the floor.

Unique Craftsmanship Mid-century Modern TV Stand

Mid Century Rustic Tv Stand

Adorn your mid-century modern living room with this unique craftsman TV stand. It features two stairs of open shelves. It looks natural, simple, clean, modern, elegant, and sophisticated.

Those characteristics will improve both the room’s atmosphere and visual attraction. In one simple word, the model is artistic.

Talking about functionality, the stand has plenty of room to store plant decoration, candles, entertainment devices, and more.

The stand has 3 levels; (a) the first level, which is the bottom part, can be utilized for storing DVDs, (b) the second level can be used for storing console games and some decoration, then (c) the top level is used for TV.

Mid-century Modern Woodwork TV Stand Under An Artistic Painting

Elegant Mid Century Modern Tv Stand

While it’s almost impossible to transform the entire room into a hundred percent mid-century modern room design, it’s possible to insert at least a piece of that era into the modern home design already existing.

This design, in particular, exhibits thick mid-century modern aspects, such as the standing wooden legs that emphasize the mid-century design.

Moreover, the combination of white and natural brown creates a captivating contrast.

Talking about the functionality, the stand features 2 door shelves on each corner and 2 drawers in the middle.

Those are more than enough to store your stuff, such as special glasses and plates, favorite books, collectibles, entertainment instruments like board games and so on.

Enhance your living room with this mid-century modern TV stand. The high qualities of the design and color are perfect for your living room.

Mid-century Modern TV Stand of Woods

Tv Stand Ideas Mid Century

This mid-century modern TV stand is a great choice for you who choose the classic theme. The stand consists of three-level drawers and two-door cabinets.

Talking about the storage, it obviously fulfills the qualification for good entertainment center storage—or to be used for any purpose. A stack of DVDs, board games, or game console can fit inside the TV stand.

Meanwhile, the stand delivers a classic, mid-century modern look.

Moreover, minimalism is also obvious in this design. In addition, the colors have been nicely chosen, too.

The natural medium brown color is a nice contrast to the strong white on the front of the TV stand.

Middle Open Shelf of A Mid-century Modern TV Stand

Mid Century Modern Tv Stand

The TV stand successfully blends in with the rest of the design. Firstly, the colors match. Natural wood brown color complements light gray color on the wall and the carpet.

Meanwhile, white color appears calmly by neither overpowering brown nor gray.
The stand features two doors and an open shelf in the middle.

If exactly like the picture above, the middle can be filled with some books or decoration, while the doors can be used as useful storages for something in a large amount.

The mid-century modern design is shown from how simple the style of the stand is.

A Darker Open Mid Shelf

Minimalist Modern Mid Century Style Tv Stand

This idea has a similar design to the previous one. It includes two doors with an open shelf in the middle, too.

Obviously, it has the same function, too. The most noticeable difference can be seen from the color. This TV stand has a darker brown than the previous model.

Does color matter?

The answer must be yes. Color has meaning and it can influence the atmosphere of its surrounding, too.

For example, the previous model has a lighter brown than this one. A lighter brown really gives a sense of serenity, but a darker brown is such a strong statement for the room.

A Closed Door Mid-century Modern TV Stand Model

Walnut Tv Stand With Mid Century Style

Let’s have a look. This model exhibits great minimalism. Firstly, it can be seen from the length and width of the stand.

It includes two doors which can be opened by pulling down the stick. Then, it uses a single color that is an ebony color.

To maximize this mid-century modern TV stand, you can protect the wood with a chemical, like MAP (Microban Antibacterial Protection) to prevent fungus, etc.

A Large Mid-century Modern TV Stand

Simple Tv Stand In Mid Century Modern Style

This design seems to be located in a rather modern house. Then, how to insert a mid-century modern TV stand in a modern surrounding?

There’s no problem at all. The mid-century modern piece still can be inserted perfectly, like the example. The touch of wood with a unique pattern really brings a strong character, too.

The stand consists of a two-door cabinet and two large open drawers. The drawers act as an exhibition where you can show off your fancy decoration, such as decorative books, box or pots.

