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15 Amazing Glam Accent Chair Ideas

By: Sara Shores

Accent chairs are incredibly versatile. You can find them in pretty much any style, and they serve just about any room in a practical sense as well. The same goes for glam accent chairs. You can find glam accent chairs for bedrooms, living rooms, and even rooms that aren’t conventionally glam like a home office. 

To help you pick your favorite between the wide variety of glam chair options out there, we’ve curated this list of 15 ideas. Whether you’re looking to glamorize an ordinary room or continue a luxurious theme, these chair ideas are a great place to start. 

Go for Classic Glam Style With a Button Tufted Chair 

Go For Classic Glam Style With A Button Tufted Chair

Upholstered chairs look great in pretty much any room, but to make them look glam, all it takes is a simple fix– button tufting. Who knew something so simple could make a chair look so fancy? It’s true, though. Add a gray color palette, and that’s what you get with this chair. 

It’s perfect for adding a simple yet luxurious touch to any glam room and would look especially great in a living room paired with tufted couches, as seen here. 

Blend Modern and Glam Style With a Chevron Chair 

Blend Modern And Glam Style With A Chevron Chair

Luxury patterns abound, and seated among them (no pun intended) is chevron. Chevron is a truly timeless pattern. While it originates from ancient times, in most rooms today, it’s anything but. 

If you’d like to combine these two aesthetics for a modern glam room, chevron is one way to do this. It can go well on anything, but it looks especially great on glam accent chairs like this one. 

Add a Wingback Chair for Some Simple Glam Style 

Add A Wingback Chair For Some Simple Glam Style

Glam wingback chairs are a staple of many luxury homes and for good reason. As seen here, they’re a perfect vessel for adding luxurious accents such as button tufting and nailheads. 

Despite being pretty simple, it practically oozes luxury when all of these elements are combined. Add to that the gorgeous purple color palette, and you have a chair that’s perfect for accenting bedrooms, entryways, and more. 

Add a Touch of Glam With a Velvet Chair 

Add A Touch Of Glam With A Velvet Chair

You might know many of the common elements of glam rooms already. Think of any glam room, and surely things such as crystals, gold, and more come to mind. Among these luxurious essentials is velvet. While it was once a royal-exclusive material, now it’s found on everything from curtains to armchairs like these. 

Along with being incredibly comfortable, it also has a glamorous sheen that’s sure to make your room feel like a million bucks, even if you didn’t spend that much to decorate it. 

Go For Pristine Elegance With an Ivory and White Chair 

Go For Pristine Elegance With An Ivory And White Chair

White and gold are often considered a match made in heaven when it comes to interior design, and that goes for off-white as well. Perhaps ivory actually fits better than pure white since ivory in and of itself is considered a luxurious color. 

While it may seem simple, it’s often associated with costly and rare items such as elephant tusks, which just so happens to be where it gets its name. Pairing the expensive feeling of both colors in an armchair like this one is perfect for adding a touch of glam to virtually any room. 

Add Some Drama With a Black and Gold Chair 

Add Some Drama With A Black And Gold Chair

The luxurious nature of white and gold is best matched by its darker counterpart, black and gold. Despite white and black being two opposites, both color combinations are just as luxurious. The only difference is the context. White and gold are typically used in rooms that are designed to take advantage of natural light. On the other hand, black and gold are used more for dramatic modern rooms. 

Of course, if you want to take full advantage of these color palettes, you can easily combine them. You can put a black and gold chair like this one in a white room to make it modern, contrasting, and glamorous. 

Add an Artsy Abstract Chair for a Showstopping Glam Room 

Add An Artsy Abstract Chair For A Showstopping Glam Room

Glam rooms often incorporate artwork in some way, especially abstract art. But why limit yourself to wall paintings? You can find all kinds of items that give an artistic flair to any room, such as accent chairs like this one. 

Also, as mentioned earlier, it incorporates black, white, and gold for an exceptionally luxurious feel. If you’re in need of a modern glam accent chair, this one is definitely a great candidate. 

