21 DIY TV Stand Ideas for Your Next Home Project

You might believe that having a TV stand is not truly essential. Simply select any ideal furnishings around your living-room and put your TV on top of it. Well, it might have exercised simply fine in the past, specifically because many TVs were absolutely nothing like they are now.

Nevertheless, with the presence of numerous flat-screen TVs, you may wish to think about setting your very own stand.

Nowadays, there are a great deal of DIY prepare for your very own TV stand in your home. Not just it includes a terrific worth to your living-room decor, it makes the entire space appearance effectively decked-up.

Naturally, you might type of battle with ideas for a best style if this is your very first time.

Nevertheless, there is no requirement for you to stress. It does not need to be something expensive and complex. As long as it compliments the living-room and operates well, then a single DIY TV stand suffices.

It is time for you to begin searching for ideas. It is even much better if that TV stand likewise accommodates your other requirements: a location to keep your stereo set, books, and something good to take a look at.

1. DIY TV Stand from Old Crates

DIY TV stand picture

Make an excellent usage of unused fruit crates by stacking them properly without the covers.

To make excellent racks, turn the open parts facing the front, so you can put your stereo set and DVD collection in them. Put your flat-screen TV on top of among them. Make certain the crates are thick and strong enough to hold the TV.

2. DIY TV Stand from Cable Drum

reclaimed old cable drum for tv stand

Cut the cable television drum in half. Then, utilize one half and some pallet woods as a board.

Join them together utilizing a wood glue, so you can utilize the leading part for your flat-screen TV and stereo set while the half circle can be utilized to save your DVD collection.

It is extremely easy and simple to make, isn’t it?

3. DIY Corner TV Stand Ideas

DIY TV stand picture

If woodworking is your thing, then you can make this DIY TV stick out of rustic corner wood. You can begin by gathering wood pallets, cutting them, and after that joining them together inning accordance with the best style.

You can sand and stain them for a smoother surface area. Then put it in the corner of the space with your flat-screen TV on the top and a rattan basket in the rack.

4. Easy-to-Build DIY TV Stand

diy rustic tv stand

Can we make a DIY TV stand in one hour using just one pallet? The response is yes. You do not even have to do a great deal of woodworking.

Simply utilize a piece of pallet and rest it on one corner of the space.

You can hold your flat-screen TV with a metal platform in the back of it.

Do not forget your nails and screws.

The wires can be moved in between the pallet spaces prior to they are linked to the electrical plugs.

5. DIY Rustic Wood Pallet TV Stand

cheap tv stand ideas

Select the style, gather the very best quality woods, and begin cutting. Put the cut-out pieces together with nails and screws inning accordance with the style.

Stain them with dark color and leave them dry. After that, put your flat-screen TV on the top and 3 rattan baskets in the rack listed below.

6. DIY Rustic Modern TV Console

how to build a tv stand out of plywood

This is likewise another DIY TV stand style that you can select by utilizing recycled wood pallets.

To have a rustic modern-day appearance, the TV stand can be formed into a big ‘G-shaped’ one, where the top is for your TV and the 2nd top would be for your DVD player or your gaming console.

Simply ensure that the pallet boards are strong enough to hold your flat-screen TV.

7. DIY Pipeline and Wood TV Stand

DIY TV stand picture

How about this DIY TV stand style? Much like the previous one, you require a minimum of four pieces of wood pallet boards and two pairs of metal pipelines to keep the TV stand as durable as possible.

For the legs, you can likewise utilize galvanized pipelines or the ones from your old, taken apart queen-sized bed.

8. Classic TV Stand Decor

creative tv stand ideas

Start gathering old wood pallets. No have to stress if they are not in the precise length and shape, or have a little scruffy edges. Join them entirely with wood glue prior to you stick them to the wall.

Do not forget to leave a substantial space behind for the circuitry from your flat-screen TV.

For the racks listed below, you can either purchase a currently made stand or produce your very own from wood boards and metal frames.

9. DIY Moveable TV Stand with Wheels

making a tv stand with wheel

Discover the source for easel prior to making modifications. Then protect your TV with them. Select the easel with a deep ledge to accommodate your TV’s length.

Two pieces of supporting boards that link the legs at its base can work as racks for your stereo set and DVD collection.

For the changes, screw 4 casters to the easel legs prior to staining them. Then construct a bracket to support your TV. Do not forget to determine the range in between holes prior to you protect the TV firmly with the screw.

10. DIY TV Display Easel on Wheels

how to build a tv stand for a flat screen tv

This DIY TV stand style is motivated by a painting tripod. Naturally, you will require 3 larger wood pieces of the exact same length for the legs and other pieces of wood, screws, and nails, to join them together like routine tripods do.

Do not forget to include a ledge for the flat-screen TV to stand and a strong bracket behind it.

