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Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

By: Evelina Nilsson
Cute Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas 10

A misleading conception about the shabby chic style is that it appears to be very rickety-old. Yet, in fact, it radiates that kind of warm feeling that everyone needs in everyday life.

It does use antique furniture to fill in space, and it also does utilize a neutral color that seems too simple–at least for some people. But it is unique and special.

Bordering on farmhouse slash country style, the shabby chic design incorporates similar elements. Especially when it comes to bedroom idea.

A bedroom is supposed to welcome you after a long, exhausting day. It has to provide a relaxing and familiar ambiance to help us cool down.

Here, we have compiled some of our best picks, and we want you to see them. These are our top 23 pics of shabby chic bedroom ideas for your inspiration. Check them out!

Twin Bed Shabby Chic Bedroom with A Romantic Quote

Shabby Chic Room For Teens

A bedroom is a personal space; decorate it as you desire. A romantic quote saying you would want to grow old with your partner is a heart-touching wall accessory.

Seeing the words before and after sleeping can increase the mood of both of you.

To accentuate the romantic and lovey-dovey feels, make the quote on a weathered raw board composed of 4 wooden planks.

On each side of the board, installed white roses ornament along with their thorny green leaves. You can install real ones or plastics.

The nightstands in this shabby chic bedroom are unique and antique. They’re painted in white, yet the paint is a bit flaky and weathered.

Moreover, the curved cathedral windows are great additions to the whole scene. The rug has to be in sync with the color theme in this room.

The bedsheet is following the shabby chic style, which is using clean-cut white linen. Topped by a pastel pink bedcover to give it a little weight.

Little One’s Shabby Chic Bedroom with Small Bed

Shabby Chic Room For Teens

To be consistent with the shabby chic design around the house, let your little one experience the same ambiance. Here, they will have a small bed with vintage bedding. Even the pink linen bedsheet also has flares at the bottom.

Taking a look at the desk, it has many drawers for them to store their belongings. The drawers are fixed with vintage round buttons.

As with the background wall, it is decorated with pastel blue vertical stripe accents to balance the pink hue.

Moreover, on the wall, there are some vintage picture frames and decorations on both sides of the bed.

As with the rug, it appears to have both pink and pastel blue shades.

Overall, this room has it all. It has feminine pink, pastel blue, clean-cut white and the light brown wood floor. What could go wrong?

Mixin’ It Up Shabby Chic Bedroom with Luxurious Chandelier

Rustic Shabby Chic Bedroom

Some firmly believe that a shabby chic style and a lavish room design can never be mixed together.

However, this model is to prove otherwise. There were quite many wealthy people too back then, weren’t there?

This shabby chic room incorporates floral accent cushions, laying around the pastel pink and white striped armchair.

The floral accent looks overpowering, it’s such a brilliant idea to lessen it a little with the soft pastel pink on the couch, recliner, chair cushion, drapes, dust flares, and the linen bedcover.

Too many pinks, you can use pastel blue on the floor carpet. Let the carpet have red roses print as well to bring back that vintage feel.

If you take a look a bit closer, the wall is so vintage too. It has this vertical lines accent that resembles the old days.

Moving up, this is where it gets more interesting. The chandelier is lavish, making it looks like a princess’ bedroom.

Country Style Chic Washed White Paint

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Bordering on a farmhouse, country style, this room radiates a robust feminine feel. Mostly, it’s decorated with white color. As a neutral color, it goes along quite well with other colors. Let’s take a look.

The hardwood floor itself has a pretty dark color. Obviously, we need to soften it with more neutral hues, don’t you think?

The homeowner has chosen a brilliant decision by going with pristine white bedsheet made out of linen. The style of the sheet itself is vintage as seen from its flares. Moreover, some pillows are also covered in white.

To balance this color scheme, brown mocha color is picked as the secondary color. It complements white perfectly since it lays on a pastel shade.

