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She Shed Ideas

By: Evelina Nilsson
She Shed Garden Patio Decor Ideas 8

A She Shed is the equivalent of a Man Cave. It is a place specifically designed for women to escape the hustle-bustle of everyday life and unwind.

Other than that, it can also function as backyard storage. There are varieties of designs, such as feminine, natural, modest, and more.

When you’re planning to build a She Shed, there are some things that you need to be aware of, like the area and the design features (flooring, door, etc.).

Here, we have provided you with the best She Shed Ideas, so you can have it all figured out before building one.

Lavender Inspired Hideout

Beautiful She Shed Design

The shed merges with nature that surrounds it. It is hidden a little behind the lavender and other colorful plants.

The shed blends with its environment by using slate blue color and white.

For privacy, light fabric covers the window. As an additional touch, provide a coffee table and a lawn chair outside. Now, the shed looks like an attractive mini house.

White Coated Shed

Cute She Shed Design

The shed is coated with white and grey inside and out. From the outside, we can assume that the barn look inspires this shed’s style.

The facade of the gambrel roof is decorated with vine branch wreath, while the sliding barn door is guarded by two recycled milk pots, which are now used for flower decorations.

On the inside, a comfortable sofa with a vintage flowery pattern is adjacent to a modest antique drawer, not to mention that the choice of the carpet matches the sofa pattern.

Modern Shed Look

Beautiful She Shed Design

When you have a spacious backyard, building a shed allows you to have a center.

This shed is coated with white paint inside and out. The inside is furnished with an open shelf and a single cushion sofa.

The shed foundation allows you to spare extra space for an outdoor dining area.

Then, two reclaimed wood fences that stand on the edge of the foundation are prepared for vines.

Cottage Inspired Shed with Outdoor Space

Adorable She Shed Idea

It is quite a wide foundation. Other than the sofa area, the outdoor space still leaves a considerable room open.

The wood is left exposed and not coated with paint. This idea radiates warmth and natural elements. It is a good choice to coat the inside wall with a similar shade of the wood.

Adorable Green Shade Shed

Beautiful She Shed Design

The shed looks mini and adorable. Seeing that it is surrounded by plants and flowers, choosing a shade of green to coat the wood slabs is brilliant.

Now, it looks like a secret hideout behind the bushes. With a garden coffee table and lawn chairs, this looks like a little housing complex.

Modern All-white Shed for Relaxing

She Shed Design

A backyard with a beautiful view shouldn’t go to waste. Take advantage of the view to find the perfect position of the shed.

The shed is coated with all-white paint to overlook nature. The door is made of glass for an open style.

This way, the shed will be illuminated by natural light so you can save electricity. The interior is furnished with updated furnishing, creating a modern and stylish look.

Slanted Roof Modern Shed

She Shed Design

These days, modern houses are designed with a slanted roof. It looks great, and it maximizes natural light.

Moreover, this type of roof truly extends the door higher, giving an extra modern look. This smart plan is accompanied by warm ambiance radiated from the lighting fixture.

For privacy, you can add ultra light fabric as drapes or simple blinds.

Rustic Farmhouse Inspired Shed

She Shed Design

The farmhouse look is still popular. People are fond of the rustic elements because the worn-out wood makes the shed look homey.

Other than that, the shed is a square space covered by see-through windows and reclaimed wood frame. This open concept invites natural light during the day.

Coffee Shop Inspired Look

She Shed Design

The patio leading to the shed looks impressive. It looks like a driveway to a mansion. Then, the olive shade is a brilliant choice for wall coating.

To resemble nature, the homeowner uses wood to decorate the interior, such as flooring, wall, and ceiling. This sends out a warm atmosphere throughout the room.

Coating the window frames with black is daring. It strengthens the overall look of the shed.

Skylights in A Shed

Beautiful She Shed Design

This shed is coated with white paint and a little bit of grey for each frame.

The white shed stands out really strong against nature and green view.

The entrance looks adorable with mint-colored lawn chairs and some plants. Entering the room, we will find the shed is full of personal art supplies, which indicates that it’s used as a hideout or an escape room by the owner.

During the night, the skylight windows will give the best night sky view.

A Vintage Shed with Floral Decoration

Beautiful She Shed Design

This shed has an inviting exterior. It is adorned with gorgeous floral decoration and a stack of vintage traveling suitcases. The french door has been repainted with brighter color too.

Meanwhile, the interior is designed with an antique chandelier. It gives out the warmth needed for a cozy hideout.

The Hobbit Inspired Shed Look

Beautiful She Shed Design

If you’re familiar with The Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit, you must know what this shed reminds us about.

Yes, the hobbits’ dwellings.

The round shape of the shed will take you out of the ordinary, making the shed stand out against the trees and plants. To add uniqueness, apply pattern wallpaper on the wall.

A Very Chic Shed

Adorable She Shed Idea

The patio leading to the shed is paver material. On top of it, there are some floral pot decorations and a unique small coffee table beside the foldable lawn chair.

The exterior of the shed is small and covered by a pastel carpet on which the pillows are put.

Since the shed is used to escape the busy day, a hanging rattan chair should be able to help you relax and also beautify the inside space.

Elegant Secret Hideout

Cute She Shed Design

Once the door is opened, the shed shows its true potential. The interior design is super elegant, unlike the worn-out and flaky paint doors.

On the inside, the wall is covered with white, silky drapes. On top of the floor, white and fluffy carpet is placed.

A comfortable sofa is put on one corner, in the middle of the open shelf and coffee table.

