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17 Creative Kitchen Area Rug Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

A kitchen is the heart of our homes. It is no more just a mere space to cook – rather, it is a perfect statement of trend and style in your home. And when speaking of style and vibe, kitchen area rugs tend to take a toll! Whether you have a one-walled or an L-shaped kitchen, laying-out area rugs will absolutely exhibit a warm and cozy appeal!

However, apart from the runners, in some cases, you can place a large kitchen area rug to create a well-balanced and cohesive look. Some are rectangular and some oval – so, let’s have a look at the 17 best kitchen rugs to make you go ‘wow’!

Go Bold With a Vintage Area Rug

Fuse color and pattern in your all-white kitchen with this dramatic and eye-catchy, vintage area rug. If you have a U or an L-shape kitchen – this area rug will perfectly fit in to create a sense of warmth from all the ends. 

With embedded warmer hues and a pattern so intriguing, this area rug is bound to steal all the attention of your guests. Meanwhile, you wouldn’t need other focal accessories when you have a beautiful vintage rug like this!

Faux Cowhide Ivory Rug

There’s something absolutely magical about this organic-shaped faux cowhide rug. Not only does it exhibit a chic Eclectic vibe but also adds that playful vibe, indeed. If you have a connected dining and kitchen space – embrace that rustic country style with this beautiful rug onboard!

Secondly, this animal-friendly option offering a free-form shape will definitely add meaning and character to your kitchen. So, let that distinctiveness speak out loud!

Embrace a Semi-Circular Mat

Why not think beyond a mere rectangle, square, or circle? Well, to something more refined and friendly – yes! A semi-circular fun kitchen mat placed by the washbasin can help you offer a warm and cozy plethora underneath the feet.

This yellow mat will bring friendly and cheerful vibes to your kitchen. So, try pairing it with a similar-hued glass jar or urn to create an overall seamless experience. 

Persian Cream Kitchen Mat

This indoor washable rug is a great fit for your high-traffic rooms such as the kitchens and hallways. It’s not necessary that you always need a runner or a large area rug in your kitchen – sometimes, you can even place a small mat at the working zones (basin, induction, and refrigerator).

This is also a great budget-saving solution as larger rugs are way more expensive than these smaller mats!

Bamboo Natural Area Rug

Whether it is seagrass, jute, or bamboo – choosing a natural material for your rug comes with a baggage full of benefits! To achieve a perfect bohemian relaxed vibe in your kitchen and dining space – you must opt for a timeless and unique kitchen rug like this!

Furthermore, you can seamlessly pair the rug with industrial and vintage chairs and also a farmhouse-style table like the one above! Totally bliss, isn’t it?

Gold Alexis Rug

For a transitional, modern, and contemporary kitchen with an all-white theme and gold or brass-finished fixture, this rug is absolutely good to go! With tinges of burgundy, ivory, gold, and blue – this rug will add a splash of color without grabbing too much of your attention.

And since the rug has a low pile height, it can offer tremendous advantages related to maintenance and cleanability. It’s also extra durable and ultra-soft – so, truly a piece of investment!

Play Cool With Navy Blue Area Rug

Do you have a connected seating space with your kitchen? If yes – well, in that case, you must lay out a large kitchen area rug underneath, to give a warm and welcoming experience. This navy blue and cream rug can be paired with your seating upholstery, table runners, and also adjacent displayed dishes in the kitchen!

This traditional-style rug is a great option for your hardwood and tiled flooring – thus, a yes-yes for a Caribbean and Coastal vibe!

Black and White Striped Kitchen Rug

Add a sense of visual interest in your kitchen with this geometric black and white striped rug. Whether you have a Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern, or Contemporary style – this area rug will definitely amalgamate an eclectic mix of shapes and hues!

It is best to pair this rug with a glass-top dining table and wooden textures. Furthermore, adding these iconic chairs is a cherry on the top!