The headboard is quite unique. It uses several white flaky wood planks nailed together vertically. And you may see there are many furniture that uses similar material in the same fixed manner as well.

To make it, even more, country, emphasize the natural element by placing some greens here and there.

Shabby Chic Bed Sheet for A Small Bedroom Space

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas
image credit @emmys_vintage_cottage

A small bedroom space is not a hindrance for a shabby chic design. You have to be quite creative to transform such a limited space into a liveable shabby space.

Going strong with the floral accents, you can see it everywhere. The background wall is nicely decorated with the red roses print. The print is extended to the sheet as well as the cover.

Although the mat and bed foot cushion is implementing it very subtly.

In this room too, the pink floral accent is accompanied by a rather blue hue and dark hardwood floor. Overall, the entire elements are well-combined.

Dreamy Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor for Adults

Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bedroom

For kids, the shabby chic bedroom may appear too bright and overly-hyped. This is an alternative for adults. While offering a vintage look, it’s also providing a more sophisticated appearance.

The room is dominated by white color. Especially the ceiling, it has been painted nicely with white, and a vintage white chandelier is hanging from it.

This room also seems a bit princess-ish. As you may notice, there is a canopy on top of the head bed.

The bedding is vintage too. The sheet which is made of linen is covered with rather slippery linen and a floral pattern on it.

The rug under the bed is a bit unusual because it uses lace; however, it still gives a unique appearance.

In front of the bed, there is a clothes hanger space where you can hang your sleeping cloak. And all the wooden furniture here is using weathered wood.

Their paint is also flaky here and there. Giving this room an enhancement in term of shabby chic look.

Cheerful Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor for Kids

Vintage Shabby Chic Bedroom

Having done with the adults, now we’re moving on to the kid’s bedroom. Kids are in a cheerful state. Their life is about living happily. That’s why we have to create a joyful shabby chic room.

The wall itself is painted with two different shades of colors: pastel pink and blue.

The curtain is the combination of both colors because as you may see, the fabric is actually blue, then the floral prints are red and pink roses. This theme is extended to the bedsheet as well.

Many decorations can be seen on the wall, continuing on the study desk too. The pillow on the chair is covered in a pink floral case which looks so pretty against the pastel blue.

We can’t continue without talking a bit about the vintage bedding. The bed foot is tall and sturdy iron from the old times, and it’s a nice reminiscent.

An Exclusive Feminine Purple Bedroom Shabby Chic Style

Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bedroom

Purple has been related to femininity since years before. How about incorporating it into a shabby chic bedroom?

Well, voila!

This is a very particular way to combine purple in shabby chic.

As you may immediately notice, the purple is installed for the walls and bedsheet as well as the cover, but there is a slight difference in the fabric.

While the bed sheet is made of colored linen, the bed cover and purple wall accents are furies. Yes, they are faux, of course! To say it bluntly, this is super cute!

In front of the bedding, there are many frames attached to the wall. Some frames are purple to follow the central theme of the room.

Other than that, another luxurious thing about this shabby chic bedroom is the chandelier. The chandelier is vastly lavish.

To quote Rihanna, it looks like a diamond in the sky. Shine bright like a diamond!

Airy Shabby Chic Bedroom with Vintage Furniture

Shabby Chic Room For Teens

The position of the bed may influence the size of the bedroom. This room may not be as large as a usual master bedroom, but the bed’s diagonal position gives the room an entirely new look. It looks so open and airy.

Firstly, the rug underneath the bed has a floral pattern on grey color. Meanwhile, the hardwood floor below it has a preferably black color.

To soften this combination, the vintage bedding comes in white. The detail of the bedding is highly intriguing for those who fancy antique furniture.

To complement the whiteness, you’re suggested to implement a white and pastel pink mixture on the bedsheet.

Here, the bedsheet has red rose print, but you can vary the design based on your personal preference.

Secondly, the vintage nightstand is eye-catching too. It’s nature green with incredible vintage detail on its doors. The red rose plant on top of it radiates romantic atmosphere to the bedroom.

