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21 Wall Paint Colors That Go With Dark Brown Furniture

By: Allan Bryce

You don’t want your home to look boring. So it’s important to decide the surroundings carefully.

Let’s see how you can experiment with wall colors when you have brown furniture to turn things from “blah, boring” to “wow, interesting”.

White Wall with Brown Furniture

White wall – that’s a no-brainer. Of course, a white wall will look good with brown furniture. But the question is, how to make it less boring. I mean, brown and white are going to look good, yes. But it might give a pretty boring vibe. The solution? Add memories on the wall.

The photo frames on the wall add an interesting component to the space and the room looks exciting, especially if the photos are interesting. For example, an old photo of your grandfather when he returned from the war would make the room so much more interesting!

Red Wall for a Romantic Ambiance 

If you want your living room to have a warm ambiance, more specifically a romantic one, red is the color you should have on your walls. We all know red is the color of love. And yes, combining it with brown will mean a darker color, making the room look a bit small. So try this combination if your living room is large.

The walls are red and so is the rug on the floor. Even the tulips inside the vase are red. The brown couch looks good in this setting. The table lamp offers a soft glow that enhances the romantic appeal of the space.

Pink Walls for Baby’s Room

The baby’s room must have light and soothing colors. So red and other darker colors won’t be suitable here. Instead, go for something like pink or light blue. The baby’s cot and the chair in the corner are brown in color. And it’s all looking good with the pink walls.

The bed linen is white in color, which is perfect for a baby. Overly bright colors can harm your baby’s eyes and also contain dyes that can be bad for the child’s skin. This is why lighter shades are always preferred when designing a baby’s room.

Brown Wall with Brown Furniture

Brown wall against brown furniture – a bit too brown? Maybe. But ugly? Definitely not. This room looks lovely! If you want a serious look, brown will look good with brown. Of course, it will not have a youthful casualness in it. But if formal is your style, brown will look great with brown.

Add a couple of red or orange cushions on the couch to break the monotony. The room is made of different shades of brown. The couch is lighter while the side table has a darker shade. The wall is of yet another shade of brown and they all blend together pretty well.

Blue Wall with Brown Furniture

Blue is yet another color that makes the place more soothing. And it goes well with brown too. However, if you want the place to look more uniform and in accordance with the theme, add some wall colored cushions on the couch. This way, the entire room will be sewn into one common theme.

Also, check out the artwork that’s on the wall. It’s very carefully chosen as it combines shades of brown as well as blue. Earth meeting the water. Symbolic of theme and very beautiful too. When a room is this carefully planned, it’s GOT to look beautiful.

White and Golden with Brown

Yearning for that royal look? Of course golden can make everything look more royal but it has to be used in moderation. Too much golden can quickly turn the royal look into a tacky one. This room adds just the right bit of golden color on the wall. The wallpaper combines a little golden in a lot of white to make the room look unique and exceptional.

The light brown couch looks good against this wall. The lamp is of the same shade as the couch and is ideal for enjoying a book in the evening. And if you want to add some accent, throw a couple of bright cushions on the couch.

Teal and Brown for Kids’ Room

This is a kids’ room with brown furniture and teal walls. But teal shouldn’t be limited just to the kids’ room – it looks good absolutely everywhere. You can have teal walls in the living room, bedroom, and even the bathroom. There are colorful storybooks in the room, providing an accent to the room.

The green curtains have an elephant cartoon character on them and while this shade of green doesn’t really match with teal, it’s looking beautiful here. The much needed shades of white are provided by the white chair and shelves.

Black Wall with Brown Furniture

A black wall? That’s not a common occurrence. I mean we all know that black makes a room look smaller. This means that this wall can only be in places where the room is large enough. Also, black makes the room gloomy so it can only by on one side – as an accent wall.

Given these considerations, it’s possible to have a black wall in the room. And it looks beautiful too. Give a little emo touch to your bedroom with a black accent wall and brown furniture. The ceiling is white and so is the floor rug to neutralize the black shade of the wall.

Yellow wall with Brown Furniture

Yellow is an excellent wall color for dark brown furniture. Check out this bedroom that has a dark brown bed, dressing table, side tables, and cabinet. With yellow walls and a white ceiling, this room has a warm ambiance. The color of sunshine is often a popular choice when it comes to painting interior walls. 

The wooden flooring and the comfortable rug on the floor give a cozy appeal to the room. The grandfather style furniture is looking very stylish and rich and the yellow color of the wall is blending perfectly with it.

Get an Accent Wall

An accent wall can make every room more stylish. If you think your room looks a bit boring with brown furniture, paint one wall in a different color. Depending on your choice, you can get a bright or dark color. Want to spice up things in your living room? Try lemony yellow. Want to keep it low-key? Maybe blue or teal.

This dining area has brown furniture. While the furniture is pretty simple and plain, the room looks exquisite, thanks to careful planning. The pink accent wall along with the photo frames on the wall look beautiful. And the Asian ceiling lights create an altogether different ambiance in the hall.

Two Accent Walls

With a brown couch, if you plan to have a jazzy accent wall, the room will have a party-like casual appeal. But what if you decide to have two accent walls instead? Double the fun! Bright yellow on one side and crazy teal on the other one. Also, check out the hanging lights that create a fun atmosphere.