11. DIY Pallet Fireplace with TV Stand

DIY TV stand ideas for living room

There are a lot of DIY Pallet Fireplace TV Stand style, whether it is genuine or a synthetic.

If the fireplace is currently there, then you just have to include some complements, consisting of the location for your flat-screen TV.

If not, get some pallets and a fireplace setup prior to you begin constructing your synthetic fireplace TV stand.

12. Corner TV Wall Mount

diy rustic tv stand

Firstly, utilize a knotty pine to deal with the racks. Obviously, the racks should be stained initially. Then anchor the piece to wood bolted into the studs, given that the TV will be well-dab in the corner.

Load up the frames and the racks are formally done. Do not forget to set up the bracket on the leading rack to protect your flat-screen TV in location.

13. Homemade Modern DIY Media Console

cheap tv stand ideas

For this style, make a make a blueprint of your design initially. When you define the cuts, then begin cutting the strips prior to you put together the pieces together by screwing them one layer at a time as you gradually develop layer after layer.

As soon as the layers are well put together inning accordance with the style, then begin including the legs. You can either utilize cinder blocks or steel pipelines.

14. DIY Rustic Entertainment Center

creative tv stand ideas

Utilize a miter saw to assist you to develop the side frames. Then begin including slabs to them. Utilize the wood glue to cross pieces and surface nailers to end up the nails into the frame.

Start developing the racks with the right tools: Then stain the panels and let them dry.

After that, begin drilling for pocket hole screws on the ideal area to assist to put the racks together.

For the door, utilize the slabs that have actually currently got enough pocket holes in them.

Finally, begin painting the entire thing. Leave the paint dry prior to you begin putting your TV on top of it and other things, like stereo set and DVD collection on the racks.

16. Farmhouse TV Stand

how to build a tv stand for a flat screen tv

To have a Farmhouse TV stand, you will require more plants as part of the decor.

For the stand, you still utilize ply or walnut wood boards, considering that they are much more powerful than old pallet boards.

For the legs, you can either utilize the very same wood or metal or galvanized pipelines.

There are numerous methods to have your DIY TV stand in your home. Select which one is finest inning accordance with your very own individual design.

17. DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Media Console

diy tv base

With the Pottery Barn design, begin with picking the style prior to you put the board pieces together, consisting of connecting the doors to the drawers.

Then, paint the primary console.

After that, utilize the sanding block to rough the edges up.

Drill holes in the doors to produce knobs.

Utilize a nailer to nail the knobs prior to screwing them securely.

18. Patterned Pallet Television Frame

diy tv base

To make photo frames, either for your DIY TV stand or otherwise, determine up the size of your flat-screen TV initially.

Then, pick a pallet board which need to be much larger than your TV.

After that, determine the middle part of the pallet board prior to you begin cutting them to make a space for your TV.

Do not forget to include two pieces of wood that stand out behind the space with a metal platform to hold your TV.

Nail and screw the back of your TV thoroughly to hold it together. To enhance the frame, you can paint the pallet with a black ink. You can put a flower or a planter too.

19. DIY Meuble TV Palette

cheap tv stand ideas

You need to begin developing each part individually prior to joining them together. For the wall, you require larger slabs and metal base on top to push and hold them together.

Do not forget to nail and screw the pallets together. Drill a hole in the middle for the TV wires to go through and to have the TV holder keeping your flat-screen drifting.

To develop the racks, you can begin with the lower part prior to you include the sides and the top, inning accordance with the style that you like.

Nail and screw those parts from behind. After all parts are ended up, check its strength by putting your flat-screen TV on the chosen area. If it does not wobble, great.

20. DIY Wall Mounted Corner TV Stand

diy tv base

Regardless of the simpleness in this DIY TV stand style, you may require an additional aid besides a ladder.

Although you just require one smaller sized piece of wood to position a speaker above the TV, two wood pallets to hold the flat-screen TV from behind, some screws and nails, you likewise require a professional electrical contractor’s aid to handle the electrical wiring also.

21. DIY Pipe TV Stand

diy rustic tv stand

All you require consists of 5 pallet boards as racks, some metal pipelines for the legs and the frames, some commercial glue to stick the racks to the wall, a driller, nails, and screws.

Obviously, the greatest rack goes to the flat-screen TV, while the rest are for your stereo set, some publications and books, as well as image frames.

22. DIY Rustic TV Console Ideas

diy tv stand plans

There are a lot of DIY Rustic TV Stand Console Ideas. Aside from utilizing recycled wood pallets, you can likewise utilize the new products. Definitely, the latter will cost a lot more than getting the old ones.

You can have this design without any doors for the racks. That method, you can clean up the entire thing quickly when you have to, regularly.

23. DIY Pallet Media Console TV Stand

diy tv stand plans

This style might arrange of advise you of a huge wood chair or a church bench. You can level up the racks so there will suffice space below in between them and the ground for a set of speakers. You can even include a secret compartment on both sides of the racks.

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