DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

There are two type of interior decorators. Those who gather houseplants, and those who don’t. Nobody ever has just one houseplant in their house. If you have one, you most likely have more, just in one room.

With all those leafy greens, it’s simple to lack area on your bookshelf and coffee table and each surface area your house offers.

Prior to you begin believing about purchasing more bookshelves, let me present you to your finest plant-loving buddy, the DIY plant stand.

These towers and tables are produced offering your emerald charms a location to call house. Have a look at these 13 plant stands and see which may best fit your houseplant gathering requirements.

Creative Indoor Plant Stand

Indoor plants provide lots of advantages not just for houses however likewise for workplaces and other areas. They way you show them likewise has a crucial effect on the method they affect you and the design.

Let’s talk about, when again, indoor plant stands, more particularly the DIY kind. Definitely store-bought planters would make things a lot easier, but then your plants will be doing not have character. The list below tasks are quite basic.

1. Cement On The Top And Copper Base

plant rack

Copper and concrete come together in this task included on Camillestyles. Presuming you wish to make a trine planters much like those in the images, you’ll require 3 pails, copper pipelines and tube caps, concrete mix, glue, tape and a cup.

The planters are adjustable so you can choose the specific measurements as well as the shape you wish to provide.

2. Wire Plant Stand

pot plant stand

To begin this DIY project, you would initially need to discover a lampshade that has wires linking the top and bottom. This is the most challenging part, whatever else being very basic.

Specific lampshade you’ll likewise require wire cutters and some spray paint in case you desire to alter the planter’s color.

3. Marble And Copper Plant Stand

outdoor plant stands

Simpleness likewise specifies the stylish planters in this DIY plant stand. The products required for this job consist of copper pipelines, a pipeline cutter, marble tiles and really strong glue.

The primary step is to find out how high you desire the planter to stand and to cut the pipelines to size. Begin developing the frame and glue the marble tile to it.

4. Leaning Ladder Plant Stand

indoor plant stands

Do you have more vertical than horizontal area for your plants? Let them hang on this beautiful leaning plant stand. Whether it’s your counter or on a bare wall, it will provide your plants an opportunity to be the star of the wall design.

6. Synthetic Dachshund Planter

pedestal plant stand

Mentioning things you can re-purpose, have a look at this remarkable dachshund planter. Really, this utilized to be a pet meal stand.

It’s made from metal and looks truly fascinating, despite the function it serves. The two bowls were filled with white rocks then succulents were included.

7. Midcentury Modern Plant Stand

pot stand

Big plants are worthy of a little plant stand love too. Re-pot your snake’s tongue or cactus in this midcentury modern plant stand planter. Your plant and your living-room decoration will thank you.

8. Pole Plant Stand

pedestal plant stand

In my viewpoint, empty corners are best filled with leaves. This plant stand can send your greens pole dancing in any empty corner you select. It will make one pleased corner.

9. Cherry Wood Plant Stand

white plant stand

When you image plant stands, you may think about a heavy wood table at your grandmother’s home and get a little classic. You can have the exact same look in your house with a sculpted wood stand like this.

10. Deco Screen Plant Stand DIY

wooden plant stands

This is among the most beautiful plant stands I’ve ever seen. Utilize the art deco style to produce a screen on your outdoor patio. Or fill a brilliant area in your house with your potted buddies.

11. Little Oak Plant Stand

mid century plant stand

Aren’t these little wood stands simply charming? They guarantee to deal with the pots you currently have and simply offer your plants a little increase. How can you withstand?

12. Basket Plant Stand

white plant stand

A stand with a basket on top. Fantastic, yes? These appeals can be utilized inside your home or outdoors. They’re so easy and charming and flexible, you’ll most likely desire to utilize them for both.

13. A Framed Plant Stand

white plant stand

For the major plant collector, I would suggest a complete fledged ladder. The appeal of this a-frame plant stand is the galvanized racks that keep your flooring tidy of the dirt and water. You cannot lose.

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Do you ever encounter a charming plant at the shop that you just must have and bring it the home of discover that you have no location to put it?

Sign up with the club. If you’re surface areas are covered with plant, possibly it’s time to begin gathering plant stands instead of houseplants. Stands for your plants can be expensive.

If you’ve ever looked one over, you’ve most likely had ideas like “I can make this myself.” And in fact, you can! Here are 15 DIY plant stands to fill your house with plant without busting your spending plan.

1. DIY Teired Plant Stand

plant table

Buying a tiered plant stand like this provides you more styling alternatives than you’ll understand exactly what to do with. Plus, it will make you wish to discover the most beautiful pots readily available so your stand is the most beautiful stand on the block.

2. Do It Yourself Plant Stand Bench

DIY plant stand

Trying to find something easy and country-fied? Construct a narrow bench that you can put in front of your window. Not just will it hold your plants in rustic design, it will function as a side table for the ideal reading nook. (by means of Shabby Grace).

