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What Color Rug for Dark Wood Floors – 17 Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

Hardwood floors are gradually gaining popularity amongst homeowners. Of course, they come with a promise of efficiency and extremely easy maintenance – but also, not to forget the aesthetics.

They look stunning while giving your floors a tinge of character. And regardless of how kid-friendly and pet-friendly these floors can be, well, they are also quite stain-resistant and easy to clean.

On the other hand, with these tremendous advantages come various cons that might seem harder to deal with. For instance, certain darker stains tend to make your room look smaller, darker, and dull – and that is when rugs are used to enhance the overall environment. So, have a look at these perfect 17 rugs for your dark wood floors.

Choose an Off-White Rug to Enhance the Space

Introduce light and airy backdrop to your room with dark wood floors by incorporating this subtle off-white rug. The tasseled ends will induce character and coziness while brightening the surface for you to feel calm and serene.

Quite casual and bohemian, this soft area rug is also a great recommendation for dark wood floors that tend to make your space seem smaller and enclosed. Don’t forget – this area rug will definitely uplift the aura of your space!

Let the Blues Play Magic

Never feel doubtful when it comes to blues! Yes, they have the solution to all your problems! Just like in this case, the color of nature tends to exhibit a vibe that is rather cool, comforting, and bright! 

Giving your room a pop of dominant hue while suppressing the existing dark wood stains, this area rug definitely has the potential to do wonders. Especially for bachelor pads – this color is quite good to go!

Throw Some Color with a Multi-Braided Area Rug

Reflecting the bright hues of the rainbow, it is time that you celebrate a feeling of excitement and joy with this cheerful area rug. Adding a spark of utmost radiance to your dark wood floors, this rug has got many solutions for your space to feel more lively and bright.

Made of 100% cotton, you don’t have to worry about the kids and pets at home – since this rug is quite resistant to stains and dirt!

Add a Rug Storyline to your Dark Wood Floors

One of the classical ways to introduce color and a sense of culture into your space is by incorporating this vintage-style area rug. It reflects some brighter hues such as navy blue, light blue, brown, olive, and red to weave a culturally rich story which is rather intriguing and equally exciting!

Adding visual interest to those dark wood floors, this area rug is definitely a must in Modern Farmhouse backdrops!

Introduce Nature with this Jute Braided Area Rug

There is no reason why jute shouldn’t be introduced in a home. This natural fiber has a tendency to induce a sense of depth and texture to the floors while bringing a natural vibe! Whether you are aiming for a modern or a bohemian touch, this rug is absolutely good to go!

Aligning the tones and shades of this jute rug with that of your wooden floors, it is true that it will integrate and create an overall seamless appearance. Also, don’t forget that this eco-friendly material is helping you heal the planet!

Gray is the New Cool

Gray can never go wrong with wooden floors! And especially if you have darker floors, this lighter-toned rug has the potential to do wonders. It is bound to work with most of your interior design styles – ranging from contemporary, modern, to even vintage.

Other than that, the minute and intriguing details on this rug will further add detail and visual interest to your space.

Rust Medallion Area Rug

You might want to consider this rug if you love warmer tones infused with textural patterns. Bringing a vintage vibe into modern home interiors, this color area rug is a perfect partner to the dark wood floors in case you want to achieve a playful Eclectic vibe.

Furthermore, the durable fibers are bound to make your feet feel soft and cozy whenever you walk barefoot! Isn’t that absolutely amazing?

Welcome Texture with Shag Pile Area Rug

A shag pile area rug offers tremendous advantages. Firstly, it is bright enough to uplift your space and add that intriguing depth through patterns. And secondly, it adds a cozy and warm feel to your space – making your home an extra level of comfort and welcoming.

In the case of wooden parquet flooring and wooden planks, this bohemian shag pile rug will reduce the noise created when walking. Thus, a great choice even for insulation!

