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What Color Rug Goes With a Beige Couch – 15 Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

Having a beige couch in the living room is quite common. From setting an absolute benchmark in the Modern and Contemporary world to playing a timeless and subtle backdrop – the beige couch proves versatility over and over again. And the best is yet to come when picking a complementary rug with this beige couch!

Beiges are comparatively easy to deal with! And that’s why you can pair your beige couch with most of the patterns and color tones. Excited to know the best rugs for your beige couch? Well, let’s have a look at these eye-catchy 15 ideas!

Multi-Colored Braided Jute Rug

Your beige couch will flawlessly pair with this multi-colored braided rug! With a subtle and soothing beige backdrop, this quirky and vibrant rug tends to protrude out and create an eye-catchy statement.

Moreover, this rug can be used in high-traffic areas such as your living room and dining rooms since they have a low pile height and extremely easy maintenance. Lastly, if you have a boho touch – this rug is absolutely good to go!

Polka Dotted Black and White Rug

Another great way to splash a sense of visual interest and pattern is through incorporating this polka-dotted black and white rug that works seamlessly. The tan or cream-toned couch will exhibit a warm touch and make this rug stand out brilliantly.

This plush shag rug is good to go for your bohemian and farmhouse backdrops. And since this rug is a high pile, it’s a great way to introduce coziness in colder regions!

Geometric Charcoal Rug

Creating illusions in the most mesmerizing ways, this geometric charcoal rug is a great add-on to your beige couch. So, if you want to create a sense of movement and dynamism in your living room – this is one of the best ways to do so.

Moreover, you can always throw patterns and textures on your throw pillows, throw blankets, and decorative accents to compliment this interesting rug!

Rust Faded Geometric Rug

Quite vintage and chic, this luxurious and majestic area rug is set to take your living room to the next level. Offering a heritage and cultural appeal, you would be glad to know that this rug will equally provide the benefits of easy maintenance and cleanability. Thus, it can definitely be used in high-traffic areas.

This rug appears slightly darker and deeper to add immense depth and character as opposed to lighter beige on the couch.

Blossom Floral Rug

Introduce natural and organic vibes in your home by incorporating this floral patterned rug that works beautifully with your beige couch. This is a great way to grab the attention of your guests as it totally creates a focal statement without overpowering the look.

You can play eclectic and creative by introducing tinges of olive, rust red, violet, pink, and blue on your curtains, decorative pillows, and other noteworthy accents.

Mid-Century Ivory and Gold Rug

Too much beige and off-white can sometimes become monotonous – and that’s when you exactly know how to spark a sense of joy! Yes, it’s all about infusing colors and interesting patterns that add depth and character to your beige couch.

This mid-century modern rug amalgamates patterns and hues to add a lively feel to your living room. The repetition on this gorgeous rug also fosters balance and symmetry!

Natural Handwoven Rug

Are you a big fan of beige? And just in case if you’re up for a monochromatic modern vibe – this beige hand-woven rug is one of the best to incorporate. It feels soft, soothing, calm, and tranquilizing and that’s why this rug is good to go for a similar vibe.

Handmade with soft jute and cotton yarn, this rug is a must-use for high traffic areas. So, it’s time that you transform that abode into absolute bliss.

Celestine Coral Rug

Featuring a classical floral theme, the hues of coral and blue on this rug are quite bright and enlightening. Inspired by vintage mosaics and patterns – this rug will absolutely touch upon timelessness and sophistication when paired with a beige couch.

You can either choose to go for an all-beige theme with this rug or even pair it with pretty blue and coral-toned accent chairs on the side for an overall cohesive look.

Burdette Patterned Rug

Infusing interesting patterns and intricate details, this beige and gray rug is all set to leave an everlasting impression on your beige couch. It has the potential to play seamlessly with your monochromatic and modern setbacks and yet gain a focal and eye-catchy statement.

Whether you have a subtle cream-toned couch or a bold tan shade, this patterned rug will undoubtedly play fabulous and flawless!

Nyla Blue Rug

A blue rug is a great option to blend with your beige-toned couch! Whether you’re looking for a Coastal vibe or a contemporary – this vintage blue rug with a dazzling medallion will truly foster a majestic, bright, and calm vibe. 

Wooden legs or metal legs – the blue rug will play flawlessly with the beige upholstery. Thus, regardless of the function or style – it can play versatile and absolutely timeless!

Natural Jute Tasseled Rug

When in doubt – pick a natural jute tasseled rug as it is bound to complement any and every design style. This handmade rug will add a hearty texture that adds a sense of comfort and warmth to your space. Moreover, do you know why jute rugs are such a motivation? Well, they also help the planet heal as they’re 100% sustainable and eco-friendly.

Easy to clean and easy to maintain, jute rugs will never disappoint you! And you must believe that these rugs will eventually become your favorite part of home decor. 

Sarah Hazel Rug

Warm and rustic – shades of brown, cream, rust, and hazel are a must-go with your beige couch. Featuring a distressed design motif, the floral medallion and a border on this rug can beautifully supplement a sophisticated feel and look.

Furthermore, this rug can be used in high traffic areas as it is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and is also machine washable. After all, the low pile height calls for it!

Faux Fur Rug

Regardless of the shade of beige (whether cream, tan, brown, or greige), this faux fur rug will prove cherry on the top. You can either place it centrally or off-center and sometimes, even layered on top of a large area rug for a seamless effect.

Well, there are ample benefits of using a fur rug. Apart from aesthetics, it also imbibes a sense of coziness and warmth in your living room. 

Handmade Tufted Area Rug

Do you know what is the most beautiful thing about owning a beige toned couch? Well, you never have to worry about the color you intend to pair it with. Whether it is quirky and feminine like peaches and pinks or bold and daring like blues and blacks – all these rugs are quite good to go! 

Similar would be an experience with this mid-century rug that amalgamates the gray, beige, pink, and gold to offer a timeless and eccentric experience.

Terra Chunky Tasseled Rug

Terracotta, rusts, oranges, and reds can all pair beautifully with your beige couch. It’s a given that the blue rugs are a great combination for a cooler vibe – but if you’re looking for a warmer, cozy, and Bohemian vibe – this rug is something to have an eye on!

It feels quite soft and comfortable underfoot – and that’s why it is a great recommendation for cold tiled flooring! 

Summing it Up

Undoubtedly, there’s no limitation when it comes to choosing a rug that goes with your beige couch. From cooler hues to warmer, patterned to solid, and shags to low pile – beige couches are one of the easiest to pick rugs for. However, you must note that it all depends upon your interior design style and personal preference!

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