3. Do It Yourself Mini Pipeline Plant Stand

indoor plant stands

Your desk should have some plant too, whether you operate in a cubicle or an office. Created this little copper pipeline stand that is best for holding a couple of succulents.

4. Midcentury Modern Plant Stand With Gold Legs

metal plant stands

If you’re into Scandinavian designing, you’ve most likely seen plant stands like this one drifting around your Pinterest boards. Now you can make one yourself for half the cost of buying it. That’s a win for you and for your plants.

5. Do It Yourself Air Plant Stand

white plant stand

Air plants are perhaps the simplest home plant to look after so they will match the simplest DIY plant stand ever.

Plus, you can individualize this one with the color and design you utilize for painting the wood. Cover it in hearts. Include your initials. Paint it neon pink. Whatever shows your design. Perfect!

6. Piano Stool DIY Plant Stand

plant rack

Another choice when producing a plant stand can be to re-purpose things you currently have in your house such as, for instance, a piano stool.

You can practically simply take the stool, discover a great area for it and put a planter on top. Obviously, you can initially provide it a transformation and possibly paint it.

7. DIY Barrette Plant Stand

plant rack

I’ve constantly delighted in the appearance of barrette legs. By utilizing them on a piece of barnwood, you can develop a plant stand style that’s modern-day and rustic all at the same time.

8. Do It Yourself Tiered Plant Stand

plant table

How can you withstand a hack when it’s from IKEA? This task takes an IKEA plant stand and vamps it up with acacia wood. It’s so midcentury modern-day that your home merely needs to have this.

9. Do It Yourself Mini Cube Plant Stand

modern plant stand

I could not withstand consisting of another desk sized plant stand. This little cube is the best piece to include a little plant and a little art to your desk. Paint it or stain it if you wish to go for it.

10. Modern Brass Legs Stand Plant

flower stand

Exists an area in your house where you would like to put some plant however do not have the space? Do It Yourself this narrow plant stand to provide some life to your corridor, your foyer or any place else you believe there isn’t really area.

11. Do It Yourself Pipeline Plant Stand

white plant stand

This spin on the popular Scandinavian design plant stand is a fantastic method to offer your greens a little glam. The copper pipeline immediately makes this job non-carpenter friendly and easy to develop in an afternoon.

12. DIY Hanging Seamless Gutter Stand

metal plant stands

Here’s a charming plant stand that will contribute to your outside patio area decoration. Not just will it provide you a splash of color, it will assist provide you some personal privacy. Whatever color you paint it, you’ll delight in filling it with life each spring.

13. Drawer DIY Plant Stand

wrought iron plant stands

Prior to you throw away that old cabinet, conserve a drawer! Connect it to a tray table and you’ll have tray-like DIY plant stand that you can pack loaded with plant.

14. Do It Yourself Wood Piece Stand

metal plant stands

Lots of plants have to be moved depending upon the seasons and the light. For your bigger plants, put some wheels on a piece of wood and you’ll have an immediate plant stand that is quickly movable from window to window.

15. Do It Yourself Plant Stand Ladder

plant pot stand

Okay so this just sort of counts as a plant stand due to the fact that you can utilize it for many things. Simply picture filling this with ferns and vines in your living space. Or position it on your patio area and show your herb garden on the tiers. It will be the star piece of your area.

16. High Square DIY Plant Stand

mid century plant stand

In some cases you want you had an actually high side table to obtain your valuable plant the light it requires. That’s practically exactly what this plant stand is.

It’s little yet high stature will get your plant up in the air so you can quickly put it in the very best and brightest area possible.

17. Side Table DIY Plant Stand

metal plant stands

How about something that will hold more than one pot? Since that’s exactly what you truly require when it concerns plant stands. Line up your greens on this lovely white stand. This would be best for a kitchen area herb garden.

18. Angled DIY Plant Stand

hanging plant stand

Even if you desire a plant stand does not suggest you’re restricted to the wood table-like stands most locations offer. Step outside package with an angular metal stand like this one. Your plants will look additional trendy resting on it.

19. Do It Yourself Wood Planter Stand

tall plant stands

A wood planter stand can be simply the important things you have to make your lovely plants stand out in a classy and a basic method. To construct the planter, you’ll require a cedar slab for the legs and one for the base along with some outside stain, a sander, a saw and wood glue.

After you cut the pieces for the legs, round them ans sand them. Cut holes in their sides so you can then include the x-shaped base. Put all these aspects together and utilize glue to keep them protect.

Tips for Making A DIY Plant Stand

Here’s some good tips for making a DIY plant stand provided by TheSorryGirls’ YouTube channel. We’re sure you’ll love this project!

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