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DIY Ramadan Decoration Ideas

By: Jennifer Bailey

Ramadan is a holy month for all Muslims and awaited by everyone all around the world. With the arrival of Ramadan month regularly, we discover new ideas to embellish our homes and streets commemorating the holy month.

Street, stores, and homes are embellished with lighting, lanterns, and some kinds of ornamental paper throughout the month.

Ramadan decoration is limited due to the fact that Muslims focus on the Islamic concepts and function with love and hope from God to please us and accept our interests.

But, to overwhelm everybody with happiness and including joy especially for little children, we provide you today a variety of Beautiful Decorating Ideas For Ramadan.

From making Ramadan paper lanterns to drawing crescent moons and stars on the walls, and far more, you can quickly get your house prepared for the Ramadan quality.

Check out these easy DIY and tips to set your home with Ramadan decorations. Everyone will undoubtedly love accepting the Ramadan vibes!

Get Your House All Set

Ramadan Decorations Ideas

Get in the holiday spirit by decorating your house for Ramadan. For instance, you can decorate your walls with this joyful Ramadan banner from With A Spin.

You can use the banners to adorn your front door too. During the last 10 days, you can change out your Ramadan banner decorations for Eid decorations as the anticipation for Eid starts to construct.

Ramadan Light Decoration

Ramadan Decorations Idea

Something about lights brings about a joyful atmosphere. In some Muslim nations like Egypt or Morocco, lanterns are used to welcome Ramadan.

Place some ornamental lanterns around your home that are illuminated with electrical tealights. Use pretty string lights around your mantle place, or winding up your stair banister.

Put On Ramadan Display

What Are Some Ramadan Decorations

Select an existing table or racks in your homes such as a console table near your front entry or that small rack on your fireplace and put some fun Ramadan displays.

This display can feature all your decorations, such as decorative prints, ornamental lanterns, countdown posters, and treat jars.

Creative Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan Decorations Uk
Copyright HinasHandmadeCrafts

Dates are a staple during Ramadan given that breaking the fast by eating a date is custom.

This beautiful handmade kids Ramadan calendar is made by HinasHandmadeCrafts and is available on their Facebook page, Instagram, and Etsy.

The size is actually quite large, even when a small-sized child holds it up, it is almost their height.

Once you purchased, you can hang this custom Ramadan calendar on the wall and let the Ramadan vibes come to your house.

Ramadan Kareem Wall Decal

Ramadan Decorations Ideas

Commemorate the holy month of Ramadan with this handmade wooden garland with “Ramadan Kareem” raised lettering.

Available in a variety of sizes, these wall decals are customized cut, so you can personalize the color, the shape, or even the material as you like.

This is such a great addition to Ramadan decorations!

Countdown to Eid

Ramadan Decorations Ideas

One of the pleasures of Ramadan is the anticipation of Eid. You can track how many days are left till Eid with this Eid countdown chart!

Get the family excited about the arrival of Eid by tracking the days proceeding with this tool.

You can also finish up your Eid provides early in pretty papers and put them on display throughout the last 10 days of Ramadan to build anticipation.

Create Your Own Tradition

Ramadan Decoration Lights

Considering that Ramadan spans many nations and cultures, the customs may vary from family to household. Some households hide the gift of Eid loan for the kids to discover on Eid day.

Attempt having everyone make a note of something they are glad for each night at Iftar time and place in a jar kept your Ramadan display.

You can then bring it out the next Ramadan and read them on the opening night.

Mini Star Lanterns

Ramadan Decorations Ideas

Sold in a set consists of six pieces, these captivating mini holographic lanterns are perfect for stringing up for Ramadan.

Use them to frame a doorway, line up on a table, in the turf along an outside entranceway. So, the possibilities are unlimited!

Decorative Henna Lanterns

Homemade Ramadan Decorations

These lovely mason container lanterns are motivated by henna art and hand-painted, making everyone special.

Utilize them for Ramadan in groupings and keep them out after the holidays as fantastic additions to your decor.

Hanging Star Boxes

Ramadan Decorations Ideas

These star boxes are made of handcrafted paper and painted with lovely designs, and the pre-attached gold string makes it easy to hang fast.

Tips: you can fill them with nuts, chocolates, small gifts, and more!

Moon and Star Party Decoration

Ramadan Decorations Ideas
samanfarooqi on pinterest

Get a jump start on your celebration with this party pack consisting of 10 balloons and four-star and moon streamers.

Perfect for decorating a space, or purchase several packs for larger areas.

Ramadan Banner

Eid Decorations

This Ramadan Mubarak banner is one of the simplest ways to fill your home with Ramadan vibes.

There are tons of printable Ramadan banner on the internet so you can always do it by yourself.

Hanging this paper banner on the string light makes it even more outstanding!

Confetti Garland

Ramadan Decoration Lights

There’s no much easier method to obtain decorating than by using confetti garland!

Each 12-foot long strand has approximately 50 2.5″ metallic stars. Hang them in seconds for instantaneous decoration!

Lantern Craft Kit

Traditional Ramadan Decorations

Engage the kids in Ramadan festivities with this lantern decoration set.

It includes 4 paper lantern cutouts that are ready to decorate with the included gems and confetti, or they can also be colored with markers and crayons.

Kids Ramadan Decorations

Ramadan Decoration Lights

This set is a complete Ramadan kit, from the banner, balloons, table cards, flags, and many more.

Geared to kids, it would be best for the kid’s space or for the kids to embellish with.

Share The Love

Ramadan Decorations Uk

Sharing this time with others assists get everyone in the festive spirit.

Bake some deals with and package them approximately share with good friends, classmates, co-workers, and next-door neighbors.

Keep it joyful in your home by keeping additional deals with on a plate or cake base on the counter for drop-in visitors.

Toss an Iftar supper party or Eid party at your home and send invitations to make the evening feel more special.

Get The Kids Involved

Ramadan Decorations Ideas

Even if kids are not fasting with the remainder of the family, they ought to still feel consisted of in this special time.

Look for innovative ways to engage them while everyone around them is suppressing yearnings. Enlist their help in decorating the house for Ramadan.

Kids can embellish their own special placemats to be used at iftar time all month long.

Likewise, help them make their own decorations such as garlands and artwork to hang around the home.

Whatever you do, creating your very own customs throughout this time helps deepens your gratitude for this special month and produces a festive atmosphere that the whole family can take pleasure in.

Even though Ramadan will be a bit different this year, let this be a blessed Ramadan. ❤️

So, what are some traditions you do for a joyful Ramadan? We’d enjoy hearing your comments!