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17 Creative Hallway Lighting Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

Hallways are often perceived as dull and dingy spaces that most of the time get overlooked by the homeowners. Look around your home – do you observe how uninviting that hallway looks? Maybe it is stuffed with an extra pile of your collections or in some cases, dark enough to seem like a ‘spooky’ space! Well, lighting has a major role to play.

As a matter of fact – hallways deserve to be bright and welcoming. So, if you’re looking for some lighting design inspirations to add that charm to your hallways – keep reading below. I have enlisted a few ideas that you can incorporate into your homes. 

Make Use of Table Lamps

Console tables are a ‘must-have’ in hallways. Hence, if you don’t like the feeling of a hallway pendant light or wall sconces, placing table lamps over console tables would help in creating a moody aura in your hallways. 

You have the option to choose from a wide array of design styles to jazz up that table-top while adding to the beauty of your entrances. However, remember to strategically organize the top with these lighting essentials and decoratives. 

Create a Focal Point

Hall lighting fixtures have a major role to play in creating desired aura in your space as soon as you come back home. Hence, shouldn’t it be worthy of attention? 

So, choosing a large yet characteristic piece of chandelier or pendant lighting is bound to add a sense of focus to your space. It will not only add an aesthetic factor but also help make your hallway look brighter, sophisticated, and most importantly luxurious!

Incorporate Stark Colors

If you want to get out of the boring beige and grey box to brighten up the entrance hallways with some spectacular colors, choose brighter-hued table lamps and pendant lights. 

Well, colors are more than what meets the eye. Oh yes, if you are looking forward to that artistic and creative blend of colors – check out how Sophie Robinson plays with it! I am sure you will feel much more confident after that!

Create a Statement

Statement lighting generally plays well if you have a neutral backdrop. So, just in case if the hallway walls have muted tones such as off-whites, lighter beiges, greiges, and greys – you can incorporate a majestic piece of lighting and pair it with another element in the hallway.

However, make sure to align the finishes and use it repetitively throughout the house so as to create a cohesive palette. A Pro Tip: Choose glam-style metals on these statement pieces for an outstanding look!

Amalgamate the Luxe and Rustic

Sometimes, it might get confusing choosing a specific style of aura for your hallway – isn’t it? Maybe you like a particular pendant light that aligns with the glam-style and on the other hand, is the hallway console table that is more vintage or farmhouse? 

Well, in this case, choosing an eclectic style is primary. Strategically blending the two styles to create a cohesive backdrop is a way through. For example, the picture above is a perfect example of the fusion of rustic woods with shiny metals. 

Highlight the Chandelier 

Add a sense of grandeur in your hallway by placing a majestic piece of chandelier that would truly define sophistication and luxe in your space. Choose from a specific mood you want to create – playful, royalty, or glam!

Statement chandeliers are a great fit for high ceilings. Hence, if you are looking for a solution to add a vertical element in your space in order to make it look enclosed and confined – choosing a chandelier with great height and depth would be a great solution. 

Let the Light Speak

Lighting is a major element in the interior design industry. So, what if the lighting itself speaks your space and the functions included? Well, choosing a large statement piece of chandelier will add authenticity to your hallways while also emphasizing on the functionality of your entryway. 

Hence, if your hallway is spacious enough and you want to add a cozy vibe to it, you can consider a large piece of hallway lighting fixture to be placed in the center. This will further refine the look of your overly-sized or amazingly-huge sized hallway. 

Mirrors, Mirrors Everywhere

Placing a large piece of mirror is another strategy to brighten up the hallways. Hence, cleverly placing the mirror opposite to the artificial or natural lighting will end up reflecting the light – thus, creating a bright and welcoming aura all over. 

Also note, this is one of the most cost-effective techniques to add a touch of liveliness and brightness to your hallways. So, be careful about the shape, size, and finish of your beautiful mirror piece. 

Go Natural

Choosing natural materials for your modern hallway lighting will never go out of style. Materials like rattan, wicker, and cane exhibit not only a light and airy feel but also invites a sense of the fresh and wholesome vibe. 

Whether one large piece of a statement or few various pendant lights, these natural materials are bound to introduce a feeling of positivity in your hallways and make your guests feel awe-struck every time they pay a visit. 

Welcome Scandinavian Vibe

A Scandinavian hallway simply implies serenity and subtleness. So, it is time to invite soothing pastels, some wooden touches, and also plenty of pastels. Highlight the muted-toned pendant lighting in a way that it becomes the limelight.

Moreover, consider placing some indoor plants such as fig-trees and succulents by this entryway to perfectly add a touch of positivity and freshness indoors. 

Add Statement Floor Lamp

Let’s go a step beyond from using pendant lights and chandeliers to more authentic – statement floor lamps that create a striking yet characteristic element in your hallways. This is also one of the most flexible options since the floor lamp can be easily moved around depending on the requirements.

A statement piece like this is bound to leave an everlasting impact on the visitors. So, are you ready to create an eye-catchy backdrop?

Try Hallway Track Lighting

An elongated track lighting throughout the span of your hallway is definitely going to create an eye-catchy effect. However, keep a note that it is either a gallery wall or you have plenty of decoratives to highlight!

A perfect example of modern hallway lighting, the tracks are absolutely timeless that will never fade away with continuous updates of the trends in the industry. Hence, proving to be a long-term solution! 

Work in Pairs

There is nothing more balanced than the presence of two wall sconces or wall lights placed at an equal distance. Just like a pair – you can incorporate this vintage pair of hallway lighting throughout the walls to maintain harmony and balance. 

Moreover, it is important to highlight a certain feature – whether it is an artwork, a console table, a couple of glass jars, an indoor plant, or a particular hallway seating. So, excited already?

Modern Hallway Lighting Solution

Do you have a particular false ceiling design in your hallway? So, what is the size or the shape of the ceiling? Well, it is time to make the most use of it. Simply, add a touch of luxe in your hallways by incorporating chandelier pieces in the ceiling design itself. 

This spectacular glass crystal chandelier makes a great match for modern and minimalist style homes. So, are you ready to spruce up the modern hallways?

Add Drama With Mid-Century Modern Style

Do you like a bold and daring hallway backdrop? Also, if you want to incorporate some drama in your homes, one of the best possible ways is to incorporate the creative lighting options in various saturations as per the mood you aim to desire.

In the picture above, the hallway lighting tends to steal away all the glam and attention of the visitors! 

Invite the Timeless Black

Black lighting pieces will never go out of style! Hence, regardless of the backdrop colors, interior design styles, or the theme – if you are ever confused about a particular hue – simply choose black. 

Black lighting options also require the least maintenance, hence, prove to be longer living and more durable as compared to other colors of the same product!

Introduce the Crystal Pendants

Not only are they considered a charm for the homes but also create aesthetically appealing backdrops. The shadows formed by these hallway lightings are definitely worthy of inspiration and a ‘must-have’ in the homes. 

So, What’s the Takeaway?

Now that we have discussed a few hallway lighting designs, are you confident about using a particular type? Well, always remember to analyze the space and its size to best optimize the use of paint colors to feel welcoming and fresh at all times.

Hallways are the first impressions of our homes and that is why they deserve to be bright and welcoming! So, if you are particularly mesmerized by any of the ideas, do let us know your thoughts in the comments below!