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Coffee Station Ideas

By: Evelina Nilsson
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Going to a coffee shop is always a fun activity if it includes a short walking distance. When the shop is far away from your home, you may want to have an alternative idea of how you’re going to get your daily morning cup of coffee.

Well, we have what you need.

Having a home brewing station in your kitchen—or somewhere else in the house—is a great alternative to the problem above.

That way, you can make your own coffee. You’ll know what you put in the coffee, the amount of ingredients and everything. It’s pretty satisfying, right?

Also, you don’t have to walk long distance just for a cup of coffee. How amazing is that?!

If you’re interested, and we know you are, we have over 20 ideas of creating a coffee station at home. It can be in your kitchen, living room, dining room or any other spots around the house. Let’s take a look!

Incredible Coffee Station Ideas for Your Home

If you’re not a tea person, then you’re a coffee person. It’s got to be one or another; there’s no in between.

For some people, coffee is a BIG mood. Without coffee, these eyes just won’t open.

To help you get that morning boost, we’ve provided over 20 ideas of creative and innovative coffee station for your home. Here you go!

1. Your Little Coffee Corner

Coffee Bar Accessories
source: pinterest

“Ugh, the kitchen area doesn’t offer enough space for me to have a coffee bar!” Okay, we get it.

We’re more than happy to tell you that you can manage even a small space at the corner for a coffee bar.

Here is how: find the perfect corner, and then use a small table where you place the coffee machine and its complementary friends, like sugar and milk.

It’s okay if the table doesn’t provide space or storage for the cups. Be creative and hang those cups over the machine.

Use unique decoration to emphasize the fact that this is your own litter café. To make it less mundane, install a lamp fixture next to the machine for that relaxing ambience.

2. Relaxing Morning Coffee with God

Coffee Bar Furniture

When we wake up, there are two things that we need: God and coffee (or coffee and God).

To remind you of God while you’re sipping your morning coffee, place His name on your DIY cup holder board, so your daily coffee is always blessed by His grace.

If kitchen area is selected for the coffee bar, use similar cabinet like the rest of the kitchen.

This white cabinet is topped by a nice dark oak wood that’s matched with the DIY cup holder board on the wall. For a nice additional touch, place a pot of lavender on the side.

3. Making Coffee off A Vintage Cabinet Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar Furniture

A white cabinet or a table is an ordinary concept of a coffee bar. Meanwhile, this is a gothic, vintage cabinet that appears with a rather strong character. Its rustic appearance is an attraction in itself.

The small unique lamp on top is a nice touch of the cabinet’s overall weathered look. Its ambience making it looks like the sun is shining over this coffee bar.

Moreover, the light brings out the chinese metal’s strong appearance at the back too. Hang your favorite mugs on each corner and keep the rest inside the storage at the bottom. To store the coffee, use 3 small baskets.

4. Industrial Style Metal Basket for a Coffee Bar

Office Coffee Station

“Where’s the C-O-F-F-E?” What’s left is E, but E is for Eehh… it’s coffee time?! Yes it is! Here is how to make your coffee bar out of the ordinary.

Usually, people DIY or buy a wood pallet to hang their coffee mugs, but it’s too common!

To stand out, use this industrial metal basket with a hanging bar for the mugs. The metal’s rustic color matches with the pallet used for the top shelf.

Under it, the metal basket is utilized to store extra coffee mugs and holders. At the bottom shelf, a bar is hanged so the cups can be hooked from there.

5. Autumn-themed Coffee Station

Home Coffee Bar

Autumn is here, everyone! Pumpkin and dry leaves are decorating the neighborhood. Why don’t you take the atmosphere inside to your home? This is a great idea to create a seasonal mood for your coffee bar.

Use a chalkboard to draw a cute small pumpkin. Next to it, hang on to the wall, shelves used for storing clean cups.

Meanwhile, the coffee make and its complementary friends, like sugar, milk and everything else are placed on top of the cabinet.

6. Using Farmhouse Style Cabinet

Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas

If you’re not so crazy about futuristic or modern design, this may be the answer. This rustic, traditional farmhouse style cabinet is the winner, for sure.

Its dark stain and fading wood color brings out its natural value to the entire room. This farmhouse design matches really well with the white base and the hardwood floor.