Go For Practicality and Style With a Fancy Swivel Chair 

Go For Practicality And Style With A Fancy Swivel Chair

When you think of glam accent chairs, you might think only of stationary chairs without realizing it. This is because stationary chairs are most common in the world of glam. 

Of course, some designers are beginning to change that. This chair has the velvet upholstery you’d expect from a glam chair, but it has the added ability to swivel. While normally chairs like this are most fitting in living rooms, the added swivel capability makes it suitable for a home office as well. 

Add a Dash of Elegance With an Emerald Green Chair

Add A Dash Of Elegance With An Emerald Green Chair

It’d be nice if we all had the money to buy emerald encrusted chairs, but unfortunately, those types of designs are usually only feasible for the ultrarich. 

However, you can get the next best thing– an emerald-colored chair. It evokes the beauty of emeralds with its gorgeous deep green color, and the gold accents and scalloped back make it fit in almost any glam room.

Add Luxury in a Different Sense With a Green Leather Chair

Add Luxury In A Different Sense With A Green Leather Chair

We’ve mentioned button tufting by this point, but with a simple material swap from velvet to something else, you can go glam in a different sense. That something else? Leather. 

While leather might not be as soft as velvet, it remains glamorous due to its exceptional sheen. You don’t need to be limited to brown leather either, as chairs like this one pair leather with the elegance of emerald green. Plus, good-quality leather serves its purpose in a practical sense, as it’s a durable material fit to last you a long time. 

Go for Comfort and Glam With a Shearling Chair

Go For Comfort And Glam With A Shearling Chair

Along with shiny materials such as leather, you can also achieve a glam look with soft materials. This chair is one example. Upholstered in a shearling fabric, it looks luxuriously soft. 

It would work well as a glam bedroom chair if you prefer going from comfort to comfort. Also, due to its neutral color palette, it’s perfect if you’d like an accent chair that doesn’t go overboard and hijack your whole design. 

Stand Out With a Red and Green Chair

Stand Out With A Red And Green Chair

If you just need one statement piece to round out your glam room, then you’ll certainly find it with a chair like this one. It’s almost impossible to take your eyes off of it. 

This is due in part to the contrasting red and teal colors. The rest of the credit goes to the elegant floral pattern, a staple in many glam rooms. 

Go For a Sherpa Chair for Some Subdued Glamor

Go For A Sherpa Chair For Some Subdued Glamor

If you love the idea of incorporating soft materials into your glam room but want something that’s a little less bold than shearling, sherpa is a great alternative. 

It’s still incredibly soft, but in chairs like this one, it has a simple effect. Being only slightly more glam than an ordinary accent chair, it’s perfect for blending in with your existing decor so you can put more emphasis on your show-stopper pieces. 

Go Big or Go Home With a Lounge Accent Chair

Go Big Or Go Home With A Lounge Accent Chair

Keeping with the theme of “only slightly more glam,” you have chairs like this one. 

This time rather than the fabric being the standout feature, the main feature with this one is its grand size. King size beds are to twin beds what this chair is to ordinary ones. Plus, its white color makes it a perfect accent to almost any glam room. 

Go for Modern Glam Style With a Contrasting Chair

Go For Modern Glam Style With A Contrasting Chair

When it comes to interior design, simple touches really do make all the difference. Such is the case with this chair. 

What would normally be an ordinary (albeit beautiful) chair is made exceptionally modern thanks to the black stripe down the middle. Adding to that the high back and carved legs, and you have a modern chair fit for a glamorous room. 

Final Thoughts…

As you can probably tell by now, there are a great many glam accent chairs out there. Whether you’re looking for something a little more subtle like a white sherpa chair or something bold like a red and green floral chair, you will most certainly find it. 

Many chairs are great for transitioning between styles as well, such as a white and black chair for a modern glam room. We hope this list gave you a place to start in making your glam room shine, not just with glitz and glitter, but also with individuality.