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23 Beach Themed Bathroom Ideas

By: Allan Bryce

Beaches are ideal for so many things – soaking in the sun, taking a dip in the water, or a number of water sports.

If you are crazy about beaches, it just makes sense to have a beach themed bathroom. After all, a bathtub is the closest thing you can get to a private ocean. And this is why an ocean themed bathroom will be the perfect layout for a beach lover.

And it is not difficult to get a beachy bathroom either. Just a few changes here and there will let you have the bathroom you have always wanted. Let’s see how.

A Funny Sign for a Coastal Themed Bathroom

No matter what your preferred theme is, you can always incorporate humor into it. The same goes for a beach themed bathroom as well. There are so many signs that can display your funny side while being beachy at the same time. For example, a sign that says “Wash your palms”. It is a punny and witty sign with beach undertones.

Or how about this toilet sign where instead of man and woman signs, they have a pirate and a mermaid? There are so many ways to make a beach themed bathroom and a funny one at that.

A Ship Wheel Bathroom Mirror

Nope, your regular mirror won’t do. If it is a theme, you need to live up to it. Chuck the plain old boring rectangular mirror and get this ship wheel mirror instead. Bring out your inner pirate and yell “Your booty shivers me timbers” every time you look at yourself in it. Or maybe sing the SpongeBob song, “Are you, ready kids?”

Place a houseplant there and you have got some “seaweed” to accentuate the looks of your bathroom. Travel back to your childhood and be a pirate in your imagination. There are several other beach decorations for the bathroom and we will cover all of them here.

Add Blue to Your Bathroom

This kinda goes without saying. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about a beach bathroom is that it will be blue in color. And there are so many shades of blue to choose from. If you ask me, I’ll choose a lighter shade of teal because I just love this color. But you can choose just about any other shade you want.

Whether you have a plain wall or a brick wall, just make sure you have light blue on your walls. Maybe even a combination of blue and white, like clouds in the sky.

Fairy Lights with Seashells in a Mason Jar

Everything looks good in a mason jar. Macaroons are beautiful but macaroons in a mason jar are even more beautiful! The same goes for fairy lights. Fairy lights are beautiful. Put them in a mason jar and they are even more beautiful. Add some seashells and they are absolutely gorgeous. And also beachy. 

The perfect accessory for your beach inspired bathroom, fairy lights and seashells in a mason jar, is very easy and quick to make and doesn’t cost much either. It will provide a soft glow and make the bathroom more beautiful.

Take It to the Next Level with a Beach Toilet Seat

When you’re decorating a place with a theme you like, how do you know when to stop? Did you say, “Why stop?” Well then this toilet seat is made for you. Decorated with seashells, and other ocean jewels, this seat cover is for someone who takes their themes very seriously.

How many seashells are on this seat cover? Well if she sold seashells on the seashore, these are as many seashells as she would’ve sold. It’s a beautiful seat cover. Just make sure that its color matches the wall color. If not, it should at least match the rug color.

A Beach Themed Bathroom Rug

Coming from the last point, the bathroom rug could match the seat cover. Check out this rug set that looks like waves hitting the sands. It’s a nice addition to an ocean themed bathroom. When you get bathroom mats, make sure they are anti-skid and stay in a place to avoid accidents.

The tiny flowers behind the seat are artificial but add a dash of colors to the otherwise blue bathroom. When a color is overused, it starts to become boring. With some other colors around the bathroom, keep it fresh and interesting.

Starfish Ceiling Light in the Bathroom

When you’re decorating a bathroom with the beach theme, you cannot ignore sea creatures. Starfish, octopus, jellyfish, crabs, and so many other things that give a unique look to the place. If you’re thinking you’re pretty much done with changing the bathroom mirror and maybe the rugs, you’re wrong. There still a lot of changes that you can do.

Check out these starfish like glass ceiling lights. They’re like ordinary lights but instead of being regular circular shaped, they are shaped like a starfish – very beachy!