Incorporate Black and White Checkered Patterns

Who says that the checkered patterns are out of style? From retro glam to modern contemporary, this simple yet stylish piece of rug speaks more than a thousand words! Adding substance, drama, and depth – it is true that a rug like this will work great with your dark wood floors.

Apart from that – they can be easily maintained and washed at home itself. So, whether you have kids or pets – you need not worry about the stains and dirt!

Add a Chic Vibe Through a Pink Rug

Burgundy and pink are apparently great color choices for dark wood floors! Amalgamating these brighter hues with tones like turquoise, purple, navy blue, and gold – the overall result is absolutely flabbergasting.

You can further pair it with golden accents, some sleek white furniture, and patterned throw pillows to achieve a complete glam look! Also, don’t forget to incorporate faux and sheepskin here!

Incorporate Playfulness with an Orange Area Rug

Why not think beyond neutrals to something more exciting – let’s say the oranges? Yes! This warmer-toned color can seamlessly blend in with the dark wood floors to rather create an eye-catchy backdrop.

Furthermore, exhibiting a traditional vibe, this area rug is good to go with the vintage design styles as well. So, don’t feel shy about this color! Rather, add a tinge or two – here and there! 

Go Bold and Daring with a Black Rug

Whether you own a bachelor pad or have an industrial or contemporary style, choosing monochromatic shades of black in the most mesmerizing ways is the key. One such timeless example is the black jute braided area rug on your dark wood floors.

However, if it gets too dark and dingy – you can always play with off-white and white hues on the textural details like the linen curtains, accent furniture, and decorative accessories.

Go Eclectic with Faux Cowhide Area Rug

Get familiar with something fun and cruelty-free, whimsical and totally vegan! This faux cowhide is quite pleasing to your eyes as well as your feet! With an absolute rustic and eclectic touch – this chic design looks stunning on a dark wood floor background.

You can either choose to layer, sublayer, or even use this area rug singularly to achieve the most of authenticity and simplicity.

Tropical Foliage Blue-Green Area Rug

Incorporate features of nature by placing this large tropical foliage blue-green area rug on the dark wood floors. These hues of nature are responsible for releasing stress-free and calm vibes to help you cope up after a long, hard-working day at work.

Apart from that, you can also create a very intriguing contrasting palette by aligning your other decorative accessories as per this rug. And don’t forget to multiply the patterns and texture imprints of the rug elsewhere.

Modern Minimalist Bronze Area Rug

Whether talking comfort, beauty, or durability – this modern minimalist bronze abstract area rug proves to be a great friend of your hardwood floors. Reflecting various tones, shades, and tints of browns – this rug will merge into your existing floors and create an overall seamless experience.

On the other hand, if you are a big fan of monochromatic tones (and specifically browns), then you must choose this rug to achieve that desired look!

Lift your Space with Radiating Yellow Area Rug

Yellow is the color of optimism, energy, hope, and happiness! So, if you want to integrate all of those emotions in your space – don’t hold back from using a yellow area rug. And especially a rug like this that incorporates various hues, patterns, and textures to bring a vision to your space.

This bright area rug will enhance your rooms with dark wood floors and make them even more charming and enchanting! And especially if there’s ample sunlight pouring in – it is cherry on the top!

Use Abstract Teal Rug

How often do you get inspired by a Mid-Century Modern or Eclectic styled space? Well, this abstract teal rug definitely deserves attention. You can very playfully incorporate this color rug on dark hardwood floors and infuse striking patterns and colors adjacent to create a stunning appeal.

You would be also glad to know that this area rug is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and easily machine washable. So, in case you are fascinated by those whimsical patterns – don’t feel shy from using this rug!

Summing it Up

Now did you realize that you are surrounded by ample area rug options for your dark wood floors? Well, all of the above-mentioned rugs would go with your floors – but lastly, the choice is yours.

Depending upon your interior design style and preference should you pick the best one for your home! I would love to know your thoughts on this, comment below!