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What Color Rug Goes With a Blue Couch – 15 Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

Choosing a perfect color rug for your couch has the potential to make or break your space. And especially if it is as intriguing as navy blue, Egyptian blue, royal blue, azure, French navy, and ultramarine – you need a special rug to help that couch and the overall setup looks flawless.

Choosing colors for a blue couch may seem daunting and challenging – but it’s truly quite easy! From earthy-toned seagrass to neutral and subtle shags – here is a list of 15 rug ideas that seamlessly coordinate with your blue couch. 

Florid Dreams Area Rug

Elevate the floors of your room with this authentic, vintage, and show-stopping detailed rug. Showcasing a broad array of hues like silver, brown, rust, and blue – this perfect classic traditional piece is bound to add a luxurious and superior genre to your space.

Also, you can expect to spend most of your time on this rug with your pets. Furthermore, you can best pair it with golden metal tints and shades of gray through furniture upholstery and accents!

Bohemian Mesa Rug

Primarily showcasing the tones of turquoise, this bohemian patterned rug is quite good to go with your blue couch. So, if you’re looking to create a playful yet Eclectic vibe, this multi-toned rug will accomplish your purpose. 

Further, you can even add a couple of throw pillows sharing hues of mustard, burgundy, violet, and orange to offer an overall cohesive look. Lastly, don’t forget to add a tinge of gold to your furniture or accessory frames.

Off-White Wool Braided Rug

When in doubt, choose subtle and neutral tones like off-white and whites. Not only will this rug exhibit a warm and cozy environment but also make your living room appear larger, spacious, and airier!

This rug is designated to transform your rooms into a blissful oasis. And undoubtedly, it pairs seamlessly with your blue couch – giving a perfect soothing backdrop without stealing too much attention. 

Geometric Ivory and Gold Area Rug

With interesting geometric patterns, this Mid-Century modern style rug has deep gold, ivory, blue, and yellow imprints to add depth and character to your room. Well, another great way to pair your blue couches is with a rug that hints at several tints of blue all together!

With a low pile height, you can absolutely incorporate this rug in high-traffic areas such as the hallways and living room. Also, it’s easier to clean and maintain!

Delphina Blue Rug

Featuring a wide array of intricate floral vines, this traditional style blue and white rug mimics the perfectly uneven texture of woodblock printing. It’s delicate and elegant – and therefore a perfect match to your blue couch. Furthermore, the blue tone in the rug works seamlessly with your blue couch, creating a cohesive single panorama to tie the whole picture into one.

Well, ruggable rugs are machine washable and can easily sustain the dirt and wine or other stains! Lastly, this low pile rug is a great recommendation if you have kids and pets at home.

Beige Seagrass with Border Area Rug

Undoubtedly, the jute and seagrass rugs play one solution for all. Made of 100% seagrass, this low-pile and comfortable area rug will complement your existing decor and blue couch in the most wonderful ways. The natural tones and material exhibit a soft platform in case you prefer to walk barefoot at home.

Further, you’d be glad to know that this rug offers the benefits of easy maintenance. It is pet-friendly and stain-resistant, whereas it can also be easily cleaned at home!

Desert Sumac Rug

If you want to add depth and texture to your room, you must incorporate this intriguing patterned rug that reflects beautiful southwestern motifs. Featuring a central diamond emblem, the surrounding zigzags and corner triangles in the hues of grey, charcoal, and red further make a great pair to your blue couch while adding visual interest to your space.

This rug has a thickness of one-eighth of an inch that makes a great piece of investment in the long run for high traffic areas. This indoor machine washable rug is also stain and water-resistant! Voila!

Geometric Shag Rug

Whether you have an Eclectic, Mid-Century Modern, Bohemian, or Contemporary interior design style – this geometric fluffy and cozy area rug is meant to complement your blue couch. Subtly adding a tranquilizing backdrop – this beige area rug helps the blue in your couch protrude out, profoundly!

Even though the rug has a high pile height, it’s still resistant to stains, fading, and moisture. Well, rest assured – you’d absolutely love the feeling of plush and coziness with this area rug on board!

Navy Blue Sara Rug

Introduce a traditional and heritage vibe with this navy blue sara rug that perfectly aligns with your blue couch. Note that you can pair this rug with most of the bold, dark, and daring blues without overpowering the saturation and value of the hue!

Even though this rug majorly highlights the tones of light brown, the blue and red in it will still create a background stunning effect.

Fedna Floral Area Rug

Regardless of the blue color tone of your couch, one pattern and style that will never bore you is a floral pattern. With an intriguing grey, green, and blue floral imprint, this rug is bound to add a natural vibe to your living room.

So, in case you’re residing in a city apartment, somewhere away from nature – this area rug will ensure a refreshing and calm vibe! You can further support this vibe by using ample indoor plants and planters.

Vintage Grey Rug

It’s a given how beautifully silver and gray pairs with blue. Isn’t it? This piece of rug defines absolute sophistication, timelessness, and versatility as it can be placed in either of the functions – whether bedroom, living room, or dining room. So, if you want to introduce a cooler vibe – don’t hold back from incorporating this subtle vintage grey rug!

Especially for contemporary, Scandinavian, Industrial, and Modern setbacks – this rug is quite good to go. Due to its faded texture, this rug will never overpower your floors!

Multi-Colored Wave Rug

On the other hand, create a striking and attention-grabbing statement with this multi-colored rug showcasing an interesting wavy pattern. Especially for an electric and navy blue fabric couch – this rug is totally extraordinary and breathtaking!

Also, if you embrace the feel of maximalism, this multi-colored rug can be paired opposite bright red and orange throw pillows to further streamline the palette. Well, don’t ignore the existing blue in this rug as that’s fundamentally playing cohesively here!

Abstract Waterfall Rug

How enchanting it is to have a serene and beautiful waterfall rug in your living room, right? Even though the tones of blue are quite bold and daring – the soothing creams tend to neutralize the overall effect! Furthermore, the faded texture embraces a lively and textural detail into the room.

Especially for larger living rooms, this bold and authentic rug is a great element to create an illusion of a confined and smaller space. 

Light Blue Chateau Rug

Featuring decorative motifs in cream, brown, and tan – this light blue rug shares synonyms with serenity and peace. You can absolutely pair it with a bright and bold blue couch to create an overall soothing seamless oasis!

With a low pile height, this rug can be easily used in high traffic rooms so the dirt and dust is not easily collected! Further, you can even use this rug with pets at home!

Shaggy Lattice Tassel Rug

Not a big fan of plain shag? Well, why not add a flair of interest with this lattice tasseled area rug instead? This is a perfect piece of refreshing and soft rug that feels comfortable walking on, barefoot!

And as already stated, beiges and off-whites pair wonderfully with blues! So, let that fluffiness make a great statement underneath your charming blue couches.

Summing it Up

Even though blue couches are quite easy to deal with, it all depends upon your style and that particular vibe you want to create. You can have a multi-colored rug for an eclectic vibe and similarly, a grey one for a contrasting modern and minimalist one!

So, now that we have discussed the 15 ideas that go with your blue couch – are you enthralled about incorporating any? Well, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!