Beach wallpaper with Sea Life on It

This wallpaper gives a whole new meaning to swimming with the fishes. If you always wanted to take a close look at fishes in the ocean, why not get the right type of wallpaper? There are pufferfish and redfish and so many others!

Of course, this is not the only ocean themed wallpaper. You can get a scenic paper that shows the beach up close. But if it’s the aquatic life that you fancy, this one is the perfect fit. Plus, it gives you something to focus on as you brush your teeth.

A Beach Themed Blue Bathtub

Your bathtub is a major part of your bathroom. So when you implement a theme, the tub has to be a part of it. You might not want to make major changes to it because getting a bathtub with prints and patterns might be an overkill. So getting a tub that subtly goes with the theme is the best bet.

This bathtub is blue in color and matches the shower curtain. If you’re planning to get a shower curtain with a beach print, just make sure that the tub is of the same color that’s used on the curtain and that will give it a good look.

A Beach Arrow Sign (Or a Lot of Them)

Beach arrow signs are seen whenever a beach is near. Place them in your bathroom and you’ll feel as if you’re near a beach. So you can sunbathe, enjoy the seaside or the boardwalk, or just take a dip in the sea. You can have one beach sign or many (like the ones shown here) clubbed together.

The blue and white colors of the group of signs look good and complement each other. They are strung together by a burlap rope, like the one used on ships and ferries – very beachy!

Have a Mermaid in Your Bathroom

You just have to have a mermaid in a beach themed bathroom. Nobody has ever seen a mermaid but they’re so absolutely magical that they’ll make a nice addition to your bathroom. You can have an art piece, a photo frame, a mermaid decal, a mermaid rug, or just about anything.

This here is a mermaid that’s built on a toilet brush holder. Talk about being creative! Who would’ve thought of glorifying a toilet brush? But someone got thinking and made this. Ever thought that toilet brushes are unsightly? Try this unique concept.

An Attractive Seahorse Towel Set

White towels with blue seahorse outlines printed on them. There’s a bath towel, a hand towel, and a face towel. Seahorses are beautiful creatures. And they’re enigmatic as well. Did you know that the male seahorse gives birth to babies? The sea world is full of surprises.

This seahorse towel set wouldn’t cost a lot. And if you’re the kind of person who likes to keep changing the themes of their rooms, making small changes like the towel set would be a better option for you instead of changing the wall color. It’s easy, quick, and beautiful.

A Playing Dolphin Toilet Paper Holder

Who doesn’t like dolphins? Dolphins are jolly creatures. They’re also the most intelligent sea mammals. And since they’re very playful, sometimes they can be spotted near the beaches, playing around with their friends and family. There are movies on the playfulness and helpful nature of dolphins as well.

Bring that dolphin magic to your beach themed bathroom with this toilet paper holder. It can have one toilet paper hanging and three as a backup. We all keep a couple of toilet paper rolls in our bathroom. Get this dolphin holder to add the beach magic to your bathroom.

A Scary Octopus Wall Hanging

There’s something about octopi. In movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and even Spiderman movies, Octopus like creatures are shown as evil. This is probably why we often look at them in a bad light. The truth, however, is that octopi are intelligent creatures who have shown the aptitude to solve difficult puzzles.

This octopus wall hanging is looking a bit scary but it’s captivating and the gears in it carry a mild steampunk taste. It’s got some pegs in the end where you can hang your clothes as you step into the bathtub.

Get the Pirate Touch

A ship wheel, an anchor, and a net – hang it there tastefully and you’ve got a pirate ship ready. And you’re the captain. If an ocean themed bathroom is in your mind, you cannot ignore pirates. Except for these pirates of the land of cartoons and fantasy movies are cute and not scary.

Hang in a pirate hat or an eye patch for a more genuine touch. You can even place a small treasure chest to make it look like your recent loot! Make sure the colors you choose for the bathroom complement your theme. If you want a complete pirate theme, go with the black color. But since you want a beachy bathroom, stick with whites and blues.

