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15 Farmhouse Window Treatments and Curtain Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Farmhouse décor is all about having less but doing more. Although the aesthetic isn’t strictly minimalist, it does maintain an aura of simplicity while still managing to weave in a few more wealthy elements (particularly large motifs, eye-catching decorative prints, and fascinating organic textures). 

If you’re looking for a way to redecorate your home’s windows in the popular farmhouse aesthetic, you’re in the right place!

Featured below is a collection of top farmhouse window treatments and curtain ideas that are bound to make your windows look their absolute best: 

Add a Cottagecore Flair with Bow Curtain Panels 

Nothing says “farmhouse” better than a cottagecore-themed window panel with real bows

If you’re looking for an endearing and dainty statement piece, look no further: a sheer, pastel-colored window covering might just be exactly what you need – be sure to buy one that’s complete with oversized bows to add to the cuteness! 

Watch These Ruffled Curtains Sway in the Wind

Ruffled curtains would be enchantingly beautiful when hung against a particularly windy farmhouse widow. You can set them up and watch the warm, summertime breeze billow through them, gently tousling the curtain’s soft ruffles in the process – how lovely! 

Introducing ruffled curtains into your farmhouse’s setting is a great way to add texture to an otherwise bland interior landscape, too. 

Stylize Your Window with a Scarf 

Scarves are a fun way to redecorate your window without having to invest in expensive decoration pieces or wall hangings. You can easily wrap them around your window’s curtain rod while allowing them to hang low in the middle – this will help you achieve a unique and stylish aesthetic for your farmhouse window! 

Admittedly, window scarves don’t do much to keep out the light, so if you’re looking for a curtain that can help keep the sun’s rays at bay, why not check out the next option… 

Pay Ode to Classic Farmhouse Decor with Plaid Panels 

Plaid cloth prints are a classic farmhouse staple. This style is available in many brilliant colors, with the most popular ones being red, blue, yellow, and black, and is by far the most recognizable cloth print in authentic farmhouse décor culture.

Plaid printed items are a staple within the popular cottagecore aesthetic, too. So, if you’re looking for farmhouse-style cottage curtains ideas, plaid drapes make for a wonderful choice! 

Go Mad About Macrame Window Panels

Macrame window panels are a great way to decorate your windows without halting all the sunlight flowing in. While they may not be the best option for bedrooms (you’ll never get any sleep with all that light flowing in), they are an admirable choice for living room windows because of how adorable and charming they look.  

Make Your Window Look Pretty with Patchwork

Patchwork window panels are an excellent tool that can help brighten up even the dullest of corners. Interestingly, patchwork prints are also a popular farmhouse aesthetic symbol, making them an ideal choice for your farmhouse’s empty window! 

Revamp Your Window with Wooden Shutter Farmhouse Window Coverings

If you’d rather replace your farmhouse window curtains with something else, you’re in luck! Many people prefer to install a pair of wooden shutters (complete with a heartwarming quote!) to cover up their open windows without compromising on style.  

Opt for Organic with a Beaded Bamboo Curtain

Installing bamboo bead curtains is an excellent way to cover up any large, ceiling-to-floor window panels. These curtains pay heritage to nature and the organic world thanks to their unique bamboo composition, which, in turn, allows the curtains to cast a beautiful, patterned shadow across the farmhouse floor when the sun hits them at the right angle.  

Decorate with Deer Curtain Panels

Calling all animal lovers! Show off your passion for nature’s wild side with a pair of fantastic deer curtain panels. After all, what better way to pay tribute to the organic farmhouse aesthetic than borrowing from nature’s own design? 

Show off Some Short Burlap Curtains

A pair of floor-length curtains might be the most popular cloth panel option for windows, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the only right answer! 

If you’d like to try something new, why not opt for a set of short, earthen-colored burlap curtains? Thanks to their angled cut style, you’ll be able to peep through the window and gaze out into the breathtaking countryside and its flowing fields…Ah, what a dreamy view! 

Hang Up a Net Window Valance

In addition to curtains, scarves, and wooden coverings, window valances are one of the most popular farmhouse kitchen window treatments out there.

Thanks to their short, sheer appearance, netted valances also serve as a great way to decorate your farmhouse windows without covering up the window’s own beauty. 

However, window valances aren’t the only way to do this, which brings us to our next point… 

Swap Out Valances for Decorative Panels

If valances aren’t your thing, you can always opt to cover your window’s upper section with a decorative wooden panel instead.

Such panels are a popular country-style window treatment most commonly employed within kitchens that welcome ample sunlight and prefer casual decorative motifs instead of bulky curtains. 

Try Out Knotted Farmhouse Style Drapes 

Knotted drapes aren’t as common as their looped counterparts yet manage to offer superior aesthetics than most window covering options out there. Of course, it all boils down to personal taste…but, if you ask us, there’s nothing quite as opulent as a graceful set of knotted drapes hanging across your farmhouse window!

Due to their superior farmhouse aesthetic (made possible by those charming overhead knots), these drapes also double up as the perfect bay window decoration piece. 

Experiment with Pure-White Farmhouse Blinds  

Due to their modest design, all-white blinds can easily blend into any setting without offending the area’s interior décor. Blinds also employ lesser material than drapes, allowing them to glide smoothly across the window panel without bunching up in odd places. 

So, if you value versatility and ease of access, a set of pure white blinds might just be exactly what you need! 

Up Your Style Game with Large Motif Curtains

All those looking for the perfect pair of modern farmhouse curtains should definitely consider investing in an option that’s decked with large, eye-catching motifs (brownie points if they contain frills)! 

Large motif curtains are one of the most popular and in-demand farmhouse window treatments out there, thanks to their flawless rustic aesthetic. 

Final Thoughts

There’s a good reason why farmhouse style decoration is so popular; few trends can compare with its simple yet eye-catching aesthetic. 

Now that you’ve gone through this list of brilliant farmhouse curtain ideas, you can start planning for your next shopping trip to the drapery store to buy the perfect farmhouse-style curtains and window treatments for your home!