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What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls – 17 Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

If you want to liven up a room in an instant, painting your walls yellow is the right decision. Yellow is a bright, happy color that can’t help but bring that childlike joy out in every one of us. And adding that dash of sunshine into your home is never a bad idea.

But when you want to complete the look with some curtains, things can get tricky. Knowing which curtains will complement your yellow room doesn’t come to mind as easily, since yellow is such a dominant color. We’re here to help though! Here are 17 ideas for curtains to match yellow walls.

Sheer White Curtains for a Soft Look with Yellow Walls

Sheer white curtains are a staple piece among curtains. They look good with different types of interior design and fit just in with all kinds of decor. That’s why you can’t go wrong with these sheer curtains for a yellow room.

Pairing them up with both pale yellow walls and their brighter counterparts brings a certain softness and balance into a room. They flow and drape beautifully, bathing the room in light, but ensuring privacy when needed. They’re a staple piece for a reason, after all!

Get a Fun Pattern to Match Your Yellow Walls

Patterned curtains are a phenomenal pick for yellow walls. Although patterned curtains might sound overpowering, especially with bright yellow walls, they fit like a glove.

Patterned curtains have an exciting feel to them, but they also tie in your yellow walls with the rest of the room decor. They allow for a cohesive look. That’s why getting patterned curtains with colors that match the rest of your furniture is a smart design choice. 

Brick Red Curtains for a Beautiful Regal Room

Brick red is a beautiful color. If you’re wondering what color curtains go with yellow walls, red can be a wonderful option. Brick red works the best with pale yellow walls, as it carries the richness and an overall regal look to the room.

Brick red curtains are an incredible asset to a room if you want to make it feel more lux. It’s best suited for a living room, rather than maybe a dining room, as studies show that red and yellow make people feel hungry, especially in this combination.

Baby Blue Curtains Are Perfect for a Yellow Nursery

Blue and yellow are yet another perfect match. These two colors are complementary, which is why they work so well together. And if you decide to combine these colors in their lighter hues, you’ll create a soft, calming atmosphere that’s just perfect for a nursery.

Baby blue curtains are especially beautiful in this sheer material. They allow the sunlight to shine through just the right amount. That, in turn, creates a wonderfully gentle ambiance. 

Yellow on Yellow for a Chic Monochrome Look

If you want your room to look chic and put together, going for a monochrome look is the way to go. You can’t go wrong with monochrome. The only rule here is to play around with hues, so you create a contrast within the color yellow.

These shiny yellow curtains create a light atmosphere, and keep the room light and feeling well lit. They also bring a luxurious tone inside, if you want to dress up your yellow room!

Ivory Colored Curtains Look Dashing With Yellow Walls

Ivory is in itself an incredibly elegant color. No matter which fabric you choose for your curtains, they’ll manage to look elegant. So if you want a classic, elegant look for your room, ivory curtains are your best friend.

Pairing them with neutral tones will help the yellow walls stand out while ensuring your room still has a glamorous vibe to it. You can’t go wrong with ivory, that’s for sure.

A Floral Pattern Goes a Long Way

If you’ve always wanted patterned curtains but never knew which ones to pick, florals are always a good choice. There are floral curtains for every style, so you can find the right floral curtains for your home.

These specific floral curtains fit beautifully in a traditional home. Their deep mustard color compliments yellow walls while the flowers match the furniture just right. These floral curtains don’t feel overpowering at all, since the leather furniture gets to steal the spotlight.

Heavy White Curtains Fit So Well With Bright Walls

Yellow walls brighten up the room like no other. And if you decided on a particularly bright color, white is great to balance it out without taking the spotlight from the walls.

White curtains have that classy, minimal vibe to them, meaning you can dress them up, or down, however you please. And of course, they have their hand in brightening up the room. So that’s why they’re an awesome asset to any modern bedroom.

Tangerine Curtains Are Perfect for a Warm Yellow Kitchen

If you’re someone who loves bohemian-style kitchens, these tangerine curtains are your perfect match. This beautiful bright color fits in with the boho color palette, while also going nicely with yellow walls.

