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Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

By: Jennifer Bailey

Scandinavian kitchen holds the same principle like Scandinavian living room—or any other room with this style. When you enter a Scandinavian styled room, you will be familiar with several aspects.

These aspects must be there—inside the room, because they are the distinctive characters of a Scandinavian room.

Those are the dominance of neutral colors, such as white and grey, the appearance of warm wood colors that usually appear on furniture and the floor as an accentuated accent.

In addition, Scandinavian room also includes the values of functionality and simplicity. Even in the kitchen, those values can be seen as clear as a crystal.

Here are 26 fresh designs of Scandinavian kitchen to spruce up your home.

Small Scandinavian Kitchen

The white background is decorated with natural wooden brown accent from the cabinetry.

Maximizing every inch of space, the extra glasses, plates, bowl and spices are put on 3 layers drawers.

Moreover, to add a touch of nature, some potted plants are put nicely behind the sink.

One Wall Scandinavian Kitchen

Again, the kitchen is decorated with white, making it more elegant. To dramatize the look, backsplash are composed of white tiles that go from the sink all the way up to the ceiling.

The black countertop and dark floors balance the white color perfectly. Moreover, the storage bars on the wall give a strong character to the kitchen.

Monochrome Scandinavian Kitchen

This Scandinavian kitchen utilizes black and white colors. The white decorates the entire cabinetry that fits the light floors.

Meanwhile, black is applied to countertop and some appliances, such as the coffee maker and the oven. This color combination gives a pleasure to the eyes.

Yellow Accent Scandinavian Kitchen

Bora Evgar

The dominance of white should have been accompanied by a touch of other vibrant colors to make it lively.

The yellow accent can be seen decorating the upper cabinet, while the countertop is made of natural brown wood. The tiles are unique because those are monochrome tiles.

Simple and Functional Scandinavian Kitchen

Open space isn’t a popular concept in Scandinavian kitchen. As seen, it’s a minimalist space.

However, a Scandinavian touch appears very strongly here. White dominates the majority of the wall and cabinetry.

Modern Wall Accent of Scandinavian Kitchen

This Scandinavian style kitchen shows its signature colors: white and grey. Grey dominates the wall, while white is used on the furniture.

To give warmth, there are light brown floors, which material matches the doors on the cabinet.

Moreover, the wall is accentuated by the triangle pattern, making it look modern and updated.

An All-White Scandinavian Kitchen

© Heder Perdigão

White is quite prominent in this Scandinavian kitchen. It gives clarity to the room. Now, the room feels more open.

In fact, white accentuates the clean-lines signature of a Scandinavian kitchen.

One Sided Wall Scandinavian Kitchen

Ahmad Syarif

A Scandinavian kitchen doesn’t require a large space. This kitchen chooses to go with one wall kitchen to give room for the breakfast table.

This highly functional kitchen utilizes stainless steel appliances to balance the white of the cabinets

An Open Scandinavian Kitchen

This Scandinavian kitchen is dominated by white color. It can be seen on the cabinetry, island, wall, ceiling and curtain.

It makes the room more open and airy, too. The kitchen is directly connected to the living room. As seen, the space includes minimal furniture.

Scandinavian Kitchen Corner Sink

In an apartment, often the corner of kitchen counter is wasted, because most people don’t know what to do with it.

In a Scandinavian style, a corner kitchen sink is a valuable idea, because it actually uses a space for a functional purpose.

Exposed Brick Wall Scandinavian Kitchen


As you enter the kitchen, the exposed brick wall is an eye-catching feature. Other than that, the kitchen includes rustic kitchen counter and Rustic Island that becomes a table, too.

Unique Scandinavian Kitchen Cabinetry

Oleg Sidorov

This Scandinavian kitchen is inspirational and out of the ordinary. It combines simplicity and creativity.

The counter and cabinet are packed on one wall. Later, breakfast will be served on the rustic table.

In addition, the extra storage is built uniquely with an open concept.

Artsy Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

A Scandinavian kitchen prioritizes simplicity, which can be seen clearly from the picture.

The space only includes necessary items, such as the kitchen counter and the breakfast/eating table.

The table is made of renewed barn wood which matches the patterned wooden floors.

Hanging Appliances in Scandinavian Kitchen

The white background is nicely balanced by a touch of black on the zebra-cross pattern rug and oven.

Moreover, there’s a blackboard decoration where you can write on using chalk. There, the appliances and/or potted plants are hanged, making the space more alive and unique.

Monochrome Scandinavian Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances

What a modern look of a kitchen! Having stainless steel appliances is actually elevating the modernity of the room.

The wooden table can be re-functioned into an island when needed, while the rug is a nice touch to get rid of the dullness coming from too much white color usage.

Scandinavian Kitchen Barn Wood Floors

This Scandinavian kitchen can be considered as rustic, because it uses reclaimed barn woods for flooring and stools’ material.

The barn woods must’ve been chosen by the owner due to the affordable price. The backsplash tiles are also captivating. They give modern feel to the blend white decoration.

Spacy Modern L-Shaped Scandinavian Kitchen

The placement of the cabinets and counters creates an L-shape. It provides more space for breakfast table and, basically, for you to move around.

Moreover, this large Scandinavian kitchen becomes more open and airy, accentuating the values of appearing simple and functional.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Exposed Red Bricks

An exposed-bricks wall is a good way of creating a center of focus in the room. It’s strong, but it’s not overpowering other features. For example, the dark wood floors are captivating, too.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Natural Elements

Scandinavian kitchen style is famous for its simple look. It’s often including natural elements, such as potted plants and wooden planks.

As you see, the planks are used as ceiling trims, and extra storage space above the cabinets.

Pure White Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavians are head over heels for white, because white is the symbol of cleanliness, too.

As you see, it’s everywhere! Another color shown here is only the light wood color that’s used on the counter, island and stools.

Mid Century Scandinavian Kitchen

The strong accent of this room must be the unique square tiles on the kitchen wall. The use of natural wood as countertop and appliances’ boxes accentuates the natural element aspect of the room.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Vibrant Yellow

© TIgran Hakobyan

Balancing white with a darker color like black and a cheerful vibe like yellow is a brilliant idea.

Somehow, it creates a unique, vintage look due to the unusual combination between monochrome and a strong yellow.

A Spacious Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

© Nenad Jovanic

As you see, the use of greens for this Scandinavian kitchen style is intriguing.

They’re only a couple, yet they complete the natural feeling that comes from the light wood flooring.

Moreover, the size of the room makes the kitchen itself feels open and airy.

Colorful Scandinavian Kitchen

© Natalia Frolova

Scandinavian kitchen is not only about white or other neutral colors. Actually, it can also be colorful, yet simple.

A huge change from previous designs is the vibrant colors used on the sofa, pillow cases, hanging lamps, paintings, backsplash, chairs and even the monochrome tiles under the counter.

Simple Scandinavian Kitchen

© Vüsal Abbasov & Sharifa Alaydroos

The attention must be directly directed to the blackboard thingy adjacent to the fridge.

Also, the use of white as the background accentuates the appearance of the dark wood counters.

Small Scandinavian Kitchen with Monochrome Pattern Tiles

© Femberg Interior Design

A simple design and layout for cabinets and counters are the most prominent character of Scandinavian kitchen style, especially the simplicity of the colors.

Applying pastel colors on top of a darker color—black, is a brilliant idea to balance the Scandinavian style with modern feeling.