Nature Fresh Bedroom Design in Shabby Chic Style

Rustic Shabby Chic Bedroom
image credit @halfmoonfurniture

At most of the time, a shabby chic bedroom is too overpowered by the floral accents like the background would sometime full of red roses.

If you need to breathe more open-air, perhaps you should position the bed next to a large size window. This will give your shabby chic room a chance to enjoy the sunlight.

To create a bigger room, balance the natural light with neutral color since neutral color can absorb the light well. Now, the room looks more prominent and more open.

The background wall is painted with grey. The grey is coated with white floral pattern. To improve the look, hang a framed quotation exactly at the top of the head bed. Suggested that the wooden frame is rustic.

The floor is made of hardwood with natural wood color, complete with its natural stains. Moreover, the chair on the side acts not as a usual chair but as a space for the flower pot.

On the other hand, the rustic, vintage nightstand is topped by a pot of lily and an antique night lamp. What a fresh view!

Rustic Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bedroom Idea

Rustic Shabby Chic Bedroom

If you’re tired of looking at white dominating the entire shabby chic bedroom, this one right here offers you a different implementation of the style.

The room itself is built using wooden planks in their natural appearances. Especially the floor, you are able to see the natural dark spots.

Meanwhile, the planks used as a wall accent in the background has a slight difference.

You may not notice it the first time, but it does have a floral pattern on it. You can hire a professional to apply the pattern or you can do it by yourself using your painting skill.

But these rustic woods are nothing if it’s not for the antique slash unique globe chandelier. You can see the reflection on that recycled vintage long window that seems to have been repurposed as a mirror.

For sure, we shouldn’t continue without talking about how exotic that headboard is! Like, magnificent!

Simple Shabby Chic Bedroom for Girls

Shabby Chic Room For Teens

If your daughter doesn’t like the floral pattern, you can try this one. Those are a variety of slippers that probably will make her wants to sleep quickly. The slippers are painted on a pastel cream background.

Then, to balance that, the floor is daring enough to use pure white.

The wardrobe looks extra vintage. It’s a bit farmhousy too. The wooden planks are repainted with an intense feminine pink which is in sync with the weathered, age-old pink nightstand at the side of the bed.

How about the rug? Well, the rug should not be white because it won’t be seen, so it’s pink and it is in line with the girly feel that radiates to the whole space.

Although you need to measure the room correctly so that you can set the position of each furniture. Since the cupboard requires a lot of room, make sure that there is a large window for natural light, so the room won’t be cramped or dark.

Classic Huge Shabby Chic Bedding

Shabby Chic Room For Teens

This vintage bedding is enormous. It’s a king-size bed in a small space room. The bed itself has taken way too much area, so in order to make the room looks airy, use neutral colors that are relaxing to your mind.

This room incorporates white and basically a light cream. White can be seen dominating the ceiling and the window. The drapes are made of pristine white linen. Then, the bedsheet is also made of linen.

To balance it, a light cream color is chosen to adorn the background wall. Floral accents also can be seen appearing on the bed cover. It includes a pastel blue color too.

Seeing that, the size of the bedding isn’t a problem anymore, because the other elements inside of the room have made it super comfy.

Shabby Chic Bedroom with Bathtub and Exposed Bricks

Vintage Shabby Chic Bedroom

Exposed brick is a very daring style to go. However, since shabby chic bedroom uses that unfinished look, such exposure is permissible.

It gives quite a character to the room itself. The brick background here, also, looks alright because it is painted using a similar color of the floor and the wall, instead of the usual red brick.

Another antique element in this room comes from the existence of the bathtub near the windows over there.

A long time ago, people did keep a bathtub inside of their room for convenience. The bathtub is then bordered by this tall rattan folding door that genuinely resembles the past.

In the past, it functioned as a cover to shield you when you changed clothes.

Moreover, the choice of color in this room is truly a shabby chic shade. It’s neutral, calm and eye-pleasing.

