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28 Awesome DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

By: Jennifer Bailey
Easy Diy Privacy Screen Ideas

We know that it feels wonderful having a beautiful patio or backyard garden where you can have a lot of quality time with your family and friends.

However, no matter how much you want the world to know how unique your garden is, you still literally want some privacy in your own home.

That is why it is a brilliant idea to have an outdoor privacy screen.

Here, we have curated tons of outdoor privacy screens from the internet, and we will be bringing them to you. Let’s go!

Choosing an Outdoor Privacy Screen

Are you interested in having an outdoor privacy screen on your home? If so, there are some considerations to be noted as a homeowner.

Whatever your house’s dimension is, you may want to put an outdoor privacy screen only on some particular spots like in the backyard, patio, outdoor hot tub, outdoor kitchen, or swimming pool.

DIY Bamboo Privacy Screen

Diy Bamboo Privacy Screen

This handmade bamboo outdoor privacy screen is a perfect choice if you have a minimum budget yet you still want your deck to look fabulous.

The primary materials you will need to build this bamboo privacy screen are:

  • Bamboo fencing
  • Thin wood strips
  • Small L brackets
  • Cup hooks
  • and the last, wood stain (preferably exterior)

The steps are very easy; you need to stain the wood, let it dry, and then frame the bamboo fencing using those thin wood strips. After that, by using hooks and brackets, carefully attach the screen onto the porch.

Frame Gallery Screen

Creative Diy Outdoor Privacy Screen

This wonderful patio in England created by Cool Gardens Landscaping Ltd. is the best area for teatime. It includes an imposing hedge that works as a natural art gallery wall with an outdoor TV screen and stereo.

Zen Atmosphere

Privacy Screen For Backyard

A basic rural cinderblock fence is camouflaged with an ipe-wood wall with a build-in water function. The idea of adding lighting in the water feature area gives a warmer look.

Outdoor Privacy Screen for Courtyard

Outdoor Living Room With Privacy Screen

A comfortable outdoor seating location is brightened by LED string lights in a contemporary yard. A high privacy fence produces a sense of privacy under the shade of trees initial to the area.

Patio Privacy Screen

Outdoor Privacy Screen For Patio And Hot Tub

In some cases, a take in the jacuzzi is best without swimwear. The additional privacy wall beside the jacuzzi makes that possible without upsetting one of the next-door neighbors.

Outdoor Metal Privacy Screen

Used Metal For Outdoor Privacy Screen

Bumpy metal is utilized to construct a privacy wall and develop a background for an enjoyable event area. A gas line was gone through the recycled metal pail then loaded with lava rock to make the fire pit.

Lattice Panel Privacy Screen

Diy Outdoor Privacy Screen From Lattice Panels

Another idea is to utilize lattice panels to develop privacy screens for the deck or patio. Produce frames each, discolor or paint them and stick the panels to the wood frame.

Drill holes on completions of the frames and put eye screws in them. You can then utilize chains and S hooks to hang them at the wanted height.

Wooden Lattice Panels For Outdoor Privacy Screen

Three rectangle-shaped lattice pieces guard this vibrant deck against the side; however, they still let a dosage of sunlight in.

Include some hanging vases full of fresh flowers and a flowerpot on the base for a quiet background. Utilize your imagination to embellish the area and pick your preferred colors and information.

DIY Balustrade Privacy Screen

Easy Diy Privacy Screen Ideas

You can likewise include a comparable screen to a deck to make it feel more inviting and relaxing. Again, it’s a subtle and trendy method to obtain some privacy from your next-door neighbors if your homes are approximate.

It’s simple to set up the panel if you currently have a little handrail fence around the deck.

Wood Panels Privacy Screen

Reclaimed Woof Fence Privacy Screen

To put in location something a bit more robust, utilize wood boards. Choose the spacing, the measurements, and the color. Procedure and mark the panels, trim them to size, sand, and stain them and after that, connect them to vertical anchor boards.

A truly low-cost and easy idea is to utilize wattle as a fencing product. The motivation originates from England, where the wattle fencing was initially woven with willow or hazel branches. You can integrate a range of branches, reeds, and branches to obtain the appearance you desire.

Outdoor Privacy Screen From Old Closet Doors

Old Doors Diy Outdoor Privacy Screen

Just in case you have several old doors unused, waiting to be utilized in an imaginative DIY task, this is your lucky day. For this task, you require four doors.

It does not matter if their styles vary. Link them to develop a versatile and distinct privacy screen that you can utilize outdoors.

Old Window Privacy Screen

Diy Outdoor Privacy Screen From Old Windows

This is such a creative idea. We are enjoyed continuously to share remodeling ideas such as this. You can make an incredible privacy screen for your patio with four old, more detailed doors.

And it is much easier than you believe. Follow the tutorial on the link above. The hanging flower baskets include such an excellent completing touch.

You can likewise utilize shutters to construct privacy screens. They can have various measurements and colors. Mix and match them to obtain the structure and the style you desire. Do not hesitate to improvise and to utilize your imagination.

Windbreaker Privacy Screen

Modern Patio Privacy Screen

This slated decorative wall serves a couple of functions. It provides privacy to the event area, assists in protecting the fire pit from wind, and last but not least, it looks terrific.

Outdoor Privacy Screen from Vines

Vines Privacy Screen

It takes a bit of time to bend vines to cover a fence or a privacy screen. However, it could be done when the procedure is total all of it looks remarkable. You can even bend vines to grow on pergolas or patio roofing systems.