Cabinets That are Shaped like Boats

These are regular shelves where you can keep your shampoos, soaps, lotions, and other things. Except they look like boats. Each shelving cabinet looks like a boat cut in half. It’s an attractive way to implement the seaside theme without compromising on space.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to read in the bathroom (instead of playing candy crush), you can place your favorite books on these shelves. They have enough space for books, art pieces, house plants, extra toilet rolls, and so many other things.

A Beach Themed Bathroom Lantern

Lanterns have the old school touch that’s vintage and attractive. It also adds a rustic charm to the bathroom. If you’re going for the beach theme, all you have to do is add a few seashells to the lanterns. Placing a blue candle inside the lantern will also help. In fact, you can use the ocean breeze scented candle/

The burlap rope on the top of the lantern is the same one that’s used to tie up boats as they arrive at the shore. As guests arrive, light the candle and let your bathroom fill up with the aroma of the ocean breeze.

Raw Wooden Shelves like an Old Boat

Saltwater does a lot of harm to wooden boats and this is why all ship captains pay a lot of attention to cleaning the decks. But you can have the rustic look of rotten wood in your bathroom by getting old planks fitted together to create a background for the shelves.

Color them in any color – may be different shades of blue. And place whatever you want on them – extra toilet paper rolls, loofahs, shampoos, or whatever you want. Place a faux starfish on one of the shelves and you’ll bring alive the beach theme.

Wall Hooks that Look Like Fishing Hooks

Whether you’re fishing for compliments or just plain fish, these hooks will get the job done. Hooks are practical options that let you hang your towel or your clothes as you get ready for a shower. And they can be installed on the door or the wall. 

Install a number of these hooks in different colors and you’ll have enough space to hang all your clothes plus the fishing hooks will give a unique look to the bathroom. But just make sure your guests don’t use them as real fishing hooks! They look very real!

Place a Lifebuoy and a Lighthouse

You’re on a seashore and there’s a lighthouse there to let the ships know of its presence in the dark. Place a lighthouse figuring in your bathroom to give it a more genuine ocean appeal. You can also place a lifebuoy there – a standard life saving device that’s found on all ships.

You can combine this with a beach sign mentioned above so your guests can understand the nature of the theme. It’s a beautiful black and white figurine and a red and white lifebuoy looks good with it. if you want, you can replace the lifebuoy with an anchor.

Beach Themed Metal Toilet Handles

Take your beach fantasy to new levels by installing the right toilet handles. Whether you want a mermaid, a starfish, a conch shell, or a ship – there are so many options. Of course, when you’re done with the job, all you have to do is to give it a little twist.

If you’ve covered everything else mentioned in this article and your heart is still craving for more beachy things, there are metallic toilet handles. And they are easy to install too. You can replace your existing handle with the new one in just a few minutes.

Boat Oar Bathroom Décor

A boat oar that has hooks installed on it. Put it on the wall and it complements the beach theme so much. Go on a nautical adventure with an oar and a boat. You can hang your towels or other clothes here. And that baby shark mitten looks absolutely adorable.

Hanging above the single oar are art pieces that showcase other elements of the ocean. For example, the compass that shows directions to ship captains. You can hang your own art there – whatever that catches your fancy, like sea creatures or the pics of your last vacation to the beach.

A Seahorse Made of Wood

If you are the artistic type, you can woo your guests by displaying your art in a beachy nautical themed bathroom. This seahorse is made by collecting twigs and placing them in such a way that they create a beautiful seahorse on the wall. While it might look very difficult, all it needs is a chalk outline and then sticking the twigs in it later.

It is a pretty easy project that will catch all the attention of your guests and give a unique look to your bathroom. When you want the beach look and have the artistic flair, this is definitely something you should go for.

Drop on the Deck and Flop Like a Fish

If you read this line and burst into singing the Aye Aye captain song, you’re a true SpongeBob fan. And if you are a SpongeBob fan, the beach theme is perfect for you. Take a break from your spatula and Krabby patties and get started on this simple and entertaining weekend project.