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20 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for White Kitchens

By: Sara Shores

White kitchens are the perfect blank canvas for adding a brand-new backsplash. From adding a splash of color to incorporating contrast, there are nearly infinite ways to make your kitchen feel unique and personalized. A backsplash can also tie your decor together and make your kitchen feel complete.

However, with so many options, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices to ones that fit in with your desired aesthetic. To help you out, here’s a list of 20 white kitchen backsplash ideas. 

Go For a Clean Look With a White Ceramic Backsplash

Sometimes when it comes to backsplashes, a simple approach is best. If you have a white kitchen and want everything in it to be cohesive, going with a white ceramic backsplash might be the choice for you. 

This backsplash in particular has a clean look with its simple design and a glossy finish. It’s a great option for minimalistic kitchens. If you have white cabinets with these white subway tiles, it can tie your space together.  Plus it’s budget-friendly, so you can add your new backsplash without breaking the bank. 

Add Subtle Contrast With a Silver Backsplash

Contrast is a perfect aesthetic choice for a modern-looking kitchen. However, sometimes black against white can look a little intense. If you’d like contrast without the intensity of white-against-black, a silver backsplash is a perfect option. The gray looks softer against the white while adding a subtle modern touch.

This backsplash is a beautiful silver color and adds additional modern flair due to its metallic look. It’s also a great choice for luxury kitchens, as the pattern adds a touch of elegance without going overboard.

Go For a Modern Look With a Black Backsplash

If you prefer the dramatic intensity of white and black, a black backsplash is a perfect option. This backsplash is especially well-suited for a modern kitchen, as the rhombus design is geometric with clean lines. 

It doesn’t go too overboard in terms of design, however, so the pattern can mesh well with your existing kitchen decor. 

Make Your Kitchen Luxurious With a Marble-Looking Backsplash

Marble is best known for its incorporation into luxury kitchen designs. Historically, it commonly appeared in palaces and has been associated with the height of luxury ever since.

If you’d like to add a luxury flair to your kitchen without using actual marble, this is a great option for you. It copies the look of marble but is easy to cut to size due to its plastic/vinyl material. 

Use a Patterned Backsplash for an Artsy Flair

Sometimes when you have a white kitchen, adding a unique backsplash can prevent the design from feeling dull. This white porcelain backsplash comes with an eye-catching dark blue floral design. The blue-on-white aesthetic makes it a great option if you’re looking for the best backsplash for white cabinets.

It would go especially well with an elegant kitchen, and it can even add a natural touch due to the floral design.

Use a Monochrome Crackle Glass Backsplash for Contrast

Glass backsplashes are a common choice for many kitchens. They can be varied in aesthetic and come in a variety of colors. If you’d like to add a unique spin on a normal glass backsplash, however, you may want to consider using crackle glass.

This monochromatic crackle glass backsplash looks modern, adding both cohesion through the white, and contrast through the black. Each tile comes in a random pattern for a unique look. 

Add a Splash of Color With a Blue Backsplash

If your kitchen has a lot of white-on-white-on-white, it could benefit from a pop of color. Adding some color can take a bland kitchen design and make it shine without too much effort on your part. It stands out, especially in kitchens with white cabinets. 

This beautiful blue backsplash comes with natural-looking weathered detailing, making it perfect for a rustic kitchen. The glossy finish also adds a subtle touch of luxury and elegance. 

Incorporate Subtle Texture With an Overlapping Circle Backsplash

Adding an overlapping circle pattern into your decor is a simple way to add luxury to your existing setup. If you have decor with this pattern already, adding in a similar backsplash can tie the whole space together. 

If you want to make a subtle impact and spruce up a typical backsplash, this is the perfect option for you. The raised overlapping circle design adds subtle texture, which is an important element in interior design. Due to the white color palette, it can look cohesive in virtually any white kitchen. 

Use a Blue Wooden-Looking Backsplash for a Seaside Look

If you love the beach, you don’t have to travel every single day to enjoy its wonders. You can easily recreate a seaside look at home. Whether your home already has a seaside look or you’re looking to update your existing decor, a beachy kitchen backsplash is a perfect option for you. 

This backsplash would look right at home with a white kitchen since it incorporates white into its color scheme already. It resembles weathered wood in its aesthetic but is made of durable ceramic material. 

Choose a Pebble-Shaped Backsplash for a Natural Touch

Many love incorporating a natural touch into their kitchen to bring the outside world in. Some do this through natural stone countertops or adding planters around their kitchen. If you’d like to add a natural touch to your existing decor, though, you can easily do so with a backsplash.

