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Luxury Swimming Pool Designs

By: Evelina Nilsson
Pool American Lodge Latooc

Swimming is a brilliant idea, especially if it’s done during a hot day—or simply a stressful day.

However, going to a public pool may become a problem since everybody has the same idea. We almost 100% sure the place will be crowded by the time you get there.

Having a private swimming pool in your house must be the solution. You won’t have to share your pool with strangers.

However, private swimming pool, indoor, or outdoor, isn’t only a complementary feature of a house, it’s also a valuable asset.

That’s why you need to upgrade your typical pool with these fresh and creative luxury swimming pool designs.

Let’s begin with basic swimming pool materials that you need to know!

4 Basic Swimming Pool Materials

There are four types of basic materials (Shotcrete, Vinyl, Concrete, and Fiberglass) that you need to know before constructing a pool.

These materials are very common, especially for in-ground pools. Here is more detail information:

1. Shotcrete

Luxury Swimming Pool Cost

Shotcrete material is actually a combination of concrete, sand, and water. That’s why the concrete material is also called shotcrete. With shotcrete, the mixture is blasted off to the surface using a pneumatic applicator until the desired width and shape are achieved.

2. Vinyl

Luxury Swimming Pool Cost

Vinyl has become one of the most popular materials used for a pool. They choose to utilize vinyl for one good reason and that is flexibility. It’s known for being easy and flexible for customization. That’s why a lot of people agree on the fact that Vinyl is one of the best pool materials.

3. Concrete

Luxury Swimming Pools Cost

Concrete material gives you the freedom to customize the size or the form of the pool. This design flexibility brings concrete to the same place as vinyl. Since concrete is also used in a shotcrete mixture, this one is widely known as shotcrete or gunite too.

4. Fiberglass

Luxury Swimming Pool Floats

Fiberglass material comes in finished shapes. That’s why this model is suitable for you who want to get the pool done immediately.

Even though the shapes are already made, there are various shapes that you can choose in the store.

After choosing the desired shape and form, the next thing you have to do is to install it in the selected area in your house.

The variety of choices of fiberglass pools allows you to choose based on size, design, and style.

After learning about these types of pool materials, it’s time for us to see several types of pool designs.

3 Types of Swimming Pool Designs

If categorized, there are at least three different types of swimming pool designs based on the function alone. Those are entertainment, health spa, and lap.

These are the detail information about each category. Check this out!

1. Swimming Pool for Entertainment

Luxury Swimming Pool Designs And Plans

A spacious landscape is needed for this type of pool because you need some spots to place the pool playground like the one in the picture.

Usually, the depth also varies between adult and children pool. Some aspects that have to be considered when constructing this type of pool are landscape and budget.

2. Swimming Pool for Health Spa

Luxury Swimming Pools Uk

In terms of a health spa, the dimension of this pool is smaller than the lap pool. In fact, this is a tiny swimming pool, which is 10 to 14 feet long.

Technically, this pool is meant for achieving health benefits, so it is designed for one single person use only. It is used when you want to exercise in a small area. That’s why people call this a ‘swimming treadmill’.

3. Swimming Pool for Lap

Luxury Swimming Pools Uk

If the entertainment pool is flexible in dimension and the health spa is small, the lap pool is long and slim because it’s used for exercise or competition.

In an Olympic, the lap pool has to be 25 meters in dimension. If it’s for school, the size may be smaller than that.

Finally, we have talked about the materials and the types of pools based on function. Now, it’s time to talk about the designs and plans. We have a lot in our store for you!

7 Amazing In-ground Pool Designs

In-ground swimming pool design has four different types: fiberglass, vinyl, concrete, and shotcrete. Each type has its own characteristic which we have discussed earlier. Here, we have 7 in-ground pool designs that’ll fit your luxury pool ideas.

1. A spacious pool with a fire pit

Luxury Pools With Waterfalls

This is an example that’s located in a high-end residence. The in-ground pool as the center of the community has a massive size.

The pool has a luxurious gathering spot in the middle connected to the edge by natural flagstone stairs. The spot is decorated with a round fire pit and a comfortable built-in sofa around the pit.

What a perfect place to relax!

2. Spacious American lodge with a large concrete pool

Luxury Swimming Pool Cost

A spacious American lodge has a massive yard, which is perfect for an in-ground swimming pool. The concept used in this idea is as natural as possible.

It is seen from the natural element that’s consistently used: the cut-stone. The cut-stone path and decoration blend in with the blue of the water and the greenery around the yard. This makes the scenery even more natural.

3. In-ground pool with palm trees and ocean view

Swimming Pool Design Ideas

This billion dollar design mesmerizes anyone who sees it. The clear sky that matches the ocean reduces stress. The palm trees on each side of the dock emphasize the tropical atmosphere.

