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15 Black Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

Black tiles are gorgeous. Choosing black tiling for your bathroom makes it look elegant, and stand out. It’s a fantastic way to make your bathroom look memorable and expensive! But where should you start?

There are so many options for black tiling. Perhaps you want to go for a modern sleek vibe, or maybe create a timeless look? If you’re unsure about the direction you want to go for, we’re here to help. Here are 15 black tile bathroom floor ideas that will make your bathroom pop!

Pick Black Matte Tiling for That Classic Look

If you just want to keep it simple yet stunning, go for the classics. There are many ways to lay tiles but going for that classic staggered brick look with the right black tile truly goes a long way. This is the simplest way to make sure your bathroom looks gorgeous.

We wholeheartedly recommend black matte tiling here. Matte tiles have a certain expensive feel to them, which helps elevate your bathroom further. This is a great safe choice that works in pretty much any bathroom!

Going for Black Rhombus Tiling Adds a Modern Edge to Your Bathroom

Rhombus tiles are one of the coolest options if you’re looking for a modern look. Modern black floor bathroom looks are super trendy. And for a good reason too! Rhombus tiles encapsulate that modern look perfectly, adding a refreshing look to your home.

This type of tiling is perfect for both bathroom floors and walls, so you can create that stunning uniform look. Tiles are cut and laid down for a seamless look that adds to this gorgeous style. It’s a fantastic take on a geometric look that will make your bathroom look stunning.

Add a Twist to That Marbled Look by Choosing Honeycomb Tiles

Marble is one of those timeless materials. It looks and feels expensive. But maybe you’re someone who wants something a bit more modern? Here’s a fantastic twist on this marbled concept that works for both your bathroom floors and walls.

Picking a honeycomb cut for the marble tiling breaks up the flow of the marble, creating a visually interesting look. But even with this funky twist, you can’t take away the gorgeous luxe feeling marble tiling brings.

Go With Black Pebbled Tiles for an Organic Feel

Opting for black pebbled tiling ensures that your bathroom feels both organic and stylish. Black is a stylish, elegant color on its own, so going for these black pebbles gives you the best of both worlds. A phenomenal pick! 

You Can’t Go Wrong With Matte Black Honeycomb Tiles

We can’t stress enough how great honeycomb tiles are. They’re super versatile style-wise, depending on their size. For example, large honeycomb tiles are perfect when you want something modern and different, as they elevate the room in a matter of seconds. 

Opting for large honeycomb tiles for your floors (and walls if you’re into the sleek uniform look) in matte black will create a look like no other. They’re sleek, chic, and just utterly gorgeous. We can’t recommend these enough!

Black Tiles With a White Floral Pattern Look Fantastic

The black floor bathroom might be a trend that stays. Especially since there are many versatile options that work for so many bathrooms. For example, if you’re the type of person who prefers patterned tiles, there’s something for you too. These black tiles with a floral pattern are a gorgeous example.

A simple floral pattern with a marvelous black base adds a touch of tradition to every home. These tiles might make your home feel nostalgic, but also quite chic. This is a fantastic option for farmhouse bathrooms that still features that beautiful black look.

Matte Black Grid Tiling Has That Sleek Look

Grid tiling is another classic one. It’s a type of tile that’s very common, and for a good reason too! It’s simple yet gorgeous. And it’s popular on both walls and floors. If you like this style of tiling but want something that’s not so basic, going for a matte black grid tiling might be for you!

These ones are especially gorgeous as the grout line is also matte black, making everything look even more uniform. This way this grout tiling looks sleek and ultra-modern which works beautifully in a modern black floor bathroom.

Black Terrazzo Tiles Are Perfect for a Mediterranean Bathroom

The Mediterranean style is beautiful and often overlooked! It’s a style that can almost make you smell the fresh sea breeze as you walk around your home. And Mediterranean bathrooms feel quite warm and rich. Who doesn’t want that?

