Sunken Living Room


The sunken living room might look like among those old patterns. However, the reality is otherwise. Sunken living rooms continue to be popular, particularly now that open-concept houses are so popular!

Choosing a sunken living room in your house provides you the chance to develop a sense of area and separation within an open principle, assisting you to craft a comfortable living room that’s at as soon as contemporary and special.

If you’ve crossed out the concept of a sunken living room for your house, then you need to take a look at the copying. All of them are rather sensational, and they all embrace various style looks, any of which might be best for the general style options that you’ve made in your house.

A few of these sunken living-room have an extremely retro ambiance, whereas others would be right in your home in the most modern home.

What have you got to lose? Do not knock it up until you’ve tried it! Go have a look at these 26 fantastic sunken living room styles. We wager you’ll like exactly what you see here. 🙂

The Trend of Sunken Living Rooms

Seasonal Living Room Design

A few of you might discover sunken living room concepts out-of-date, however patterns state otherwise.

Sunken living-room renovating is more popular than ever, especially in open-concept houses where individuals are searching for innovative concepts to divide area.

The sunken idea can assist you develop a remarkable living room, having in mind that it makes it look large and arranged even when open-concept is out of the concern.

At the same time, it makes it look relaxing, charming, and modern-day.

The most normal sunken space circumstance is discovered in split-level homes, where entryways are positioned in the stairwells, and spaces are as much as couple of actions far from each other.

The majority of the time, these houses own basement-like centers that can quickly be developed into step down living spaces, or protect some additional area when required.

Sunken Living Room Style Concepts

sunken living room

Just as it remains in style, architecture modifications patterns all the time. It is uncommon for a specific style to withstand the touch of time, however that’s precisely the emphasize of sunken living-room

They have not altered a little bit from how we keep in mind seeing them, and they are ending up being a growing number of popular with open-concept property owner.

As we discussed previously, they have the unbelievable power of making living-room look roomy and comfortable, and we understand well that these 2 things seldom fit.

The golden age of sunken space styles were the sixties and seventies years of the previous century, when such were mainly embraced by bar and dining establishment owners.

At the time, lots of Hollywood manufacturers and other stars embraced the principle for their own houses, thinking it is the most sophisticated service they will ever discover.

Inning accordance with some reports, nevertheless, sunken quite spaces’ origins can be traced back to the 1920s, when a great deal of popular hotels and abundant individuals’s houses utilized them for personal and main conferences.

The Pros of Sunken Living Room

Classic Sunken Living Room

If we could pick, we ‘d all opt for a big living room that looks stylish and fresh, however would not it be a troublesome job to produce visual departments without a wall?

For the excellent or the bad, the sunken living-room pattern has actually resurfaced, and there are increasingly more conversations concerning it.

You can see it in the most unexpected location, find out about it on leading TELEVISION programs (Mad Men, for example), or check out suggestion posts in the Dwell. It is taking place!

Let’s attempt and think why sunken living-room are ending up being so popular, and check whether they are an ideal, ever-lasting choice for you too:

1. A sunken room gets rid of the have to specify locations with walls

Conventional Sunken Living Room

Who stated a big and open living room is not appealing? Area might be off the table, however comfy seating is not– you will not need to develop walls or raise the ceiling pane, and you will still get to hang out in an open space.

How does that work? Designers prefer to call sunken living-room discussion pits, which’s precisely since they make seating so comfy and comfortable.

With a living room placed a bit lower that the cooking area or the dining-room, it will undoubtedly feel more welcoming and more open.

It indicates you’re centimeters far from a big, yet intimate living room that does not require walls to appear like it.

2. A sunken space works well inside your home and outdoors

Modern Eclectic

The sunken space idea looks just as excellent outside as it does within, as you can produce a recessed outdoor patio zone to reinforce the impacts of your architectural option, and offer yourself a little natural retreat when getting home from work.

3. The bigger the much better!

Simple Sunken Living Room

Sunken living-room look open and roomy, which’s precisely what provides the welcoming style.

The Cons of Sunken Living Room

Functional Retro Chic Living Room

Firstly, you should believe of scale. If you’re recessing a little location, the impact will not be welcoming however claustrophobic, sort of being stuck in your very own bath tub.

If you desire the enjoyable, comfortable seating a sunken space can supply, you need to take advantage of your area, which is currently big enough.

Secondly, you need to be mindful with your furnishings options. With a sunken living room whose capacity has actually currently been made the most of, there aren’t a lot of furnishings experiments that can alter how it looks.

The last but not least, if you’re beginning from scratch, a sunken living room might cost a little fortune to develop.

Stunning Sunken Living Room Ideas

Modern Eclectic

Sunken spaces are exactly what we ‘d refer to as ‘retro stylish’ nowadays, however there utilized to be a lot more about them in the past.

A few of those practices didn’t actually remerge, however they are a wise location to take a look at for your initial sunken living-room.

