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21 Astonishing DIY Computer Desk Ideas (with Plans)

By: Allan Bryce
Diy Hanged Computer Desk

Are you struggling in finding ideas to build your own DIY computer desk?

Well, if you find this article, you’re in luck! Because we have compiled a list of 21 DIY computer desk ideas from around the web for you.

Even better, some of them also come with a plan. So you can start to build them this weekend.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Wooden Pallet DIY Computer Desk

Wooden Pallet Computer Desk Ideas

Wooden pallet is always the number one material for a DIY project due to its flexibility.

Besides, you can easily find a wooden pallet over the stores in your area. You can make a rack, bookshelf, coffee table, bed frames, and computer desk out of it.

To make this computer desk, you’ll need a single layer of wooden pallet for the shelf, one wooden board for the surface, and a pair of string for the holder.

The wooden pallet usage as the shelf is also useful for the attachment to the wall, making this table into a floating desk.

DIY Standing Computer Desk

Diy Computer Desk Ideas

Building a wrap-around desk is a perfect idea if you have a small home office in your house. This design will give you simplicity and flexibility in doing your work on your home.

The top surface is actually quite spacious. It can hold up your laptops, lamp, and office utensils.

With two additional bar stools, this perfectly designed computer desk is great for both sitting and standing.

Parson Tower Computer Desk

Easy Computer Desk To Build

If you prefer a more versatile computer desk, you can follow this DIY computer desk plan from Ana White.

The great thing about this desk is that you can easily build this project from scraps!

Diy Computer Desk Ideas

That two leveled rack also comes in handy, just in case you want to put your things such as books, baskets, or your storage box.

Besides, you can also put your gaming console and turn this desk into a gaming desk.

DIY Wall Mounted Computer Desk

Easy Computer Desk To Build
By CrazyClever on Instructables

For small space rooms, building a wall-mounted desk or a floating desk is the best solution. But what’s even better? A folding computer desk it is!

CrazyClever, the creator of this project, actually meant it to be a crafting desk for kids. If you fold this desk up, there is a chalkboard on the other side of the table for doodling.

But let’s skip the chalkboard and focus on the folding table. This could be a very comfortable place to work at home.

DIY Computer Desk with Concrete Countertop

Easy Computer Desk To Build

If you are into industrial style, you can never go wrong with this DIY computer desk because it uses concrete as the countertop.

However, the creator still keeps its natural and minimalist look by not adding color to the wood.

Some of you may be wondering how to build this desk, especially for the concrete countertop, since it’s not the material most people get used to. Click the button below for the plan.

View Plan

Custom DIY Gaming Computer Desk

Diy Gaming Computer Desk

Making a DIY gaming desk is quite different from an ordinary computer desk, especially if you want to make an advanced gaming setup like this one.

We really recommend you to hack or remodel your current desk if you already have any, and it is so much easier to do so than building it from scratch.

One thing that you should remember is that before you start building this project, at first, you need to sketch the plan. Then, make a list of items that will be needed to build your project.

For example, in the picture above, the creator uses acrylic glass to make a transparent surface for the open-air CPU case, another wood board for racks, and a metal pipe for the tier. The result is pretty awesome!

DIY Murphy Computer Desk

How To Make Computer Desk

Now you see it. Now you don’t.

Murphy style is another way to manage and optimize your space. Look at this DIY computer desk!

It is so functional, and it will give you a unique look to your space and the efficiency to restore your tools.

The picture below is the perfect example of a murphy desk when being used as a computer desk.

What do you think?

Diy Murphy Computer Desk With Laptop

DIY Computer Desk from Wood Pallet

Easy Computer Desk To Build

This simple pallet computer desk will look awesome in the corner of your room, and it is easy to build.

All you need to prepare is just one unused wooden pallet, one plywood layer, and two pairs of Vika Curry legs from IKEA.

Then, you can take a look at this DIY computer desk plan from IKEAhackers:

How To Make Computer Desk

One good thing about this cheap yet functional computer desk is getting an extra shelf from the pallet. It’s like a double surface desk, and it looks like this:

How To Make Computer Desk

Awesome, right?

There, you can put all your necessary stuff such as books, paper, office utensils, and basically anything that fits into it.

So, you can always keep your desktop clean and neat.

Double-Sided Computer Desk

Diy Computer Desk Ideas

If you work in a team, it’s better to have a double-sided desk so you can easily collaborate with your partner.

As you already know, there are two types of two-person desks: side-to-side desk and back-to-back desk.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. But if you want to have a desk that brings more privacy, you can go with this type of desk.

This back-to-back desk is one of the best examples of a double-sided computer desk. The usage of a bookshelf as a substitution for table legs is a brilliant idea.

That way, you can store your books, storage box, small framed photos, and flower vases.

Even more, the bookshelf also functions as a separator between the two desks and adds some privacy to each person.

DIY X-Legged Computer Desk with Plan

X Leg Diy Computer Desk

For you who prefer a modular workspace, this foldable X-legged computer desk definitely will suit you.

To make this computer desk, you need to follow some simple steps.

First, you need to prepare two pairs of pipes for the leg and a pair more for the surface base.

The first pipe base should be a little bit shorter than the other because the shorter one will be put inside the other like so:

Pipe Desk For Computer Desk

Then, weld the two legs and the surface base, or you can connect them using a 90-degree pipe joint, and after all-set, make a hole in the middle of each pipe and screw them so it can function as the hinge.