Vertical Gardens Screen

Diy A Vertical Garden

When you develop a privacy screen, you can integrate numerous functions into one style. The screen can double as a vertical garden if you hang little planters.

The products required for the job consist of ground spikes, cedar posts and slabs, scrap wood, fence staples, steel wire, and pots and plants.

Living walls are so enjoyable to make; therefore tough to preserve. One thing is for sure– they do look fantastic in any part of the garden of the house.

Fantastic, right?

You can discover lots of living wall tutorials online, which you can utilize to develop a privacy screen like this.

Living Privacy Screen


These couple of arborvitae will ultimately grow to be about 12 feet high. When looking for a living screen, search for plants that require the soil, light, and wetness conditions that your website can provide and inspect the plant tag’s anticipated fully grown height and width.

Artificial Hedge

Privacy Hedge

Boxwood makes the ideal hedge when nicely clipped and organized with mini pyramids that lead into the patio location. The seating location is framed with a wood archway and matched by flowering roses.

Curtains Privacy Screen

Curtains Privacy Screen Outdoor

We enjoy this Cabana motivated patio transformation. Specifically, the ground cloth drapes that are so spending plan-friendly!

You understand how pricey outdoor material is, so ground cloth from the hardware shop was utilized for making these gorgeous heavy drapes: such a smart option and a fantastic result.

Material drapes are simple to set up and to utilize, and they’re extremely personalized. Please include them in a pergola to acquire more privacy or defense from the sun.

Or set up drape rods all around the deck to totally confine it whenever required. Naturally, the drapes do not provide security from the rain, so possibly likewise, setting up a roofing system would fix this concern if so wanted.

Outdoor Privacy Screen from Greenery

Outdoor Plants Privacy Screen

Rather than utilizing synthetic products to include privacy to your desk, various services can utilize plants and trees for that function. Think about having a green fence made from shrubs and little trees delimiting your social border.

This idea works terrific if the area is likewise ideal. A couple of beautiful plants and flowers can boost a breathtaking view over a large green landscape.

Large Pots and Plants

Large Pots And Planters Can Add Privacy

A method to move the plant to the wanted area is with big planters. You can even plant trees in these and utilize them to acquire privacy when utilizing the outdoor locations.

Likewise, the plants and planters have the function to decorate the deck, patio, or other location you’re utilizing. You can embellish the pots, paint them, and incorporate them into a more complicated style.

Hedge Privacy Screen

Outdoor Hedge Privacy Screen

Hedge walls are an excellent method to specify an outdoor area and offer a natural appearance. It’s, in fact, more efficient than a wood fence.

It appears that you can likewise include a hedge extension to an existing fence or wall. This remains in case you require more privacy from a high surrounding structure or if you desire the sun to have no power over you regardless of the time of the day.

Aluminum Screen

Aluminum Outood Privacy Screen

It might not appear extremely useful to have a metal privacy screen out in the garden or backyard. This is likewise an alternative to think about. You can develop a tin accent wall, and maybe it will mix in well.

Keep The Noise Out

Fence Screen

Considering that you’re attempting to get more privacy for your outdoor areas, why not benefit from that and utilize this chance to include a water function? The enjoyable ambient noise will assist you to unwind.

Mixed Materials Screen

Mixed Material Privacy Screen

This herringbone privacy screen is quite cool. It looks like something you might make yourself utilizing recycled products. The used surface offers it an actually lovely appearance, ideal for rustic decorations.

Sliding Panels Privacy Screen

Sliding Panels Privacy Screen

Desire a little versatility when utilizing privacy screens outdoors? How about moving glass panels? You can change their position inning according to the sun’s position or your very own choices.

Nature Surround


A living wall is another exceptional choice. Not just that it’s actually reliable at using you the privacy you look for, it also likewise makes the desk or patio feel truly fresh and look truly stunning.

The comparable idea is to utilize bamboo screens. You can utilize big planters or various services and surround the patio or garden with beautiful bamboos.


These privacy screens were constructed utilizing hog wire fencing, and they can be personalized inning accordance with the particular measurements and function needed. They’re high and easy, and they do not stick out that much.

On the other hand, if you desire something appealing, have a look at this style. The panels are made from steel and glass, and they illuminate in the evening showing all sorts of colors.

Vines Patio Privacy

In some cases, the easier and most fundamental idea is likewise the one that’s finest for you, like a wood fence developed around the patio. It keeps the area personal, and it’s something you might develop yourself.

These are laser cut steel screens with a bamboo concept. They look easy, and they’re actually flexible and able to adjust to various environments and designs. You can let plants and vines cover them.

DIY Fabric Porch Privacy Screen

Install Curtain Rods Patio Privacy

You will require an old screen to make it look this wonderful. Then, include some good material, and voila!

Here is the complete list of materials required for this task: old screen, little scrap pieces of woodwork, material, drill or screws, stitching maker, and routine sewing things.

Awning for Your Patio

Awning And Privacy Screen For Patio

This elegant awning looks beautiful; moreover, it is convenient in addition to it provides much-required privacy.

The structure is made from bamboo poles and terracotta pots and weighted with quick-set concrete. We like the yellow information and easy furnishings.

The tutorial for making this awning remains in Dutch; however, there are lots of pictures, and you can constantly utilize google equate.

Drapery Panels

Drapery Panels Privacy Screen Ideas

If you do not have enough time and abilities to construct your very own privacy screen, you can purchase a ready-made drape panel that will not just offer privacy for your patio.

However, drapery panels are likewise weather resistant and will turn your outdoor area much more pleasurable throughout the hot summer season.