Two-stair cabinet is enough to store coffee beans, but it’s not enough for extra mugs. So, use two wood pallets to create additional shelves for coffee mugs, milk, sugar and the other decoration and necessities.

7. Blue against White Bricks

Home Coffee Bar Ideas

We can go with almost any color with a white background. This is one of the best examples of how bright color pops against white background.

White indicates cleanliness and the brick wall simply shows natural elements. With the appearance of blue cabinet and its natural wood countertop, this coffee bar looks simple, yet amazing and eye-catching.

Since a coffee bar also becomes the center of attention, give your little coffee area cute touches like the white-painted pallet with “coffee house” written on it, and cute two-stair cabinets to stack complementary elements.

8. Convenient Cabinet for A Coffee Bar

Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas
source: pinterest

Brew your own coffee from your own little coffee bar. This is a great idea for a party or to entertain friends who’re coming over. It’s not just a cabinet, but it has unique character.

The frame is painted in white and it has two slots for storing convenient. This small bar is made of nice wood pallets. As an addition, you’ve got extra stacks on the side where you can put extra sugar or milk!

Pro tips: If you’re planning to take the party outside, install some wheels so you can move it around.

9. Antique Coffee Station Made of Wood

Home Coffee Bar

We tell you what’s hot!

Antique or rustic furniture is through the roof right now!

For example, this rustic cabinet has that unfinished look and it only makes it looks more stunning.

The chalkboard decoration with interesting quote elevates the atmosphere greatly too. The open shelf can be used to store the cups, while the two-door second shelf is used to store all the beans. This coffee bar is best suited for outdoor setting.

10. Industrial Touch on A Multipurpose Cabinet

Coffee Bar Accessories

Going modern doesn’t mean that you’re limited from using rustic, industrial material.

This is a good example of how you manage to blend together an antique wood pallet and a modern multipurpose cabinet. The pallet is used as a sliding door, which is an excellent idea.

This coffee station is located in a multipurpose cabinet, so you have one giant station for coffee and basically any kind of drink. You may as well store a blender and fresh fruit in here. Looking at its storage concept, this station is best located in the kitchen area.

11. Creative Chalkboard Coffee Menu

Coffee Bar Cabinet

When we walk into a coffee shop, how often do we see a huge chalkboard where the menu is written?

Or else, chalkboard is commonly used outside of the shop displaying funny quotes. In here, the chalkboard is used similarly to display different types of coffee.

Moreover, the bar is matching with the chalkboard’s frames. It’s very decorative to have a small space for plants, and it’s extremely creative to store the beans in bottles like that. To create a relaxing ambience, you can install an accent bellow the top.

When you invite friends to come over and hang out, make sure there’s someone staying by the counter to serve the coffee available on the menu! Hey, it’s free, right?

12. Organized Cup Holders

Coffee Bar Cabinet
source: pinterest

We all have that one family member who’s too lazy to keep things organized. Perhaps, the cups and the jars are left unorganized when they’re placed on a cabinet. Then, this idea will save you.

This can be your next DIY project too! Use a repurposed wood pallet. Then, drill some holes to install hooks for the cup hanger.

To give space for sugar, beans, coffee powder and etc, add a narrow pallet and nail it to the top part of the bigger pallet likewise.

This simple coffee rack shows how creative you are. Utilizing an empty space on the wall is also a great solution for a small kitchen area.

13. Not Scared of Coffee Stains Coffee Bar

Coffee Shop Chalkboard

As you know, we all make mistakes and splashing stains while making coffee may be one of those mistakes, but we are ones of the braves and we love taking risks.

Why don’t we use all-white furniture for a coffee bar?

That seems like a great idea right? The whiteness will influence anyone to keep it clean. If necessary, hang a “No-Splash Zone” warning.

This rack is using an open concept, so you can grab the cups from any side. The racks are more than enough to store everything.

For decoration, install a hanging rack where you can place a framed photo and some small plants. Making your morning coffee time more relaxing and enjoyable.

14. No Splash Zone Coffee Center

Coffee Bar Furniture

A lot of people love white color, because it’s suitable for their open concept or clean design. Even though white comes with a high maintenance, a lot of them are willing to take the risks.

This idea looks like a DIY project, because this bar looks like a repurposed bedroom vanity.

The mirror is taken off and replaced by a chalkboard where you can draw and write anything coffee related.

Also, this idea focuses on the upper shelves. If you take a look, there are a collection of cups, plates and candles in different sizes.