And for the top, you can use the wood countertop for the desk surface. You can also use a customized glass tabletop here.

DIY Cardboard Computer Stand

Diy Cardboard Laptop Stand Ideas

This is probably the cheapest (and easiest) DIY computer desk on this list.

Well, it is technically not a desk, but it is so functional and beneficial, especially if you want to make your laptop more eye-friendly.

You can use any kind of cardboard available at your house. Just make sure that they are in good condition and strong enough to hold your laptop.

Diy Cardboard Laptop Stand

Cut the cardboard into four pieces, and then adjust the size and make sure it fits your laptop’s dimension.

Also, you’ll want to make a small hole on the backside for more advanced cable management.

Small DIY Computer Desk

Small Diy Computer Desk

If you have advanced woodworking skills, making this small desk is not a difficult thing to do.

In fact, it’s easy.

Just purchase your wood, or if you already have any, you can start to make your rough plan on the paper.

In this step, you can adjust the size according to your desired design and the available material.

Diy Small Computer Desk

You’ll need some basic woodworking tools such as a saw, clamps, wood glue, sandpaper, and screws to do this project. The complete step-by-step guide is available on WikiHow.

View Plan

DIY Copper Pipe Computer Desk

How To Make Computer Desk

This beautiful DIY copper pipe desk is first created for children and not for a computer desk, but if you can put your computer on it, why not?

The combo design is pretty useful, though.

With the chair attached to the desk, you don’t need to buy an additional chair for your computer desk set.

You can always adjust the size and the material as your preference.

For example, you can replace the copper pipe with a metal pipe if you prefer that.

Other DIY ideas to try:

Custom Made Corner PC Desk

How To Build Computer Desk
by hivoltage on

An Instructables user with the username hivoltage shared his DIY computer desk, and it is awesome!

Unlike the concrete countertop desk that we have already mentioned in number 5, this desk comes with polished concrete and is made for the corner.

He uses lyptus wood and plywood for making the frame, and he also adds crushed glass to give accent to the countertop.

The process is sure complicated and needs a lot of time, but you’ll be amazed by the result. Read the full step tutorial below:

View Plan

DIY Floating Gaming Desk

Making Floating Computer Desk E1526652046958

If you love wood accents as much as I do, you sure will love this idea, particularly if you have a small room or a U shaped corner in your house with a small gap between the two walls.

To build this desk, first, you need to measure the distance from one wall to another and buy some piece of wood with that specified length.

You can use L-shaped brackets for the support around the table.

For the finishing, you can give a small gap between the table and the front wall to put an LED strip lights on it.

This desk setup is minimalist and elegant at the same time, and there is no cable mess around.

As you can see, the monitor is attached to the wall and use cable wall plates for cable management.

Scandinavian Style Workspace

Diy Leaning Computer Desk

This working desk’s idea is to make a functional working space but still use effective space management.

For instance, this design uses a three-leveled table to optimize the existing space.

With a combination of white colors, a wooden clock, and a minimalist chair, this leaning desk also gives a Scandinavian touch to the room.

Another benefit of this desk is that it also can be used as a plant stand to give some greenery to the room. Look at that beautiful vines!

Custom Ergonomic Computer Desk

Diy Ergonomic Computer Desk

As a person who spends a lot of time in front of the computer, having an ergonomic desk is necessary.

It really helps us be comfortable while doing our works, and at the same time, it reduces our eyes’ tiredness.

If you are interested in trying to do this project, you can follow the instruction below.

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Minimalistic DIY Computer Desk

Diy Cheap Computer Desk
by arte.sano on Instructables

Can you believe that this desk is made out of a door panel?

According to the creator, this minimalist computer desk is made at a low cost by using a used door panel and 7 pallets of wood for making the two sawhorses.

Interested in building this project?

View Plan

DIY Adjustable Standing Desk

Tiered Computer Desk Design

Nowadays, many people have found the health benefits of standing up while working, and many of them have decided to use a standing desk instead of the regular desk with chairs.

But yes, as they said, “sitting is the new smoking,” it is hard for many of us to use a standing desk for a long time completely.

Sitting a lot can indeed cause some effects on our body, as stated in Mayo Clinic. However, it always needs some time for us to get used to something new.

So, in this case, a multi-level adjustable standing desk is the solution; you can move from sitting to standing and vice versa. Interested? Check out the plan below!

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Small DIY Corner Desk

Small Corner Computer Desk

If you already have a corner table or corner TV stand, you can turn that into a computer desk like this one.

You don’t need a lot of work to make this desk. You need to prepare a chair and think about cable management, and that’s it.

This desk style works best with an All-in-One PC like an iMac or laptop, but if you use a computer with a CPU case and require more space for it, you can make another shelf on the wall or just put it under the table.

DIY Computer Desk Shelf

Diy Computer Desk Shelf
by Natalina on Instructables

Okay, this maybe is not a DIY computer desk or a tutorial on how to build it, but it may solve your problem.

If you have ever felt that your monitor is too low, we sometimes hack it by propping it with books, wood boards, or cardboards.

Well, say goodbye to those old things.

Natalie Walsh, a designer on Instructables, shared her DIY project; a desk shelf for a PC monitor.

The idea is to elevate the height of the monitor so it can be more eye-friendly. You can follow her steps below:

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