This color combination will make your kitchen feel warm and cozy, but also give it that beautiful carefree vibe that boho style brings. These tangerine curtains fit with lighter yellow hues as well, making them versatile for the yellow hue palette.

These Sheer Floral Curtains Are Made for Yellow Walls

Sheer floral curtains have a special magic to them. These curtains look beautiful in an array of different styles. The white base is bright and elegant against yellow walls, making them pop specially.

These curtains’ best features are its flowers, for sure. Their warm tones complement the warmth of the walls beautifully, making them ideal for yellow walls of all hues.

This Exciting Pattern Complements Pale Yellow Walls Beautifully

When it comes to curtains for a yellow room, these patterned ones are ideal if your walls are on a paler side. White and yellow proves to be a winning color combination, and with these curtains that drape beautifully, it’s so easy to create a modern, exciting look.

These patterned curtains are a statement for sure, but they still fit in beautifully with all kinds of furniture. Break the monochrome up with a pop of blue in the terms of decor, and you got yourself a fun and modern living space.

Golden Patterned Curtains Look Regal With Yellow Walls

If you want to make your living space instantly look more luxurious, go for golden tones. Golden curtains always bring a dash of opulence into the room that isn’t overpowering. But it surely is a statement.

And if you want to spice things up a little bit more, these golden patterned curtains are the right choice. They’re glamorous and exciting, while the unusual pattern brings a bit of a retro vibe. These are perfect for a pale yellow living room that needs just a tad bit of extravaganza.

Solid Gray Curtains With Yellow Walls Are Perfect for a Glam Look

There are many ways for you to balance the brightness of a yellow wall, and gray curtains are a great one. Gray curtains feel smart and serious, toning the room down in the best way possible.

Solid gray curtains are perfect when you want privacy, as they darken the room and keep you away from prying eyes. But they also help you achieve that glam look in a yellow room. Especially when paired with other gray details.

Sheer Cream Colored Curtains Will Remind You of the Seaside

If you’re aiming for more of a natural look, cream colored curtains will do the trick. They work especially well with paler yellows as they tone them down immensely. This color combination is perfect for bedrooms, where you might not want the color yellow to overwhelm the room.

Cream colored curtains look amazing with lighter wooden furniture, for example red oak, as they really tie in the wall color with the decor. This combination is perfect for traditional-style bedrooms such as this one. The sheer fabrics allow some light in, making the room look brighter and way more spacious.

Bring Your Garden Inside With These Botanical Curtains

Green and yellow are a color combination that can’t help but to remind you of nature. Pair that up with a botanical print, and now you have your garden right where you can see it.

Curtains with a botanical print aren’t just a great way to spice up your mid-century modern room. They also bring a certain freshness to a room that pairs perfectly with sunny yellow walls. This combination will surely create a unique fresh atmosphere in your home!

Geometric Patterns and Yellow Walls Are a Match Made in Heaven

Yellow walls adore patterns. These curtains show off a trellis motif that feels classic, but works amazingly with modern designs. If your walls are on the darker part of the yellow spectre, choosing a paler color for your curtains works beautifully.

This mix of a neutral beige and pearly white creates a cohesive look with other more neutral furniture. These patterned curtains don’t overpower a room, so they’re ideal if you’re aiming for a rustic style.

These Floral Curtains Bring a Dash of Vintage Into Your Home

There are ideal curtains for everyone, even people with an eye for a vintage style. And who said yellow walls don’t fit in with a vintage aesthetic? These floral curtains paired with a pale yellow wall are there to prove otherwise.

The beautiful floral motif comes in multiple colors, making sure the curtains can match with the rest of the room. And they’re made of cotton which gives them that especially beautiful natural draping. These curtains will make your yellow room feel homely, cozy and relaxing, above all else. And isn’t that the true vintage feel, after all?


Yellow is one of the happiest colors. But it surely feels demanding when you’re trying to find the curtains that are just the right fit. 

As you can see, it definitely seems harder than it really is. There are quite a few options, both solid and patterned for all hues and shades. So hopefully this article has given you some insight on what to choose! In any case, we wish you the best of luck in your search for those ideal curtains.