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What Size Rug To Place Under A King Bed – 10 Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

When choosing and laying out rugs for your bedroom – it is essential to determine the size of your space, the layout, and the size of your bed. Yes, the focal of your bedroom has a major role to play here! And right when you have measured that king-size bed, the next in line comes the appropriate rug sizes to go.

Rugs have the tendency to add warmth to your bedroom in amalgamation with creating a well-balanced look. Well, there are various sizes to lay out those large area rugs under your king bed. Excited to know what they are? Take a glimpse at these 10 ideas to see which works best for your bedroom!

Pick a 9’ x 12’ Large Area Rug

A king-size bed measures about 76 inches by 80 inches. To ensure a cohesive and balanced look, pick a 9’ x 12’ area rug size for your king bed that binds the whole panorama into one. You can place the rug horizontally up to the center of the bed so your feet step on this rug – first thing in the morning!

Apart from that, this Persian design features a large medallion with an ornate border to add that classical and Farmhouse vibe to your space!

Go Bold With 8’ x 11’ Rug

If you have a smaller size bedroom with a king-size bed, 8’ x 11’ proves to be a great decorative statement. You will have a couple of feet protruding out from all the edges of the bed – whether front or side.

This rug size for a king bed allows ample room for a stylish bench or ottomans at the foot of the bed – for pure utility or aesthetic purposes.

Place the 3’ x 5’ Rug Beside the Bed

Running out of funds to purchase that dreamy large area rug? Well, in that case, you have the option to place a 3’ x 5’ rug beside the bed on both edges. This way, you still have the benefit of feeling warm and cozy in the morning as soon as you step on the floor.

This beautiful geometric rug is a perfect example of simplicity and timelessness. And truly, a must-have for Mid-Century and Bohemian backdrops!

Make a Statement at the Foot of the Bed

Place a large rectangular area rug at the foot of the bed to anchor the space and pull all the decorative accents together. Since the rug is placed halfway underneath the bed, there is ample rug space at the forefront to place a small couch or accent chair.

This tranquil gray rug exhibits a modern and contemporary appeal. So, if you want to add that soothing statement that seamlessly blends with your subtle linen upholstery – this rug is quite good to go!

Place a Large Area Rug Vertically

Are you stuck in an awkwardly-sized bedroom and wondering how to best layout a rug? Well, in case your bedroom is stretched out vertically – you can rather plan a rug in a similar manner. Push that large rug up to your nightstand and stretch it all the way to your media unit or console for a cohesive experience.

This is also a great way to hide those shabby floors and dirty spots on your wall-to-wall carpeting floors!

Add Momentum With a Round Rug

Even though round rugs are a little unusual, you can still add one at the foot of your king bed to add that dynamic statement. The best rug size for a king bed is 6 feet diameter – however, you can even level that up depending upon the size of your bedroom. 

This Persian rug is large enough to leave that everlasting impression! Moreover, the versatility of this rug proves the utmost timelessness for most interior design styles.

Choose an Oversized Rug

It is time that you pick that oversized rug that reaches up to 12’ x 15’ or slightly greater for an impeccable and flawless experience. Not only will this large area rug make your space look airier and spacious but also exhibit that soft and comfortable appeal.

However, the only condition is that you must have a large room that can accommodate the size of this majestic rug!

Go Cohesive with 8’ x 10’ Rug

8’ x 10’ is one of the best size rugs under the king bed. Not too large and not too small, this area rug can fit in horizontally under your king-size bed, quite seamlessly. And in case you don’t want more rug sticking out of the perimeter of your bed – this is a must recommend!

Apart from that, ensure that you place this rug symmetrically so that all the edges play a perfect border of your bed!

Stretch the Rug Under the Bed and Nightstand

Another great way to create a highly warm and welcoming appeal is by placing the rug all the way under the nightstands. Working horizontally, this is a great way to create an illusion of a wider room!

With a distinct retro flair, the striped diamond pattern on this rug is bound to add a sense of visual interest to your space. Furthermore, this rug can be used in high-traffic areas and is quite easy to maintain. 

Layer and Style with Sheepskin

Embrace layers and textures by laying out multiple rugs underneath your king-size bed. Whether you plan to pair a sheepskin rug with jute or a shag rug – this is a great way to introduce warmth and coziness.

Ensure to choose a large rug as your base and pair it with sheepskin or faux and fur rug on the top. With the same hue tone and differentiating textures and materials, you are adding a sense of interest to your space. 

Summing it Up

Choosing the perfect rug size for your kind bed is largely dependent upon the size and scale of your bedroom. Even though 9’ x 12’ and 8’ x 10’ are considered perfect sizes, you can still splash creativity and choose runners for both edges. Layering rugs is another phenomenal way to spruce up the floors underneath the king bed!