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20 Creative Over the Toilet Storage Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Looking for over-the-toilet storage inspiration? You’re in the right place!

Below is a list of the very best over the toilet storage ideas out there, including popular trends like vintage cabinets over the toilet and cut-out wooden shelves. 

So, are you ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

Install a Pure Cedarwood Toilet Shelf

Fans of cedarwood will love this farmhouse-style bathroom shelf with up to three tires worth of storage space. Feel free to place whatever you need in here. Each shelf is tall and wide enough to accommodate everything from shampoo bottles to toilet rolls and more!

You can also throw in some decorative elements, like a plant or antique clock, for a fun flair!

Change Things Up with a Circular Storage 

While most bathroom shelves offer a rectangular design, this one boasts a unique circular style. So, if you’re looking for a way to incorporate circular or curved elements within your space, consider investing in this shelf!

It also features a handy towel rack at the bottom of the circle, which makes this a handy product. 

Get Mesh-y! 

If you’re in search of an industrial, post-modern storage option, look at this one! Mesh products, like this shelf set, look great in contemporary spaces – especially when they feature a handy towel rack, too! 

Drill In a Wooden Shelf That’s Complete with a Towel Bar

Towels are a bathroom essential, which is why it’s essential that they get their own dedicated storage space. 

This particular shelf system lets you store products in three individual cubbies, as well as on the uppermost shelf. Your towels go in the lowermost section featuring a wide towel bar.

Try Over-The-Toilet Storage with Drawers

Some people prefer covered storage options to exposed shelves. If that’s what you’re looking for, consider investing in this particular over-the-head storage piece. 

It features a pair of elegant white cabinets, followed by a large rectangular drawer. You can easily fit all your bathroom products within this storage option, thanks to its brilliant, spacious design. 

Opt for Ladder-Style Storage

This over-the-head bathroom storage rack features an interesting ladder-shaped design. It offers plenty of storage space thanks to its 4-tier design. 

However, the upper shelves are significantly narrower than those seen within similar products. Still, its unique, minimalist design is hard to beat! 

Try Some Cut-Out Solid Wood Over-The-Toilet Storage

This is an excellent product to consider if you’re looking for a more grounded piece. Thanks to its cut-out design, you can easily access products stored within these shelves from any angle. This storage option’s firm wooden frame gives it a bold, one-of-a-kind look that’s hard to forget! 

Install a Double-Door Wall Mounted Cabinet (with Over Toilet Towel Rack!)

Wall-mounted cabinets are an excellent storage option for when you don’t want your toilet’s tank to be surrounded by shelves. This particular model also features a handy towel rack underneath a set of two large cabinet doors.

However, if you’re not keen on placing your towels over the toilet seat, don’t worry. Perhaps the next option is better suited to your needs…

Drill In a Practical Covered Cabinet (with Small Shelf!)

This single-cabinet wall-mounted storage option is a wonderful choice for mid-century-style bathrooms. It features a practical design, clean lines, and a pretty white finish. 

Unlike the previous option, this cabinet features a small open shelf at the bottom instead of a towel rack. This shelf is ideal for storing your most frequently used items for easy access. 

Consider Single-Shelf Floor-Mounted Storage

If you’re looking for something simple, this single-shelved option will make a great addition to your bathroom. You can comfortably fit most of your bathroom essentials atop its wide surface, plus hang your towels on the sidebars.

Pick Out a Tiny Vintage Cabinet

Here’s another option for when you don’t want a large, bulky over-the-head storage system. This stained-glass storage rack would be a perfect fit in any vintage bathroom, thanks to its golden accents and antique design. 

Place a Vanity Stand Atop Your Toilet Tank

If you’re not looking for wall-mounted options, you can always opt for a compact vanity stand instead. 

Such stands are a great way to dress up your toilet’s tank top while adding a second shelving layer too. You can comfortably store your bathroom essentials both under the vanity and over it! 

Opt for an Organizer with Slide-Out Baskets

Slide-out baskets are great for when you’re looking for a lightweight storage option. This over-the-head bathroom stand features three shelves, plus a set of twin baskets. You can easily accommodate all your bathroom essentials here, thanks to its multi-tier construct. 

Select a Wall-Fitted Storage Unit with Dual Toilet Roll Holders

This particular over-the-head storage option features not one but two toilet roll holders! It also contains a set of cubbies down both sides, plus a compact overhead space for pretty decorations (like succulents!) 

Look for Options with Built-In Tissue Roll Storage

This product comes with a handy, built-in toilet roll storage option, so you don’t need to worry about reaching overhead for tissue. Its 4-tier design offers ample space for storage, while its side hangers help accommodate towels and other hangable items.

Place Baskets Over Your Toilet Tank

Baskets are an ideal storage solution for small bathrooms with negligible overhead space. Baskets made from non-slip materials, like natural reeds or certain plastics, are excellent options.

The baskets pictured here can comfortably fit over even the smallest of toilet tanks. They can easily accommodate bathroom essentials like toilet rolls, face towels, and packaged soap. 

Furthermore, they look lovely (thanks to their fresh white color) and can help add a stylish flair to your loo, too!

Go for Vintage Iron Storage

This vintage iron rack features three wide shelves for storage purposes. Its floor-mounted design serves to improve its stability, which is further enhanced by its wall-mount option, too. You don’t need to worry about accidentally knocking this shelf over! 

Curved Corners, Anyone?

This over-the-head bathroom storage rack features unique curved edges, which can help add a stylish flair to your bathroom. Its contemporary design makes it a perfect fit for modern and mid-century modern bathrooms. 

Install a Cabinet with Lightly Frosted Glass Doors

If you’re a fan of lightly frosted glass windows, this is the perfect product for you! Not only do frosted windows look lovely – they also help add a veil of privacy to your possessions. 

This particular storage option features a single shelf with a set of tall cabinets. Its ample storage space makes it an excellent choice for common family bathrooms used by many people. 

Multi-Shelf Storage with Single Cabinet

This set is another great set of cabinets over the toilet for those who need ample bathroom storage space. Not only does this above the toilet storage rack feature multiple shelves, but it also offers a closed cabinet for storing private hygiene products. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list will have given you some insight into selecting the perfect over-the-toilet storage option for your bathroom. 

When selecting a product, go over its color scheme and style to make sure it matches with the rest of your bathroom’s interior. For example, if you’re designing a mid-century modern bathroom, look for storage options featuring clean-cut lines and ample space. 

Most importantly, though, make sure you select a product that meets your storage criteria. There’s no point investing in a cabinet that can’t hold all your products, so keep that in mind when shopping for shelves!