This backsplash features real natural stone pebbles which are sliced for a flat, smooth feel. Due to the monochromatic color palette, it would match well with your white kitchen. 

Use a Recycled Mosaic Backsplash for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design

If you’re looking to make a more eco-friendly kitchen design, you’ll want materials that go along with this. Thankfully, there are backsplash options out there that use recycled materials to give old glass a new lease on life.

This backsplash uses recycled glass in a simple and clean design. Each of the tiles resembles wood, adding a subtle natural look. Thanks to the lighter color palette, it would mesh well with your existing white kitchen.

Choose a Scalloped Backsplash for an Elegant Look

This scalloped backsplash would be right at home in an elegant kitchen. It has a simple shape, which is perfect for adding a subtle touch to your existing kitchen setup. The aqua color is light, so it will match perfectly with a white kitchen and add a slight pop of color. 

It also works well in a seaside-themed kitchen. The scalloped shape resembles shells, and the aqua color resembles seawater. 

Make Your Kitchen Stand Out With a Starburst Backsplash

If you’d like to add some subtle flair to your white kitchen, one of the easiest ways to do this is through a unique backsplash design. This backsplash would go perfectly with a white kitchen, being mostly white with a black starburst design.

With its hexagon shape and bit of contrast, it would work especially well with a modern kitchen, but its simple design allows it to fit with a variety of aesthetics. 

Go For a Retro Look With a Checkerboard Backsplash

Retro looks are sometimes underrepresented in home decor, but they can make your kitchen stand out. If you have a white kitchen and are looking to add a bit of retro flair, a checkerboard backsplash is a great option.

Since this backsplash is monochrome, the checkerboard pattern would go perfectly with your existing kitchen decor. 

Add a Subtle Unique Touch With an Arabesque Backsplash

Arabesque patterns can be incorporated into many pieces of home decor, from abstract art pieces to fancy cabinet doors. Using an arabesque pattern backsplash can add an elegant touch.

This is especially the case with this backsplash, which is white marble in an arabesque pattern. The marble makes it feel luxurious without being too gaudy, and its light color palette can mesh perfectly with your existing white kitchen.

Use a Golden Backsplash for the Ultimate Luxury Kitchen

When people think of luxury, they often think of golden furniture and silk upholstery. If you want to craft a luxury kitchen without going over budget, though, a golden-colored glass backsplash is a perfect choice. 

The gold color palette stands out but is capable of meshing perfectly with an existing white kitchen setup. 

Go For a Modern Look With a Hammered Metal-Looking Backsplash

Incorporating metal into your kitchen design can make it feel modern. Adding a hammered metal aesthetic can serve your design even more, adding subtle texture.

While this is a plastic backsplash, it resembles hammered metal to add a modern touch. The material makes it easy to cut and fit perfectly into your existing kitchen setup. In addition, the silver color makes it one of the best backsplash ideas for white cabinets.

Make Your Kitchen Shine With a Mother of Pearl Backsplash

Mother of pearl isn’t common in decor, but it can add an all-natural luxury flair to nearly any space. The kitchen is no exception and adding a mother of pearl backsplash can make your kitchen feel especially luxurious.

The natural pearl luster looks shiny without going overboard thanks to its neutral color palette. The small tiles would work well for a smaller backsplash. For a larger backsplash, though, the individual variations of the tiles can add texture to your kitchen design.

Make Your Backsplash Double as Art With a Ceramic Mural

If you don’t want to hang art on the walls but still want to incorporate art into your kitchen design anyway, an artsy backsplash is a perfect choice. 

This ceramic mural backsplash is perfect for a kitchen with a more horizontal space. Even if it doesn’t fit perfectly, you can easily supplement it with standard white tiles, allowing it to fit in most kitchens. 

Go For a Unique Look With a Comic Book-Inspired Backsplash

If you’d like your white kitchen backsplash to stand out, you’ll want one that’s unique and makes a statement. This backsplash certainly fits the bill with its unique comic book-inspired approach. It includes random pattern variants for a unique feel. It’s perfect for making your kitchen look creative and stand out among the rest. 

Each tile is also made of durable ceramic material, making for a backsplash that lasts a long time. 

Final Thoughts…

It can certainly be difficult to narrow down backsplash choices for your white kitchen from the wide variety of choices out there. There are many different options to meet different aesthetic needs, whether you’re looking to add texture or an artistic flair. Each can fit into a white kitchen and add a unique touch per your stylistic preferences. 

No matter your style, hopefully this list gave you a starting point to add a stylish backsplash to your kitchen.