Floral Taupe Round Area Rug

Are you finding a solution for your tiny breakfast bar seating in the kitchen? Well, this is something to have an eye on! Choose a round area rug for your round dining table and demarcate the boundary.

The floral patterns in the shades of taupe will exhibit a fun-loving and refreshing vibe. However, keep a note that this kitchen rug size largely depends upon your space and the size of the table. 

Natural Fiber Jute Rug

Especially for bohemian and farmhouse kitchens, natural jute fun kitchen rug plays flawless and organic. Featuring a richly crafted texture that feels smooth and cozy to the feet, you can think of walking barefoot in your kitchen.

This handwoven rug has a low pile height and can be used in your high-trafficked kitchens. So, whether you plan to place it vertically or horizontally, let that chic flair shine bright in your space. 

Contrasting Faded Kitchen Rug

In the case of one-walled or parallel kitchen counters, place a large kitchen area rug in the center that hints upon various interesting hues and patterns! Choose a contrasting tone as opposed to your backsplash tiles and vanity counters to further add depth and character to your space!

To blend with this graphical piece of art are your eye-catchy dining chairs, brass hardware, and chic wall sconces or pendant lights!

Kira Delft Blue Rug

Reminiscent of delft pottery, this rug features a striking blend of saturated navy and jewel blue tones with off-white to take a call on tranquility and calmness. This notable kitchen area rug beholds a traditional style with a distressed finish for your farmhouse and transitional kitchens.

Furthermore, it will excite you that this rug offers water resistance, stain resistance, and easy cleanability characteristics. The small kitchen rug size can be placed by the focal task activities to offer a warm and cozy standing experience. 

Play Bold with Patterns

Do you have a similar kitchen layout? Well, in such a case, you have the opportunity to lay out a large area rug in the center and by the side to create a well-balanced seamless look. Pairing flawlessly against your hardwood floors, this particular traditional-style rug is a great recommendation for one and all interior design styles.

This is also one of the best kitchen rugs as the timeless hues on this rug will totally complement your kitchen cabinets without grabbing too much attention. 

Coral Vintage Worn-Out Rug

Whether you have a bohemian style or Farmhouse, Vintage, Eclectic, and Traditional – this worn-out Persian handmade rug can speak a thousand words in your kitchen space. It adds an airy, lively, and homely flair into your home while seamlessly blending with the panorama.

Regardless of the color of your cabinets, countertop, and backsplash tiles – this coral-hued vintage worn-out rug will play phenomenal and magnanimous! 

Choose an Abstract Rug

This beautiful turquoise faded area rug can very well compliment your exposed brick walls and bold metal work. Well, there’s something so beautiful about this rug that it doesn’t overpower your room – and rather adds a soothing backdrop!

With a distressed rug like this, you can beautifully pair other accents such as pendant lighting over the island, antique artworks, and some teal-colored dishes on display!

Medallion Wool Rug

Introduce a bohemian flair in your kitchen by incorporating a warm-toned medallion rug on either side of your island table. This kitchen accent rug plays soothing and stunning at the same time – and especially on your tiled and wooden floors – it’s quite good to go!

Ensure to pair this piece of the rug with white cabinets, black marble countertop, white hexagonal backsplash tiles, and ample indoor plants to feel refined, spacious, and relaxed!

Braided Striped Rug

This striped braided rug is a fantastic choice for your Tuscan and Farmhouse-style kitchens. It’s petite and warm – thus, giving a perfect cozy platform underneath your feet. With a low pile height, this unique kitchen rug is quite easy to clean and that’s why it must be used in high-traffic zones such as the area by the sink or the cooking zone.

Summing it Up

A kitchen rug is a great way to add style, color, warmth, and character to your space. And since you tend to spend that considerable amount of your time in the kitchen – it’s a must that your space conveys your absolute style while making you feel cozy and calm!

Just like the runners – kitchen area rugs play potentially! So, are you looking to incorporate either of them? Well, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!