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15 Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

It’s near impossible to live without a working fireplace through the winter months. Without having a blazing firepit generating heat in the corner, we’d likely freeze over, especially when it’s snowing outside!

Thanks to their undeniable importance within the household, many homeowners are looking for new ways to decorate their fireplaces. After all, if you’re destined to maintain a fireplace, why not do so in style?

On that note, below is a list of stunning mid-century modern fireplace ideas for you to try out this winter!

Try an All-Black Mid-Century Modern Fireplace 

This monochrome black fireplace radiates elegance and sophistication. In addition, its dark color scheme allows it to carry an air of mystery and magic. This makes it a perfect match for mid-century homes that bear a similar color scheme. 

Or, if your home features many mid-century art pieces, you can place them above this fireplace and add some color to the setup.

Mid-century modern art typically employs bright, bold colors referencing the popular ‘pop art’ movement. You can use those to strike an interesting contrast between the darkness of this fireplace and the art pieces themselves.

Install a Corner-Style TV Stand with a Built-In Fireplace

This product is the perfect way to cover up that awkward, empty corner that’s been staring at you these past few months. So, if you need a new fireplace, TV stand, and corner-filler, don’t hesitate to invest in this unique device!

This fireplace sports a stunning mid-century modern design that’s reflected through its use of clean-cut lines. There’s also plenty of storage space, plus some eye-catching cut-out designs on each cabinet’s glass panel.

Opt for a White Belford with Fireplace Included 

This stunning media console comes with a built-in electric fireplace, making it the perfect addition to any mid-century modern style home. 

Not only does this Belford offer great functionality, but it also flaunts an eye-catching design that’s an ideal fit for mid-century modern homes. Its ergonomic layout includes six smaller cubbies and two large ones.

You can use these cubbies to store away any clutter that’s been littering your room. Or, you could use it to place your favorite mid-century modern mantel décor!

Pay Ode to Traditional mid-century Design with this Mahogany Fireplace

This ergonomic mahogany-colored fireplace is perfect for homes that appreciate a simpler version of mid-century modern design.

This fireplace’s clean-cut lines and all-over wood base make it a classic example of a mid-century modern design. Granted, it may not be as exciting as some other options. Still, this fireplace bears an extremely practical design that gives it a unique, distinctive charm.

But if you’d still like to dress it up, you can always do so by decorating the mantel with some eye-catching decoration pieces or picture frames!

Cover Your Fireplace with a Pretty Golden See-Through Screen

This fireplace screen is made from high-quality polished brass. Thanks to the use of top-grade materials, the screen’s striking golden color won’t fade over time. 

This is excellent news because its golden luster is precisely what makes this product so visually appealing! Adding this gorgeous screen to your current fireplace will help to instantly uplift your mantle’s appearance.

Plus, the fact that you can easily spot the fire through this screen only adds to its charm! Imagine watching those beautiful flames rise in a fiery whirlwind as they’re framed by this screen’s golden rims. Sounds enchanting, doesn’t it?  

Try Decorating with a Chevron Brass Fireplace Screen

This unique brass fireplace screen sports an intriguing chevron design. Its cut-out approach allows the onlooker to see right through the screen and keep an eye on the flames. Hence, this product offers both excellent functionality and stunning visuals.

Mid-century modern design is all about incorporating exciting cuts and shapes into a single furniture unit. This fireplace screen perfectly captures the essence of mid-century modern design by adopting the use of an innovative chevron print and muted brass color scheme. 

Thanks to these characteristics, this screen will make an excellent addition to any mid-century modern home!

Opt for a Compact Electric Stove

This compact electric stove is ideal for smaller rooms that require moderate heating. Thanks to its portable design, you can easily shift this device from one room to another as required. Plus, its pretty ivory design will help it easily blend in with other mid-century furniture pieces. 

There’s also a small mantel, allowing you to deck this fireplace with exciting decoration pieces or photo frames containing your favorite memories.

