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What Color Curtains Go With a Gray Couch – 10 Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Cool, contemporary, and calm. Gray couches are the ultimate modern seating statement piece, thanks to their reserved charm. This is also why gray couches have become a staple in most, if not all, modern homes. 

Picking out a gray couch is relatively simple. Choosing what other furniture goes with it – not so much.

If you’re looking for curtains that match your gray couch, look no further. We’ve got a collection of the best curtains that go with gray couch seats right here!

White (Sheer)

You can’t go wrong with a pair of sheer white curtains. Both gray and white are neutral tones, which is why they complement one another so well. 

White curtains are also a great way to ensure the limelight stays on your couch. The curtains will seamlessly blend into the background, especially if you have white or light-colored walls to match. 


Gray and blue are a classic combination. If you’re keen on installing a fresh set of blue curtains to complement your gray couch, go for it! Just make sure the curtains aren’t too flashy – darker, matte hues of blue are your best bet. 

Dark Gray

Gray on gray? Yes, please!

An all-gray room is a great way to maintain a luxurious, classy feel without going over the top. Be sure to add contrast by trying out different hues of gray, though. 

Using the same tone of gray can get monotonous. Instead, try contrasting your light gray sofa set with darker curtains, or the other way round to liven things up! 

Sienna Orange

If you’re looking for something livelier than dark gray curtains, try sienna orange instead! These curtains will add to the area’s aesthetic by brightening it up. 

Sienna orange goes exceptionally well with gray. It isn’t too bright, so it won’t overshadow your sofas. Instead, it will add a burst of color while staying in coherency with your gray interior, too. 


If you prefer cool tones to warm ones, why not opt for teal instead of sienna orange?

Teal curtains can fill your room with life and will look exceptionally stunning when paired with soft gray sofas. 

To enhance your living room’s aesthetic, try matching your curtains with a set of teal couch cushions, too! 

Old Lavender 

Old lavender (the color, not the flower!) goes well with gray. This color may be on the darker side of the pallet, but that doesn’t mean it’ll drag your room’s atmosphere down! In fact, old lavender curtains can add a lively feel to the area. 

Unlike sienna orange and teal, old lavender curtains won’t force you to change your entire room to accommodate a bold and bright theme. Instead, you can easily stick to other neutral-toned furniture pieces, including those gorgeous gray sofas! 


Tan curtains are a great way to add a farmhouse-style touch to your gray curtains. The color tan reminds us of picnic baskets, autumn leaves, and pie crust. All of these come together to paint a picture of a beautiful farmhouse in the country. 

You can easily incorporate a similar theme into your home, too. Simply pair your enchanting gray sofas with a set of pretty tan curtains, and you’re all set!  

Blush Pink

Blush pink curtains can add a soft, lush feel to your room. Thanks to their delicate appearance, these curtains are ideal for bedrooms. 

You can match them with some eye-catching yellow couch cushions to liven things up! Or, if you’d like to stick to one theme, place a pale pink rug under your gray sofa to complement the curtains.

Dark Brown

Dark brown curtains can add an earthy feel to your living room’s industrial gray couch. They are the best curtains to match dark gray sofa sets. 

The color gray has a cool, detached charm. If you’d like to add an organic touch to it, pair your sofa with dark brown curtains that resemble the muddy earth. To enhance this vibe, you can also introduce a new plant or two to your seating area. 

Gray and White

Gray and white is a classic color combination that will blend beautifully with your solid-toned gray couch. Both gray and white are neutral colors, so you don’t need to worry about them overshadowing your sofa set. 

Pair them with an eye-catching gray and white rug to complete the setup. Within no time, your interior space will look like it’s straight out of a designer’s magazine spread!

Final Thoughts

After going through this idea, you should have a fair idea of what curtains go with gray couch seats. For a softer look, opt for colors like blush pink, and tan. For a stronger, impactful appearance, choose bright tones like teal and sienna orange!