Floral Pattern in Shabby Chic Style Idea for Small Bedroom

Vintage Shabby Chic Bedroom
image credit @cheapcraftygirl

One of the most recognizable designs from a shabby chic bedroom is the floral pattern.

Here, the pattern is quite obvious. It is shown precisely over the bed. Before we’re moving on to the other furniture, the floral print here is a bunch of red and pink roses.

Though the homeowner wants to accentuate them only on several locations, such as also on top of the nightstand.

Other than that, this shabby chic room is dominated by white. The linen bed sheet and even the bedding is utilizing white color and so does the nightstand and the background wall.

However, there is one strong accent above the bedding, the antique wooden frame.

This frame is made of weathered wood with natural stains, as you may notice those dark spots become more visible throughout the time.

Shabby Chic Bedroom with Vibrant Wallpaper

Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bedroom
image credit @brightyellowdoor

This room radiates shabby chic feel from all angles. From the sides, the wall is decorated with floral pattern wallpapers.

While the background is pastel blue, the flower itself is red with green leaves. This wallpaper goes all the way up.

On the floor, there is a rug with a fading floral pattern. The carpet seems to be so old since the image itself is almost gone. But it goes really well with the hardwood floor.

Going up in a bit, the bedding is unique. Underneath, drapes for dust are attached. Then, the sheet itself is made of linen which in sync with the curtains.

The blanket here is also shown with floral pattern. Accentuated by an actual pot of vibrant pink rose on the nightstand beside the bed, this room is a successful actualization of a shabby chic style.

Wait, don’t forget about the chandelier there. From this vantage point, it looks lavish, yet vintage. During the day, the sunlight will be reflected, and it will be shining and shimmering.

High Attic Bedroom with A Mixture of Shabby Chic and Hippy Style

Shabby Chic Room For Teens

Most shabby chic rooms usually have a low attic and small bedroom space. This could possibly be caused by how old the house is.

Most old houses have a low ceiling and limited area. Well, this style works great in a high ceiling bedroom too. Just take a look at this room.

The ceiling is quite high, and it is decorated with an intense varnished wooden beam that goes across the room.

While the beam is showing off its natural light brown wood color, the background is white, which accentuates its brown perfectly. And this concept is apparently used on the entire spots in the room.

For example, the bedding is made of wood. While the forest appears to be so appealing, the bed is covered in a white linen sheet. Isn’t that a very shabby thing to see?

Well, this room incorporates quite a lot of natural elements, such as the colors used here are neutral. Then, the material like wood and rattan are also spouting nature.

Other than the shabby chic style feel, this room has a little touch from a hippy style, although it’s not that much.

Grey Shabby Chic Bedroom for Teenager

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Teenagers don’t fancy bright, vibrant color as much as an adult, so this room offers a neutral option of colors, and the intensity of grey dominates the room.

For instance, the background wall is painted in different shades of grey.

One is darker than the other. Similar to that, the bed also uses such a concept. Take a look on the sheet.

It utilizes grey as well. This is meant to balance the shabby chic feel radiated from the background wall.

If you still remember about one of the most prominent characters from the shabby chic bedroom, it is the floral pattern or accent.

This time, the pattern doesn’t show up on fabric, yet it is exhibited on canvas painting on the wall above the headboard, placed vertically following the white linen canopy.

Well, is that it?

Not really, if you take a look closer, the pillows there are covered in floral pattern case. It’s a bit hard to see because it’d printed in gold on top of the pink.

Little Queen Shabby Chic Pink Bedroom

Shabby Chic Style Bedroom

As you enter this shabby chic bedroom, you can almost directly feel the drama queen feel. It has the feminine looks a shabby chic room requires, especially about the pink and white. The result of the mixture of those two colors is a soft ambiance.

Not only that the colors are representing a shabby chic interior design, but the decoration also plays a similar role.

As soon as you step in the room, you notice that there is a bed foot and it has a pot of flower on top. Even the pot itself has floral drawings. There are two other spots with floral design, the rug, and the sheet.

