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What Color Rug Goes With A Green Couch – 15 Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

A green couch can substantially change the entire panorama of your living room. In addition to bringing a refreshing and vibrant vibe, this particular hue proves to be quite eccentric and eclectic! However, the major challenge arises when analyzing the wide array of shades of green. 

Yes! It is considerably tricky to pick a rug that goes with a green couch. From sage green to emerald green, and mint green to olive-green – here is a list of the 15 best color rugs to match a green couch in the most amazing and flabbergasting ways!

Chevron Handmade Ivory Rug

Regardless of the various shades of green, one color that definitely makes a subtle and cohesive backdrop is the off-white, ivory, or lighter beige. This area rug will help protrude the character of your green couch without gaining too much attention.

Moreover, you would be excited to know that this heavily textured ivory rug offers a great breezy and approachable look. You can walk barefoot and embrace warmth and comfort, all day long!

Green Palm Leaves Rug

A classic and fun design with a floral twist! So, if you want to incorporate a natural and organic vibe in your living room – this bold palm leaf pattern will surely imbibe a fresh and wholesome feel. 

So, whether you plan to use it in Coastal, Farmhouse, Contemporary, or Bohemian interior design styles – this area rug is bound to elevate the vibe of your space. Moreover, the green on the leaves will seamlessly complement your green couch!

Geometric Black and White Rug

Inspired by the traditional Caucasian design, this geometric area rug will undoubtedly complement your green couch – whether bold, stark, or soothing! Featuring highly intricate details of sleek lines and geometric shapes – this area rug brings you an inch closer to simplicity and sophistication.

Moreover, if you are looking to add drama with pastels on board – this rug is probably one of the best to consider! 

Bonhill Animal Print Area Rug

Quite good to go for bold and stark tones of green, this eclectic animal print area rug is a definite try for your living room. It will bring out the eccentricity of your focal green couch while playing with the overall drama and character in your space.

Generally, it is best to pair this unique area rug with golden legs of your furniture and ample faux and fur for a Hollywood Glam style!

Moroccan Diamond Area Rug

With multiple existing hues of pink, blue, green, and yellow – this area rug is absolutely versatile for one and all shades of green. Introducing a bohemian vibe, this fun and lively geometric rug is all set to add a playful vibe to your space.

And when it comes to pairing with a green couch, there is no better way to embrace the color of nature, if not with this rug!

Chelsea Vintage Rug

Reflecting the tones of beige, cream, light brown, light green, and red – this vintage rug is all set to embark a sense of heritage and cultural beauty in your space. Taking cues from the detailed and intricate work on the rug, you can best pair your green couch with either wooden or metal legs!

On the other hand, in case you choose a dominant neutral on the couch with green on the accent chairs, this brown and beige rug is still quite good to go!

Bodrum Medallion Rug

Some rugs are simply so versatile and timeless that they can easily pair with most of the hues on your couch. And one such classic example is this medallion rug that would undoubtedly pair with your green couch!

To further create cohesiveness, you must add a couple of multicolored throw pillows on your couch along with some abstract artwork to streamline the palette. Well, this is a great way to add authentic farmhouse and vintage vibes!

Orange and Green Autumn Rug

Particularly for seasonal decor, this rug celebrates the hues of orange and green of the fall foliage that helps exhibit a warm, cozy, and winter-like experience. Mimicking the falling leaves on an ivory background, this beautiful area rug helps exhibit drama to your space while majorly gaining attention!

However, with a homely rug like this, you must ensure to pair it with a green couch that has subtle and darker tones. Generally, sage, moss, olive, and fern greens are good to go!

Gray Wool Zebra Area Rug

Casual and sophisticated, it is time that you let the exotic zebra print play an illusion with your gorgeous green couch. Introducing the jungle feel to your home decor, this faux silk rug exhibits a slight shimmer and sheen look to brighten the interiors of your living room.

Moreover, this rug is quite an investment! It is pet-friendly and can definitely be used in high-traffic areas.

Floral Multicolored Rug

Whether you have a traditional setup or a contemporary, this floral multicolored rug makes a great option to pair with your green couch. Imbibing a friendly vibe, this rug makes a notable statement on the floors while simultaneously making your space feel refreshed, lively, and homely!

Furthermore, you get the benefit of choosing any shade of green with this area rug on board! And to further embrace cohesiveness, ensure to use brown and orange throw pillows on the green couch.

Heriz Sage Rug

Whether or not you have a monochromatic palette, this vintage Persian sage rug is something to have an eye on! Reflecting timeless designs of a geometric medallion, this contemporary and vintage designed rug speaks utmost opulence and sophistication when paired opposite a green couch.

And since this ruggable rug is quite easy to maintain and can be washed at home, you must owe a beauty like this!

Abstract Gray Area Rug

The tones of gray, white, and black blend to create a monochromatic pattern that is rather enthralling and exciting! Yes, this rug will seamlessly match your green couch without stealing too much of the attention!

You can further streamline your palette by incorporating chequered patterns on your throw pillows and other decorative accents! Lastly, be rest assured that you can pair any shade of green with this area rug!

Striped Jute Basketweave Area Rug

Embrace a warm and cozy appeal with your green couch by adding this striped jute rug that plays absolutely timeless and cohesive. With a stunning modern flair, this intriguing rug adds a sense of movement and dynamism that makes your green couch protrude out perfectly!

Moreover, owning this rug gets you much closer to sustainability and helping the planet heal. So, let this natural jute rug shine bright, even in the high-traffic areas of your home.

Mid-Century Mocha Rug

Quite eye-catchy and dynamic, this mid-century mocha-hued rug pairs beautifully opposite the green couch. Whether light or a dark tone of green, you shouldn’t worry about cohesiveness when you have this geometric rug laid.

This rug perfectly exhibits a contrast and a sense of movement in your space. And note that you can best pair this rug with beiges, reds, and greens on the decorative accents.

Cambria Abalone Rug

How beautiful and timeless is this area rug, right? The intricate patterns featuring a tone of sage green, gray, cream, teal, and greige perfectly amalgamate with the green upholstery of the couch for a quirky and eccentric experience.

Lastly, don’t forget to add wooden textures and ample indoor plants to this rug for a great wholesome vibe!

Summing It Up

You must be specific about your green couch. Yes, they’re not easy to deal with – but at the same time, if you know the vibe you’re aiming to create, you’ll have the most fun. 

So, now that we have discussed a couple of colored rugs to match your green couch, are you confident about picking any? Well, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!