There are two types of pools here. The first one is the above ground pool which seems to function as an outdoor Jacuzzi, because it has cut-stone seating.

Then, the second one is the in ground pool in the middle of the wooden deck.

4. Spanish style in-ground pool with Jacuzzi

Luxury Swimming Pools London

This is a high-end Spanish residence that’s located on a hill. The in-ground pool is built on the roof, so it is overlooking the mountains and the coastline on the horizon. This rooftop pool is designed with a natural concept.

Take a look at the ceramic tiles!

In the pool, there is a corner specifically designed for a Jacuzzi that fits for at least four people.

5. Massive natural rocks by the pool

Luxury Swimming Pool Near Me

Stepping out of the box, this design is being consistent with its cut-stone concept. At the far end, the wall is covered by brick-styled natural stone.

The concept is then extended to the patio and the Jacuzzi. This natural style is commonly found in Mediterranean-themed resorts.

To enhance the theme, you can utilize French doors with black trims, ceramic tile roof, palm trees and other tropical greenery, and the perfect lighting for that amazing ambience.

6. Simple yet elegant in-ground swimming pool

Luxury Swimming Pools Uk

People often think that only houses with large yards can install an in-ground swimming pool. The truth is the idea isn’t limited to a dimension of a space.

If you have a small yard, you still can build an in-ground swimming pool, though in a smaller size.

But, can you make it elegant or modern? Of course, you can!

The pool is divided into two sections where one is meant for adult and one is children. At the end of the pool, there’s a wooden dock with two relaxing chairs.

Meanwhile, the whole area is surrounded by greens, which makes it peaceful and serene.

7. Customized pool for a spacious large

Swimming Pool Design Ideas

This in-ground swimming pool uses concrete material as the base. That’s why the shape seems to be customized.

To utilize the large yard, you can plant grass on the border of the pool. That adds up the natural atmosphere as well.

During summer, the pool will be crowded by family or friends for a relaxing gathering.

A pro tip—to make the water looks light blue, use white floor tiles and blue boundary floor tiles.

Those are the example of luxury designs of in-ground pools with various shapes. After this, you’ll see a variety of pools with rectangular shape.

8 Billion Dollars Ideas of Luxurious Rectangular Swimming Pool Designs

Some people customize the shape of their pool, while some other want to keep it the old way—rectangular shape. Here are 8 ideas of rectangular swimming pool designs that you may like.

1. Tropical resort-like pool with an ocean view

Luxury Swimming Pool Near Me

The dark blue ambience of the ocean is therapeutic. Enhance the atmosphere by extending the vibe to the pool. This resort has an open outdoor pool with a beautiful ocean view. The rectangle shape is meant to resemble a path which leads directly to the ocean.

2. Millennial ‘see-through’ house with a rectangular pool

Luxury Swimming Pools Uk

Millennial design is closely related to minimalism, yet elegant. The elegance is resembled from how simple the design is. Take a look at this house.

The house utilizes see-through glass for almost every aspect of its exterior design, including the window panels and the second floor’s border.

Then, the pool is designed with a simple rectangular shape. Bordering the pool is ceramic tiles patio which enhances the simplicity.

3. Overlooking the city from this rooftop swimming pool

Luxury Swimming Pool Designs

The picture shows you Singapore’s most popular swimming pool. This above-ground pool is built on the top of buildings, so visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of the city.

If you’re looking at the design of the pool, it’s actually pretty simple, especially in term of shape.

This type of design is often called infinity pool, because of the blend between the color of the water and the sight/view; it seems like there’s no barrier.

This idea isn’t only applicable for a rooftop pool overlooking the city, but the framework can be applied to hill or mountain.

4. Above-ground rectangular pool in a modern house design

Luxury Swimming Pool Designs And Plans

This is an example of an in-and-above-ground pool. As a matter of fact, this is a gorgeous example. Before talking about the pool, let’s examine the house design. It’s very modern and updated. Separated by pebbles, the wooden deck looks exotic.

From the deck, the pool looks like an aquarium. (Thanks to the clear glass surface area) From this side, it seems like the depth of the pool is only a knee-high for adults that maybe this is built for children.

Truthfully, the depth is enough for adult to dive in. Such impression comes from the pool’s simple design of rectangular shape. The clear glass surface is also an additional point.

5. Luxurious backyard pool design and layout

Luxury Swimming Pool Near Me

This one is suitable for those of you who own a huge ranch house with a massive backyard. You don’t know what to do with all that space? Well, swimming pool must be the right answer. Even though it comes with a high maintenance, it’s such a waste if it’s not a pool.

The pool can either be built using concrete or shotcrete, though concrete is more recommended. From this design, the pool has a simple rectangular shape to follow the house’s layout.