Add a Pop of Color with this Blue Electric Fireplace

This pretty blue electric fireplace is perfect for small rooms that don’t come with a built-in old-school fireplace. Unlike large, wall-mounted electric fireplaces, you can easily carry this portable fireplace from one place to the next.

Its convenient portability makes this electric fireplace the perfect fit for individuals who enjoy rearranging their room every few months. You can also easily carry this fireplace around anytime you’d like to heat up a different part of your house.

Install a Compact, Simplistic mid-century Electric Fireplace

This fireplace is perfect for smaller rooms that value straightforward, ergonomic furniture pieces. Though it isn’t portable, it’s still an excellent match for small spaces, thanks to its compact design.

This fireplace also contains ample mantel space. It allows you to deck it with your favorite mid-century modern mantel décor pieces. Or, if you’d like to use it for more practical things, don’t hesitate to pile up all your favorite books upon the bare mantel!

Opt for a Mid-Century Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplaces maintain a vibrant, old-world charm that’s still highly relevant and sought-after in modern-day design.

This particular fireplace contains many stone-cut mid-century modern fireplace tiles that come together to create a stunning image. In addition, its all-over white design makes this fireplace perfect for homes that value both mid-century modern aesthetics and monochrome color schemes.

Pro tip: This is a relatively wide fireplace, so be sure to measure your room first to see if it’ll fit!

Install an Overhead Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Mantel

If you’re looking for a way to revamp your existing fireplace’s appearance and add to its functionality, look no further! This espresso-colored wooden mantel might just be exactly what you need!

Mantles are the perfect place to store your favorite mid-century decoration pieces, as well as any other items that may be littering your room. Installing a new mantel will automatically increase the amount of functional storage space within the area. Plus, they look lovely when paired with a lively, roaring fireplace!

Experiment with Tilted Lines by Installing this Unique mid-century Brick Fireplace

Mid-century décor has always been about experimenting with new, innovative design styles. As a result, you’ll find many mid-century modern furniture pieces flaunting a variety of unique textures and shapes.

This particular fireplace is no exception to the rule. This fireplace combines traditional materials, like brick, with an innovative slanted shape in true mid-century fashion. This makes it the perfect one-of-a-kind fireplace for any mid-century home!

Decorate with these Stunning Ripple Andirons

If you already own a fireplace but don’t know how to redecorate it, don’t worry. These gorgeous ripple-shaped andirons are here to save the day!

Though andirons don’t contribute to your fireplace’s functionality in any way, they certainly can do plenty to improve its visual appeal. Place these andirons right in front of your fireplace’s opening and watch as the flames reflect off of their cool silver coating!

Install a White Fireplace Surround

Modern color theory tells us that white is a neutral shade. As a result, white objects find it remarkably easy to blend in with the rest of their environment. Or, they may even conveniently strike an appealing contrast against other colors. 

Either way, white is one of those shades that looks remarkably vibrant against virtually any color! Hence, they’ll easily fit right in with the rest of your mid-century furniture.

In true mid-century modern fashion, this product contains clean-cut lines with a no-nonsense ergonomic design. Simply put, this mantle is an excellent option for those in search of a fireproof, neutral-toned fireplace surround.

Opt for Geometrical Metal Andirons

Fireplace andirons help burning logs to stay in place. This particular set is perfect for mid-century homes, thanks to its striking geometric manipulation. Mid-century modern design champions the use of straight lines to create innovative patterns, and these andirons fit the description perfectly!

They’re also tall enough to securely accommodate tall piles of burning firewood, making this an excellent and reliable product from a safety-related lens. Plus, they’ll add to your fireplace’s visual appeal – what’s not to love?

Final Thoughts

So, now that you’ve explored some of the best mid-century modern fireplace ideas out there, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and implement these exciting design ideas within your own home right away!

Just be sure to opt for fireplace designs that complement the rest of your room. You don’t want to invest in a new fireplace or related décor that contradicts your existing furniture! There would be little point in bringing home new items that simply don’t match.

Luckily, you can avoid such errors by carefully paying attention to your home’s current aesthetic and selecting items that match it well.