Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Housing style is now becoming the concern for many people once they move to the new house. In this millennial era moreover, housing style is very important to create impression and comfort, for you to be in your own house, and for other people to visit your house.

In the current times, one of the most preferable styles for house concept is Mid Century modern style.

That is because this style is very flexible and this style is able to mix and match with other preferences of styles starting from classic, traditional, modern, and etc.

You do not have to worry so much about choosing Mid Century modern style as your house design concept.

Talking about living room and bedroom seems easier since those are usually the rooms in the house with the biggest space in it. Therefore sometimes people set their living room or bedroom very well.

However, there is one room that must be there in every house and this is probably the heart of the house.

Yes, it is kitchen we are talking about. Kitchen is a room in the house with a strong role and function such as to make and eat food for the people in the house. This room is usually located in the back of the house.

Although this room is commonly there in the back, we must be able to make our kitchen well design just as we do that for the whole house.

The decoration of the kitchen in the house should be based on the needs of the people in the house. It must be efficiently put, not just as a kitchen utensils but also as a supporting details for our kitchen decoration.

Looking at the importance of kitchen decoration in accordance to our house design concept and the popularity of Mid Century modern style, here we provide you 28 inspirations and ideas of Mid Century Modern design for your beloved kitchen!

Mid-century Scandinavian Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen cabinet doors
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Here is the first one we provide to you, Scandinavian kitchen style with the granite top in the countertop of the kitchen cabinets in your house.

White on the top has always been a characteristic for Scandinavian kind of style in housing stage or design.

White marble or granite in the top of the counter top in the kitchen’s cabinet is also the signature of this kind of style.

The natural color of the wood like standard brown for instance, is also supporting the beauty of the Thirties Scandinavian style.

At most, this style has one line room layout is usually one dimensional. Kitchen in this style is usually linked directly to the dining tables with the chairs as well.

The reclaimed wood as the flooring is also preferable to reminisce the style of Scandinavian.

In the style of Mid Century modern housing, any styles can be mixed as long as the style fulfill the characteristics of Mid Century modern style such as having a big window or a space for the room to see outside in a large size.

As what you can see in the picture, the window is big with the one dimensional and white marble countertop with wooden cabinets is the perfect match for Mid Century modern.

An All-white Mid Century Kitchen Set

mid century modern kitchen table set
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The first thing you notice must be on where there are many stuffs are put in the kitchen shelves, and it still looks good after all.

The traditional style for the house design, now we are talking about kitchen design in particular, is usually upholding the taste of elegant but timelessly aesthetic.

The color is commonly earthy on how the color of pine, oak, or plywood is always preferable to be used as the cabinets, backsplash, or flooring materials.

The use of white color in traditional style is also one of its characteristics on how white tiles or paint on the wall is going to give a contrast accent to other colors in the room.

That is how it makes the visualization of traditional style is very appealing. Gleaming marble countertops is also one of the requisite details that we can see in the picture for the kitchen in this style.

However, you need to pay attention if you want to make this kind of style in the Mid Century modern concept of the house especially on the light and the touch of nature in it.

It is better for you to have long window for the light to come in and you can probably out some plants or vase with the plants in the kitchen to give the touch of the nature as it is one of the characteristics of Mid Century modern style.

Beach Kitchen Style with Recovered Wood Island Cabinet

mid century modern kitchen backsplash
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Beach style is one of the new housing styles in the new era you must know something about. At least now you are reading about that by now.

Looking at the color, beach theme for your house or especially your kitchen, is not a bad idea.

The use of cool shades of blue and crisp white hues or airy color like turquoise is going to create a nuance of coastal in your own house.

Those colors combined with the natural color from the cabinets which are recovered wooden is very relaxing in the eye. Beach style of kitchen is not usually stuck in only one kind of layout.

Instead, this can be applied in a various type of room layout that you can customize based on your own house.

It is very good to have your kitchen have such a beach color vibes to begin with. It is going to be just fun cooking and making food in the kitchen atmosphere that smells like beach by looking at its room color and decoration.

The color from recovered oak wood which has a signature in its dark color is going to make your kitchen more appealing and warm.

Fresh Mid Century Modern Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen table set
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Besides traditional kitchen style, contemporary style for your kitchen is also one of the most popular concepts. Kitchen in contemporary style usually come out in a free layout.

That is because contemporary style has no strict limitation in certain things. You can probably call this one casual style for your kitchen fashion.

The materials that is used is usually polished and the choice of color is usually bold and strong like the dark one, dark red for instance, like you can see in the image above.

The use of woods or marble is also not a big deal as long as you can set the choice of your color and freedom of kitchen styling in a right way without referring to one special characteristics of other styles.

Modern White Kitchen in Mid Century Style

mid century modern kitchen countertops
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Here is the thing about modern design for your kitchen, it is supposed to have clean lines and aesthetic timeless silhouettes in the decoration of the tables, cabinets and other appealing subject in the kitchen.

People found this style similar with the contemporary style. However, one thing that becomes the hallmark for modern style in the Mid Century modern style is the use of the utensils and materials used in the kitchen.