However, if you desire a customized shape, you can always go with it.
The pool has a small half-circle area which seems to be the Jacuzzi. To balance the pool, the rest of the yard is decorated with grass and a variety of plants.

6. Customized pool at the back yard

Luxury Swimming Pool Designs

Often times, people are bored with rectangular shape pool. They often believe that it makes the house looks stiff or old. To prevent the negative thought, you can always customize your pool, so it becomes the way you want it.

The pool is surrounded by fading-orange ceramic tiles, making the blue really pops out. Then, there are some relaxing chairs on every side of the pool. To complete the gathering area, there’s also a gazebo for you to hang out.

7. Infinite greenery pool

Luxury Indoor Swimming Pools

Not only the sea or city can steal human beings’ attention, but the forest is also an excellent source of stress relief. This idea is suitable for hotels or houses located near forest or trees. The pool has a small width, but it’s quite long.

To balance the natural atmosphere from the trees, install wooden deck on each side of the pool. You can also use natural cut-stone for some decorative plants to complete the missing pieces of this natural concept.

8. Infinity pool with an ocean view/ a beach view

Luxury Pools With Waterfalls

A beach front is always a popular tourist attraction place to stay during vacation. Many people are also looking for a beach house for permanent residence. As an investment, a beach house is a great treasure, especially when your beach house has this amazing exterior.

The exterior is built with modern design which is supposed to blend with nature. The combination of wood and clear glass surface proves that statement. Perhaps, there is an inspiration from a tree house too.

The in-ground swimming pool is built on the deck. It is a rectangular-shaped pool. The tiles used around the pool are natural rock floor tiles, whereas timber tiles are used for decking. These natural tiles strengthen the atmosphere in the beach house.

Even though rectangular-shaped pools are simple, combined with gorgeous layout, they look excellent. If you’re looking for a different shape, we introduce you to lagoon swimming pool designs. Here it is!

7 Interesting Ideas of Lagoon Swimming Pool Designs and Plans

Rectangular may be too stiff for you. Then, you need to check out these lagoon swimming pool designs!

1. Modern swimming pool with natural environment

Luxury Swimming Pools Tile

This lagoon swimming pool design is blessed by the natural scenery. Other than having fun, you’ll relax and relieve all the stress that has been weighing you down lately by looking at the greens.

To blend with nature, it’s suggested to utilize this timber decking. At the side, you can build an eating area from the same material—timber, in order to extend the natural vibe.

2. Ranch house with a backyard pool

Luxury Swimming Pool Designs

The poolside is decorated by several trees that border the sight. Then, there are several lawn chairs as well near the side to dry up.

Since the pool area becomes an entertainment area, you need to provide the place with gathering necessities, such as the burner on the corner.

The lagoon-like swimming pool becomes an oasis during a hot summer day. Utilize dark blue tiles on the pool to emphasize the blue of the water.

3. Lagoon swimming pool with rocks decoration

Luxury Swimming Pools Tile

One of the most interesting ideas to decorate your lagoon-like pool with natural elements to make the pool feels more natural. This design shows you a way to make it feel like you’re swimming in a tropical paradise.

The lagoon-like pool is bordered with natural cut-stone. To elevate the natural atmosphere, you can build a waterfall by stacking the rocks on top one another. The finish appearance will be perfect by adding green elements.

4. Infinity lagoon swimming pool with a beach view

Luxury Swimming Pools Tile
© Leighton Lum

A lot of health clubs or resorts start to utilize this kind of concept, because it attracts more visitors. What attracts them to come to this place?

As you see, this infinity pool has a spectacular beach view. During the day, the view is already amazing. In the evening, when the sun sets, the view becomes more breathtaking. You wouldn’t miss it for the world!

5. Peaceful rock falls swimming pool

Luxury Swimming Pools London

A common swimming pool comes with an ordinary concept, while this pool is more than just a pond for humans. All and all, the pool looks like a shallow created by nature. The rock falls at the end emphasizes the natural atmosphere—Even the greenery around it!

6. Swimming pool by the deck

Luxury Pools With Waterfalls

The pool has a rectangular shape. Also, it has a simple design. By the side, the deck is made of timber flooring, which elevates the contemporary design.

The timber floors contribute the natural elements, whereas the lighting ambience and the spa sofa give us that modern feeling.

7. Fun slide on rock falls swimming pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas

This pool looks exactly like a nature-made shallow with rock falls. The pool even has natural-like blue water that shines when the sun is out.

The pool is also bordered with ceramic tiles with natural flagstone patterns. You can be more creative by creating a slide on top of the rock falls. This element will add the value of the pool.

