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What is the Best Size Rug for Under a Queen Bed – 10 Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

An area rug is responsible for uniting the whole bedroom together. It adds the desired character and depth to the room while making the surroundings feel cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. It is important to place a rug after carefully analyzing the sizes of the rug in respect to the room. 

Well, it can be tricky placing an area rug under a queen-size bed. Whether you need a rug, large or small, touching the bed frame ends or covering the entire floor, creating a seamless look is what you must aim for. With a generic queen bed size of 60” x 80”, here is a list of the best area rug sizes for a queen bed and how to style them. 

Asymmetrically Placed Round Rug

If you’re not a big fan of symmetry and everything aligned, one of the best ways to style is by placing a round area rug under the queen bed. You must prefer opting for a larger diameter rug like 6 feet and beyond to create an illusion of a larger space.

This vintage Persian design will complement your low heightened beds. With its timeless patterns and color schemes, you’re exhibiting a sense of heritage and identity in your room. 

8’ x 10’ Area Rug Under Queen Bed

Placing a large area rug will always come with a baggage of advantages. Not only will it pull together the panorama of your room but also make a small bedroom look larger. So, if the size of your bedroom allows, place this rug up to the center of your bed and protrude a couple of feet towards the outside.

This way, you also have an opportunity to place the ottoman or a bench at the foot of the bed without compromising on the overall symmetry and scale. 

4’ x 6’ Tassel Area Rug

If you have a 4’ x 6’ area rug to style in the bedroom, ensure that you cover the edges. This will perfectly complement your queen size bed while creating a smooth and seamless effect. 

Generally, this area rug placement is bound to make your rug look larger than it originally is. Since most of the surface is exposed and only a minimal inch is embedded underneath the bed, you get the best of both worlds. 

Go For a Large Rug to Cover the Bed

Place a large 8’ x 10’ area rug to cover the entire underneath surface of the bed. Ensure to leave some room for the nightstands to stand on the floor while creating a perfect streamlined boundary for your bed frame.

Another reason why this size makes up a great option is mainly due to the fact that you get to step on your cozy rug as soon as you wake up in the morning! Absolutely refreshing, isn’t it?

Place a Round Rug at the Center of the Foot

If you desire a slightly quirky and eclectic style, you can place a round rug symmetrically in the center of the foot of your bed. And just in case if you’re wondering about the best diameter rug – well, definitely consider a 6-foot dimension.

It’s not only aesthetically appealing but also quite unusual and unique. You can play with some geometric and abstract shapes along with striking and bold hues to create a stunning effect. 

Place 3’ x 5’ Rug Beside the Bed

A smaller 3’ x 5’ rug on both the edges of your bed would do no harm. It will give you a nice cozy and comfortable feel in the morning when you directly step onto it. Moreover, in the case of an asymmetrically sized bedroom, this design idea will exhibit a sense of symmetry and balance in the room.

This is also helpful if you don’t have the budget to purchase a large area rug for your queen bed. This small rug will equally create a refined and seamless experience! 

Make a Statement with 9’ x 12’ Rug

If the size of your bedroom allows, make a statement using a large 9’ x 12’ area rug. Let it run all the way underneath the bed up to the nightstands and slightly protrude outwards to create a perfect boundary. 

This area rug will easily allow your other furniture pieces such as the ottomans, benches, and adjacent accent chairs to lay on the rug. Overall, it is a great way to pull your room into a united picture while offering a cozy backdrop. 

Layer the Contrasting Textural Rugs 

Play with contrasts and textures by overlapping a shag area rug on top of a low pile solid bold-hued area rug to add depth and substance to your queen size bed. Whether you plan to place the rug completely or halfway, it’s time to let that creative side of yours shine bright!

However, you can also choose shades of the same color for a monochromatic backdrop. But remember to always play contrast with materials!

5’ x 8’ Medium Area Rug

The optimum rug size for the queen bed is 5’ x 8’. Just simply lay it flat halfway to the center of your bed and let the front legs rest on the area rug. Ideally, it is a great option for wall-to-wall carpeting floors as your feet get to feel cozy in the morning while still having that smaller-sized rug on board.

This high pile shag rug is largely responsible for adding a sense of comfort and welcomeness to your room! Try it out and you will believe what bliss it is!

Place a Rectangular Rug Asymmetrically

Lastly, regardless of the size of your rectangular rug, you always have the opportunity to play innovatively. Whether your rug is as large as 8’ x 10’ or as petite as 3’ x 5’, creatively placing it in a way that your room looks cohesive is the key.

For instance in the asymmetrically placed corner bed here, the area rug is placed perpendicular to create a sense of balance and harmony in the room. 

Summing it Up

Choosing an area rug for a queen size bed depends upon the size of your bedroom. Is it large enough to incorporate an 8’ x 10’ area rug? Or is it smaller to accommodate a 5′ x 7’ rug? However, regardless of the fact, the most important aspect is to foster balance and symmetry in your room while making it look cohesive and seamless!