A Tiny Green Shade Gateway

Beautiful She Shed Design

The paver leading to the shed is surrounded by varieties of plants and colorful flowers such as purple, red, white, and yellow.

To merge with nature, the shed is coated with a green shade, while the window and door frames are painted in white.

Looking inside, you will see the wall is painted in a brighter hue, making the shed look fresher.

A Shabby Chic Shed

Adorable She Shed Idea

This shed looks like a hidden gem in the backyard. The entrance is adorned with beautiful flower ornaments.

Other than that, leaving an exterior space for a coffee table adds aesthetic and practical values to the shed.

Then, on the inside, the wall is coated with a bright and warm color to give a homey atmosphere.

Hidden Solitude

She Shed In The Backyard

Solitude and privacy are two of the many benefits of having a She Shed.

It also acts as an escape spot, a retreat. In this place, you’ll be able to focus on yourself and give yourself a me-time.

This shed appears breezy, surrounded by a lot of plants yet provides enough sunlight due to the glass windows.

The interior is furnished with an organized closet used as storage and a cozy sofa for relaxing.

A Large Chic Shed

She Shed In The Backyard

This chic and feminine shed is an all-white coated hideout. The shed is quite large because it has separated rooms with different functions.

There is an attic bedroom, underneath it is a space designed for a tiny kitchen and necessity wardrobe and the living area consists of two large sofas.

The exterior space of the shed is furnished with two lawn chairs, and all of those are coated in white paint, making the shed stick out really well against nature.

An Enchanting Tiny Cottage

She Shed In The Backyard

This is a very organized and decorative backyard. A lot of flowers and plants are displayed perfectly.

The colors used to balance green hue from nature are enchanting as well, such as the easily-spotted blue on the L-shape sofa and the shed.

To give a contrast, the owner painted the door and windows in a rather pastel green.

Rural-themed Shed

Beautiful She Shed Design

This rural-themed shed is designed for those who want to be closer to nature. Bring the natural element closer to the front door.

The colorful floral decorations are placed nicely on the patio to the exterior foundation.

Not to forget the floral wreath hanging on the door.

To emphasize the rural style, the paint on the door and windows are flaky, and the iron sheeting also looks rustic.

Moreover, some garden forks are attached to the roof.

Halloween Decoration for the Shed

Adorable She Shed Idea

Welcoming the spooky season, you need to be creative decorating the shed with pumpkin and wild vines.

For example, place small pumpkins on the entrance and attach some dried maple leaves on the door.

It’s good to concentrate the outdoor lamp on one point to focus on the decoration below.

Airy White Shed

She Shed Design

This shed is coated with white paint, inside and out. The roof is decorated with a round vent, letting the attic breathe in style.

The french door also contributes to making the shed airy and open.

For privacy, the door is equipped with vertical blinds. Another attractive feature from this shed is the canopy bed. It helps the shed to appear chic yet stylish.

Forest Green Shed

Adorable She Shed Idea

Hiding behind the trees, the owner painted this shed in an almost similar color like its surrounding; forest green.

The space of the shed is divided into parts: one small space can be used as extra storage or a toilet. The bi-fold door of the main area saves a little bit of space.

Then, the interior is decorated with some greeneries to give color on a white background.

A Greenhouse-Inspired Shed

Adorable She Shed Idea

Doesn’t this make you feel like you just discovered a piece of heaven on earth?

The combination of white and green hues from the plants and trees is pleasing to the eyes. This is a view capable of making you relax.

Inspired by a greenhouse with see-through windows, drapes are needed for sun protection and also privacy.

A water fountain becomes the center of the entire shed area.

A Secret Gateway

Cute She Shed Design

Thick leaves and huge trees are a blessing in disguise. A shed designed to escape stressful days can be hidden among those all.

To imitate nature, the owner painted the shed in pastel green and white in specific areas.

However, maintenance has to be done regularly, such as trimming of the leaves and tree branches that get in the way to avoid disarray.

Christmas Box-Inspired Shed

Beautiful She Shed Design

The shed has been modified into a Christmas box inspired gateway. The mint green french door is adorned with Xmas wreath on both sides.

On one of them, some socks are hung above the cute little mailbox. On the inside of the shed, floral pattern ceramic tiles are spotted. They look amazing below the cozy brown sofa.

Feminine Floral-themed Shed

She Shed In The Backyard

This shed is taking advantage of an old, rustic greenhouse. Covering the roof with strong and thick plastic to prevent water and wild vines entering transforms the shed into a liveable space.

Flower patterns can be spotted on some pillow covers and quilts, making it more motherly-nature on the inside.

Moreover, actual flowers are displayed on the reclaimed rustic ladder on the right.

Rustic Farmhouse Look

Beautiful She Shed Design

A hideout should provide a serene location to unwind. The shed imitates that countryside look with the fading brick wall and flaky paint french door.

The spotted interior decorations are a rustic door panel on one corner and repainted watering cans above the bed.

Not to forget that the wall is composed of warm, exposed wooden planks.

Woodcutter Shed

Cute She Shed Design

This shed looks like an ordinary tiny house because the exterior space is used wisely for ground plants.

Then, the shed becomes more interesting due to the window boxes being embellished by vibrant flowers. Extend the exterior space for extra outdoor storage.

Repurposed She Shed

She Shed Design

This shed has been repurposed into a commercial spot. Since the shed is used as a shop, it is important to have enough room for displaying the items.

As seen, the main shed allows guests to have sufficient room to check the products.

What’s funny about this is the fact that the She Shed is bigger and occupies larger space than the He Shed!