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4 Additional Swimming Pool Designs with Brilliant Plans

So far, you’ve seen a lot of designs, ideas, and plans of luxury swimming pools. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, here are 4 more swimming pool designs that might inspire you.

1. Luxurious swimming pool with mood

Luxury Indoor Swimming Pools

This is definitely simple, yet elegant swimming pool design. The rectangular-shaped pool is built directly on the edge of the terrace, making it a simple infinity pool with a nice garden view.

On the other side, you have a couple of relaxing chairs. You can create access from the other side, or making the relaxing area only accessible by the pool. To create mood, install lighting on the poolside.

2. Infinity Jacuzzi with a city view

Luxury Swimming Pool Floats
source: houzz

If you live in an apartment, it’s almost impossible to have a private pool. Sometimes, an apartment only has limited outdoor space. Even so, this idea may help you with a solution. That is to have a Jacuzzi.

The Jacuzzi can be any size and form depends on the availability of the space. However, when it comes to the design, we have this unique wooden planks Jacuzzi.

This infinity Jacuzzi is built on the tip of the space. It is covered with natural timber that matches with the deck. With such an amazing city view, this modern-day Jacuzzi offers you a heavenly day of relaxation.

3. A health spa swimming pool

Luxury Swimming Pool Cost

If you’re looking for a pool with multiple benefits, this idea lets you have both fun and health. The health spa swimming pool isn’t as large or long as common pool, because you’re supposed to sit and relax in this pool.

Around the pool, the deck uses timber outdoor decking. The pattern seen on the deck is a vertical-straight line which makes the pool appears longer than the reality.

4. A cute Jacuzzi in the garden

Luxury Swimming Pool Designs

If your backyard is already transformed into a beautiful garden, you can still install a Jacuzzi with, of course, a similar design.

The garden uses mostly white-painted timber to make the flowers pop. So, you can choose a Jacuzzi with the same color—white. To extend the dimension, you can use timber for making a small deck around the Jacuzzi. This should give you a space to dry up.

After knowing 4 additional ideas of swimming pool designs, we have provided you with several other ideas. This time, these plans are directed to those who have limited space.

5 Minimalist Swimming Pool Designs

A small space is always a problem. Sometimes, you feel limited. Then, your creative idea becomes limited as well.

Here, we have collected 5 brilliant ideas to utilize the small space and transform it into a beautiful swimming pool.

1. Modern minimalist swimming pool

Small Inground Luxury Swimming Pools

These days, a swimming pool becomes a must-have priority. Even in a small space house, it is a possibility to build a pool. This idea shows you that a little rectangle-shaped swimming pool looks as luxurious as a big pool. It’s all in the design!

The pool is bordered with white ceramic tiles, completed by a small area for modern looking lawn chairs. Then, the pool is surrounded by timber floors decking which balances the natural sight of the greens outside of the pool area.

2. Entertainment swimming pool with a Jacuzzi

Small Inground Luxury Swimming Pools

In most designs, Jacuzzi isn’t separated from the main pool, or, at least, there’s a border that separates them. In this one, the Jacuzzi is located a little bit away from the main pool to create a sense of privacy. Perhaps, when the children are playing at the pool, the adults can enjoy some time in the Jacuzzi.

To make the water appears clear blue, use blue mosaic floor tiles. To emphasize the blue, choose white ceramic tiles for the walls, so the blue color is reflected nicely. Then, utilize cut-stone bricks for the outside layer. Use the same material for the flooring around the main pool.

3. Small infinity pool in a modern house

Luxury Pools For Small Spaces

This is a house which uses a modern day concept. The fence is built using clear glass surface which represents the minimalist idea. Due to a limited space, the pool is built in a rectangular shape.

The pool is also divided into two locations. The main pool is longer and wider than the small, separated pool which may be functioned for kids.

4. Unique pool with wooden deck and brick wall

Small Above Ground Pools For Small Yards

This is a luxurious pool with unique elements. The first unique element is the brick wall on left corner.

However, the headwall is built using cut-stone bricks. The bigger cuts are then used to border the rectangular-shaped pool. To extend the natural element, timber tiles are appropriate for the decking. By combining those elements, the pool becomes a wonderful relaxation area.

5. “A small piece of heaven on earth” luxurious swimming pool design

Luxury Pools For Small Spaces

Transform your small backyard space into a paradise!

The pool is designed with simple idea. This rectangular-shaped pool uses blue floor tiles and white ceramic tiles for the walls in order to strengthen the effect of blue color. To make the blue pops, you can use ceramic tiles flooring as well for the rest of the area.

Even though there isn’t any ocean or city view, you can build your own serene by setting up the lighting in such a way that it creates an amazing ambience. Complete your paradise with a couple of bright yellow sofa and a cute coffee table.