A Classic Mid-century Modern TV Stand with Small Drawers


At a glance, it is almost impossible to find such a piece of a TV stand because the design is considered archaic.

Some years ago, this kind of TV stands was originally used to store keys and some receipts.

However, it can be restored and reused for other purposes based on your needs, too. The standing is unique because it doesn’t use wood standing like any of the previous TV stand.

Moreover, the stand utilizes white on most areas and a dark brown on the left side top.

A Two Open Shelves TV Stand Design

Mid Century Modern Tv Stand Ideas

These days, the majority of people fancy a simple style of a room.

The simpler the room; the more it becomes modern. If you want to utilize the minimalistic theme, this TV stand model can be the choice.

It includes three storage spaces. Two of the spaces are designed without doors, so they are open, making the access easier for you.

Even so, a sense of privacy is still needed around here, so the right space is designed with a door.

Judging the appearance, it has a very simple design. The legs are pointing outward. Supporting the weight upon them, they seem sturdy.

However, this model can support one TV and it leaves little space for decoration on each side.

Mid-century Modern TV Stand with Drawers

Modern Tv Stands Ikea Modern Mid Century

The model shown in this example is placed in a rather contemporary space. First of all, we can’t ignore the fact that the space is decorated with a white wall.

The white wall behind the stand and a pair of drawers makes the room looks modern and elegant.

The stand itself features a large open space to store necessary items, such as DVDs and some decorative accessories.

On the left corner, there is a small compartment that can be used to store something important.

Since the stand is used for a computer, you may need extra space to store its complementary parts. That’s why you may need the drawers.

A Dark Mid-century Modern Wood TV Stand

Modishstore Mid Century Modern Tv Stand

Having furniture is more than buying items that we’re going to use for a long time, it’s also about how it makes our room look and feel like.

For example, furniture with a calm color and simple design will create an atmosphere where our room feels ordinary. This model is painted with a darker natural wood color.

Then, what kind of atmosphere inspired by this color?

Well, the color gives us a strong look. It creates a strong statement, too. Such a strong appearance is emphasized by the unique patterned carpet.

Moreover, the white background freely gives the stand the ultimate spotlight in the room.

A Vintage Mid-century Modern TV Stand Design

Natural Mid Century Tv Stand

The mid-century modern design began in the 1950s. At that time, people chose to buy furniture which owned a craftsmanship value.

That’s why most of the model shown in this design is made of wood. Usually, the natural color of the wood is kept, too.

Take a look at the model shown above. The shape of the stand is rectangular and it has two doors with two stacks of drawers.

The stand has a fair size in terms of storage spaces, too. In addition, there are two colors combined in this model; natural wood color and white.

White is strongly dominated the doors, while brown covers the frame of the stand.

The trait of the wood used in this model is already durable, however; it’s suggested that you protect the wood with a protective chemical.

Mid Century Modern Series:

Open Mid-century Modern Shelves

Mid Century Modern Furniture Tv Stand

To some people, the existence of doors on the stand can become a huge problem. Probably, opening and closing the door are taking too much time and effort.

This model is a great alternative to you who dream of an open, visible mid-century modern TV stand. By this, you can see clearly what’s inside.

If you have a little kid who runs around the area and takes anything that he or she’s curious about, this may be a problem instead.

However, this model is actually an elegant choice for a modern space, featuring the unique standing legs at the bottom.

It includes 4 open shelves that can be filled with books, DVDs, or decorative items, such as a cactus plant.

The Ancient Mid-century Modern TV Stand Design


The previous models have shown you that they are crafted in a sleek, careful mode, following certain patterns of mid-century modern design. This one, however, is a bit different.

At a glance, the stand looks like it comes from an ancient time where humans had only modest tools to craft furniture. It looks like a woodblock with separate holes.

This unique stand features one spacious storage for big books, a smaller compartment in the middle, and narrower spaces on the right.

Meanwhile, at the bottom, the stand is supported by iron legs that are sturdy, holding the stand up.

This model is very suitable for a room with a rustic theme. In fact, you can make yourself a TV stand like this.