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20 Creative Front Door Decor Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Do you wonder why classrooms, hospitals, and wedding halls have such lavish front entrances?  It’s to make a statement. To make visitors feel welcome. To avoid looking like a boring, drab place.

Now go look at your front door. Do you find it cool? Exciting?  Or does it look like a monotonous, despondent door? A despondent door leading to a tedious visit?

If yes, then this blog is exactly what you need. Here are some unique front door decor ideas you can try to tone down the boredom!

Paint It So it Stands Out

Is your house just one of the rows and rows of houses that has a brown wooden door with a plain doorknob? Do you want it to appear different? Stand out from the rest? A can of paint will totally change your front door entrance decor.

You can paint or spray-paint or get the door polished in an exotic burgundy shade. Or maybe a metallic green. Or perhaps something you can go for a pre-painted door to save your time!

Add a Name Plaque

Want your front door to exude authority and make the guests feel excited about meeting you? 

A name plaque of your or your family name will do just that. And the best part is, they are available in numerous styles!

You can look for a flowery, wooden name plate. You can find a classical brass nameplate. You can get a fully customized name plaque with any theme you feel represents you best!

Get a Door Knocker

Even though we have doorbells now, the good old door knockers still have their own irreplaceable charm. The best thing about door knockers is that they’re available in a huge variety of designs and themes. 

You can invest in an ornate knocker, a minimalist one, or even hang a string and a bell beside the door. 

Buy Front Door Lights

Your front door isn’t just limited to the door itself. It also includes the floor, the ceiling, and the surrounding walls. So if you have a plain fluorescent bulb on the front door, why not replace it with fashionable lights?

You can find vintage lamps as well as lamp poles for this purpose.  You can also find some contemporary designs if that defines you better.

Hang a Flower Basket

If incense sounds like a stretch, how about some fresh flowers? A flower basket is an evergreen way to welcome people. You can probably find a straw basket right at home. Or if not, then you can buy one since it’s pretty affordable.

You may add flowers, both fake and real. However, you like it. Peonies, roses, jasmines, sunflowers, chrysanthemums. This will definitely make your door unique worldwide and is one of the best door decorating ideas!

Revamp Your Doormat

More than just a piece of fabric, doormats are a formal welcome gesture and can be found in a number of personalized styles.

Instead of having a plain doormat, it’s a great idea to get one that makes a statement for your exterior door decor. You can look for your favorite signs, quotes, welcome sayings, or anything that interests you!

Add Planters

Simple, elegant, and timeless. Planters bring a whole new look to even the most isolated and cramped places. The good thing about having planters for your entry door decoration is that they come in many sizes.

That means you can find them for large, double doors as well as smaller single doors. Potted plants, plant stands, garlands, wreaths, flower bunches, etc. Are some of the many varieties you may consider.

Add a Mailbox

Okay, a mailbox right outside your front door sounds like a 1950s scenario, but hey, we’re decorating. There are no rules! You’ll be able to find mailboxes in contemporary as well as classic styles. 

Whether you’re into those classic red post office boxes, or you want a timeless white mailbox on a stand, both can do well! You can also customize your own mailbox with stamps, envelopes, letter excerpts, and seals to make it look more interesting.

Install an Oversized Welcome Sign

What better way to make a big, bold statement than with an oversized door sign waiting to welcome you each time you come home? 

Thanks to its tall and large size dimensions, this sign will be the first thing you see when you step up to your front door. So, if you’re looking for an eye-catching decoration piece with a good message, this might be the perfect one!

Dress Your Door for the Holidays

Is your favorite holiday right around the corner? If yes, it’s time to start decorating for the big event! 

Try hanging up a fancy, holiday-themed door hanger to welcome guests into your home, holiday-style! You can go all-out with a lush, handcrafted option, or opt for a minimalist vibe with a simpler-looking door hanger, instead. 

Dress Up Your Door with a Classic Mail Slot 

Ever wished you were a Bridgerton receiving piles of letters in the mail? Or perhaps you’d like to seek inspiration from Harry Potter’s Hogwarts acceptance letter. Either way neither would be possible without a mail slot. 

In the modern world, however, you’re more likely to receive electricity bills in the mail than old-fashioned letters, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the opportunity to decorate your front door with a stylish mail slot! 

Hang Up a Signature Monogrammed Wreath

Hanging a wreath bearing your family’s (or even your personal) name’s first letter is a great way to let passersby know who lives behind your door. 

Monogrammed wreaths are also a lovely way to revamp your door’s style, especially if you choose a wreath with lovely leaves or tiny flowers strung within, too! 

Draw Attention to Your Address with Number Hangings

Number hangings are a sophisticated way of upgrading your door’s aesthetic while improving its overall functionality, too. Not only do these signs look great, but they also make it easier for people to locate your house! 

Hang an Overhead Pendant Light

On some nights, the moon just won’t be bright enough to light up your doorstep. Don’t worry, though; overhead pendant lamps work just as well, if not better! 

Use these lamps to illuminate your front door with a soft, glowy light (and make it easier for you to watch your step in the darkness, too!)  

Cover Up with Gorgeous Window Film

Front door windows sure do look great, but leaving them uncovered can interfere with your privacy. Coating these windows with a pretty floral film can help enhance the door’s beauty as well as keep peeping Toms at bay! 

Install New Door Handles

Most door handles are made from metal, so it’s natural that they’d tarnish or rust over time. If your old, discolored door handles are dragging down your front door’s overall appearance, consider swapping them out for a fresh, new set! 

You can install straightforward, contemporary door handles or goes all out with some art deco knobs – the choice is yours! 

Incorporate a Front Door Kick Plate

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A decorative kick plate featuring a lustrous metallic finish can instantly improve your door’s look. 

When buying a new kickplate, try and find one that matches your door handle’s color. This will help you achieve a sophisticated overall look for your front door!

Drill In a Pretty Doorbell Cover

Undecorated doorbells have a drab appearance, so why not liven things up with a charming doorbell cover?

Doorbell coverings are available in a wide variety of eye-catching designs, shapes, and colors – you can easily find one that matches your kickplate and door handle for a complete, color-coordinated look! 

Prop Up a Patio Chair

Adding a comfortable patio chair with a striking design is another excellent way to decorate the area around your front door. They serve as both a decoration item and can also help create a cozy patio atmosphere for you to relax in. 

Revamp with Vinyl Door Decals

If you’re not a fan of large, metal decoration plates, you can always opt for a glossy vinyl substitute. 

Vinyl door stickers often come bearing friendly messages or warm greetings, making them the perfect decorative addition for any front door. 


Since your front door isn’t always within your sight, it’s easy to neglect the role it plays in setting the first impression of your home. If you have a front door that has been looking the same for years, then it’s high time you breathe a new life into it.

From expensive to cheap, from minimal to extravagant, this list explores 15 options for you to turn into your dream front door!