Black terrazzo tiles are a great pick if you want to achieve that look, but also keep that special aesthetic black bathroom floors have. And not to mention how terrazzo is a stunning and durable material that’s going to be perfect for your bathroom!

Be Creative With a Fun Pattern on Matte Black Tiles

Patterned tiles allow for a lot of creativity. Especially tiles with versatile patterns that can be placed in numerous ways. So if you’re a pattern person who loves black tiling, there are many options for you.

This is one of our favorite pattern choices. You can create at least four different looks with it, and they work beautifully on both bathroom floors and walls. These tiles allow you to be creative while ensuring that the finished look ends up gorgeous no matter what.

Pick an Interesting Mix of a Classic Marbled Look and a Modern Pattern

This one is for people who love a bit of texture. Textured tiles can add so much to a bathroom, making it feel lavish and decorated even when you’re thin on decor. But opting in for a modern layout like this one and a faint marbled look with some added texture changes everything.

This might all sound like a bit too much. But in reality, this mix creates a magnificent bathroom look that’s incredibly visually appealing. It’s perfect for bold people who want something different!

Look for Art Nouveau Inspired Black Tiles to Elevate Your Bathroom

When we say Art Nouveau we think of two things: beautiful intricate designs, and of course Antoni Gaudi, the famous Spanish Catalonian architect. His work is tremendous and is a huge inspiration for interior design as well.

These incredible black tiles are a great example. The detailing is very much inspired by Gaudi’s work. The fantastic black material, as well as the glorious textured pattern, offer something new and exciting that will make your bathroom look and feel like a phenomenal art piece on its own!

Consider a Rugged Industrial Look for Your Bathroom

For those who can’t help but love the rough look industrial design brings, this one’s for you! A black floor bathroom feels like it’s made for industrial homes because of its dark aesthetic. But of course, you have to find the proper tiles that match.

We recommend this tiling with imperfect stoneware which is reminiscent of those beautiful industrial homes. They add texture and create a unique look in your home that won’t be easily forgotten. And not to mention they work for both walls and floors!

Glossy Beveled Black Tiles Always Look Stunning

Beveled black tiles have an amazing texture. They’re perfect for those who adore uniform looks with the same tiling all over. These tiles are glossy and gorgeous. They reflect light beautifully ensuring your black bathroom doesn’t feel too dark.

Their glossy beveled design looks sophisticated adding some chic dimension to your bathroom. It fits so well with different styles, so you can’t go wrong with choosing this type of tiling!

Choose an Art Deco Inspired Look for That 1920s Vibe

The 1920s were the years of extravagance, opulence, and all kinds of luxury. And the Art Deco art style encapsulates it well, with beautiful clean patterns and gorgeous designs. The beautiful thing about these patterns is that they’re not outdated at all, and fit quite well in our homes today!

This art deco bathroom tiling design is a fantastic example of this, with its clean lines and a matte black background. Perfect for a mid-century modern bathroom, these are tiles you shouldn’t overlook!

Black Lantern Tiles Are Perfect for a Retro Look

If you’re a fan of the glorious Moroccan style, or just want a nice retro look for your bathroom, we have the right tiles for you! These black lantern tiles have a long tradition. And for a reason too, they can’t help but look stunning no matter where and how you place them.

Choosing lantern tiles in black creates a dark, mysterious arabesque feel that makes your bathroom feel magnificent. They also work well in traditional bathrooms, as they give a beautiful retro touch to them. All in all, they’re an amazing pick!


Matte or glossy? Lantern or hexagonal? There are way too many black tile options to choose from, you might not know where to start. But black tiling is very much worth the hassle. These tiles look good no matter their shape, size, or finish, as you can see.

No matter the style you’re into, there are black bathroom tiles that will make your floors pop. And here we tried to showcase their greatness. We hope we helped you narrow down your black floor tile ideas. Or maybe we even gave you some new ones? Who knows. Happy shopping!