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28 Beautiful & Practical Study Room Ideas

By: Allan Bryce

Whether you’re a lawyer who has to research in peace or a student who needs a quiet space to finish their assignment, a study room is very important. And the best part is that a study room doesn’t even have to be large. I mean, yes, a big study room would be very convenient but it doesn’t have to be.

With a comfortable little space and the right lighting, you can have your own study room in no time. Let’s discuss some study space ideas to make the place look more beautiful.

Wooden DIY Study Room Design

You do not have to spend a lot to create a study room. If you have an empty room, all you need is a desk, a chair, and some shelves where you can place your books or other things. Check out this desk that is made by assembling planks. It gives a very rustic and shabby chic appeal.

The shelves are also made by arranging wooden planks in a steel frame. There is enough space for a laptop, a table lamp, and lots of books. Since the wooden look suits all types of décor, this room looks stylish and is practical as well.

Make It Colorful

Colors will help you be more creative and motivated. If you are an arts student or even a science student trying to think outside the box, colors can help you out. A monochromatic room will not be conducive to more ideas. This room has various colors and patterns and thus it encourages free thinking.

There is even a green chalkboard on the wall where you can write all your ideas or motivational thoughts. Or maybe create a different art on it for different days. It will help your mind stay fresh and thus focus more on your studies.

Comfortable Floors for Small Kids

Small kids run around and fall down a lot. So make sure you get the floors completely carpeted. Also, the carpeting should be soft enough so even if your little one falls down, they don’t get hurt. You can also place some floor mats over the carpets to act as extra shock absorbers.

If you can use circular seats and tables, that will be a plus point because they won’t have any sharp edges. So if you want your preschooler to sit and practice on their alphabets and counting, make sure you get circular study room furniture and padded floors.

A Study Nook and Reading Loft

When you are done with the studying and want to just sit back and relax while enjoying a good novel, try this loft with a study desk under it. It’s the ultimate study space idea for small homes. A corner of the house is transformed into two things – a reading space and a study area.

If you plan carefully, you can get a lot of space in this tiny area. For example, this desk can hold a laptop, a reading lamp, and some stationery items. Just make sure there is a lighting fixture beneath the nook so you get adequate light while studying.

A Study Corner for Preschoolers

If you have a small toddler, you do not have to think too much about their studies. For them, you can have a wall that consists of a chalkboard where they can draw their art and where you can hang and showcase it.

This wall has a chalkboard at a kid’s height and their paintings and other artwork are showcased on the wall. It’s a good way to make the child feel more appreciated and it gives a new dimension to their creativity. Plus it keeps the house more interesting.

A Modern Study Nook

If you’re a university student or a professional, studying will mostly be on your laptop and so you wouldn’t need all those books for it. So even a small nook will work. Place a modern looking minimal stool there and that’s it – your study nook is done.

You can add more shelves to place small titbits or to place a study light there. Hang some photos there and keep a bin to toss the paper balls when you’re busy. It’s a perfect nook that looks good and is practical too. Plus it doesn’t demand a lot of space.

A Lot of Shelves

School and college kids need a lot of books for studies. And all these books cannot be arranged on a single shelf unless it’s a very big one. To tackle this situation, you can build a lot of shelves in your study room. It’s the perfect way to keep your study room looking neat and tidy and have enough space for everything.

Keep the color of the shelves in mind so the room looks perfect. This dark brown shelf case looks royal and beautiful in the room. The light colored chair is looking elegant with the light grey rug under it. 

A Study Room Full of Cabinets

Cabinets are important. They keep all your things neatly tucked away from sight so the room appears clean and organized. You might think that your study room doesn’t need many cabinets because there isn’t much to be stored in a study room. But you can store other things here as well.

For example, if you feel your wardrobe is overflowing, you can shift some clothes in a secondary wardrobe in the study room. If you are out of space in your home, your study room cabinets can always come in handy. And amidst the cabinets, you can have the perfect place to sit and study.

Place a School Desk

Get a school desk in your child’s study room and create the perfect classroom study aura. Of course, a single chair is more comfortable than the school bench so make sure you place a chair and desk there too. But just in case your child feels like being in the classroom, especially in this lockdown era, this bench will give them the perfect classroom vibe.

