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10 Enclosed Stairway Decorating Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

Now that you have decided to renovate or decorate your home – it’s time to look at each and every space individually. It’s a given that you probably have the living room and kitchen decor ideas aligned – but not to forget, one of the most neglected spaces. Yes! The staircase hallway. It’s generally one of the most boring and old-school areas of your home. But for many reasons, it must be designed with that spark of joy and creativity.

From transforming that functional space into a lane of memories to injecting color and interesting florals – here’s a list of 10 enclosed stairway decorating ideas. 

Tile Stair Stripe Tile Decal

For all the dark and dingy staircase hallways, this is one of the best-enclosed staircase ideas. You can simply add color and pattern to these spaces with the peel and stick tile decal. This way, you’re creating a great visual for vertical as well horizontal perspective.

Featuring deep indigo, red, and forest green – the Mediterranean-style tiles add an authentic flair to your staircase risers.

Floral Wallpaper Roll

Wallpaper can truly work amazingly with your closed staircase spaces. You can add a flair of color, pattern, or texture with these rolls and have them running all the way to the ceiling. However, ensure that you align your design style with these wallpaper imprints – for instance, floral, abstract, or views of nature.

Another great fact about using wallpapers is that you can easily refresh your home every now and then!

Antler Wall Decor

A wall full of antlers is absolutely classic and timeless. You can mix and match the deer antler skull cap to create an extraordinary focal wall in your home. Hence, this is a great way to even flaunt off your personality through favorite collectibles.

Especially for rustic, industrial, traditional, vintage, and Victorian interior design styles – this antler wall is quite good to go. However, when you place the antlers – ensure to style them at a higher level.

Traditional Runner Rug

It’s time to lay down a runner rug on the stairway tread to create a warm and cozy environment. Using this traditional or Persian runner rug will further add a sense of color and bohemian or vintage flair to the dull enclosed stairway.

And most importantly, don’t forget to align the theme and palette of your rug with that of the adjacent living and dining room – for a cohesive experience. 

Picture Gallery Wall

A picture gallery wall will particularly work great with the enclosed staircase with walls on both ends. You can add a sense of emotion to the space by transforming the old and empty walls into a panorama of multiple pictures aligned together.

It’s best to hang pictures randomly that vary in size and shape. You can even mix and merge the frame colors and materials for an eclectic and artistic touch.

Metal Planters

Your empty staircase walls deserve a refreshing element like plants and planters. You can either choose to go for a green wall system (that can require some construction work) – else, choose to randomly place planters.

Having green elements on these featured walls would bring you an inch closer to peace and a sense of security. Moreover, it will release fresh vibes and always clean your indoor air!

Non-Slip Stair Mats

If runner rugs are a concern – you might as well pick a non-slip stair mat that can be easily stuck to the surface of the tread. It’s slip-resistance and provides a great grip and traction against any fall. Secondly, it’s secure for your family – kids, pets, and elders. 

Moreover, you can easily clean the mats using a vacuum and lightly scrub with water. So. don’t hold back and let those colorful mats bring a charming vibe to your stairway. 

Solid Wood Floating Shelf

Especially if space-saving is an issue, you must incorporate and style with these solid wood floating shelves on the enclosed staircase walls. It’s absolutely a timeless and versatile way to add that sense of aesthetics and functionality to the wall.

You can store and style some portraits, novels, indoor plants, and showpieces. Also, you can create an absolutely interesting pattern with these floating shelves on both walls. 

Stair Quotes

Totally unique, creative, and fun-loving – these stair quotes will undeniably brighten your dull and enclosed stairway. You can style these in amalgamation with wallpaper or an accent wall to further complete the palette.

This vinyl decal is affordable and quite easy to install. They’re high-quality, self-adhesive, and even waterproof! Thus, a great option if you have kids and pets at home.

Armed Wall Sconce

One way to brighten your stairway and make it look charming is by incorporating one of two wall sconces or chandeliers to create a well-lit space. If you have the electrical lines running – you might as well want to make use of these majestic lighting fixtures.

Hence, a great way to add character to the empty walls and make them functional at the same time. Well, you must let that lighting fixture define your personality and style!

Summing It Up

Now that you see, styling up that neglected piece of corner isn’t too challenging. Just a little paint and accessories can help transform your stairway into total bliss. Since you’re already decorating the other major spaces such as the bedroom and living room – why not give the stairway a chance?