The square rug has floral motif on it and the colors are various, but they are all in pastel hues, which accentuates the calmness of shabby chic design.

Meanwhile, the bedsheet has a truthfully soft pastel pink color which goes extremely well with the white vintage bedding. Therefore, the floral pattern there looks 100% gorgeous, sweet, and calming.

DIY Headboard for Shabby Chic Bedroom

Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bedroom

So far, we’ve known that one of many purposes in creating a shabby chic room is to utilize vintage or old furniture.

When you go to a garage sale or antique store, and you find an old set of doors, you can transform them into anything you have in mind. This room is an example of broadening creativity.

The old door usually comes with weathered wood and flaky paint. Repaint the door with fresh colors like these pastel blue and white and repurpose them into a headboard.

Not only that you’ve saved money, but you’ve also improved the look of the room because now it definitely looks more unique, creative, one of a kind, yet cozy and elegance.

To enhance the shabby chic style, add decorative lamps above the head door. In this model, the bulbs are hidden behind these white linen flares.

Another vintage furniture is the coffee table. It is covered by a white linen tablecloth. On top of that, there is a brass plate for placing cups or glasses.

We can’t ignore the fact that the night lamp is also radiating vintage feel. Most importantly, the night lamps have a floral pattern in the middle.

On the floor, there is a large furry brown rug that covers almost the entire floor.

Natural Elements in Shabby Chic Bedroom

Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bedroom

This example of a shabby chic bedroom is bordering on country style bedroom.

As you may notice, the background wall is built using repainted wooden planks, which is a very barn-like house style.

On top of that, the background wall is ornamented with homemade circular plants decoration.

Moving on to the bottom, the floor is made of hardwood, and you can still clearly see the dark spots on them, showing how natural they are.

The floor is partially covered with a vintage rug with a floral pattern. The use of the pattern is extended to the bed cover.

Other than the cover, the sheet here is made of linen, and it’s an excellent choice for having the sheet pristine white, strengthen the country-shabby-chic style of this room.

Then, as you may probably see, the curtain isn’t made of linen as other shabby chic rooms, but using a caramel brown rattan.

Light Cream Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bedroom

This room is so active with light brown. Almost every furniture is either bought already with that color or repainted.

First of all, you won’t have any problem with storing stuff since the concept of this room is apparently a thousand drawers. Besides your bed, or near the cupboard, drawers are provided nicely.

They, including the cupboard as well, are vintage furniture because the handle looks highly industrial.

Even the chair next to one of the nightstands has a circular upper part which shows the era this type of style was made.

Second of all, the floral pattern that becomes the sign of shabby chic can be seen from the bed cover.

Its background material is colored in a pastel purple, and the flowers are pink. Those are well-mixed colors.

Moreover, you can see that there is an actual pot of pink roses on one of the drawers.

Bedroom with Floral Shabby Chic Bedding and Rattan Basket

Rustic Shabby Chic Bedroom

As soon as you see this bedroom, you’ll notice that the shabby chic feel comes from some elements such as the vintage coffee table, chair and the wooden barrier for changing clothes.

Other than that, we can’t ignore the floral pattern bed sheet too. And how about the real pink roses inside the rattan basket? Oh my god! There is a lot to talk about!

The coffee table is quite small, but it is significant. This is due to its weathered look and the rattan basket with a bouquet of roses in it.

Then, the chair and the barrier are also classic. They aren’t made in this era, obviously. And you can see that from the weathered look, chipped paints and fading color.

Wait, how about the bed?

The bed here uses white linen for sheet. As for the cover, it uses a thicker material for warmth.

Then, about the overall color, this shabby chic bedroom incorporates mostly white and pastel pink.

So, you have made it this far. A shabby chic bedroom can be recognized from its floral pattern or accent.

Moreover, it mostly uses pastel colors, like pink, blue, white, purple, and brown. So far, which one is your favorite?