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Steampunk Bedroom Design Ideas

By: Jennifer Bailey
Bedroom Decor Steampunk Ideas Cablook

As all of us understand, there are several interior design styles that individuals delight in using the functions of their houses.

One of the more unusual designs that many people might not understand about is the steampunk bedroom and interior design.

When the term “steampunk” is mentioned, right away people have the tendency to think about the Victorian period and all of the great innovations that came from throughout that specific time period.

The steampunk design is also often utilized in cosplay, where you may see an attractive female adorning a leather corset and a crinoline, with the ensemble being finished with the additions of a barreled weapon and pilot safety glasses.

While new, yet evasive, the steampunk style is also starting to permeate itself into the world of interior design.

What is steampunk design?

Steampunk Bedroom Decor

Steampunk started as a sub-genre of science fiction and alternate history back in the 1980s and was a fairly underground subculture up until just recently.

Growing in appeal, steampunk is close to mainstream now; with clothing, furnishings, embellishing products, and films all designed to suit the Victorian, yet modern perceptiveness.

Despite its climb to standard, steampunk still relies on an individual outlook, a taste for customizing and adapting previously owned things, and a funny bone and whimsy.

Steampunk Bedroom Design

Victorian Steampunk Decor

A steampunk bedroom, whether it’s the master bedroom, a child’s room, or a teenager’s room, is a fantastic option for anyone who likes the Victorian design, marches to the beat of their own drummer, or simply loves the anachronistic, futuristic, or commercial appearance.

So, whether you want to go full-steam ahead into this industrially-vibed style, or simply include a little touch of steam to your more conventional home furnishings, take a look at the bedrooms included here for excellent decorating ideas.

Hang Hats In The Space

Diy Steampunk Interior

Hats such as bowlers and top hats were extremely popular and classy during the Victorian era.

These items can also add a touch of class to your steampunk bedroom if they are hung in it. Your guests will be impressed by this as well.

Hang Old Maps on Your Wall

Diy Steampunk Interior

As formerly discussed, among the most typical items used to decorate a steampunk bedroom are old maps.

These can either be held on the wall or even used as lampshades.

If you choose to utilize this specific product in your interior, it’s important to keep something in mind: the older the map looks, the better it will make the area appearance.

Purchase A Globe

Steampunk Decorations Party

Terrestrial globes are popular items in terms of the steampunk bedroom design style due to the fact that they are antique pieces.

If you decide to look for this particular item, make sure that it looks really old in order for it to helpfully accentuate the space.

Plus, it’s also an item that kids will love to spin over and over again.

Make Use of Exposed Bricks

Steampunk Decor Diy

If any space in your house’s interior includes any exposed brick, do not cover it up, but you should display it.

Nevertheless, if you discover that your home’s structure itself won’t really enable you to do that, you can always use wallpaper.

Utilize Exposed Framed Herbariums

15 Breathtaking Examples Of Steampunk Interior Design

Typically, we spend so much time thinking about how to decorate other areas of our homes that, oftentimes, we forget about the entrance.

Take advantage of decorating the framed herbariums in this area to help accentuate even more of the steampunk style.

Use Refurbished Furnishings

15 Breathtaking Examples Of Steampunk Interior Design

You will want to refrain from buying more recent furniture if you’re thinking about creating a steampunk room in your house.

Rather, choose anything that is either old or has actually been reconditioned. The only exception to this is if the furniture was from the Victorian period.

Steamer Trunks As Living Room Tables

Victorian Steampunk Decor

Using a steamer trunk as a table in your living room should only be done if you do not have the proper table to use for the steampunk interior design style.

If you can’t get your hands on a steamer trunk, consider using an old suitcase instead.

Utilize Textural Contrast

Victorian Steampunk Decor

When designing your steampunk-themed area, consider combining different textures, such as leather and lace, for example.

The combination of feminine and masculine elements will help to further bring more appeal to the room.

Steampunk in The Kitchen

Steampunk Bedroom Set

Aspects of the steampunk interior design style can also be utilized in your kitchen as well.

For example, a lot of the metallic details and hardware in your kitchen can be adorned with details that will help make the space even more unique.

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Use Sepia Photos As Decorations

Victorian Steampunk Decor

Sepia photos, also known as antique photos, are great items to use for decoration in your steampunk setting.

These can be old family photos or photos that you have found and printed from the internet.

Showcase Your Leather Furniture

Diy Steampunk Interior

As previously mentioned, leather is one of the most important materials used in the steampunk bedroom design style, and it deserves to be showcased.

This is especially the case with furniture pieces such as sofas and chairs. At the same time, it will also increase your entire home’s luxury level.

Have Fun with Steampunk Accents

Steampunk Bedroom

Have a good time picking out your decorating accents. There are no hard and fast rules to steampunk bedroom design, and that’s half the fun.

Shop garage sales, secondhand shops, and antique stores for items that really are Victorian style.

Anything made of metal, with exposed gears, hands, or other workings are especially good. Keep in mind a world where today’s technology looks like it could be placed a century ago.


Steampunk Home Furnishings

As a conclusion, the steampunk bedroom design style is one that can allow us to have ideas that are both original and inspiring to create a truly unique space that brings together elements of science and magic.

The interior of a home always tells a story, and by using steampunk decorations, you’ll be doing something that both H.G. Wells and Thomas Alfa Edison would be proud of and smile at.

I hope these steampunk home decorating ideas have been an inspiration to you. What’s left for you know is to create your own steampunk bedroom decor and enjoy it to the maximum.