A school bag on the side and some charts on the wall will complete the classroom look. If you’re homeschooling your little one, this will be just the perfect way to do that.

A Double Study Area

If you have two school or college going kids, creating two study rooms might be difficult. What you can do is create a study area that caters to the needs of both kids. But since you’ll need to adjust two sets of books, there have to be double the number of shelves. There is even some space under the desk.

Check out this study room that has many shelves and two chairs. However, the desk is shared. You can keep it shared if the room is small or use two desks if there is enough space for that. 

Boxes to Organize the Study Room

So you have an empty room that you want to use as the study room? But you don’t want to install shelves or cabinets? No problem at all, just some basic crafts will get the job done. Check out this arrangement that’s made with boxes of different sizes glued together in a stylish format.

Make the arrangement more beautiful by painting the boxes before you stick them together. These boxes can be placed on the study desk and will act just like shelves. The difference is that you can change their position and they look more beautiful than shelves!

A Think and Play Room

Why limit a room to just study when you can cater to their overall development there. This room is perfect for studying, playing, creating, experimenting, and just about anything your little one needs to do to expand his learning space. The closets here will make sure all their toys and other games and neatly arranged.

The bean bag is a nice little addition here. Once they’re tired of working, they can sit on the bean bag and play with their toys. Once they’re done playing, ask them to organize their toys and it’s a great way to teach them responsibilities. 

A Minimalist Study Room

It’s a complete study room with most of the space dedicated to closets. With so many closets, you have enough storage space. So if you have just one extra room in your house, you can convert it to a store-cum-study space.

Also, since it takes very little décor effort, it is a minimalist one. Just a small corner of the room is used with a desk and a chair. Plus there are a couple of shelves on the desk where you can keep your study materials – books or stationery. You can even have a resting space there so you can get up and relax for a while once you’re tired of working.

Creativity Space for Toddler Twins

Keeping toddlers busy in something creative is next to impossible. No matter what you do, they’re going to break stuff. And having two is even more difficult. This is why you need to come up with ideas to keep their energies channelized. Give them a room where they can sit and carry on with their activities.

This study room is a rather minimalist one. But some things are taken care of. For example, there is adequate lighting for the kids to play. Keep some coloring books or storybooks there and let them find their creative side in their study/activity room.

A White Study Room

If you want to go with a single color, white can be a good option. It’s a peaceful color and doesn’t let you get distracted so your focus stays in your books or laptop. In this room, the walls, shelves, ceiling, desk, window blinds, and chairs are all white. However, the floor is reddish brown and wooden to provide a change.

Besides, since the books are all of different colors, it won’t get boring. There is enough color in the room to provide an accent. And if you desire a bit of greenery, you can place a houseplant here.

A Stylish Study Room for a Professional

If you like doing things in style, your study room shouldn’t miss out on that. Sure, a study room is generally a simple room that’s used to read books – on paper or on digital media. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the décor of the study room.

Show off your hunter’s spirit with deer antlers and your soft side with a glass vase full of white tulips. It’s a study room for someone who likes being refined. Place a couple of houseplants on the desk to add a touch of greenery to the room.

A Little Girlie Touch

If you like showing your delicate and feminine side, this room will be perfect for you. It’s a white room that has pink accents in it. With white walls and white shelves, the room looks pretty plain. A white counter, white desk, and white chair add to that theme.

But what makes it different are the bright pink flowers in the white vase, the pink document holder, and the pink clipboard that create a different theme in the room. Just by adding the right accents, you can change the look of the room and make it look more girly. 

A Compact and Monochrome Study Room

You like to keep things simple. When it’s a study room, it should be for studying only. You want minimum distractions and want to focus on what you’re reading. If I just described you, this room is just right for you.

Plain white room with plain white shelves that hold books facing the room so the colors of their covers don’t become too distracting. A table lamp and houseplant are kept on the shelf to break the monotony. If you are the strong and serious kind, this study room is ideal for you.

Green and Alive Study Room 

Decorate your study room with plants so you don’t feel the lack of energy when you’re studying. I mean, studying can get boring and a little positive energy will keep you going. A couple of houseplants here and there and a flower or two in the vase will keep you connected with nature.

But what if you don’t have a green thumb? Here’s my advice – plant a cactus. Cactuses are hardy plants that don’t even need daily watering so you can’t practically kill it. Just keep some hardy plants in your room and focus on studying as the green color refreshes your eyes.