Modern style usually have high quality kitchen set and the furniture material starting from the ceiling to the flooring.

The usage of high quality wooden flooring as well as the high quality marble countertop is considered into modern style.

That is because high quality stuff is more persuasive and inviting for the people to have good impression for your kitchen decoration.

Sunken Kitchen with Reclaimed Oak Wood Cabinet

mid century modern kitchen lighting
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Sunken style in kitchen is never wrong. You can always have DIY with sunken kitchen style to link the countertop with the living room to invite the guest from the living room to the kitchen and linked directly to the dining room.

The use of reclaimed oak wood and its signature in dark brown color is going to be good for Mid Century modern style.

Remember to always consider the lighting and the view, since that is the characteristic of Mid Century modern house concept.

Beach Soft Kitchen Style with Pine Cabinet

mid century modern kitchen design ideas
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The color for beach style is always very typical yet so iconic in comparison to other themes.

The accent of tropical color like olive green, turquoise blue, light blue, and light brown just like sand makes your kitchen looks very inviting.

The use of wood in the cabinet or countertop in kitchen is also very popular.

The choice of one wood is good for you to be used in beach theme, notice that the color is brighter than oak wood which is darker.

Bright Traditional Kitchen Style with Soft Colors

mid century modern kitchen table set
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One more important thing about mixing style to the Mid Century modern house design, is lighting. That is because Mid Century modern style is where outside nature and beauty of the house meet.

This style is good for your kitchen since this uses bright colors, mainly white, and that makes the room looks bigger even if maybe you are planning to have just minimalist kitchen in your house.

The look is going to be even natural and better with the combination of soft airy colors like blue or green or yellow in such a pastel transition.

This L-shaped countertop in kitchen is also used by many people. You need to make sure the light that comes in is able to give the good lighting for every side in your L-shaped kitchen.

Transitional Mid Century Modern Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen countertops
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This style provides you the ability to combine the traditional style and contemporary style of the kitchen decoration.

Transitional style of kitchen decoration upholds the clean lines and simple minimalism. The choice of color is also more flexible since we all can combine what is there in the traditional style and contemporary one.

The usage of white marble as the countertop or dining table is also a good idea to neutralize the choice of color for cabinets, chair, or flooring. The use of pine woods like the picture shows you is also a good idea.

It is very necessary to let the light in. Therefore having large size of window in your kitchen is pretty much what the characteristics of Mid Century modern look like.

Mid Century Farmhouse Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen lighting
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Farmhouse style for the kitchen is supposed to look like mostly highly decorated with less unnatural details in the room.

However, you do not have to be worry about that since you can still give the touch of contemporary style into the farmhouse style to apply those combination in the Mid Century modern design for your kitchen.

The use of rustic countertop or kitchen shelves are going to have the elements of farmhouse concept.

However, the use of white wooden cabinet beneath the counter and the traditional kitchen set put in the shelves are going to give the nuance of a bit contemporary concept.

To be in the middle of those styles, hanging lamp is going to be just okay to be put above the counter of the kitchen. Besides, having traditional trash basket or rug in the kitchen does not matter.

All-white Recovered Wood with Granite Countertop

mid century modern kitchen backsplash
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We’re back to the all-white decoration! This looks like a really luxurious and large pantry isn’t it. This style is also very preferable for you who likes clean line and luxurious impression in your kitchen.

The use of reclaimed wood in the flooring and white wooden cabinets are very supporting the elements of Mid Century modern kitchen style.

What is different in here is the use of granite or marble in the top of all countertop in the kitchen.

This makes clean line and make the kitchen more appealing. Moreover the existence f large windows and small plants are going to make the kitchen more ‘Mid Century’.

Customized Oak Wooden Island in Mid Century Kitchen

mid century modern kitchen backsplash
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The appealing value of kitchen is taken from its color.

This one is very brave using the dark color of oak wood, reclaimed in the cabinets and flooring, and the light color like blue, rose, and olive green in the kitchen set and utensils.

Rustic look with this brave choice of color might be your good idea for Mid Century modern kitchen style.

Mid Century Craftsman Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen cabinet doors
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Craftsman is the kitchen style where the appealing factor is on the organic and rustic touch of the room.

This room might not be a total craftsman category, therefore the touch of contemporary is always be there to neutralize.

This style was popularized in the early 20th century where nature is the trend of architecture field.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen with Open Design

mid century modern kitchen countertops
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Mid Century modern style is where nature from the outside can be combined into one view with the decoration of your house, either through the window or any other glass materials that allows you to see outside.

This one is a good decoration for this style, moreover the touch of oak wood in the wall also spices up the overall look and adds a touch of rustic feel.

Barn Wood Kitchen in Mid Century Modern Style

mid century modern kitchen design ideas
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The use of natural elements is always good for your house decoration, kitchen in particular, and it doesn’t limit to any kinds of wood. Barn wood is included.

The use of barn wood in combination with pine and oak just like the kitchen and dining decoration in the picture won’t hurt any eyes.

Rustic Kitchen Style with Barn Wood Island

mid century modern kitchen countertops
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Just like the name, rustic comes in wooden for the appealing value in your kitchen.