Even better, the really idea of a sunken living room is unusual for typical resident, so it might be end up being the technique you were searching for to differentiate your house. These are the concepts you must think about:

1. Simple Sunken Living Room

Grand Living Room

Who stated there should be something elegant or ostentatious about your sunken space? The reality is, you can make your seating location quite appealing with the furnishings you currently have.

Keep in mind that the easier your space is, the much better it will match a wood flooring or a few big windows.

2. Relaxing Pits

Functional Retro Chic Living Room

You do not truly need to ‘sunk’ your whole living room. Instead, you can include the sunken part as a comfortable discussion pits, and have good discussions in it.

3. Functional Living Room

Grand Living Room

Exactly what this indicates is that you need to make your living room as simple and unwinded as possible. And that a relaxing nap on the sofa without fretting over its appearances.

4. Perpendicular Sunken Living Room

Conventional Sunken Living Room

Perpendicular mean classy, yet warm living-room counted on horizontal and vertical lines, and working around more stringent geometric shapes. They look the very best with little modern-day twists (flaming heath, for example).

5. Modern Eclectic

Seasonal Living Room Design

Sunken living-room with lounge style will work remarkable with ante-focus focal aspects. Especially when it comes to circumstances a fireplace, or an easy smokestack that draws in views upwards and out.

6. Conventional Sunken Living Room

Vibrant Living Room Colors

This will be simple in an open-concept house. With an open flooring, you currently have the smooth and tidy setting. This can be used to link your living room with the kitchen area. The option is both lovely and practical.

7. Rustic Living Room

Vaulted Living Room

This is another useful idea for country-home owners. The owner who had actually love to see how a sunken living room looks. Moreover, with their vast outdoors and stunning windows.

Exactly what is actually normal for rustic living-room is the sensation of convenience, and the various seating areas they provide.

8. Practical and Brooding

Sunken Living Room with plant

With a pensive homebody, the very best you can do is to protect the narrow pathways. Not only that, you need to maintain concentrate on the glass walls too.

9. Majestic Sunken Room Design

Classic Sunken Living Room

Majestic sunken spaces remain in truth country-style samples, that provide a great deal of area to move furnishings around, repurpose, or snug in their heat. If you have a pet or are preparing to purchase one, this space will have you covered.

10. Grand Living Room

Beachy Sunken Living Room

Grand is the most common, classy sunken house service in an open-concept environment, and certainly should have a shot.

11. Lounge-Style Sunken Living Room

Perpendicular Sunken Living Room

If you have a strong taste and like enforcing styles, you ought to think about a lounge pad to match your calm living room.

12. Beachy Sunken Living Room

Vibrant Living Room Colors

If you want so, you can constantly withdraw summertime memories with a fresh, beachy living room. The like with other kinds of sunken living-room, it will all depend upon your creativity.

13. Functional Retro Chic Living Room

Perpendicular Sunken Living Room

This works the very best in business and expert environments, which nonetheless do not have a relaxing measurement. You can consider it to captivate partners, colleagues, or good friends.

14. Classic Sunken Living Room

Practical and Brooding

As we pointed out in couple of events, there is no have to go over the fence to produce something outstanding. You can utilize your old furnishings, and still get that pleasant sensation you’re yearning for.

15. Contemporary Sunken Living Room

Beachy Sunken Living Room

If you’re stressed over sunken living-room being an out-of-date idea, you need to think about providing them with contemporary elements such as modern pieces, darker floorings, or varnished, wood ceilings.

16. Vibrant Living Room Colors

Beachy Sunken Living Room

This is for individuals with brave style services, who want to see their living room changing into a genuine sanctuary.

17. Seasonal Living Room Design

Contemporary Sunken Living Room

Let’s be clear on something: The finest sunken living room you might perhaps have is one with a view, so ensure the pit faces your singular, gorgeous tree, and witnesses thereof all modification of seasons. Imaginative individuals will enjoy this concept!

18. Vaulted Living Room

Contemporary Sunken Living Room

Homeowner fortunate to have sufficient vertical area to have fun with can utilize these suspended components to make a space enjoyable and amazing. Risen locations will likewise look remarkable in guest rooms.


Simple Sunken Living Room

It is precisely in the living room where you will be investing the majority of your time, either talking with household and visitors, or enjoying your preferred TV program.

Ensure it is comfortable to you and everybody who’s visiting your house, and gorgeous adequate to make your house special and unforgettable.

When you begin making sunken living room prepares you must understand the benefits and drawbacks of this sort of area.

It is an advantage due to the fact that you might specify the area and location the couches, TVs and the fireplace at another level however if these aren’t well put it might became your worst headache when all your visitor will break their legs or arms attempting to move.

If you are the type who enjoys sinking in fluffy pillows on your sofa and begin dreaming, now you can do this much better since you could be in a sunken living room so you can sleep much deeper.

At the same time this discussion pit style needs a big area and cannot be developed anywhere however this can became your location of reunion with your buddies for talking. A crucial thing is that from the minute when this begins being your lounge remember about the coffee table.

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