The brown couch and the brown coffee table don’t look so boring suddenly, now do they? The rug is also cheerfully yellow and the living room has a summery appeal that will make everyone instantly comfortable as they visit you.

Light Green Walls with Brown Furniture

It’s a fact that brown goes with most colors. But you need to plan it carefully so it doesn’t look out of place. This living room with light green walls is looking wonderful and warm. The couch is brown in color and the coffee table is actually a trunk suitcase. It’s an attractive table that can also store stuff.

The magic is created by the artwork on the wall and the lights in the room. The hanging light looks like an Asian birdcage while the artwork features a bird on it. The bright green cushions on the couch make the room look livelier.

White Wall with Brown Paneling and Cabinet

Paneling is an amazing thing – it makes your TV wall look beautiful and also hides the hanging cables. Plus, you can add storage to the panel. It’s a complete win-win. If you are planning to set up a home theater system, you want the paneled wall to look beautiful. And the safest color for that is white.

Here, brown paneling is done on a white wall and it’s looking amazing. The white color is neutral and doesn’t catch too much attention. Your focus can remain on the TV and the home theater system. And if you want, you can make the room livelier by placing a vase with fresh flowers.

Raw Brick Wall and Brown Furniture

I love raw brick walls! But they cannot look good everywhere. Or can they? This bedroom has brown furniture and yet the brick wall is looking lovely here. We have seen many living room paint colors with brown furniture but I think a raw brick wall can look even more charming.

But if you have drywall, how do you implement the brick look? It’s simple. You can get tiles that look like bricks. So even if you have drywall or a completed concrete wall, you can still get the charming raw brick look.

Striped Wall with Brown Furniture

Can’t decide one color for your wall? Get two colors instead. This striped wall has white and blue strips on the accent wall. The other walls are plain blue. The rug on the floor is also blue, completing the theme. But you don’t have to limit your color choices like this. You can go for any color duo you like. Some color combinations I like are pink and white and lemon and white.

So yeah, white can go with any other color to create a good striped wall. Depending on the kind of mood you want to set in the room, you can second color.

Orange Walls for a Warm Appeal

If you want the warm colors of the sun in your living room, try orange. Shades of fire always make a place look warmer. If you live in a cold region, orange would give a warm and welcoming appeal to your place. However, orange wouldn’t be the right color for you if you live in a warm climate. 

The room is planned carefully with orange walls, orange cushions, orange curtains, and an orange throw on the couch. The different shades of brown in the furniture also make the room look interesting. And to add greenery to the room, a beautiful houseplant will do the trick. 

Floral Patterns on the Wall

You think brown might be boring? What brown? Check out this room that has so many elements that you won’t focus on the furniture. The antique style furniture looks good here. But even if was old and tattered, you still wouldn’t notice because the room has many accents.

The floral pattern on the wall is pretty intricate and the cupboard showcases dishes with intricate designs. The candelabra chandelier is equally intricate and beautiful and the whole room has a traditional and intricate theme, balancing the brown color of the furniture.

Lavender Walls with Brown Furniture

Lavender is a lovely color and makes everything look more delicate. Even shabby brown furniture will look intricate and exquisite in lavender settings. This dining area is perfectly living up to the lavender theme with beautiful candelabra chandelier and fine glassware.

Even the vase is made of delicate glass and carries lavender colored flowers. The artwork on the wall is white and balances the lavender shades of the space. The white and golden crockery on the table and the beautiful silverware give the place a royal touch.

Wall Decals and Brown Furniture

If you think the room is looking too bland with plain brown furniture, there’s a simple thing you can do – put on wall decals. These decals are easily available and are extremely easy to put on the wall. Just like regular stickers, you just have to peel off their covers from the backside and put them on the wall.

The beautiful red poppies on the wall have changed the entire look of the room. The brown furniture with red upholstery matches exactly with the poppies and creates a uniform theme. If your dark brown furniture doesn’t go with the pale walls, wall decals can become an interior saver.

Peach Wall with Brown Furniture

We all love peaches. Well, at least I do. And I also love their color. If you love peach color and want it on your wall, you’ll be happy to know that your brown furniture will look great with it. The brown leather couch looks good with the peach wall in the background. Plus the different colored cushions on the couch make it look more interesting.

The room deserves a sprinkle of white, which is achieved by a white cushion on the couch and white rug on the floor.

Olive Wall with Brown Furniture

Olive is a soothing and beautiful color. This shade of green gives a formal vibe – somewhat like of the military. When it comes to interiors, olive matches white beautifully. The dark brown furniture here looks good against an olive wall. The wall décor plays a big role here.

The shiny surfaces of the wall disks give a unique look to the room. With the room painted in olive, you don’t really need to add greenery but a house plant never looks out of style nonetheless. A flowering plant will look good here. A goldfish in a fishbowl will also give it a beautiful touch.

So Which Color Will It Be for You?

If you have brown furniture, you have a plethora of options for wall colors. Practically any shade will look good with brown furniture. But there are several considerations to make. For example, do you want your room to look minimal, royal, intricate, warm, or something else? Depending on your preferences, you can pick any wall color to go with your furniture.