Rustic style doesn’t come in only one decoration, but you can always mix the wood with any kinds of wood.

That is where your creativity is challenged in your own kitchen to use those different wood types.

Traditional Beach Kitchen Style with Reclaimed Oak Wood Countertop

mid century modern kitchen table set
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Countertop indeed is giving a strong accent in a kitchen. Its surface is gonna take main attention in the kitchen.

Having this with reclaimed oak wood is very good idea. Moreover, if you put that in a beach color vibes like wavy pattern and light blue transition color. It’s going to create good contrast.

Reclaimed Wooden Mid Century Modern Kitchen with Granite Top

mid century modern kitchen storage
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Kitchen surface must be clean! That’s what Momma said. This Mid Century modern kitchen have rustic attraction in the wooden wall and wooden flooring with reclaimed oak wood.

Having this style for your kitchen is brilliant! That means having rustic attraction with the polished marble or granite countertop as a contract in the accent.

Classic Mid Century Modern Kitchen Table

mid century modern kitchen table
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Having the sunlight in to your one dimensional kitchen is very typical for Mid Century modern kitchen design.

The elements of reclaimed pine wood in the flooring and cabinets with modern kitchen furniture is the perfect example of contemporary style.

Having the big window to let the light in is even better to link this with Mid Century modern style.

Mid Century Kitchen with Industrial Touch

mid century modern kitchen table set
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Sunken kitchen style in Mid Century modern style links the room and the nature outside.

This one is even better because it’s using the elements of wood, in the counter, cabinets, and even the half of its wall.

Since this is linking to the dining and middle room, this is a good combination to make clear difference between wall for kitchen and wall for others in a sunken room style.

Mediterranean Mid Century Modern Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen backsplash
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Mediterranean style upholds Greek design and its beauty through glaze marbles, bold color choice, and earth tones of color as well.

The counter is white and glaze marbles with light yellow in the wall and hanging lamp.

The texture in the kitchen wall and corner wall is also representing the visual interest of Greek and Mediterranean style kitchen.

Modern Rectangular Kitchen Concept

mid century modern kitchen table set
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This style is one of the others that efficiently use the space of the house. Making your kitchen space rectangular and link it to the dining room is good idea.

The use of modern utensils in the kitchen like white granite or marble counter and ceilings is very persuasive in the modern style.

However, big windows and glass door should not be forgotten. That is how modern style can match the nuance of Mid Century.

Rustic Mid Century Modern Kitchen Table

mid century modern kitchen storage
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The beauty of craftsman work and the appealing factor of rustic elements are great combination for kitchen style.

Putting them using recovered oak wood in the kitchen cabinets and chairs with white marble in the counter and countertop is going to also give an accent and clean line in your kitchen decoration.

In this style, you don’t need to have wooden flooring otherwise you get the right color and reclaimed for that.

Minimalist Mid Century Modern Kitchen Cabinet

mid century modern kitchen table set
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Having one elements as a unique and standing one for the contrast and the accent in the room is a great idea of all!

This room is basically a contemporary kind of room. The use of probably stainless refrigerator, hanging lamp, and polished ceilings are its characteristics.

What is unique is that this style use wooden elements in every ‘small door’ in the kitchen.

They are cabinets, shelves, cupboard, and others. That is how this room has contrast and accent.

Scandinavian Mid Century Modern Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen storage
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Another variation for Scandinavian is here! This one really support Mid Century modern style in a unique way.

You must always let the sunlight in, but having it comes from the ceiling is genius! You can get it from the best spot to your kitchen.

The use of pine wood in the flooring and white granite in the counter is going to make the things look better. The wall is also white and it’s going to make the furniture looks efficiently out in a room.

Customized Pine Wood Kitchen Island

mid century modern kitchen backsplash
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The good quality of pine wood has never been disappointing.

Therefore, just like in the picture, you can customize the use of your pine wood to make your cabinets, flooring, and probably cupboard and walls to have the same color and make your kitchen island looks warming and elegant.

Wooden Transitional Kitchen Concept

mid century modern kitchen table
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Transitional is where contemporary mixed with modern. This versatile style of kitchen decoration can be applied in a nuance of wooden.

The use of reclaimed oak and pine wood in the wall, cabinets, drawer, and ceilings are going to create good natural color.

That is important since Mid Century modern upholds the value of nature in your house decoration.

He use of white granite or probably marble at the counter and countertop and the upper wall in the kitchen is going to make the room even more elegant.

Mid Century Modern Series:

Wooden Dining with All White Decoration

mid century modern kitchen design ideas
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Last but not least, this is also a good effort to uphold the idea of Mid Century modern style on home decoration. All-white color for the room is always good in any circumstances.

However, this design is very minimalist and it is linked to the dining room. The contrast must be there, like you cannot use all white just to make it look bright.

You need to consider the contrast and accent in an all-white room of your house.

Therefore, the use of reclaimed pine wood flooring as well as the dining room set is made of nature. That is one of the way we can do to uphold the characteristics of Mid Century modern design for your kitchen.

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