A Corkboard Wall for When you Get Bored

Little kids need something to keep their creative energies running. I mean, yeah sure, math homework is important but they need to do something every now and then to stay entertained. We all know what all work and no play does to a child.

Presenting the corkboard wall. A step above the chalkboard wall, corkboard lets you pin things on it. So when your child makes something artistic – maybe a painting or a drawing, they can pin it up the wall so you can admire it and encourage them. You can even put both – chalkboard and corkboard in the study room.

Study Room for a Science Student

Show your love for science by selecting the right décor. With planets and their positioning being the theme for this room, anyone who enters the area will instantly know about your intellect and knowledge in the field of science.

Want to impress guests with your taste in science (or other subjects for that matter), design your study room accordingly. For example, if you are a geography freak, put up some maps on the wall and a few globes, and that will let others know of your interests.

A Study Room with Television

Telly can be used for many things. Whether you want your kid to watch a documentary for their homework or you want them to learn the alphabet through digital learning, TV can be helpful. Of course, a computer or a laptop would be equally useful but with a big screen, their eyes will be more comfortable watching it.

If you worry about your child’s eyesight, a big screen telly would be a better option than a small laptop or a mobile phone. Make some space for a TV in their room and watch them learn from YouTube videos or other digital media.

Showcase Your Art While Studying

Here’s a décor idea – instead of going for complex décor, just use your artwork or old greeting cards to decorate the place. And you don’t even have to do anything to make them look beautiful. Just tie a string across your desk and put the cards on using clothespins. It’s a pretty inexpensive way to decorate the study room.

And the best part is that you don’t have to be very artistic or a DIY champion to do it. Just hang your art pieces and greeting cards on the string or ribbon like you put clothes for drying and you’re done.

Separate the Area Using Barn Doors

It’s a unique idea. Create a separate room using barn doors. So instead of a room that’s covered with walls and there’s an opening for the door (like in regular rooms), here’s a room that has barn doors as walls. It’s like your own study cabin.

Open the door and welcome to the man/woman cave that you’ve built for studying. It can have a library for regular books or a TV or a laptop for digital studying. If you’ve always wanted a private cabin of your own, this is the perfect way to do that.

Turn Your Hallway into a Study Room

If you don’t have an extra room in your house, you can turn absolutely any corner into a study area- even the hallway. And why just turn it into a study room when it can be transformed into a full-fledged library. 

A long table placed here shows that this space is far more than a study room. It’s probably used for conferences or group studies. If you’re a researcher writing a thesis who has to dedicate a lot of time in studies and often has to collaborate with others, this is the perfect solution for you.

Two Separate Study Areas for Siblings

We all know sibling rivalry. If you have two kids and one room, you’ll need to divide it just right, or else there will be war. This room is divided into two spaces with a common sitting area in between. The room is pretty much symmetrical on both sides – which it must be.

Apart from the different sets of toys for both kids, everything is almost identical from the number of shelves to the color of the chair and from the bin below the desk to the color behind the shelves. If you’re a parent, you’ll know that it’s important for both sides to be the same if you don’t want fights!

A Large Study Room

If you have a large study room, it’s all the better. There’s enough space for all kinds of activities for the kid. This happy and bright colored room has space for working and playing. A separate place for homework and another table for activities and then there’s the play space.

And the entire place has been carefully decorated so it can look lively – just the way a child would like it. Bright yellows, greens, oranges, and blues are used throughout the room to give it a unique look. Even the chandelier looks bright and chirpy as it should be.

A Study Room Below the Stairs

If you don’t have an extra room in your house, you can use any nook of your home. You can even use the area beneath the stairs and convert it into a study room. This room isn’t very big but it’s ideal for study and work. When you want to shut off from the outside world and focus on your homework, this corner can be helpful.

It is minimally decorated with just a few shelves on which there are books. The desk is enough for a computer and maybe even a vase or a houseplant. Yes, it’s a basic study room but it still fits the bill.

It’s Time to Study

It’s time to study and you need a study room for that. There are a lot of options to decorate your study room.

While a study room doesn’t get as much focus as the living room, it’s important to spend some time on study room décor as well. After all, it also reflects your personality and taste, just like the rest of the house.