Meanwhile, the cups are stored in a metal basket next to the coffee jars.

15. Sleek Modern Coffee Bar

Kitchen Coffee Station

We’ve talked about how white is an excellent canvas. Other than blue, this pastel yellow has a strong appearance against the white background. It also looks great with the wood countertop.

This vibrant color is going to wake you up!

Moreover, the cabinet provides a lot of storage, so you can keep the top neatly organized by placing the jars and the unique cattle on a tray, separated from the coffee maker and the paper flower decoration.

Don’t forget about the huge framed picture! It really is based on preference.

16. Don’t Miss Out This Outdoor Coffee Party!

Coffee Station Table
source: pinterest

Outdoor space is important when it comes to entertaining guests. Transform your outdoor area with this brilliant coffee station.

Decorate the wall with a coffee-related doodle, such as “Coffee is good for you!”, because it really IS good for you.

Beans come from nature, so bring another natural element like leaves and roses as decoration to beautify the entire bar. For convenience, place the bar next to the fridge.

Let the party begins!

17. DIY Repurposed Window Frame for Cup Holder

Office Coffee Station
source: pinterest

If we can, we shouldn’t waste anything. A fading and weathered window framed can be repurposed for something that’s more usable, like this cup holder slash where you can also display some photos.

Take an old window frame or buy it from local thrift shop.

Then, nail some hooks at the bottom part of the frame likewise.

Replace the glass with something that’s more useful for your new coffee station.

This type of decoration is best suited for outdoor space rather than kitchen area where people most likely to utilize white furniture.

18. The Hanging Cups

Kitchen Coffee Station
source: pinterest

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you… the hanging cups!

It’s not a band, it’s just a simple concept, yet it’s too creative to miss out. This idea uses two wood pallets to create hanging racks.

Underneath each rack, hooks are installed to hang some cups, while the other cups are placed on top.

On the other hand, the black cabinet has a really strong character, and the contrast of black and white adds the charm nicely.

19. Normal is Boring Coffee Bar

Coffee Station Table

When we make coffee, we hate the idea that we have to climb up the counter because the upper cabinet is too high. This coffee station is perfect for either home or offices, because of its convenience.

As visible, the racks use open concept. This allows more than one person to be able to make coffee at the same time.

Moreover, all of the cups, jars and coffee maker are neatly organized in each rack, making this station eye-pleasing as well.

20. Cup Holder Easy DIY Project

Diy Coffee Station Ideas

Let’s see what you have in the warehouse…

A lot of wood pallets, check.

Old silver spoons that are so outdated, also check.

If you’re asking us what you can make out of these materials. We can guide you to this amazing repurposed cup holder.

Here is how:

  • First of all, you need to pound down the spoons until they’re flat.
  • Then, bend the end until it makes a nice hook like so.
  • After that, you need to nail down each spoon to the pallets and give it a wise distance from one another so the cup doesn’t cling each other when it’s hanged.

21. Coffee Station Idea for A Small Space

Coffee Bar Accessories

A small space is not a limitation. As long as you’re creative, there are a lot of ideas that you can use to manage this simple, yet incredible coffee station.

Let’s say that you’re upholding a simple theme. Use a simple cabinet that’s aligned with the rest of the kitchen.

Then, minimize the stacking on the top by only putting the maker and the jars.

Where do the cups go?

That’s right! Hanging on the bar right above the maker! See, everything is simple and convenient.

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22. Chalkboard and A Coffee Zone

Coffee Bar Cabinet

Do you remember the cartoon Chalkzone?

Everything drawn by the magic chalks will come to live. In this case, the only thing that will be alive is the one who drinks the coffee made in this special zone, the coffee zone.

The chalkboard is making this station more interactive, because anyone who’s making a cup of coffee can wait patiently by drawing anything in mind. Or else, you can use the board to simply write “It’s Coffee Time!” to let you know that every time is a coffee time.

23. Always an Emergency!

Coffee Station Table
source: pinterest

Be creative and innovative with decoration in your coffee corner! This is a simple decoration, yet it’s extremely creative.

It is an ordinary frame people use for pictures. This time, there is no picture. Replace the photos with coffee beans instead. To add comedic value, write something playful, like “In case of emergency. Break glass”.

Hang this innovative decoration and let’s see who can’t endure the temptation of breaking the glass.